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  Scattered Years 1852-1903 

The following records have been abstracted from microfilm roll #994034, Franklin County Vital Statistics located at the
Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.  These records were recorded and maintained on a county level without
any regulatory system in place. Collection of vital statistics was not mandatory. Therefore, a large margin for error exist
in the maintenance of these records.  The recording of vital statistics for this time period was not considered an important
task.  Records that exist, are a very scattered and incomplete listing of births, deaths and marriages which occurred in
Franklin County. Most vital statistics were reported as an individual visited the tax collectors office to pay yearly property
tax.  Each birth and death entry is arranged alphabetically by individual surname.  For years preceding the Civil War,
slaves are listed alphabetically by first name. Marriage records that exist within the vital statistics are a very scattered
and incomplete listing .  However, Franklin County marriage bonds were recorded and are available in the records of the
Franklin County Court Clerk. Indexes to marriage bonds 1811 - 1865 are available at this site. Each entry is arranged
alphabetically by groom. 
Please check all spelling variations of your surname.  No attempt has been made to correct
or alter the original record.




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