Photo Wish List


Photo Wish List


This page is for requests to be posted for photos that you are looking for that are not already posted on the Floyd Site, or if you have a photo that you are willing to share
with someone looking.  If you would like the photo added to the Floyd page please send to . JPEG format is the best.
If your request has been filled privately, please let me know so the request may be removed it.

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Looking for ANY photos of the Taylor and/or Williams and ANY Related Families of; 

Knott, Letcher, Floyd, Martin and Pike Counties of Kentucky, and on the West Virginia side of the Tug River

Paul D. Williams

 Master Sergeant USMC (Ret.)

   Glasgow, Kentucky 42141


Specific Individuals: James Jacobs, Polly Sparkman-Jacobs 

Samuel “Sammy” Taylor,  Sarah Elizabeth Jacobs-Taylor 

Leonidas Williams, Margaret Maynard , Ulysses (Ulissus) G. Williams, America Ratliff 

Specific areas of interest are: 


Buskirk,   McCarr,    Ransom 

West Virginia:

Matewan,   Red Jacket,  Delbarton

I am requesting pictures of Martin and Garrett KY flood that is in May 2009. If you have any please email them to me at
Thank You
Melissa Metcalf


I am looking for any photos of Dinwood School in Martin area from the 1930's. Also, any pictures of Dinwood would be great.


I  am looking for any railroad photo's taken at Allen Ky. There was at one time a operator's tower called BU Cabin not far from the train station there. It was closed by 1952. If you have a pictures that shows this tower I would really like to have a copy of it.   

Also looking for any railroad photos taken at Wheelwright. 

Thanks Rod Clark Jr.

Looking for any Photos of Wheelwright Key  there was a store there called Branhams' not sure of the spelling  also any photos of any Family members of Landell and Dona Thornsberry

Thank you so much  Sandy Wadding


I am looking for any information or a photo of my grandmother, Julie Mae (Gearheart) Lawson. She was married to Henry Hob Lawson. She was the d/o William Gearheart and Della Moore She died when my mother was under two years of age. My Mother, Inis Lawson Hall recently passes away. Also any information about this family would be appreciated.

Thanks    Charlotte Denise Boyd

Denise Hall-Boyd

I would like to know if anyone would have any pictures of the BLUEBELL restaurant that used to be on old route 23 in Banner Ky. My grandmother Josephine Hill Hall owned this establishment back in the 1940's & 50's. All her old pictures have been lost over the years. Also if someone would have old pictures of my dad Darwin "Sam" Thacker I would love to see them.

Thank you  Gus Thacker

I would like pictures of the Calhouns from Floyd Co. Ky. David Calhoun & Eda Ayers and their descendants. Thomas Calhoun & Virginia Musick Calhoun and their descendants. Samuel Calhoun & Mary Hignite Calhoun and their descendants. Hiram Calhoun & Mary Belle and their descendants. Thomas Calhoun & Birdie Calhoun and their descendants. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You   Linda Reeves  

I wpold like to have photos of Onis Ray "Baldy" Johnson son of Johnny and Martha Boyd Johnson (Abshire).  He lived on Abner with his grandparents D.K. & Florence Newsome.  Baldy attended school at Wheelwright High School and was in the top 10 of his graduating class, I am also looking for a copy of the Trojan paper printed that year (early 80's) that had the top 10 class listed.  I am trying to gather some photos for his daughter Whitley, who has very few photos of him as he was killed in June of 1997 in Lenoir, North Carolina when she was only 8 years old. 

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help.

God Bless You!

HI I would like to request pictures of my father, he went to school at Little Paint elementary and on to Prestonsburg high school.  His name is Luther Jackson Rice.  I am not sure of the year, his parents were John Wesley Rice and Willie Mae Snavely.  His siblings are : John Jr. ,James Curtiss, Donal ray, Betty Lou, Helen, Billy. I would appreciate any one who went to school with any of them contacting me with stories.

 I would like to have a photo of  Maj. Jonathan  Tipton b 1750 my
  5 th Gr Grandfather.

thanks Bill

Would like to have a picture of Amanda"Mandy" Osborne Dye. She was married to Kenas Farro Dye about 26 Feb. 1886.

Milton Dye---

I would like to find pictures of my father Tan Hale-(Allen,Ky) b-1903--and mother Mabel Ann Robinson (middle creek-dwale-?)b-1920-

Thank you Robert Hale

My family is still looking after many years for a picture of my grand mother Minnie Boyd.  She was born in 1927 and passed away in 1953.  She lived in the Wheelwright area.  She was the daughter of Jeff and Cora Boyd.  My mother and her two sisters have not ever had a picture of her she died when my mother was only 2yrs old.  Please someone has got to have a picture out there somewhere.  It would mean the world to her family.  If anyone has or finds one please contact


Looking for photos of my great grandparents John D. and Malinda (Lindie) Tackett, my grandparents Alfred and Anna (Annie) Hall Tackett and photos of any of their children(Buster, Fannie, Bobby, Sue, Allen, Billy, Rose, and Linda), my great grandparents Alford and Mary Alice (Dunk) Mullins Hall, my great great grandparents Linville and Anna Mullins Isaac, Jay and Polly Copeland Hall, Troy Isaac, Doy Isaac, Bill Tackett, Fannie Tackett, Dock Tackett, Florence Isaac Johnson Newsome, Andy Johnson, D.K. Newsome, Lawrence Isaac, Martha Isaac, Avene Mullins Copeland, Walter Copeland, and Silas Mullins - killed in aprox. 1929.  All of these people lived in Floyd County in or around Honey Camp Holler up Jacks Creek.  Any photos or information on any of the family members listed above would be greatly appreciated. 

God Bless You and Thanks
Tammy Tackett  

lLooking for some old photos of my husbands family:  Edward "Jake" Gillum & Lillie King Gillum, Jake's parents, Albert Gillum & Louraney (Lovena) Holbrook Gillum, Lillie's parents, Taylor (Zachariah) King  Dulcena (Daleina) Smith King, Albert's parents, William & Susanah Barnett Gillum, Lovena's Parents, Jacob & Miranda Miller Holbrook, Zachariah's parents, George & Evoline Banks King, Daleina's parents, Isaac & Tabitha Ross Smith. 

William Garfield & Angeline Ratliff Gibson, William's parents, Isom & Peggy Burke Gibson, Angeline's parents, Unknow Ratliff & Alcey Ratliff (any info. on the unknown Ratliff would be great too). 

Thank you,
Tammy Tackett

Looking for pictures of the swinging bridge that cars could use to cross over the big sandy river. i was on that bridge late 1950's and have told my kids about the experience. would like to see some pictures posted on the web site.

Bill Sword Dallas, TX.

My mother and her family grew up in Floyd county, probably in the 40s - 50s.  her name was Georgian Johnson, her parents were Dixie (Newsome) and George Johnson.  Looking for info or pics ! thanks

Looking for old pictures of my father Billy Gene Conn...He was born March 2, 1942 In Dana Kentucky, The son of James Conn and Anna Mae Newsome Conn...Would also like to find old pics of James Conn, Anna Mae Newsome, James Dock Newsome, and Arlene Akers Newsome.....These are pictures that I am looking for. .Thanks

Leeanna Conn Kidd 

Looking for any pictures of Elbert & Mattie (nee Hoover) Scott, s/o John & Mary (nee Carroll) Scott of Stone Coal.  Any pictures of this Scott line would be greatly appreciated!  Also, Bud & Easter/Esther Hoover of Garrett, Ky.  both are my grandparents.

 Thank you, Cathy Caudill

looking  for  Kentucky  ancestors , photo's  of    Susan HALBERT) Flannery , Joel  Halbert  ,  Alexander  Hamilton  Flannery . Henry  Clay  Parrott,  Joseph  Parrott ,  Martha  Jane  (Frasure) Flannery.  Molly  ( PARROTT) Helton .  Ann   FLANNERY .   Rob  Barnette  (  married  my  moms  niece . my  mom  was  Poppie  Flannery .  Rob   Barnett   was  her  favorite  school  teacher . like  to  hear  from  Barnett's  who  knew  my  mom..  Any  Barnett  family  photos  would  be  appreciated .  

Dorothy  Bishop

Looking for any photos of my grandfather Benjamin Oney and family.

Sue Oney Crist

I would like to know if there are any pictures out here of Sophia Graham Layne Nesbitt and and John Nesbitt as well as their siblings, Tandem Monroe, Sarah Rebecca and William H. Nesbitt. 
Ruth White

Looking for some pictures of Weeksbury around 1952.And pictures of the school there. Thinks a lot. God bless 

Gayle(Wright) Tackett

Would love photos of Wheelwright Ky and the store Branahams and any photos of Landell and Dona Thornsberry

 thank you  Sandy Wadding

I am looking for pictures of Thompson Cole, America Cole & Their son Albert Cole.



Hi, my name is Tammy Tackett, daughter of Allen and Betty Tackett (formerly of Abner).  I would like to post a request on your page for photos of my grandparents Alfred Tackett and Annie Hall Tackett from JacksCreek. My grandmother died in aprox. 1951 at a fairly young age, her brothers include Jay Hall, Doy Isaac, Troy Isaac, and a sister Florance (she married D K Newsome).   My grandfather died in March of 1973 and was the brother of Dock and Bill Tackett and Virginia.  My great grandparents were John D. Tackett and Linda (she married a Mitchell after the passing of John D.) and Alford Hall and Mary Alice (Dunk).  Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


I am hoping for a photo my father Willie Moore, son of Richard "Dick" Mosley and Leete Moore. I would also like a photo of my grandmother Leete Moore and any of her other children: Morgan and Melvina Gayheart, Curt, Lee or Azzy McCown. 

Thank you.

I am requesting any photos of Elsie (Smith) Osborne and/or Kelly Osborne that anyone would have. They were married in Floyd County and lived in Martin, Kentucky. They had 2 children, Barbara Ann and John Junior. If you have any info about them as well.
Rita J. Osborne

I would like pictures of Albert Cole & Adeline Jones Cole , also any of their children.  My  grandfather was Elisha Cole. Also would like any information on this family. Thanks, Cecil Cole

looking for any pictures of Tommie and Alice Prater Slone's families. Because of floods and moving we have very few pictures of them or their children: Junior Slone, Herman Slone, Charles Slone, Katherine Slone Johnson, Winnie Slone Keathley, Gene Slone, Paul David Slone, Marie Slone Lafferty and any of the other children. The pictures would be from 1912 (when Alice was born in Knott County) -1980. Tommie grew up on Middle Creek, the son of Jackson and Cooney Brown Slone, and worked at the old water plant with Dick Davis and Ed Clark so if anyone has any pictures of the old water plant it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks  Ginger

I would love to see any old pictures of Milton Hicks and his wife
Mary Stanley Hicks. They lived in Garrett  Ky . Their children are
Orville, Buretta, Wayne , Girlie and Raymond.
Their grandparents are Andrew Hicks (Andy) and Arminda (Mindy)
Combs. Thank you
Melissa Hicks

My father Eli Carroll passed away 9-9-06 wanted to know if anyone has any photos of him or any carroll or yates willing to share with his children.
Please e-mail me i am willing to pay for the cost of all photos . Thank You All who reply Rhonda Carroll

Looking for picture on collins and stone family both are in floyd co

send to


I'm looking for a picture of Hiram Taylor of Floyd Co. KY.
He was a Confederate War Veteran. His first wife was Clerenda Clark, his second wife was Theodosia Kendrick Morrison. His sons were Reuben and Alvin Taylor of Prestonsburg, KY.

I would like any photos of McDonald Mead and wife, Elizabeth (Roten/Akers), or any descendants of McDonald's father, Rhodes Mead. This is a new address. Thanks,

I am looking for classmate photos from Maytown elem. school years 1975-1979

I would like to have a picture of the Banner general store, owned by Ray Campbell and Vannie Ellen Campbell. Vannie Ellen is a cousin of mine.

Susan Nabil 

I am looking for a photo of Manton KY, also called Stephens Branch.

Bill Whitt

I am looking for photos of Hackworth's from Floyd County, Kentucky of any year I am researching the family and in search of photo's

Dorothy Lynn(Hackworth) Mullins

Would like a picture of the Calvin and Seatta Moore and family, especially son Thomas Moore and grandson Gomer Moore.

Thank You

Brenda Sampsel


Freddie Reeves

I'm looking for a picture of Tilda (Tildie) Cole. m/o Palmer h/o Noah. Her maiden name was Henson. She's my aunt. She died in 1946.

 Thank you, Ken Mitchell 

Looking for photo of Edward Osborne family. Samuel Stephens family. would be grateful for any photos or doc. concerning this families.

Thank You Kim Rudder

Looking for photos on Margaret Howard family if anyone can help. also on wheeler family or Emma Boyd's family

Thank You Kim Rudder

Here are some ancestors of whom I'd like to find pictures. Alexander Meade "Alex" or "Elec", 1882-1956 of Pike County. Lindy Stephens or Stevens, wife of Alex, 1891-1918 John Lemuel Meade, 1851-1928, of Pike County. John was a school teacher, don't know where. Lewzana Hester Burgess Meade, 1855-1931, wife of John Lemuel Rhodes Meade 1828-1900 of Harold, Floyd County, KY Emmeriah (Emariah or Emeriah) Elkins Meade, wife of Rhodes, 1830-1875 children of Rhodes and Emeriah: Mary Elizabeth Meade Martha Jane Meade Tabitha or Talitha Meade Justice William "Green" Meade Louisa Belle "Lizie" Meade McClanahan Kenis "Keene" Meade Steven Meeks "Steve" Meade Samuel George "Sam" Meade children of John Lemuel and Lewzana Hester: Tilda Meade Rhodes W. Meade (married to Victoria Boyd) Hibbard Grover Meade (married to Wilda Boyd) I'm also interested in photos of families related to these Meade's.., Rice, Layne, Toler, Hackworth, Burgess, Elkins, Stephens, McClanahan. Here's my web site for my family tree: Thanks, Lisa

I am looking for old photos or any information for James H Compton. He married Samantha Hitchcock in 1886. Would love any photo's of Compton's or Hitchcock's. Samantha's father was Nimrod Hitchcock. Her mother was Mary ?They seemed to have disappeared after the 1900 census. They had 1 son Lis Compton and 1 daughter Mary Compton. I would be forever grateful for any information and especially pictures. 
Judy Cumpton  

Would like to see a pic of Polly Caudill, dau. of Ben Caudill and Terry Hampton. She married Elhanan Jent and had my father, Chester Jent. She died about 1908 when my father was about 8 yrs. old. She lived at Fort Branch, Viper, Ky. Cornettsville, around there. If anyone knows where I can find a pic, would be VERY pleased!

 Thank You, Yvonne Jent Maggard, Jackson, Ky.

Have never seen my father William " Ervin " Bentley. He died when I was 3 Months old, in July of 1950. I'm the youngest of 9 children. Please if there's anyone that has a picture send me a copy. His parents were Sarah [Cantaberry] and John Bentley of Allen. He was married to Nancy [Wright]

 Thank you. GOD bless !!! 
Patsy Bentley Propst 

Looking for Photo of C. L. Tackett.
During my searching, I found a website of someone related to Alamander Martin. On the website there was a photograph of my grandfather, C.L. Tackett and this Martin family relative in front of my grandfather's store in Weeksbury, Ky. I lost the print out and can't find the website. I believe the the family lives in GA. If anyone in your extended family has this photo, I would love to have the website address so I can print it out. I lost the only copy I printed. Thanks,
Debra Kornegay

I'm looking for a photo of Patrick Johnson and Ollie Bentley. I believe they resided in Floyd County in the mid to late 1800's.

Baker Family

I am currently working on a website for the CHAFFINS family. I am in need of pictures for this family, my grandfather died in 1960 at the age of 29, any pictures or heirlooms that he may have had have been long lost - we have nothing. For my own direct line, I am attempting to write as much of a biography as I can with the sources that I have. I would love to include a photo with each bio. I do have a Chaffins book that has pictures of the Chaffins family, however, I need uncopyrighted material. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Particulary my direct line of 1. Samuel Nelson Chaffins 2. Jasper "Bird" Chaffins 3. Harry Lee Chaffins Any pictures, stories, ect. about any of these men and/or their families would be great. 

Thank You Beth

Looking  for photos of Edward hall an Sally Johnson of Floyd Co KY they are my great grand parents but now that all the older family are dead I cant find no photos please

I'm looking for photos of my great great uncle Joel Halbert he was in union army also. Martha Jane ( Frasure ) Flannery , Joseph Parrott , Henry Clay Parrott , Popie Flannery , Delphia wireman , Susan Caroline (HALBERT) Flannery . thanks Dorothy 

I am looking for photos of any ancestors of George Washington Burke and Rebecca Ann Johnson Burke, Payne Johnson and Lavenia (Viney)Fleming Johnson. Also any decendents of William Payne Johnson's son Robert.
 Thank you, Marie

   I am looking for a picture of my mother, Minnie Boyd who was born in 1927 and died in 1953 when me and my twin sister were 2 yrs old, and my baby sister was 1 month old.She would have attended school in the Floyd County area. We do not have any pictures of her.Her parents were Jeff and Cora Boyd of Wheelwright, Ky.
Any info please contact me at

Does anyone have any photo's of Henry Halcomb and his family? Henry was born about 1860. 

Thank you. Bonnie

I would like to request a photo of my great grandfather, Robert Emmitt Howell ( b.5/1877 in Floyd Co., Ky. - d.? . ) son of James H. Howell & Mary Jane Akers. He was married to Lucreca 'Lula' Watson ( b.12/1869 in Floyd Co., Ky. - d.? ), in the year of 1889 in Floyd Co., Ky. Their children were: Roy, Edna, Stella, Troy Lee (my grandpa), Bruce, Delmar and Nolan Howell. I'll have my fingers crossed. 

Thank -you, 
( Nancy (Howell) Smith

Looking for photos of John Bentley and Susannah Bryant, or/and Will Bentley and Anna Fleming. or related relatives 

Sheryl Cole

I'm looking for photos of Anthony L. Frasure, s/o John B. Frasure and Armina Spencer, b. 15 Jan 1861, and Martha Francis Frasure, d/o William M. Frasure and Sarah Elizabeth Bentley b. 02 May 1871 and any of their children, Armina, Cora Belle, Robert L., Mary Alice, Frederick, William, Elizabeth, Trivis, Evan, and Noah. I'm especially interested in their son George Washington Frasure, my grandfather, born Dec. 24, 1897, d. Oct. 1, 1931. I'm also looking for photos of Robert Hogan Newman s/o Harvey Justice and Rhoda Newman and Catherine Martin d/o Simpson B. Martin Jr. and Mary Francis Akers, and their family, Mary, Anna, "Alice", my grandmother , Alvanie, Oscar, and Oliver Newman, also of Floyd County, Kentuckty. 
Thank you,
S. Frazier

I would like to find a photo of Nathaniel Ousley (b. Jan. 1877) son of Robert Ousley. 

Thank you , Alec Ramey

Requesting any photos of Elsie (Smith) Osborne and/or Kelly Osborne that anyone would have. They were married in Floyd County and lived in Martin, Kentucky. They had 2 children, Barbara Ann and John Junior. If you have any info about them as well.

Thank You Rita J. Osborne

Arimina Spencer Frasure, Robert Frasure and Frances "Frankie" Hall Frasure, John B. Frasure (son of Robert and Frankie Hall Frasure), John A. Hall and Nancy Jane Stumbo, Evan Silas Frasure and Sarah Jane "Sally" Hall Frasure, Frederick Stumbaugh (Stumbo) and Nancy Thornberry Stumbaugh, Jarvey Hall (son of Masias Hall) Masias Hall and Unisiah Smith Hall, (Masias Hall is the son of Jesse Hall) 
Thank you much. Respectfully,
Scott E. Frasure

I would like to request a picture or pictures of any of my ancestors, Jerman (Jeremiah Washington) Huff b. 1815. He was my great-great-grandfather. He married 1. Mary Polly Ann Hamilton 2. Dicy Jane Prater 3.Lucinda Van Hoose. They had the following children: Mary Jane Huff b. 1836, Matilda Huff b. 1939, James Harrison Huff b. 1841, Sarah Ann Huff B. 1843, William Huff b. 1844, John W. Huff b. 1846, Henry C. Huff b. 1847, Elizabeth b.1851, William B. Huff b. 1854, Julia Huff b. 1856, Amanda b. 1858, William G. Brownlow Huff b. 1861, Sarah Huff was my Great-grandmother. She married Benjamin Franklin Price. Stella Price and Edgar Jones were my grandparents. 
Thank you very much.
Sue Wells 

I am looking for a picture of my grandmother, Lucinda Hughes. She was the daughter of Robert Lee and Polly Prater Ousley and was married to Daniel Boone Hughes. 
Thank you so much, Maggie Hayes 620 Mudlick Branch Prestonsburg, Ky. 41653

Would like 'any" early 1800's photos of Conley's, Tyree's or Wallen/Wallin/Walling's,. My father left lots of old photos and unfortunately none had names on them, my G Grandfather Napoleon P Conley was born somewhere in Ky. abt. 1828/29 as well as his sister Jane Conley born abt. 1830-32,thier mother's name was Margaret and/or Peggy Conley,, I do not know her maiden name, she was either widowed or divorced between the years of 1832-1836,for she remarried a John Walling of Scott Co. Va. and they had their first child 'together' in 1836 in Tenn., but was back in Scott Co. Va. by 1850,I am trying to find out where in Ky. he and his sister were born, so any Conley, Walling, Hale, Miller, Bishop, Wallen/Wallin pictures would be grateful to compare with the ones I have.

 Thanks Leatha Moore Basco

I would like to see photos of John Taylor and wife Mary Jarrell. And John's son Alexander Taylor and his wife Mila C. Lewis.

I am looking for a picture of an old one room schoolhouse that my dad taught at for a short time in the late '50's or early '60's. It was located near Bull Creek. My dad's name is Bill May DeRossett, Jr. 

Thank you! Lisa DeRossett Jenkins

Seeking picture of Nelson Dyer who married Clerissa Gullett.  Believed they lived around the Floyd or Magoffin County areas.  Any info regarding Nelson's or Clerissa's parents or siblings appreciated also.

Thank you, Frieda

I am looking for any pictures of my Great Grandparents. Sarah Sally White-Riley D/O Ambrose White and Joannia Paulina Goforth-White. And Sarah Sally's husband my great grandfather. Andy T Riley. I would be most grateful.

Thank you for your time Carrie Stanley-Thomas. My E-mail is

Would love to see any photos of my GG/Grandparents.  Joannia Paulina was shortened to Joanna Pauline. They both were born in N.C. and moved to Floyd co, around 1890.I hope some one out there can help me.

Thank you so much. Carrie Stanley-Thomas. my E-mail is

I would love to find any photo's of my Click, Patton or Kitchen families. My great great grand mom Mary Ellen Patton or her mother ( my great great great grand mom) Delila Patton or her father name unknown to me. Mary's husband William Harmon Click, any of their children or Mary Elizabeth Click my great grandmother especially. I am also looking for any photo's of my Kitchen family which Mary Elizabeth Click married into. She married James Oberton Kitchen. Any information on the Patton family would be great appreciated also. 

God Bless ....

I am looking for family photo's for my mother. Her grandparents were Tivis Yates and Bess Marshall Yates.. Her Aunts and Uncles names were Pearl Yates Howard Yates Naomi Yates Lurline Yates Charles Yates Hershall Yates Her mothers name was Myrtle Yates. My Email address is

looking for any pictures of Kelly Osborn, Miranda Cosgrove and Amy Bruckner

Thank You

I am searching for information and photos - if any are available - of my great grandfather - William "Bill" Tackett. His father was George Washington "Bud" Tackett. I know he had one son - probably more - James "Jim" Tackett - then my dad is James "Jimmy" Tackett jr. They were all from the Floyd County - Prestonsburg, Kentucky area. He was probably born around 1859. I am not sure when he would have died - or where he would be buried.

Looking for old classmate photos of the Clear Creek Grade School from 1960-1966.


Looking for a photo of my grandmother Julie Mae (Gearheart) Lawson. She was married to Henry Hob Lawson. She died when my mother was very very young. Also any information about this family would be appreciated. 


I would like to get a picture of my gggrandparents Thomas Green Holbrook and his wife Isabelle "Belle" Blevins Holbrook.

Looking for photos of any known family from Thomas Hinkle and Bertha Ray Hinkle, Paul Alley and Dixie Cline Alley, Wayne Cline and Louisa Runyon Cline, OR from Orpha Branham's family. I know there are family still out there that i don't know about or haven't met yet, I'm hoping someone might see this and send me some pics or emails from them.
 Email me at
Thanks, Suzi Hinkle May

looking for a photo of the old one room schoolhouse that used to be on Bucks Branch in Martin. There were actually 2 schoolhouses there, and I think this was the oldest of the two. I know that it was further up the road than the other, near the entrance of the old mine. I also know that it was in use in the early 1940s because my grandfather Don Crisp and all of his brothers and sister went there. Any information pertaining to the schoolhouse would be greatly appreciated.

 Thank you, Jennifer Crisp

I'm Looking for photos of Wheelwright Ky.  I would also Like to have any photos of the Branham's who lived in Wheelwright

Looking for photos of my following ancestors: Jesse BATES and wife Hannah CAUDILL, William CAUDILL and wife Nancy MARTIN, John W. BATES and wife Elizabeth HALL, John W. BATES and wife Sarah WALTRIP, Jesse CAUDILL and wife Eleanor ESTEP, Alamander MARTIN and Malinda MARTIN. I believe these ancestors are from Floyd Co. and surrounding areas. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks! 

I'm looking for a picture of Elbert Poe in his uniform. He is the son of Andy Poe and Elizabeth Bays. he died Jan. 1968. 
Also I"m hoping someone out there might have a picture of the Katy Friend School West Prestonsburg. My husband went there before they moved to Indiana.

I am requesting any information or photos on my parents Bertha Mae Ellis Peters, Colonel Robert Peters, who lived in Martin Kentucky. Colonel "CR" Peters worked on the C and O Railroad and was Yardmaster in Martin. Also looking for photos of Progress School, one room school house, located in Cracker Bottom, a short distance below Martin and McGuire Coal Camp photos. Also any photos of my grandfather, C. H. Peters, who was a circuit rider with the Methodist Church, originally from Bull Creek.

 I am also interested in finding a school year book from Martin High School, Floyd County, any annuals from 1947-1950.

Looking for a photo of my Grandfather David Samuel Williams born in Floyd Co. abt. 1880. any other pictures of the family would be appreciated also. His last wife's name was Dessie Williams and he had a daughter by the name of Josephine and a son "Babe" Williams
 Thank you for help


Looking for a picture of my g-grandfather William Marion Rice, born oct 31,1862 and was married to Fanny Johnson. Would also like to find one of his father, Andrew Jackson Rice. He was married to Sarah Colvin. Thanks, 


Seeking photos of the one room school on Little Paint. This is where I remember my mother, Myrtle GEORGE Emrich and her siblings attended as children. Her folks were James (Jimmy) and Addie (CONLEY) GEORGE. Her siblings were Carma, Marvin, Marcus, Alka Irene, Dottie, Orville Mearl (Poncho), Vada Also, as she is descended from the GEORGE, CONLEY, MUSIC(K), and BALDRIDGE lines, if anyone has any photos to share I would be so pleased, since she passed in

I am looking for photo of my grandmother Annie Slone (she married Troy Moore) and/or any member of her family. Her parents were John L. Slone (his parents were I believe Adam Slone & Christena Mae Reynolds Slone) and Sue Thomas Slone. She had several siblings - Druthie Mae, Odis, Virgie, Lester, Opal, Ralph, Locie, Fred. If anyone can help I would GREATLY, GREATLY appreciated it.

Ella Estrada

Looking for any photos of “Big Ed” Hall (b. 1858 Beaver Creek – known as the “Mountain Manhunter”) and/or his wife, Catherine “Cat” [Franklin] Hall. Big Ed was shot and killed in Wise County, VA in 1895. Cat supposedly died in Wheelwright around 1931.

Thank You

Looking for a picture of Charles and Lavata Porter, and Lavata's brother Jim Porter


Wishing for a photo of my G-Grandfather Robert HONEYCUTT, he married Chloe RITCHIE in Floyd Co on Feb 1-1895.Robert was a son of Alfred HONEYCUTT & Elizabeth AMBURGEY. 

Thank You 

Looking for any photo of Bevely Scott, a sheriff killed in the line of duty in Floyd County around 1932-34. There is not one picture of him in our family anywhere. If someone has one we could have, you would be forever in our thanks. One of my aunts (his daughter) has never EVER seen her father as he was killed when she was a baby. Please, if there is any out there, we appreciate it. He was married to Lizzie Warrens, they had 13 children (I think) my dad being one of them, Everett Scott. 


Looking for JULIA ANN JARRELL b. 1865 married to JAMES BURCHETT b.1859 in bride's father's home PARKS JARRELL b. 1840 married to MARY JANE WOODS. 

I am looking for a photo of a wayside inn which was near Prestonsburg in the 1860s.  The wayside inn was owned by Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Hammons and is mentioned in the following excerpt from the book, JACK MAY'S WAR by Robert Perry, pg. 34, "Guerrant rode over to "Mr. Hubbard's & Mr. Hammond's," a wayside inn near Prestonsburg, and took dinner."  The book states this event took place on September 12th, 1861.  The Guerrant referred to in this excerpt is Edward O. Guerrant, Assistant Adjutant-General to Brigadier General Humphrey Marshall of the Confederate Army.


Look for photos of the Carr family of Floyd Co.

Submitted by

Looking for photos of my father's family. His name is Luther Jackson Rice. His parents were John Wesley Rice and Willie Mae (Snavely) Rice. I am looking for any pictures of Rice, Snavely, Baldridge, Musick. And also would love it if someone had any pictures of my Dad when he was in school, he went to Little Paint elementary school, and then went on to Prestonsburg High School. His siblings are: John Jr. Rice, James Curtis Rice, Helen Rice, Donal Ray Rice, Betty Lou (Rice) Blankenship, Billy Rice, and they had a sister Ailene that died at a young age.

Looking for pictures of John Emory Hale and wife Eliza Perry Hale.  G grandparents.  Also, pictures of Lula Hale, Alice Hale and Sam Hale. John & Eliza's children.  Frances (Frank) Hager and children of Mary Arminta Musick and James W. Hager.
Also, pictures of Abraham Musick,Mary  Collins, Cunninghams, Sol and Sarah (Lafferty)  Derossett, Janie Grace Derossett, Sambo Nelson.  These are all part of my family.
My parents were Harry H & Geraldine Nelson Hager of Auxier.

Looking for pictures of James K.P.McCown and Mary Elizabeth Branham McCown.
They are my G/Grandparents.James was son of Rev,William and Jemima Osborne
McCowan.Mary was a dau of David J and Katherine Kinny Branham.

Looking for pictures of John Emory Hale and wife Eliza Perry Hale.  G grandparents.  Also, pictures of Lula Hale, Alice Hale and Sam Hale. John & Eliza's children.  Frances (Frank) Hager and children of Mary Arminta Musick and James W. Hager. 

Also, pictures of Abraham Musick,Mary  Collins, Cunninghams, Sol and Sarah (Lafferty)  Derossett, Janie Grace Derossett, Sambo Nelson.  These are all part of my family.   

My parents were Harry H & Geraldine Nelson Hager of Auxier. 

I am looking for any photos of my g-g-grandfather Archelas Hamons.......or any member of his family. He was Capt. 13th KY Cav. CSA. Any help appreciated

Looking for photographs of my great grandparents Harvey Click and Elizabeth Oney, great great grandparents David Click and Nancy Patton, and great great great grandparents John Click and Susan Drake. Any help will be appreciated. 


Photo of Luemma Moore, the wife of Richard Gayheart, and also I want to know who her parents were.

 Thanks,  Linda

I am looking for any photos of Calvin Shepherd, Maude Crisp Carrol-Shepherd, Hamp Shepherd

I would love it if someone had a picture of  Roland T. Allen, he is a son of David Allen and Elizabeth Jane 'Jennie' Martin Allen and he was married to Louisa McGeary. 

Thank you. 

I am looking for any photos of William K and Nancy Kidd Steele family or individual family members, Beulah Steele Case and her family, Bessie Steele Collins and family, Wiliam K and Maggie Caldwell Steele family, James and Martha Hamilton Steele and family, Wallace and Lena Nunnery Steele and family, Orville and Maggie Stewart Steele and family, Rosa Belle Steele and Isaac Case Family. Looking for any connections to the Steeles. Also looking for proof of William K Steeles parents, was William W and Elizabeth Dawson Steele his parents for sure??? I have marriage record with Wallace W and Mary E Mays too? Totally confusing. 
Thanks Tammy Steele Dyer

Looking for photos of my gg Grandparents, Greenville and Cornelia White Howell. I saw the picture of Greenville as a young man but wanted to find something with either Cornelia & Greenville, Cornelia alone or Greenville as an older man.

Debbie Dawson 

Looking for any photos of downtown Martin that show Jewel Hardware or any photos of my grandparents, Clyde and Tina Allen. 


Looking for a photo or information on Gobler's was somewhere near Glo or Estill, KY. From what I understand there used to be in the 30's and 40's a mining company that had homes up there and eventually the coal company half leveled. Also, looking for photo's of Edward Vanhoose and Elsie Music Vanhoose.

Thanks...... Email me at

Looking for a picture of my Grandfather Hiram Richard "Dick" Allen. He was a Merchant and lived in Dana, Ky on Prater Creek. He married Miss Della Williams, Della was the Postmistress in Dana, Ky. Dick Allen and Della Allen are buried at the head of Little Mud in the Williams cemetery. If anyone has picture of Dick Allen I would be in debt to you if you would share any picture with me. 


I'm trying to find a picture of Elias Howell, s/o Jesse Howell, Elias is my g grandfather.

Sue Vinson

Looking for photos of the Simpkins Keathley Family from Toler Creek Area.

Does anyone have any photos of the coal camps in Manton Kentucky in Floyd County, also called Stephens Branch, There were two camps, Upper Camp and Lower Camp. I am looking for 1940 and 1950 photos

Looking for photo's of the family of Andrew "Dewey" Hall and Rena Hamilton Hall.

Thanks Rhonda Allen

I'd be most grateful for photos of my Caudill ancestors, mostly from Letcher and Perry Counties probably. John B. (Breckenridge) Caudill and wife Thursa Ann Mason, their son Delmer V. Caudill (married Mabel Breeding) and my great grandparents, Henry Clay Caudill and Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" Collins and/or any other family members. Thanks for any help! 
Del Caudill Wright


I would love to locate a photo of my grandmother, Dora Click Howard.  She was the daughter of Laura Hicks Click and John Click.  All family photo's were destroyed in a fire.  I do have photo's of my grandfather Melvin Howard,( son of Brice Howard, son of Martin and son of Greenville)

Requesting photos of my family ancestors. Please , there has to be old photos out there. I am looking for photos with the surname of Pitts, Watkins, or Wadkins. My 5th gr. grandparents was Jonathon Pitts and Winny Watkins. It was previously thought to be Wadkins, but have found out it is Watkins. Any photos from this family line would be wonderful. Some of childrens names are Mexico, Thomas, Alfred, Izanna. They have more children also. I am going to post a photo that was taken in Floyd co. years ago that has 3 of my grandfathers in it, their names are "Greenville (Green) , Marion, and Adam" they are all Pitts decendants of Jonathons.
Amy Berry

Photos of Julia Moore (maiden name Stumbo) or her husband Proffitt Moore. I am an adoptee and recently found that she is my birth grandmother. also if anyone has any photos in this family line.
thank you, Amy Kroeck

   Littleton Hopson or Martha Virginnia Hopson, his daughter.
Carol Howell McGlothen

Fanny Newsome Howell d/o General Jack & Victoria Martin Newsome, w/o Tan Howell

 John Claybe Conley & Rena Chaffins Conley
also John Chaffins & Mary Wicker Chaffins
I & L White

 Andy Akers & Mollie Keel, Rhoade Akers & Kate Keel, Robert Henson & Darcus Hamilton  and any photo's related to the above

 Elbe Collins and also Martin & Nancy Collins
 Pam Manning

 Henry & Martha Newsome...Parents of Myra Newsome m. Greenberry (Sonny ) Jones
Helen Newsome

 John W. Harris h/o Rosa Skeens. He died in 1942.

 Pictures of Benjamin Oney I, II and III.
 Louanna ( Oney ) Hall

 Charlie Salisbury h/o Haley Hayes family photos.
Carol Conn

 Martin and/or his wife Kate (Sizemore) Wallen
Drew and/or his wife Alsey (Collins) Porter

  Photo of Benjamin Bates s/o William Bates & Eleanor Hall
Also, Allis Ramey w/o Benjamin Bates and d/o Daniel Ramey & Dicy C. Hall
Gloria Martin Marcum

Requesting photos of Lee Wallen, from Garrett KY, Floyd Co. Also photos of Martha Ratliff Hoover and her husband Elkanah, also from Garrett If anyone has a photo of Garrett school  I would appreciate it.
Jeanette Patrick Gipe

Andrew Jackson Yates and his wife Matilda Mullins Yates and their family
Also photos of John Riley Yates and his wife Nancy Daugherty Yates and their family
Carol Richards

Andrew Mitchell b. 9-1-1856 Pike Co. KY  d.3-7-1934 Minkbranch , Craynor, Floyd Co. KY s/o Enoch Mitchell & Letty Mullins.  or any related photos.
Rick Akers

 John Elex Rose or Polly Ann Miller from Katyfriend, KY, Floyd Co.
T. Love

 Martiele Williams Lee from Wayland, Ky.
Also a picture of her sister Lucille and any other Williams's from Wayland.
Brenda Smith

Simpson Casteel/Steele & Parthena Hale/Casteel, or any family members. Thanks Sylvia Javier

  Archibald Moore B. 1823 Va. D.1863 floyd co. KY & wife Sarah Moore,
they lived at turkey creek around Maytown.
Randy Bentley

Martha (Vinny Ellen (Sis) Thomas) Harris
Alice Robinson

Photo's of Castle or Perrigan Family's

Photo's of Daniel Wicker and Sarah Darcus Stephens Wicker
Damon Wicker

Photo's of Fredrick Newsom and Arminda Spencer Frasure
Clarence Tackett

Photo's  of Dan Patierno or family that had a Nehi pop bottling factory in Prestonsburg in 1930's.
Freda Akers

Photos of  George W. & Nancy Tackett Jones
 George s/o Ambose Jones Sr. & Nancy d/o Greenville & Rebecca Hall Tackett. George was b/o Ambrose Jr. & His wife Emilaney Tackett Jones was s/o Nancy Tackett w/o George W. Jones
H. Newsome

Requesting photo of: Lucreasy (Lucretia) Tackett Hall or her husband Albert Hall both of Melvin, Kentucky
Rosalyn Valdez

Sarah Hoover Scott wife of Dan Scott
Fred Scott

Looking for pictures of my Grandfather Dee Howell and My Great Grandfather Elias Howell, Also
Samuel Stephens and Rubeun Stephens
Rachel Howell Stephens

Robert/Rob Honeycut-m-Chloe RITCHIE in Floyd Co KY Feb 1-1895. Also any old photos of the Poor Farm near Pike Co KY
Minnie J McFall

Samuel and Florence Patton Stephens and their Children
Ty Stephens

Arkansas Creek school after 1936. Picture of any Carvers or McCoys, Carroll, or Marshall's  from printer.
Nikki Carroll

James and Myrtie Turner, or family , also Liage Wallen and his wife Elvira (Collins) Wallen all of Floyd county
Martha Turner

Requesting photos of Rosa Fouts Johnson and Laura Strong
Crystal Watson

Greenville Pitts, Marion Pitts, Thomas Pitts, any of their kids etc..
Amy Pitts Berry

Allen Oney b. 1817, Rhoda Parker no date, and Agnes Morris b. 1826 she is the daughter of John and Naomi Morris. Sally Allen
Louanna ( Oney ) Hall

Looking for photo of Mack Hall h/o (1) Mahala Hall (2) Sally Mitchell Ricky Hall Akers

Alexander Hall and Clarinda Martin. Alex was the s/o James Hall and Sarah "Sallie" Johnson and Clarinda was the d/o David Martin and Fanny Rose. 
Jr. Hall

Arnett's: Reuben & Susan Kilgore Arnett; Stephen & Elizabeth Howard Arnett; Hiram & Serrena Arnett; Catlett Arnett and wife Rhoda Howard.
Sheree Wolfe

Henry Watson, his wife Rosanna Slone and second wife Martha Reynolds, Henry Clay Watson and his wife Arminta Hall, Jonathan Watson and his wife Anny Clark
Joann Watson Hickerson

Sidney Oney Hicks. d/o Douglas Oney & Susanna Sizemore

James & Elizabeth Green Howard family and other Howards family members.
Kim Luther

Ervin Tackett  b.9-17-09 d. 11-11-1951. He was the s/o John Tackett & Hulda Little Tackett.
Jeanette Johnson b. 1914  d. 3-2-36 at Beaver Valley Hospital. She was the w/o Willie Johnson and the d/o Kelse & Darcus Moore.
 Thanks Carrie Crum

McDonald  Meade and wife  Elizabeth (Roton/Akers) of Floyd Co & Pike Co., KY and any family members.
Debby Mead

Little Mud Consolidated Grade School,

Photo's of any of my ancestors William & Obedience Prater and Benjamin & Rhoda "Spradlin" Holbrook (Granted) and Mack (Macdonald) & Mary "Shepherd" Manuel and any of their children, grandchildren, great grand children.
John & Ruth

Looking for photos of Tom Hinkle and Bertha Ray Hinkle, Brushy Creek, Pike CO ky...Looking for photos of Orpha Branham,d/o Leonard Branham and Margaret Case, Ferguson Creek , Pike Co Ky..
Suzi Q.

Photo of Martha Slone d/o Alexander & Mathilda Martin Slone. W/o Daniel Sturgill/Hall or any parties listed.
H. Newsome

James Howard and Elizabeth Green and of their son Greenville Howard and Margaret "Peggy" Allen. Any descendant photo's of their children would be appreciated.
Jackie Alto

picture of Mary Polly Hunter and John Parker or Winnie Hunter Parker and David Parker I would love to have a copy 
Judy Vance

I would be forever grateful if someone could share a picture of John and
Charity  Hollon with me. They are my 3rd Great-Grandparents. They married in   Prestonsburg, Floyd Co., KY., May 21, 1820. They lived in Breathitt and Wolfe   Co., KY. They had 9 children.
   Thanks you so very much.
    Cora Burton

Photo of Charles Zean Campbell.Charles was my great grandfather. He was married to Mary Allen. Up on Mary's death the family lost touch with him. He did remarry. If any of his second family should read this please contact me at

Old pictures of my past family members that lived mostly in Floyd co. Ky.. The surnames are Pitts and Wadkins. Any photos at all would be wonderful ! Thank you,
Amy Pitts Berry

Photos of Elsie (Smith) Osborne and/or Kelly Osborne that anyone would have. They were married in Floyd County and lived in Martin, Kentucky. They had 2 children, Barbara Ann and John Junior. If you have any info about them as well.
Rita J. Osborne

Photos of the Henry & Unisiah (Hall) Newsom family. Their children were Lucinda m.. Matthew Tackett. Rebecca m. Winright Coleman. Harmon, John T., James H. William, Greenville, Jemima m. Harvey Dillon, Letta m. Samuel Evans 2nd. Samuel Runyon 3rd Jonathan Estep.
Teresa Newsome Blankenship

Photos of Hargis Laferty, son of Samuel Lafferty and Lonnie Lafferty. Lived in Garrett, Hazard, that area. he was 26 when he died in 1954
Doug Daugherty

I would be more than grateful if anyone would happen to have Photos of my ancestors. I am a descendant from John Colvin, (b ca 1799-Wilkes Co/. NC) , and Sarah Fairchild (NC) The Colvin family came to Eastern KY in the early 1800's and had many branches in Floyd, Johnson, and Magoffin Counties, and I would love to have pictures of any of them. Thanks in advance Wade Colvin

Searching for a photo of William Adams, married Louisa Hall Adams daughter of Samuel and Spicy Hall
Deborah Martin

Would like to have any pictures of the Oney's that is related to Allen
Zachariah Oney

picture of Dewey Jefferson Salisbury son of James Lackey Salisbury and Cassie Andrea. Dewey is my great grandfather and died when my grandmother was only 8 years old. She would love a picture of him as she cannot remember what he looked like. Thank you very much!
Brooke Dombrowski

Pictures of Lester Turner and brothes and sister; of James and Myrtie [Wallen] Turner. My net provider has changed. My new e-mail is
Shannon Turner

Looking for photos of Nathaniel Jones or one of his sons Joe Jones. Thanks, Frank Crossan

Photos of Harmey Carroll and his wife Stella Yates Carroll or any family photos. I also would like any photos of Andrew " Andy" Carroll and his wife Fannie Yates Carroll, or any family photos. Stella and Fannie are daughters of Robert Lee and Edith Ray Yates.I am a grandson of their sister Pearl Yates, who was married to Newton

Any pictures of Junction school, wheelwright grade school. Any more pictures of inland steel 1950-1969. Articles from inland maybe condolences when someone passed away namely Ervin Hamilton March 6 1969. Pictures of Mary Osborn and Jack Ray he owned a store in big mud/ dorton.
 Debbie Hamilton Wydler

Any pictures of the Oney's that is related to Allen, Zachariah Oney
Thank you, Louanna (Oney) Hall

Picture of William Hicks & Oma Reffitt., Allen Oney who is Zechariah Oney's son.  thank you,

Photo of David Click wife Nancy Patton
Toni Hall

Any photos of James Emory Hall or his family would be most appreciated.
Cristie Hall Hayes

I have requests for two families. that of Mollie (Mary Jane) Richmond and/or family, second John and Sophia Graham Layne Nesbitt and/or his parents.
Ruth White

Photo of Beverly Sturgill b.Jan. 15, 1987 d.Dec.9, 1965 s/o John Sturgill & Susan Allen.
Rosalie Genta

I'm looking for school photos of my mother, BETTY LAYNE.  She graduated from
Martin in 1953.  I'm mostly interested in photos of her in her majorette
uniform.  She doesn't have any school yearbooks or photos and would love to
have some to share with her children and grandchildren.

P.S.  anyone wishing to contact my mother may do so at my address listed


Pictures of Daniel Patrick, his wife fanny Patton, his mother Cordelia Scott and his father Henry Jack Patrick or any pictures that goes with these families

  Brenda Laferty

Joseph Hanna (b. abt. 1794) and Sallie Nancy Hamilton (b. abt. 1798) my 3rd gr. grandparents. Joseph was Floyd County Sheriff for many years and a member of the Masonic Order.
Elizabeth Normand

Would like photo of Nathan Honeycutt Who died in Floyd County c. 1878. He was my great, great, great grandfather. Any photos of his family or decendants would be greatly appreciated. Nathan is buried in the Bingham Cemetery North of Prestonsburg.
Gilbert Honeycutt  Thanks.

Looking for picture of Peggy Collins/Mother of Cassell Collins.
John A. Heavrin  Peggy is my ggmother

Searching for any photo's of the Banks family from Hueysville. Stewart, Molly, Burley (sp), Donald...
Jeff Banks

looking for photos of John B. Mullins and Mary Hale. They were both merchants in a Pike County Store. Any pictures would be grateful. Woodrow & Nola Mullins

Photos of George Washington Jones & wife Nancy Tackett Jones. George s/o Ambrose & Mary Ann Blankenship Jones and Nan was d/o Greenville & Rebecca Hall Tackett. Also, need photo of Children of George & Nannie Perry, Ambrose, etc.
Thanks Helen Gibson Newsome

Photos of King & Mollie Jones lived in Royal Hollow E. McDowell, Ky. Also, Looking for photo of King & Mollie's children Homer & Genevive Jones. Looking for photo of Homer & Mae Jones his wife. Mae was d/o Greenberry :"Sonny" Jones & Myra Newsome Jones.

Thanks Helen Gibson Newsome

looking for photos of Will Johnson , his wife, Charity Bentley Johnson and their children. I think there was 9 children in this family. I would so appreciate any photos anyone could or would share.
Judy Hackworth

Picture of Albert Cole an Adeline Jones of Floyd co or a picture of Edward Hall an Sarah [Sally ] Johnson of Floyd co they are my great grand parents if any one has a picture my email add is

Photo's of any of the following people. George W. Tackett, Wilburn Lee Tackett, General Lee Moore, Catherine "Kattie" Moore-Tackett, Elizabeth Akers, Elizabeth Stumbo, and anyone else in this family.

Pics of Malena "Sissy" Stamper also called Malean, Salina, & Malinda. & her first husband Green Combs. She later married George Combs. I would like a pic of any of these ppl but am especially looking for a pic. of the first two (Maleana "Sissy" & Green). Also, I would like a pic of John Willie Mosley son of Josephine "Bug" Short & Linzey "L.D." Mosley. John was killed by a train in Denwood, Martin, Floyd Co., Ky. in the 30's (at least I BELIEVE it was in the 30's). I also would love a pic of Nathaniel F. Mosley who married Mary "Polly" Moore. Any other pics of this family also appriciated.
Thanks very much!
You may email me at Sincerely, Cari Moore

Picture's of the old Harold bridge


Picture of William Dawson b. 1814 s/o Vincent & Jane Porter Dawson. William was married to Susannah Ratliff.
Kim Dawson Woodrum

Paul Bywaters Jr. of Trevilians Va. for his son Hamilton whom has never seen his father.
Lori Cubbage

Pictures of Mary Belle Click, Molly Hackworth who was my great grandmother and Sanford Hackworth my great grandfather. Also some photos of Valandingham Manning who was my great grandfather and was married to Molly Hackworth.
Thanks . Donnie Blessing

I'm looking for anyone with photos that they are willing to share of Sylvester Collins or any family members. Sylvester was married to Sarah Thompson. They had a daughter named Margie Collins who was married to Mont Bowling. Margie was my wife's grandmother. Any photos would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me at :

Photo of NOAH K. PRICE!!
I understand he was a justice of the peace. His father was Jessie Price Jr. Noah had a son named Redmond Turner Price who left Van Lear in the late 20's. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Would like photos of Garrett, KY from years of 1940 to 1950 or a little before. my mother is from their and would like a picture before it changed.
Brenda Laferty

Requesting photos of the Family of William Riley McCowan, the father of Mollie McCowan and any other family photos of them Thanks email me at

Desiring photos of the family of George Washington Bailey and Mariah Jane Bailey

Thanks email me at

Requesting Photo's of William Nickel Hughes born 10-13-1897-D- 3-7-1979 Floyd wife Neva Blair born 6-6-1898- D- 12-12-1973. They had 11 children. There son William Henry Hughes was my husband father.

Lella Holbrook

Any pictures of Dolly (Cora Letha) Sylvester, Jessee, Jane, Caroline, Cora (Taylor) and Juanita (Conn) any pictures connected with this family would be appreciated.
Karen Taylor

Bill & Josie (Conn) Harvey and any of there children. My daughter, Jennifer Harvey, is a great grandchild of Bill & Josie.
Thank you,
Shelly Harvey Belleville, Michigan

I would love to have photo's of any of the Spurlock families of Floyd Co. KY John Spurlock, Dorthula Spurlock Pope, Emma Spurlock , Milton B. Spurlock families or any of their descendants.

Betty Swanson

I would love to find a picture of Henry Robbins my grand father from Greenup KY died in 1931 Daniel Robbins my 3X grand father no date of death- KY. Joshua Robbins 2X grand father died EST 1850 KY. any help would be appreciated thanks Shirley Dunn

Looking for any photos from the following families:   Hager; Hale; Perry; Alley; Elkins and on the other side   Nelson; Derossette Laferty  Collins Musick and Cunninghams.  my dad was Harry E. Hager mom Geraldine Nelson.

    thanks lou   e-mail

Requesting for photos and information for my family tree that I am doing. My grandmother and grandfather were Rhoda and Roy B. Mullett. My other grandparents names were Irene Burkett and Davey Howell

Terry Webb

Photo of my Great Grandparents William Arthur and Nancy Jane Mullins Boling. They supposedly were married in Floyd Co.
Christine Hayes

Photo's of my ancestors, The Hiram Plummer Line. Hiram Plummer 1802 Randolph Co, N.C.08-29-1868 Tipton Co, In married 11-10-1825 Rush Co, In Lydia Vickery 1810 Randolpe Co, N.C. 1889 Tipton Co, In Please, I know there has to be photo's out there somewhere!

A  photo of Marya Tackett

Peggy Howell