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The following is a listing of soldiers that once lived in Franklin County, Kentucky. This list does not suggest the soldiers applied
for a pension or died in Franklin County, only that they once resided in this county.  Name, rank, birth and or death dates,  place of
service, pension and or Bounty Land  file numbers are included.

Kentucky Pension Roll of 1835

Report from the Secretary of War in relation to the pension establishment of the United States 1835.   Report in obedience
to resolutions of the Senate of the 5th and 30th of June 1834 and the 3rd of March 1835 in relation to the pension establishment
of the United States, Washington.  
Printed by Duff Green - 1835

Excerpt from "History of Kentucky", by Judge Lewis Collins, Vol. 1 Revolutionary War Soldiers

Those living in Kentucky, including those who moved there after the war, as of 1840.  As Judge Lewis Collins said "It is evident
from their age some were too young to be in the Revolutionary war, except drummers or wagon boys: while a few others were
probably in the Indian Wars soon after the Revolution". Some names are of widows who are receiving pensions.  There were also
veterans who refused a pension.

The following list of Franklin County Revolutionary War Soldiers was compiled from both sources listed above

Do you have service, pension or widow's records for any of the men listed below?  If so, SUBMIT here and a link will be provided at the soldiers name.

EDWARD ATKINS, Private, Virginia Line, 12196
ABRAHAM BAILEY, Private, Virginia Line, S16319  
WILLIAM BASSETT, SR., Private, b. 1755 England, Continential Light Dragoons, New Jersey
THOMAS BELL, Private, b. 1760, Albermarle, County, Virginia, Virginia Line & War of 1812, S30859
JOSEPH BELT, b. November 30, 1751, Maryland
JAMES BISCOE, Seaman, b. 1757, Maryland, Virginia Navy, W8250
JOHN BLAKEMORE, b. 1762, Frederick County, Virginia, 1392
JAMES BLEDSOE, Virginia Line, R3672
WILLIAM BOND, SR.., Private, b. 1732, d. March 22, 1827, Virginia Line & Georgia, W8370
JOHN BROWN, Private, b. 1757, Augusta County, Virginia
JOHN CASEY, Private, b. 1747, Virginia Line, S30308  779-100 BLW
JOHN CAVENDER, Private, b.1751,  d. August 13, 1826, Virginia Line, S35818
JOHN CHALFANT, b. 1758, Pennslyvania, R1829
ROBERT CHURCH, b. 1752, Bedford County, Virginia Militia
MATTHEW CLARK, SR., b. Spottsylvania County, Virginia
BERNARD, CLEMONS/CLEMENTS, Private, b. 1740, Charlotte County, Virginia, Virginia Line, W9792
ROBERT COLLINS, 8th Virginia Regiment
JAMES COWARD, b. January 1761, Orange County, Virginia, Colonel Parks Virginia Troops
JOHN COX, b. 1750 Fayette County, Pennsylvania, Captain Walls Company, Washington County, Militia
SAMUEL COX, b. Prince Wiliam County, Virginia, Loudoun County, Militia
ROBERT CRAIG, b. 1756, Pennsylvania Continental Line, W 8641
ANTHONY CROCKETT, Lieutenant, b, November 19, 1756, Prince Edward County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S10492 (buried DAR Lot, Frankfort Cemetery)
HENRY CRUTCHER, b. 1740 Essex County, Virginia
JOHN CRUTCHER, Private, b. 1740 Charlotte County, Virginia, Pennsylvania Line, W6773  160-55 BLW
MATTHEW CUMMINGS, Private, b. 1734, Virginia Line
JOHN DALE, b. Richmond County, Virginia, 6th Virginia Regiment
SILAS DOUTHITT , Private, b. 1763  Hampshire County, Virginia, Virginia Militia, S16368
CORNELIUS M. FENWICK, b. 1760 Maryland
WILLIAM FENWICK, Private, b. 1758,  d. June 18, 1833, Maryland Militia, S1638
DANIEL FITZGERALD, Private, b. 1757, Virginia Line, S31028
WILLIAM FORSEE, Private & Sergeant, b. June 24, 1758, Cumberland County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S31038
JOHN GANO, Chaplain, b. 1736 New Jersey,  (buried DAR Lot, Frankfort Cemetery)
LAWRENCE GORDON, Private, b. May 15, 1762, North Carolina Militia,  S31071
CHRISTOPHER GREENUP, Lieutenant, b. 1750, Loudoun County, Virginia, Continental Line
WILLIAM GUNTER, War of 1812,  368
WILLIAM HALL b. Scotland
JAMES HAYDEN, b. 1763, Virginia,  S30466
ELISHA HAWKINS, SR., Private, b. 1752,  d. November 24, 1833, Virginia Line,  S31103
MOSES HAWKINS, b. October 4, 1750, Virginia Line
ROBERT HEDGES, Private & Sergeant, b. 1760 Prince William County, Virginia, Calvary Virginia Line, W11327  31276-160 - 55BWL
WILLIAM HICKMAN, b, 1747 King and Queen County, Virginia
JOHN HOLLIS, Private, b. 1744,  d. December 27, 1826, Pennsylvania Line, S35435
ROBERT HOLTON, b. Maryland
LEVI HOUSE, Pennsylvania & Virginia Line,  R5265
HARRY INNES, b. 1752 Caroline County, Virginia
JOHN C. JACKSON, Private, b. 1755 Amelia County, Virginia, Virginia Militia, S2648
JOHN JACOBS, b. March 26, 1763, Virginia Line, W0971 41581-160 55BLW
MATTHEW JOUETT, Virginia Line, 1126-300 15 BLW
JOHN C. KEETON, Private, b. March 24, 1763, Spottsylvania County, Virginia, Virginia Militia, S13614 26475-160 55 BLW
GEORGE KING, b. 1754, Virginia Line, S31189
NICHOLAS LAFON, b. King & Queen County, Virginia
EDWARD LANE, b. Orange County, Virginia
JOHN LONG, Private, b. 1750, d. February 7, 1820, Orange County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S36047
JOHN McDONALD, b. December 26, 1764, Culpepper County, Virginia, Virginia Line, W9186
JAMES McGUIRE, Private, d.August 28, 1838, Virginia Line
JOSHUA McQUEEN, Sergeant b. 1747, 9th Regiment, Virginia Line
WILLIAM McQUIDDY, b. 1752 Culpepper County, Virginia (buried Frankfort Cemetery, RW soldier on tombstone)
GEORGE MADISON, b. 1783, Agusta County, Virginia
JOHN MAGILL, SR., Private, b. 1759 Augusta County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S 31230
JOHN MAJOR, b. King & Queen County, Virginia, 2nd Regiment, Virginia Troops Valley Forge
HUMPHREY MARSHALL ,  Captain & Lieutenant, b. 1761, Fauquier County, Virginia, Virginia State Troops, S31234
JOSEPH MARSHALL, Continental Line
JOHN MONTGOMERY, b. 1767, Indian War under Anthony Wayne
GEORGE MUTER, Virginia Line, (buried DAR Lot, Frankfort Cemetery)
CHARLES NEAL, b. 1763, Virginia Line, W9587
JOHN OLIVER, Private, b. 1756 Spottsylvania County, Virginia, Virginia Line
CHARLES ONION, b. Ann Arundel County, Maryland
THOMAS PATTERSON, b. Buckingham County, Virginia, (died in service)
MESHACK PEARSON, Private, b. 1754., Virginia Line, S35555
BENNETT PEMBERTON, #7408 Ohio Warrant
BENJAMIN PENN, Private, b. 1753, Maryland Militia, W8510
MOSES PERKINS, North Carolina Militia, R8109
VIRGIL POE, Private, b. 1742 Caroline County, Virginia, Virginia Line,   S35565
JOHN M. READING, Private, b. 1760 Hunterdon County, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Line, W579
SAMUEL READING, Major, b. 1752,  2nd Regiment New Jersey Line
GEORGE RICHARDS,  Private,  d. August 15, 1827, Virginia Line, S35621
PATRICK HENRY ROBERTS, Private, b. 1755, Virginia Line, W164
JOHN ROBERTS, Surgeon, b. 1744, Virginia Line, S4792
JAMES RUSSELL, b. Rockbridge County, Virginia, Virginia Artillery
ISAAC SARCEY, b. Virginia, Private, 2nd. Virginia Regiment
FRANCIS L. SATTERWHITE (invalid pension)
JOHN  S. SATTERWHITE, Private, b. 1739,  d. March 7, 1829, Virginia Line, S33642
PHILEMON SAUNDERS, b. 1763 Fulvanna County, Kentucky, Virginia Line, S31347
THOMAS C. SCROGGIN, Private, b. 1764 Somerset County, Virginia, Maryland  Militia, S16524M
RICHARD SEBREE, Private, b. March 29, 1752, Orange County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S14424
MEDLEY SHELTON, Private, b. 1745, Virginia Line, W8717
FRANCIS L. SLAUGHTER (invalid pension)
JOHN STEEL, b. January 25, 1761, Hampshire County, Virginia, Virginia Line,  S17706
JOHN  STEPHENS, SR., Private, b. January 30, 1760, Orange County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S31392
JOHN R. STORY, Private, b. 1764, Culpepper County, Virginia, S30721 (Pension refused)
GEORGE SWINGLE, b. December 11, 1757, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Maryland Militia, S4914
JAMES TAYLOR, Private, b. 1763 Culpepper County, Virginia, Virginia Line, W1954
JOSEPH TAYLOR,  25874 (invalid pension)
RICHARD TAYLOR, Indian War Spy, Pennsylvania Militia, 25876
RICHARD TAYLOR, Seamon, b. 1749, Virginia, S25873
THOMAS TAYLOR, b. January 23, 1765, King & Queen County, Virginia
HEDGEMAN TRIPLETT,  Lieutenant, b. 1760, Culpepper County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S 11572
CHARLES TYLER, Private, b. 1759, Virginia Line, S 37494
JAMES WARE, b 1744
WILLIAM WARE, Virginia Line, 1353
PHILLIP WEBBER, Virginia Continental Line, W616  2662-160 55BLW
AMBROSE WHITE, Private, b. 1753, Bedford County, Virginia, Revolutionary Army, S31471 (invalid pension)
ALEXANDER WILSON, SR., b. 1755 (buried DAR Lot, Frankfort Cemetey)
NODIAH WOODRUFF, b. 1763, New York Militia, R11822
SAMUEL WOODS, JR., b 1738, Virginia Line, S35743
PHILEMON YANCEY, Private, b. 1753 Culpepper County, Virginia, Virginia Line, S1274
ROBERT YANCEY, b. 1750 Albermarle County, Virginia

County Files - FRANKLIN, Kentucky Historical Society Library
Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files, by Virgil D. White (published by: National Historical Publishing Company, 1992)
The History of Franklin County, Kentucky, by L. F. Johnson (published by:  Roberts Printing Company, 1912; reprint 1874)

Revolution War Soldiers, Franklin County, Kentucky, by Sandi Gorin


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