Family Genealogies will be a place to post genealogies of your Franklin County ancestors.  Some
genealogies have been compiled from data in my personal files and from research performed specifically
for this page.  If you have
information you would like add to a genealogy already posted, or if you have
a genealogy you would like to submit and share with others, send them to me. If you have photographs
to go along with your genealogies, please include them.

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Family Genealogies

Edmund Bacon     Langston Bacon   William Bassett
Edward Brawner  Iva Myrtle Brawner   John Brawner
John Edward Brawner Theophilis Brawner William "Billy" Brawner 
Wm. Henry Brawner (Warfield) William VanBuren Brawner Thomas Collins  
Ollie Hansford Cornn    Benjamin Elliott            William Gayhart  
Glore~Clore                             Everette Goins        Francis Graham   
Hezekiah Hamilton   One Barnett Harrod  John Louis Harrod  
Silas Morgan Harrod  John Chapman Herndon Simon Hopper
Abel Jenkins, Sr. John Lewis   David McQuiddy  
David Zook Miller    Isaac Roman Miller   John  W. North  
Dennis O'Nan    Rev. James Alfred Peters   Thomas Poindexter      
Thomas D. Quire  Thomas Reardon    Reuben Runyan   
Spencer Runyan   George Washington Sacra/Sacre  Giles Samuel     
Edmond Scantland       Rev. John Shackelford  James Shannon 
Samuel Shannon Leonard Smither Solomon Snow 
George Sudduth Samuel Tracy   Henry E. Tutt 
William S. Underwood  Vachel Warfield  Lindsey Arnett Watkins
Willis Lindsey Watkins  Sylvester Welch  



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