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ADAMS, Dolly A,  May 1, 1858,  d/o James Adams and Milly Stratton 
ADAMS, Mary Francis Oct 11, 1932 d/o Estill and Gladys Fraley Melvin 
ADAMS, Susannah Nov 15, 1878 d/o George Adams, and Polly Brown 
ADKINS, Mary Jane 9-9-1881 d/o Daniel Adkins, w/o Daniel Osborne 
AKERS, Benjamin Apr 11, 1918  
AKERS, Caleb March 8, 1855 s/o Stephen Akers and Sarah Hamilton 
AKERS, Calvin Apr 16, 1924   
AKERS, Claude W. May 29, 1931   
AKERS, David C Dec 10, 1855 s/o Joseph Akers and Phena Elliott   twin birth
AKERS, Female May 10, 1878 d/o Nimrod Akers and Francis HAMILTON 
AKERS, Henry Clay Dec 29, 1869   
AKERS, Irvin May 23, 1875 s/o Elijah Akers and Selthania HALL 
AKERS, John H. Dec 10, 1855 s/o Joseph Akers and Phena Elliott , twin birth
AKERS, John  6-9-1900   
AKERS, Johnnie F. May 4, 1916   
AKERS, Joyce Ann May 23, 1954   
AKERS, Odis L. Aug 30, 1927   
AKERS, Patty Sue June 11, 1947   
AKERS, Pink  Sept 28, 1907   
AKERS, Minta March 9, 1878 d/o William Akers and Martha Tipton 
AKERS, Randolph Feb 20, 1809   
ALLEN, Alex Jan 12, 1891   
ALLEN, Jacob Sept 13, 1867   
ALLEN, Kermit Sept 2, 1920   
ALLEN, Samuel Sept  1875 s/o Joel Allen and Ansy PATTON 
ALLEN, Ward B  Feb 6, 1893   
ALLEN, William Jan 10, 1861  
ALLEY, Darkie Jan 6, 1905 d/o Martha Hall and Tom Alley, w/o John B Osborne 
ALLEY, Manerva Aug 25, 1855 d/o Fernand Alley and Rebecca Yates 
AMBURGEY, Mary July 18, 1878 d/o Robert H. and Nancy Martin Amburgy,  m. J.H. COBURN, m/d  5-21-1899 21, 1899 
AUXIER, Elizabeth A.  Aug, 26, 1877 d/o John J. & Sarah E. Delong Auxier


BAILEY, Bill June 30, 1900   
Baldridge, Clomida May 1, 1877 William M. & Drey Conley Baldridge
Baldridge, Sam T. Dec. 20, 1877 s/o Frank & Synthia McCoy Baldridge
BALDRIDGE, Surranne Ann Aug 1, 1858 d/o Joesph Baldridge and Nancy Hale 
Banks, Joseph R. June 15, 1877 James & Elizabeth Scutchfield Banks
BAYS, Carol Dortha Aug 10, 1855 d/o John Bays and Margarett Webb 
BAYS, James H.  July 21, 1858 s/o John Bays and Margaret Webb 
BAYS, Lore E. May 24, 1858 d/o Charley Bays and Mahala George 
BAYS, Male Dec 9,  1878 s/o John W. Bays and Elizabeth Spradlin 
BENTLEY, Alafare March 3, 1878 d/o William Bentley and Rebecca Mullins 
BENTLEY, Reece  Jan 7, 1892 s/o Tim and Mary Bently md. Flotine Howell (dau of Bee and Mary Gold Howell) 
BERRY, Albert Lee Oct 28, 1912  
BEVERLY, Wendell Gordon Mar 13, 1939   
BINGHAM, George A. May 15, 1878 s/o Samuel Bingham and Netta Derossett 
BLACKBURN, Elsa Aug 7, 1878 s/o John H. Blackburn and Susan James 
Blackburn, Johney April 26, 1877 s/o Elmund & Minerva Stephens Blackburn
BLACKBURN, Wheeler Mar 10, 1897   
BOYD, Lewis Jan 28, 1878 s/o Thomas Boyd and Margaret Howell 
BOYD, Nancy Dec 21, 1878 d/o John S. Boyd and Susan Colwell 
BRADLEY, Rebecca Nov 21, 1878 d/o Elias Bradley and Sally Crisp 
BRANAM, Bobbie Jean Aug.08 1933  d/o Thalma Burchett 
BRANAM, Genola Mae Mar.09 1931 d/o Lora Ratliff 
BRANHAM, Aquilla Oct 11, 1858 d/o Mary Ann Branham 
BRANHAM, Charles April 4, 1855 s/o Hiram Branham and Matilda Canady 
BRANHAM, Charles Oct.12 1934  s/o Lucinda Dillon 
BRANHAM, Curtis Aug.21 1938  s/o Loretta Branham (Ratliff) 
BRANHAM, David  Apr.05 1936 s/o Virgie Sizemore 
BRANHAM, Dona Aug.10 1938  d/o Eula McGuire 
BRANHAM, Elisha Oct.01 1938  d/o Stella Tackett 
BRANHAM, Ervin  Nov.17 1936  s/o Phobe Collins 
BRANHAM, Ester  Jul.06 1936 d/o Mable Waddles 
BRANHAM, Finis P. Jul.18 1938  s/o Gracie Martin 
BRANHAM, Franklin D. Oct.04 1936 s/o Mary Cartinel 
BRANHAM, Gordon Oct.29 1938 s/o Anna Shufford 
BRANHAM, Gowell D. Jan.26 1938 s/o Daisy Slone 
BRANHAM, Grenvill E. Apr.09 1936 s/o Mornon Wallen 
BRANHAM, Harry May 27 1939 s/o Marea James 
BRANAHAM, Hazel May 06 1931 d/o Nannie Parsons 
BRANHAM, Hazel Nov.11 1938  d/o Dolly Case 
BRANHAM, James Mar.19 1937 s/o Selma Franklin 
BRANHAM, Jaunita  Jan.20 1938 d/o Augustine Jackson 
BRANHAM, Jimmie  Jul.05 1939 s/o Mary Walk 
BRANHAM, John Jul.29 1938 s/o Selma Franklin 
BRANHAM, Laura D. Jan.18 1935 d/o Mable G. Conners 
BRANHAM, Leatrice Dec.07 1934 d/o Goldie Howard 
BRANHAM, Linie J. Mar.09 1934 s/o Easie Garett 
BRANHAM, Loella Dec.08 1935 d/o Lena M. Blanton 
BRANHAM, Malcum J. Nov.25 1939 s/o Dollie Case 
BRANHAM, Mary Louise Dec.15 1932 d/o Mable G. Conners 
BRANHAM, Mary S. May 15 1939  d/o Lillian Combs 
BRANHAM, Nancy Ann Jul.07 1933 d/o Annie L. Samons 
BRANHAM, Paul G. Sep.11 1938 s/o Earice Jarrell 
BRANHAM, Perry Apr.02 1937  s/o Daisy Little 
BRANHAM, Purvis  Oct.19 1936 s/o Stella Tackett 
BRANHAM, Robert A. Jun.26 1937 s/o Dolly Pitts 
BRANHAM, Robert L. Sep.10 1937 s/o Lucinda Dillon 
BRANHAM, Shelba J. Jan.05 1939 d/o Palmyra Tackett 
BRANHAM, Willie D. Jan.13 1939  s/o Dollie Pitts 
BROOK, James Earl May 28, 1912   
BROWN, Cathaline July 14, 1878 d/o Robert Brown and Sussannah Martin 
BROWN, Martha March 14, 1875 d/o Marion Brown and Pernely HALL 
BROWN, Mary Ann June 4, 1858 d/o Wilson Brown ans Abigail McCalaster 
BRYANT, Sussannah March 31, 1878 d/o John Bryant and Emma Hall 
BURCHELL, Paul Oct 18, 1936 s/o Sidual and Ethel Fannin Burchell 
BURCHETT, Emily Nov 24, 1858 d/o John Burchett and Catherine Lewis 
BURCHETT, Glover Nov. 12, 1877 s/o George W. & Elizabeth Spears Burchett
BURCHETT, Mary Nov 20, 1858 d/o Fleming Burchett and Martha Jane Perry 
BURCHETT, Rebecca Dec 15, 1858 d/o John F Burchett, and Patsy Burchett 


CAMPBELL, James W.  Aug 9, 1878 s/o John C. Campbell and Rosanah Pigman 
Candle, None  July 12, 1877 William & Mahala Martin Candle
CARROLL, Loranz D. Dec 10, 1878 s/o Stephen Carroll and Nancy Ann Lawson 
CASTLE, Ella J.  Jun.06 1948 d/o Betty Sturgill 
CASTLE, Joan S. May 02 1948 d/o Mary L. Castle 
CAUDILL, Cloie Jan 20, 1911  
CAUDILL, Clyde Aug 21, 1968   
CAUDILL, Enon Aug 2, 1899   
CAUDILL, George Aug 20, 1896   
CAUDILL/CAUDILLE, John Sept 10, 1875 s/o William Caudill and Nancy Martin 
CAUDILL, Monroe  Mar 13, 1888   
CAUDILL , McKinley Mar 29, 1902   
CAUDILL/CAUDLE, P. Aug 12., 1878 s/o John Bates and Hannah Caudill/Caudle 
CAUDILL, Roy  Oct.30 1905  s/o James Franklin & RosaEmily Rice Caudill 
CAUDILL, Virgil Sep 5, 1935   
CAUDILL, Willard March 25, 1873   
CLARK, Glades L. Dec 17, 1878 d/o Lindsey Clark and Rebecca Mayo 
CLARK, Julia March 21, 1878  d/o Alexander Clark and Elizabeth Perry 
CLARK, Samuel R.  July 5, 1858 s/o L.D. Clark Jr and Sussannah George 
CLICK, Carver Nov 30 , 1855 s/o Alexander Click and Martha Click 
CLICK, Perry T.  Sept 12, 1878 s/o Samuel Click and Susan Patton 
CLINE, Peter April 30, 1877 s/o Didamah A. Cline
COBURN, Elizabeth Oct 1, 1878 d/o William J. Coburn and Jane Prater 
COLLINS, Allen Dec 22, 1875 s/o Issac Collins and Caroline TERRY 
COLLINS, Edmond Jul.13 1920 s/o Maud Castle 
COLLINS, Esby Jan 10, 1878 s/o William Collins and Martha Nolin 
COLLINS, Infant  Jan.27 1912 child of  Rachel Collins 
COLLINS, Opal  Jun.06 1914 d/o Nancy Porter 
COLLINS, Rachel Louisa  Oct.12 1920  d/o Mollie Caudill 
COLLINS, Raymond  Apr.21 1935  s/o Malissie Gibson 
COLLINS, Rhodolf  Sep.26 1914 s/o Emma Spears 
COMPTON, Colburt Dec 6, 1850  m. Polly Alley, on Dec 12, 1871 
COMPTON, John M. Feb 5, 1890 d. Oct 24, 1930,  m. Ruth THOMPSON,  m/d Sept 5, 1907 
COOK, Flora March 14, 1875 d/o George W. Cook and Mariah Vance 
COMPTON, Floyd Mar 5, 1920   
CONLEY, Franklin P. April 25, 1858 s/o William M. Conley and Elizabeth Colvin 
CONLEY, Andrew Aug. 10, 1877 Andrew J. & Mary Baldridge Conley 
CONLEY, Joseph D. Oct. 27, 1877 Francis M. & Adaline Sturgill Conley
CONLEY, Martha J. April 28, 1878 d/o George W. Conley and Prudence Napier 
CONLEY, Martilla Feb 2, 1858 d/o William J. Conley and Lorena A. Auxier 
CONLEY, Minerva Ellen Sept 23, 1858 d/o Thomas Conley and Mahala Davis 
CONLEY, Russell Dec 31, 1909 d. Feb 3, 1943, s/o Dave and Margaret Conley 
Conley, William W. March 31, 1877 s/o James A. & Susan B. Musick Conley
CONN, Sophia Dec 17, 1874 w/o John Kidd 
CONN, William R. July 28, 1878 s/o Ira and Nancy Conn 
COOK, Cordelia Nov 10, 1875 d/o Soloman Cook and Sentha HALL 
COOLEY, H.C. Nov 16, 1873   
COOLEY, Savage W. Feb 8, 1911   
COLE, Wick R. May 12, 1877 James & Araminta Hampton Cole
COLLINS, George A. Dec 15, 1855 s/o George Collins and Polly Blair 
COLLINS, Malissa Ann April 19, 1858 d/o Nancy Collins 
COLLINS, Noah C.   s/o William  J Collins and Martha Hite 
COLLINSWORTH, William April 5, 1858 s/o James Collinsworth and Nancy Kilgore 
CONN, Cola F.  Dec 11, 1894   
CRISP, Albertie Clyde  Sept 3 1908   
CRISP, Green March 22, 1878 s/o Joel Crisp and Rhonda Prater 
CRUM, Aline  Aug 28. 1947   



DAVIS, Atta Jane April 20, 1878 d/o Issac M. Davis and Julia Gilly 
DAVIS, Edgel Dec 25, 1910   
DAVIS, Johnnie Dec 27, 1935   
DAVIS, William Sept 24, 1858 s/o Thomas Davis and Elizabeth Grizzel 
DAWSON, William A Nov 29, 1858 s/o Issac Dawson and Elizabeth Musick 
DELONG, Alex Feb 19, 1876   


ELLIOTT, John W. April 6, 1875 s/o George Elliott and Sarah Humphrey 
ELLIOTT, Martha May 1, 1888  md  King Osborne 
ELLIOTT, Matilda Jayne April 3, 1855 d/o Robert Elliott and Louranna Hamilton 
ELLIS, Pamer F May 14, 1878 s/o Levin Ellis and Rebecca Scutchfield 
ELSWICK, Male May 1, 1878 s/o William Elswick and Elizabeth Johnson 
ENDICOTT, Martha Jane  July 2, 1858 d/o Gabriel Endicott and Mary/May Dawson 
ENGLAND, Rebecca Sept 1, 1886 d/o Sherd and Sally England 


FITZPATRICK, Ralph Jan. 1878 s/o Jasper Fitzpatrick and Rosa Parsons 
FITZPATRICK, Agness Nov 8, 1878 d/o Stephen Fitzpatrick and Saryan A. Vangriffe 
FRASURE, CHARLOTTE Dec. 17, 1877 George W. & Viola Boulin Frasure
FRASURE, Evan Silas Oct. 15, 1854   
FRASURE, Martha Jane  April 09, 1882   
FRASURE, Martin L. Oct 6, 1875 s/o William Frasure and Cyntha Allen 
FRASURE, Mary Mahaley April 12, 1879   
Frasure, Perneley   d/o Noah & Permelia Miller Frasure
FRAZIER, Jefferson Feb 22, 1878 s/o John Frazier and Elizabeth Ratliff 
FRIEND, A.W. June 18, 1858 s/o I.P. Friend and Elizabeth Bays 



GEARHEART, Alexander April 25, 1878 s/o Reece B. Gearheart and Helen Spencer 
GEARHEART, Champ July 3, 1912   
GEARHEART, Gerard Lee Nov 13, 1878 s/o Kelsey Gearheart, and Emeline Gearheart 
GEARHEART, Hannah April 6, 1878 d/o William Gearheart and Viney MOORE 
GEARHEART, Joe Mar 11, 1866   
GEORGE, Patty Nov 13, 1858 d/o William J. George and Phebe Clark 
GIBSON, Hiram Nov. 13, 1839   
GIBSON, Leonard Nov 19, 1865 s/o Miles and Sussanah Holebrook Gibson 
GILLESPIE, James Aug 1868   
GIPSON, Araminta Sept 10, 1878 d/o Samuel Gipson and Caroline Fults 
GOBLE, Betty Joe Nov 18, 1831   
GOBLE, Henry J. May 3, 1858 s/o William Goble and Martha Harris 
GRIFFITH, Elsie  Sep.23 1915 d/o Ellen Griffit 



Hackworth, Catharine Oct. 24, 1877 d/o Jerry & Agnes Poe Hackworth
HACKWORTH, Elizabeth Dec 1, 1878 d/o Johnathan T. Hackworth and Lidda Haywood 
HACKWORTH, Gilbert Dec 21, 1855 s/o Thomas Hackworth and Lucretia  Spradlin 
HACKWORTH, Jerry Sept 26, 1906   
HAGANS, Milly Sept 23, 1875 d/o Allen Hagans and Nancy B, Osborn 
HAGER, Calvin C. Nov 1, 1858 s/o Harmon D. Hager and Lettitia Stratton 
HALBERT, James M. Jan 2, 1878 s/o James M. Halbert and Mary Allen 
HALBERT, Kitt Jan 15, 1878 s/o Morgan Salisbury and Elizabeth Halbert/Holbert 
Hale, Coty April 16, 1877 s/o Claiborne & Catharine Estep Hale
HALL, Alvin July 27, 1897   
HALL, Andy Feb 23, 1856   
HALL, B.F. July 25, 1854 d. Oct 21, 1901 
HALL, Bertha July 29, 1898 d/o B.F. and Lucy Hall, married Tom Turner 
HALL, Birdie July 29, 1898 d/o B.F. and Lucy Hall, married Milford Hall 
HALL, Clell  March 16, 1904  s/o Meek Hall 
HALL/HALE, Deliah Nov 5,1875 d/o Samuel Hall/Hale and Edy Helton 
HALL, Donald  June 5, 1948   
HALL, Eli Jr Dec 9, 1925   
HALL, Ellis Valentine September 15, 1877 s/o Benjamin F. & Lucy Ann Hopkins Hall m. Nannie Frasure 
HALL, Emit Lee Oct 23, 1878 s/o Robert Hall and Martha WILLIAMS 
HALL, Evaline Jan 1, 1875 m. Marion Martin 
HALL, Florence Jan 18, 1883 m. Ed Sizemore 
HALL , Floyd Apr, 30, 1878 s/o Sill and Sally Akers Hall 
HALL, Fred Feb 2, 1903   
HALL, General J. June 7, 1898   
HALL, Greenbury Jan 12, 1878 s/o Silas Hall and Phoebe RICE 
HALL, Henderson Mar 7, 1827  
HALL, Henry Apr 23, 1854 s/o Samuel and Nancy Hall 
HALL. Hulda J. Dec 21, 1878 d/o Squire Hall and Evaline Keathley 
HALL, Issac N. Oct 23, 1878 s/o Robert Hall and Martha WILLIAMS 
HALL, James Mar 28, 1821   
HALL, James M. Jan 12, 1878 s/o Silas Hall and Pheby Rice 
HALL, John Dec 8, 1855 s/o Morgan Hall and Christina Stumbo 
HALL, John April, 15, 1835   
HALL, John June 7, 1858   
HALL, John Aug 17, 1858 s/o Preston Hall and Julia Meeks 
HALL, John F. Dec 1889 m. Mina Frasure, s/o B.F. and Lucy Hall 
HALL, John L. May 15, 1878 s/o Jane Sturgill 
HALL, Juda April 22, 1878 d/o Richard Hall and Nancy Mullins 
HALL, Lee(Buddy) Nov 23, 1885   
HALL, Louisa June 17, 1878 d/o Lee Hall and Louisa Little 
HALL, Malcom Sept 29, 1923   
HALL, Male April 30, 1878 s/o Sylvester Hall and Syria AKERS 
HALL, Malinda Feb 1, 1875 d/o David Hall and Luzanza TRIPLETT 
HALL, Mandah Oct 8, 1875 d/o James Hall and Mary PITTS 
HALL, Miles L. Sept 10, 1878 s/o Jeff Hall and Clarinda HALL 
HALL, Milligan Oct 7, 1878 s/o Jarvey Hall and Mary Hackworth 
HALL, Lee  Feb 26, 1877   
HALL, Lee Sr,  Oct 6, 1861 s/o John Hall 
HALL Mattie Marie 1919  in Floyd Co, Ky, 
HALL, Nancy July 25, 1869   
HALL, Nick Oct 4, 1904   
HALL, O.C. July 1892  m. Judy Clark, s/o B.F. and Lucy Hall 
HALL, Ollie Jan 14, 1892   
HALL, Richard Lee Feb 28, 1904 s/o Floyd and Loura Boyd Hall 
HALL, Robert Oct 25, 1848 m. Louisa 
HALL, Rosa E. June 20, 1880 m. Bottom Hall 
HALL, Louisa  Feb 20, 1853 w/o Robert 
HALL Sarah Jane S.  Aug. 06, 1859   
HALL, Sam July 22, 1864   
HALL, Sarah Jane S.  Aug. 06, 1859   
HALL, Thomas Jan 1895 m. Mary Gibson, s/o B.F. and Lucy Hall 
HALL, Thomas J. June 29, 1878 s/o Wilson Hall and Martha Justice 
HALL, Tommy Nov 23, 1862   
HALL, Williard  Aug 5, 1877   
HALL, William J. Dec 17, 1886 m.Della Martin, s/o B.F. and Lucy Hall 
HALL, William J. Apr 26, 1846  
HALL,W.R  March 6, 1857  s/o Riley and Sindy Hall 
HALE , Dorcas Aug 29, 1906  m. Stephens 
HALE, George Sept 23, 1867   
HALE, Samuel B.  Aug 4, 1896   
HALE, Thomas Mar 24, 1917  
HAMILTON, Alexander March 16, 1878 s/o Stephen H. Hamilton and Nancy Salyer 
HAMILTON, Harrison Nov 18, 1882   
HAMILTON, John Aug 28, 1858 s/o William Hamilton and Hannah Baldridge 
HAMILTON, Larcenie Mar 1870 d/o Craig & Sarah A. Hamilton Hamilton
HAMILTON, Mary Dec 23, 1878 d/o Alexander Hamilton and Minerva Stephens 
HAMILTON, Matilda July 4, 1875 d/o Hogan Hamilton and Sarah Mullins 
HAMILTON, Sarah A. 4-12-1855 on Mud Creek, d/o Russell Hamilton and Ansa Frasier 
HAMILTON, Sarah C. Dec 30, 1875 d/o Preston Hamilton and Elizabeth Hall 
HAMILTON, William Sept 28, 1855 s/o William Hamilton and Elizabeth Frazier 
HARMON, Carson P. Nov 30, 1858 s/o Anderson Harmon and Lititia Keath 
HARMON, Henry F. Oct 29, 1858 s/o Daniel P. Harmon and Emaline Howell 
HARMON, Henry J. June 16, 1858 s/o L,D. Harmon and Elizabeth Crum 
Harmon, John L. Oct. 8, 1877 s/o William B. & May J. Bayo Harmon
HERRELL, Ed M. Nov. 28, 1877 s/o James H. & Elizabeth E. Akers Herrell
HARRELL, Joesph M. July 25, 1855 s/o John W. Harrell and Arminda Burchett 
HARRIS, Bill March 24, 1899   
HARRIS, Mousie L. Sept 11, 1878 d/o Newton P. Harris and Helen W. Stratton 
HATCHER, John Oct 30, 1855 s/o Andrew L. Hatcher and Mary C, Lane 
HATFIELD , Emaline April 30, 1858 d/o Samuel Hatfield and Mary Jane Thompson 
HAWKINS, Ely Nov 20, 1875 s/o Henry Hawkins and Locust Inmon 
HAYS, Arminda Jan 26, 1878 d/o Wilson Hays and Rhoda Martin 
HAYS, Martin Jan 19, 1878 s/o Jidda Hays and Martha J. Hays 
HAYWOOD, William Oct 28, 1878 s/o Robert M. Haywood and Sarah Jane Baldridge 
HERALD, William H. April 27, 1878 s/o William O. Herald and Margaret Stanley 
Hereford, John B. May 10, 1877 s/o Beverly W. & Rebecca E. Scott Hereford
HOLBROOK, Jesse C. July 9, 1900   
HOLBROOK, Thomas A.  Aug 28. 1855 s/o Benjamin Holbrook and Rhoda Spradlin 
HOLEBROOK, Female March 15, 1875 d/o Randolph Holebrook and Sarah Shepherd 
HOPKINS, Isaiah May 11, 1877 s/o Albert & Elan Scott Hopkins
HOPKINS, Solomon K. Sept 15, 1878 s/o John Hopkins and Hannah OSBORNE 
HOPSON, Samuel  Jan 11, 1924  s/o Jim and Draxie Hall Hopson, h/o Josephine B. Hopson 
HOPSON, William L. July 3, 1877 Samuel & Marta Clark Hopson
HORN, Edward July 13, 1858 s/o Edward Horn and Elizabeth Vaughn 
Horn, Thomas March 23, 1877 s/o Thomas & Marsha Ann Bayo Horn
HOWARD, Bee  Apr.25 1911  
HOWARD, Charles Dec 9, 1954   
HOWARD, Dewey April 1910 s/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Dolly May 20 1920 d/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Elmer April 1916 s/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Ermon Apr.17 1912 s/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Helen  May 1914  d/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Henry  Jul.08 1909  s/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Kelly  Oct.14 1907  s/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWARD, Mark D.  May 22 1924  s/o Willie & Cynthia E. Caudill Howard 
HOWELL, Anna Lee  2-18-1914  mother. Bessie Akers 
HOWELL, Anthony Jan. 1869 s/o Jesse & Elizabeth Hall Howell
HOWELL, Armina 5-6-1911 mother. Miss Akers 
HOWELL,Bee  April 8, 1892 s/o Marinda Jane Hall and Joel Howell 
HOWELL, Carl 12-23-1911 mother, Annie Justice 
HOWELL, Charlie 9-11-1913 mother. Bessie Bentley 
HOWELL, Clara May  8-17-1911 Bessie Bentley 
HOWELL, Columbus Nov 8, 1878 s/o George W. Howell and Louisa HALL 
HOWELL, Corbit 10-14-1915 Nancy Osborne 
HOWELL, Delmar Lee  9-1-1911 Lou Watson 
HOWELL, Edger 6-24-1912 Sue Howell 
HOWELL, Elizabeth  11-7-1912 Lena Hamilton 
HOWELL, Evan  6-11-1911 Hala Osborne 
HOWELL, G.B. 12-1-1915 Haley Osborne 
HOWELL, General J. Nov 11, 1878 s/o Jesse Howell and Spicy HALL, (twin/.George W. Howell) 
HOWELL, George W. Nov 11, 1878 s/o Jesse Howell and Spicy Hall (twin /General J.Howell) 
HOWELL, Hannah Louisa  7-23-1911 Louisa Rice 
HOWELL, Hattie 3-24-1913 Rosa Frasure 
HOWELL, Hellen  3-22-1915 Ellen Mulkey 
HOWELL, Herbert Henry  6-14-1912  Mabell Johnson 
HOWELL, Hershell 6-9-1915 Callie Blair 
HOWELL, Jackson  5-3-1855 Big Mud Creek, s/o Jesse Howell and Elizabeth Hall 
HOWELL, James Arthur  Oct 28, 1939 s/o Sadie Osborne Howell 
HOWELL, Jay  5-23-1912 America White 
HOWELL, Jeff  7-8-1915 Leonie Hall 
HOWELL, Jerry Alphonso 4-4-1914 Louisa Rice 
HOWELL, Joe 11-10-1913 Mary Hamilton 
HOWELL, John Allen  June 24, 1871  
HOWELL, John C. Apr 21, 1821   
HOWELL, John Seaman  3-24-1914 Annie Justuice 
HOWELL, Johnny D.  Mar 28, 1882   
HOWELL, Laura  8-26-1915 Belle Stratton 
HOWELL, Lee Apr 5, 1917   
HOWELL, Liza  2-10-1914 Hallie Osborne 
HOWELL, Louizy Osborn  10-24-1914 Martha Osborne 
HOWELL, Margie  Nov 28, 1925 d/o John D. Howell and Martha Osborne Howell 
HOWELL, Marie 10-24-1914 Mary Gold Osborn 
HOWELL, Mellvina  3-30-1915 Martha Osborne 
HOWELL, Milvine 2-15-1911 Creamy Howell 
HOWELL, Naomi 12-25-1915 mother ,  Almeda Ratliff 
HOWELL, Naulie 12-19-1913 mother ,Lou Watson 
HOWELL, Nora Mae 12-8-1915 mother, Bessie Bentley 
HOWELL, Ora, 12-3-1912 mother , Hailey Orsbon 
HOWELL, Pearlie Oct 7, 1903 s/o John  D Howell, and Martha Osborne Howell 
HOWELL, Phillip 11-8-1912 Sallie George 
HOWELL, Rebecca Feb 22, 1878 d/o John Howell and Anna Howell 
HOWELL, Robert Lee 8-14-1915 America Shepherd 
HOWELL, Rombie  11-10-1914 Ella Howell 
HOWELL, Rosie 4-8-1911 Nancy Osborne 
HOWELL, Rufus 6-27-1914  Nancy Osborne 
HOWELL, Samuel 11-9-1015 Elizabeth Childers 
HOWELL, Stephen J. 5-28-1914 Lue Hall 
HOWELL, Tan 2-6-1901 Born Craynor, KY, s/o  Anthony & Larcenie Hamilton 
HOWELL, Vester Feb 13, 1922 s/o Bee and Mary Howell 
HOWELL, Virgie 1-20-1914 Nannie Morgan 
HOWELL, Wakel 5-18-1915 Polly Jones 
HOWELL, Wayne June 28, 1894   
HOWELL, Wilbur 12-22-1912 Bessie Akers 
HOWELL, William 3-1-1875 s/o Tandy Howell and Sarah Hall. Parents b. in Floyd Co Ky 
HUBBART, David W Dec 12, 1878 s/o James Hubbart and Catherine McKee 
HUGHES/HUES, Rhonda Feb 4, 1878 d/o Madison Hues and Elizabeth Hicks 
HUNT , Elmer July 13, 1915   
HUNT, Roland  T  Feb 25, 1875   
HUNTER, Columbus  April 11, 1921   
HUNTER, Craig April 1, 1899   
HUNTER, Hatler Mar 7, 1920   
HUNTER, Hiram Keenas July 31, 1889  


JAMES, William J. June 28, 1877 s/o John W. & Cassidie M. McGuire James
JARRELL, Barbara Gail June 4, 1950   
JARRELL, Ben, Feb 15, 1916   
JARRELL, Charlie Jun 4, 1920   
JARRELL, Sam Sept 15, 1884   
JARRELL, Willie Oct 2, 1906   
JOHNSON, Ely July 8, 1878 s/o Elisha Johnson and Elizabeth Hall 
JOHNSON, Garfield Nov 11, 1878 s/o Jeff and Abigale ? Johnson 
JOHNSON, Jud Nov. 07, 1865  
JOHNSON, Margaret  Dec 13, 1878 d/o Elisha Johnson and Eliza Bates 
JOHNSON, Nellie April 2, 1878 d/o William Johnson and Martha Caudill 
JOHNSON, Sarah Aug 17, 1878 d/o Andrew J. Johnson and Rebecca Issacs 
JOHNSON, William Bill May 11, 1845 s/o Elisha Johnson 
JONES, Male Feb 5, 1878 s/o Robert Jones and Rebecca Estep 
JUSTICE , Rosanny  June 17, 1878 d/o William Justice and Cintha Ousley 



KEATHLEY, Martha April 1, 1872 d. Oct 26, 1912, d/o  Bud and Katherine Keathley, m. William Lee COMPTON 
KEATHLEY, Mary M.  Apr 8, 1876 d. Sept 14, 1907, d/o Vel and Katie Keathley, m. Abraham COMPTON 
KEENE, James Dec 16, 1878 s/o Harrison Keens and Betty Caudill 
KEITH, Martha A. Jan 12, 1855 d/o William Keith and Ann Clark. 
KEMPER, John M Aug 11, 1858 s/o W.H. Kemper and Elizabeth D. Gips 
KIDD, Allen,  April 16, 1910   
KIDD, John A  March 8, 1873   
KIDD, Green Mar. 24, 1916   
KIDD, Sarah Jane Dec 1876 d/o Elisas Kidd and Jane Howell, md James Gillespie 
KIDD, William Green May 29, 1935   
KING, Susan E. Aug 25, 1878 d/o James King and Sarah Bates 


Lafferty, William Sept. 28, 1877 s/o William C. & Rebecca Lafferty
LAFFERTY, William J. April 22, 1878 s/o Hiram Lafferty and Emma Banks 
LAYNE, Roscoe June 5, 1878  
LAYNE, Willie W. Sept 9, 1899   
LEE, Fountain B. July 12, 1877 William L. & June Vasney Lee
LINCH, Robert C Jan 20, 1855 twin birth, s/o William A. Linch and Marilda Martin 
LINCH, James A. Jan 20, 1855 twin birth, s/o William A. Linch and Marilda Martin 
LITTLE,   Stephen April 07, 1855   
LITTLE, America "Marcia"  Dec. 25 1876   
LITTLE, Candacy "Dicy" May 29, 1855   
LITTLE, Cann Mar. 23, 1900  
LITTLE, Christopher C. Sept. 29, 1871   
LITTLE, Ephraim "Eif"  Nov. 10, 1858   
LITTLE, Henry Jan. 08, 1849   
LITTLE, Louisa "Liza"  Mar. 14, 1856   
LITTLE, Louisa Lucy  Feb. 24, 1857   
LITTLE, Mary May 14, 1857   
LITTLE, Rena Frances Dec. 21, 1858   
LITTLE, Tempy J. Jan. 21, 1875   
LITTLE, Thomas J. "T.J."  June 1884  
LITTLE, William R. Aug 12, 1878 s/o William Little and Rebecca Hall 
LITTLE, William Riley Sr. June 08, 1842   



MANNS, Clarence Feb 13, 1928   
MANNS, Clyde Jan 22, 1925   
MANNS, Jack Oct 12, 1906   
MANNS, Jim April 19, 1911   
MANNS, Leander Feb 9, 1900   
MANNS, R.D. May 15, 1875  
Marshal, Charlotte Oct. 8, 1877 d/o Henry & Sarah Sculchfield Marshal
MARSHAL, Robert H. Oct. 13, 1877 s/o Henry C. & Nancy Ann George Marshal
MARSHALL, Mary F. June 7, 1858 d/o Thomas Marshall and Frances Wood 
MARTIN, Alice L. Aug. 23, 1877 Joel D. & May McGuire Martin
MARTIN, Anna July 29, 1884 d/o Grant and Sarah Martin 
MARTIN, Elizabeth June 27, 1881   
MARTIN, Emmezell May 11, 1878 d/o John Martin and Polly Johnson 
MARTIN, Evan Nov 28, 1869   
MARTIN, Frank Mar 27, 1890 s/o Grant and Sarah Martin 
MARTIN, Green Feb 5, 1871   
MARTIN, James Jan 12, 1844   
MARTIN, John D. Sept 25 1859   
MARTIN, Juda July 28, 1842   
MARTIN, Judy Aug 25, 1872 w/o Robert Frasure 
MARTIN, Mary Allis. June 10, 1878 d/o Elcanor Martin and Elizabeth Webb 
MARTIN, Samuel Sept 11, 1879   
MAY, Blair  Nov.15 1808  s/o Caleb & Margaret Patrick May 
May, Caleb S. Aug. 7, 1877 s/o Harey T. & Lindey Conley May
MAY, Cintha Nov 9, 1875 d/o Samuel May and Mary Begley 
MAY, David  Jun.24 1806  s/o Caleb & Margaret Patrick May 
May, Harry G. Nov. 18 1877 s/o Sam & Violett Hackworth May
MAY, Jackson June 24, 1875 s/o John May and Darcus Conley 
MAY, William H June 24, 1875 s/o John May and Darcus Conley 
MAY, Nada E. Aug 1, 1878 d/o Thomas B May and Mary Hall 
MAY, Samuel Jul.25 1815 s/o Caleb & Margaret Patrick May 
MAYNARD, George W. D. March 23, 1877 s/o James S. & Omah Dingus Maynard
MAYS, Mary Angeline May 12, 1878 d/o William J. Mays and Rhoda Martin 
MAYO, Samuel White Dec 3, 1855 s/o Trimble Mayo and Lydia Conley 
McGUIRE, William Sept. 30, 1877 Wesby C. & May J. Montgomery McGuire
MEADE, Eckle Sept 4, 1918   
MEADE, John M. Feb 5, 1878 s/o John P Mead and Sarah Roberts 
MEADE, Press Nov 24, 1888   
MEADOWS, Betty Ruth July 9, 1959   
MEADOWS, Joe Wheeler May 6, 1895   
McCOWAN, Elizabeth March 6, 1856   
MCCOY, Female April 13, 1878 d/o Peter B. McCoy and Rebecca R. Goble 
MCDANIELS, John  Dec 31, 1875 s/o John McDaniels and Susan Retchum 
McGuire, Emly July 5, 1877 d/o David & Minerva Willson McGuire
MCGUIRE, Henry Jan 1, 1882   
MCGUIRE, Male June 21, 1855 s/o Emils McGuire and Sarah F. Lewis 
MCKINNEY, John W.  Jan 9, 1878 s/o James McKinney and Mary Slone 
MOORE, Albert  Apr 15, 1868   
MOORE, Breckenridge Jan 1, 1875 s/o Anderson Moore and Lurannah HAGANS 
MOORE, Birchie Mar. 11, 1918 d/o Lee & Mousie Moore
MOORE, Edgar Aug. 31, 1924 s/o Lee & Mousie Moore
MOORE, Eugene May 28, 1928 s/o Lee & Mousie Moore
MOORE, Fielder June 29, 1906   
MOORE, Harry Jan 30, 1878 s/o John Moore and Rhoda Gearheart 
MOORE, James E. July 25, 1858 s/o John Moore and Sarah Clark 
MOORE, John April 13, 1863 s/o Arminta Moore, m. Rebecca Moore, d/o Frank Moore 
MOORE, John July 10, 1871 m. Sally Moore 
MOORE, John  July 24, 1872 m. Zella Scott 
MOORE, John R. Mar 20, 1862 m. Josephine Moore, d/o John and Rhoda Moore 
MOORE, Josephine Oct 16, 1862 d/o John and Rhoda Moore 
MOORE, Johnny  June 28, 1911 s/o James MOORE and Martha Virginia HOPSON 
MOORE, Lee Mar 17, 1887 Boyd Co. s/o William Moore & Elizabeth Collins, h/o Mousie Moore died 20 August 1958
MOORE, Linzy  Jan 30, 1877 m. Susie Moore 
MOORE, Melba Oct. 8, 1930 d/o Lee & Mousie Moore
MOORE, Mousie Jan 26, 1892  d/o John R. Moore & Josephine Moore, d. 3 May 1984 Larue Co., KY w/o Lee Moore
MOORE, Palmer Oct 25, 1919  s/o of Lee & Mousie Moore
MOORE, Quince Apr 22, 1888 d/o Harry L. and Evaline Moore 
MOORE, Rebecca May 4, 1878 d/o Calvin Moore and Seatta Terry 
MOORE, Russell Dec. 24, 1914 s/o Lee & Mousie Moore
MOORE, Tandy  Sept 28, 1926 s/o of  W.M. and Nancy Jane Moore, m. Sally Bentley 
MOORE, Winfield  January 27, 1900 s/o James MOORE and Martha Virginia HOPSON 
MOSLEY, Clifton Mar 19, 1880 s/o Elder, L.D. Mosley 
MOSLEY, L. D. Jan 4, 1856   
MOSLEY, Rachel Jan 11, 1878 d/o Lindsey Mosley and D. Moore 
MULKEY, Roscoe Mar 20, 1906  
MULLINS, Female July 5, 1875 d/o Nathaniel Mullins and Polly MOORE 
MULLINS,  James  March 12, 1812 in Floyd County, KY, s/o Booker Mullins and Nancy. 
MULLINS, John M.  Aug 15, 1875 s/o David Mullins and Alvina MACE 
MUNCY, William M. June 28, 1871   
MUSIC births courtesy of  DARRELL MUSIC
MUSIC, Alexander Jr. Jul.23 1931 s/o Dave Howard    (Dove Howard) 
MUSIC, Alfred G. Jul.28 1916 s/o Thursa Osborn 
MUSIC, Alla  Oct.25 1926  Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Alvin C.  Feb.20 1926  s/o Eliz. Jane Rice 
MUSIC, Alvis  Jan.14 1922 s/o Elizabeth J. Rice 
MUSIC, Andy Aug.29 1935 s/o Sarah Akers 
MUSIC, Annie J. Mar.21 1934 d/o Mary V. Badgett 
MUSICK, Arminta Mar.10 1912 d/o Ellen Griffie 
MUSIC, Arthur Ray  Jul.31 1929  s/o Mabel Felty 
MUSIC, ASHLAND P. Dec.26 1915  s/o Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Audry J. Aug.29 1935 d/o Sarah Akers 
MUSIC, Bettie S. May 13 1935  d/o Lucy Lucas 
MUSIC, Betty J.  Jul.22 1934 d/o Edith Bowling 
MUSIC, Betty Louise May 29 1931  d/o Ova Wilson 
MUSIC, Bobby R.  Nov.14 1935 Bertha Justice 
MUSIC, Bobby R. Sep.30 1934 Mamda Music 
MUSIC, Bula  Sep.24 1932  d/o Lula Music 
MUSIC, Buretta D. Jul.27 1916  Virgie Conley 
MUSIC, Buster Dec.27 1915 s/o Annie Henton 
MUSIC, Carolyn S. Aug.06 1935  d/o Vivian Lewis 
MUSIC, Cecil,inf of  Apr.10 1930 Bertha J. Music 
MUSIC, Cecil Jr. Mar.22 1933 s/o Bertha Justice 
MUSIC, Cecil Edward  May 12 1924  s/o Nora Davis 
MUSIC, Chas.Robert May 02 1930 s/o Martha Music 
MUSIC, Chester W. Nov.04 1926 s/o Hazel Martin 
MUSIC, Christine Nov.27 1923 d/o Elizabeth Rice 
MUSIC, Claude O. Mar.14 1926 s/o Agnes Stewart 
MUSIC, Clide  Jun.13 1920  s/o Nancy Ratliff 
MUSIC, Clyde Jan.09 1916  s/o Hallie Stone  (believe this is Hattie) 
MUSIC, Cora Sept 23, 1915 m. Foley 
MUSIC, Cynthia 5 or 4-07-1924 d/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Darvin Aug.04 1917  s/o Nancy Music 
MUSIC, Darwin W. Nov.18 1922 s/o Lula Burchel 
MUSICK, Davey Oct.12 1917 s/o Pearl Musick 
MUSIC, Delorse Dec.15 1931  d/o Vivian Lewis 
MUSIC, Dennie G. Oct.19 1934 s/o Inez Reed 
MUSIC, Donna Aileen  Jun.11 1925 d/o Anna Music 
MUSIC, Doratha Ann  Feb.11 1930  d/o Edith Bowling 
MUSIC, Dorathy Mar.18 1934  d/o Sarah A. Stanford 
MUSIC, Dorthy  Nov.14 1918 d/o Bertha Salyards 
MUSIC, E.  Aug.18 1920 inf of Annie Henton 
MUSIC, Earl  Aug.28 1918 s/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Eddie  Jan.27 1923 s/o Lizzie Cosite 
MUSIC, Edgar  Oct.07 1921 s/o Minnie Clark 
MUSIC, Elijah  Sep.20 1927  s/o Osie Whittaker 
MUSIC, Ellen  Jun.14 1923  d/o Elizabeth Stuart 
MUSIC, Elmer  Aug.03 1928  inf of Annie Hinton 
MUSIC, Elmer Oct.05 1933  inf of  Ama Hinton 
MUSIC, Elmer Jr. Nov.15 1923  s/o Ama Hinton    (Anna Hinton) 
MUSIC, Ermidine  Apr.11 1935  d/o Cora Webb 
MUSIC, Esta Dec.16 1913 d/o Pearl Clark (is this mistake) 
MUSIC, Estie Jun.26 1926 d/o Lula Burchel 
MUSIC, Esther Jun.17 1934  d/o Evelyn M. Horn 
MUSIC, Ethel  Mar.02 1918 d/o Arie Music 
MUSIC, Flossie E. Dec.16 1914  d/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Forrest  Nov.01 1929 s/o Agness Stewart 
MUSIC, Frank E.  Mar.03 1929 s/o Elizabeth Stuart 
MUSIC, Frank  Aug.08 1917 s/o Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Franklin D. Nov.12 1935 s/o Ocie Whittaber  (Whitaker) 
MUSIC, Frank R.  Oct.30 1916 s/o Laura Honeycott (Honeycutt) 
MUSIC, G. Feb.10 1918  inf of  Lizzie Rice 
MUSIC, Garfield Jan.16 1925 inf of  Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Geo W.  May 3, 1875   
MUSIC, Geo.W. May 02 1928  inf of Eliz.Jane Rice 
MUSIC, George Clay  Jul.15 1932  s/o Hattie England 
MUSIC, George W.  Nov.23 1930  s/o Ocie Whitaker 
MUSIC, Geraldine  Jan.03 1926 d/o Mabel Felty 
MUSIC, Gerome D.  Oct.03 1934  s/o Agnes Stewart 
MUSIC, Glada  Jan.17 1912  d/o Cora Stephens 
MUSIC, Golda M.  Dec.14 1916  d/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Grace Willidene  Oct.10 1932  d/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Gwendolyn  Nov.05 1927  d/o Mabel Felty 
MUSIC, Hattie Lucille  Apr.17 1923  d/o Hattie Stone 
MUSIC, Hazel  Dec.06 1911 d/o Hattie Stone 
MUSIC, Hazel  Feb.28 1915  d/o Alafair Setser 
MUSIC, Hazel Alena  Dec.27 1929  d/o Mahalia Stanley  (Mahala) 
MUSIC, Henry S. Walker  Jan.29 1929 s/o Lillie M. Dollarhide 
MUSIC, Isaac U.  Jul.11 1933 s/o Elma P'seimer  (Picklesimer) 
MUSIC, Irvine Feb.11 1930  s/o Laura B. Lackey 
MUSIC, J.K. Jun.13 1932  Mable Kirk 
MUSIC, Jack Douglas Jul.13 1933  s/o Vivian Lewis 
MUSIC, Jackaline Nov.24 1930  d/o Nancie Music 
MUSIC, James E. Nov.27 1934 s/o Prudince Lloyd   (Prudence) 
MUSIC, James E. Sep.11 1934  s/o Sarah Akers 
MUSIC, James Lauch  Jan.19 1912  s/o Pearl Clark 
MUSICK, James L. April 9, 1858 s/o George W. Musick and Rachael K. Minix 
MUSIC, James T.  Jun.23 1928  s/o Ray Adern 
MUSIC, Jenae Jewel  Aug.04 1933  d/o Ocie Whitaker 
MUSIC, Jessie J. Mar.06 1927  s/o Allice Thacker 
MUSIC, Jimmie  Feb.12 1934  s/o Mae Howard 
MUSIC, Joe Ann  Sep.03 1927  d/o Elsie Music 
MUSIC, John H.  Jun.24 1935  s/o Ray Edwards 
MUSIC, John Samuel  Dec.11 1929  s/o Alice Stanifer 
MUSIC, June  Jul.20 1911  d/o Emma Setser 
MUSIC, Laura L. Lee Sep.13 1928  d/o Evelyn Horn 
MUSIC, L.C. Jan.30 1924  Lula Burchel 
MUSIC, Lorine Nov.12 1925 d/o Amma Hinton   (Anna Hinton) 
MUSIC, Loula  Feb.26 1913 d/o Hattie Stone 
MUSIC, Loyd (Lloyd)  Jun.24 1918  s/o Virgie Conley 
MUSIC, Mable  Apr.19 1922  d/o Allice Thackey (Alice Thacker) 
MUSIC, Malta G.  May 21 1918  d/o Nora Davis 
MUSICK, Mancy L. Aug. 9, 1877 s/o Andrew B. & Emely Barren Musick
MUSIC, Marvin  Sep.21 1914  s/o Nora Davis 
MUSIC, Mary C. Jul.05 1918  d/o Hattie Stone 
MUSIC, Mary E.  Feb.01 1934  d/o Amanda Shepherd 
MUSIC, Mary Elizabeth  Jun.15 1927  d/o Hattie England 
MUSIC, Mary P. Aug.08 1934  d/o Julia Price 
MUSIC, Marvin L.J. Nov.11 1929 s/o Lula Burchell 
MUSIC, May  Jun.21 1915  d/o Arie Music 
MUSIC, McKenley Jan.05 1932 inf of d/o Venious Ratliff  (Annis Mae Music) 
MUSIC, Milford  May 30 1930  s/o Mable Kirk 
MUSIC, Minnie  Sep.29 1912 d/o Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Minnie Alice  Jun.19 1935 d/o Manda Shepherd 
MUSIC, Mona L. Feb.25 1933  d/o Inez Reed 
MUSICK, Murtel  Jul.15 1917  s/o Fairy Murtel 
MUSIC, Octo  Nov.15 1927  Lula Burchel 
MUSIC, Olive Grace Jan.10 1922  d/o Nora Davis 
MUSIC, Oliver Oct 18, 1904   
MUSIC, Ome Ethel  Oct.23 1934  d/o Hazel Music 
MUSIC, Opal J Mar 12, 1918   
MUSIC, Opal Ola Jun.20 1924 d/o Hazel Martin 
MUSIC, Oscar Apr.11 1914 s/o Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Ralph Sep.21 1927  s/o Agnes Stewart 
MUSIC, Ray  Nov.03 1923  s/o Alice Thacker 
MUSIC, Raymond  Apr.28 1913 s/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, Rema Irene Dec.18 1924  d/o Martha E. Music 
MUSIC, Retta M. May 25 1921 d/o Ulah May 
MUSIC, Ruby H. Aug.30 1919 d/o Ulah May 
MUSIC, Ruth May 16 1922 d/o Flora May 
MUSIC, Ruth Aug.03 1934 d/o Belle Lackey 
MUSIC, Ruth Dec.28 1918 d/o Lula Conley 
MUSIC, Ruth E. Mar.17 1935 d/o Hattie England 
MUSIC, Sarah May 27 1921 d/o Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Samuel H. Sep.15 1914 s/o Virgie Conley 
MUSICK, Samuel J. Aug, 9 1877 s/o Andrew B. & Emely Barren Musick
MUSIC, Sylvia May  Feb.28 1932 d/o Hazel Martin 
MUSIC, Thomas J. Oct.11 1916 s/o Mollie Webb 
MUSIC, Tom May 24 1912  s/o Thomas Osborn (believe Thomas to be father) 
MUSIC, Velma  Feb.23 1928  d/o Evalyn Music 
MUSIC, Virgie Sep.15 1922 d/o Sarah Caudill 
MUSIC, Virginia C. Nov.22 1924  d/o Lizzie Castle 
MUSIC, Warren H.  Nov.21 1920  s/o Mahala Stanley 
MUSIC, William  Mar.24 1915  s/o Laura Honeycutt 
MUSIC, William  Nov.14 1915 s/o Frona Hibbitt 
MUSIC, Willie Mar.31 1911 s/o Nancy Sephrona Hibbit 
MUSIC, Willie L. Aug.12 1914  s/o Hattie Stone 
MUSIC, Wilma A. Jan.20 1929  d/o Ova Wilson 
MUSIC, Wyonne  (Yvonne)  Jul.12 1934 d/o Venious Ratliff 
MUSIC, Yvonne Dec.02 1935  d/o Sarah C. Cooper 
MUSSIC, John W.  Mar.03 1929  s/o Sarah Cooper 



NESBITT, Lou July 4, 1877 William H. & Loussie Hatfield Nesbitt
NELSON, William B. Oct 6, 1878 s/o John Nelson and Nancy Young
NEWMAN, Robin April 7, 1875 s/o Harvey Justice and Rhoda Newman 
NEWSOME, Donnie Lynn August 13, 1969 s/o Riley Junior & Barbara Newsome
NEWSOME, Ellis Aug 5, 1899   
NEWSOME, Glenda Gail Robinson June 28 1979 d/o Carl & Marsha Robinson
NEWSOME, Hark Apr 23, 1879 s/o Jarvey Newsome 
NEWSOME, John  Sept 12, 1861 m. Emory Moore 
NEWSOME, John H June 3, 1858 s/o James Newsome and Sarah M. Whitep



Orsborn, James W. May 18, 1877 s/o William J. M. & Jane Corder Orsborn
OSBORNE, Arthur May 20, 1907 s/o King Osborne 
OSBORNE, Bertha Feb 8, 1916 d/o Dock and Lizzie Osborne 
OSBORNE, Daniel  Jan 22, 1891 s/o Owen Osborne and Mary Jane Adkins Osborne 
OSBORNE ,Delphia Sept 10, 1910 d/o Bill and Rildy Osborne 
OSBORNE, Doc  1890   
OSBORNE,Doris March 02, 1903 m. Alexander Howell, s/o Joel Howell and Miranda Jane Hall 
OSBORNE, Edna  Feb 1928 d/o Arthur Osborne 
OSBORNE, Henry W. May 4, 1885  
OSBORNE, John B March 19, 1895 s/o Owen Osborne 
OSBORNE, King Feb 11, 1884 s/o Owen Osborne, h/o Martha 
OSBORNE, Laura  1905  md Hayes Vance, d/o Owen and Louisa Beverly Osborne 
OSBORNE,Martha Oct 1, 1885  Owen and Louise Osborne, w/o Johnny D.Howell 
OSBORNE, Mary 1888  Owen and Louisa Osborne, md Emmitt Blevins 
OSBORNE, Mary Gold  Jan 17, 1892 d/o George Osborne and Tilda Akers, w/o Bee Howell 
OSBORNE, Nancy Jane May 17, 1896 d/o Owen Osborne 
OSBORNE, Sadie Jan 10, 1906 d/o Bill and Rildy Osborne  m. Howell 
OUSLEY, Thomas Aug 16, 1878 s/o Robert Ousley and Polly Ann Prater 
OWSLEY, Arty E. June 20, 1875 d/o Edward Owsley and Malissa REED 


PACE, Sarah E. March 30, 1858 d/o Matthew Pace and Elizabeth Salyer 
PAIGE, Harlin L. Feb 9, 1909  m. Sola Hazel Ramey, sister to Clara Ramey, who was Loretta Lynn's mother
PARSONS, Rebecca C. Sept. d/o George & Martha A. Taylor Parsons
PARSONS, Robert L. July s/o Franklin & Arminta E. Clay Parsons
PATRICK, Lurena July 12, 1858 d/o Ruben Patrick and Amanda Hager 
PATRICK, Sarah July 25, 1858 d/o Green Patrick and Evaline Rice 
PATTON, Joesph Aug 16, 1878 s/o James P. Patton and Hetta Patton 
PATTON, Orleana May 3, 1875 d/o Joesph and Darcus Patton 
PATTON, Rebecca April 25, 1875 d/o Samuel Patton and Araminta SIZEMORE 
PACE, Sarah E. March 30, 1858 d/o Matthew Pace and Elizabeth Salyer 
PENNINGTON, Millard Mar 8, 1906   
POE, Mary E.  July 17, 1878 d/o Wilson Poe and Elizabeth Hunt 
POWER, John 4-27- 1808   
PRATER, Adam Dec 1, 1878 s/o Adam F. Prater and Louisa Barnett 
PRATER, America May 10, 1878 d/o Green M. Prater and Rossanah Shepherd 
PRATER, Daniel March 4, 1878 s/o Joesph Prater and Surrilda Prater 
PRATER, Felix Nov 20, 1878 s/o Daniel Prater and Rebecca Sizemore 
PRATER, Pierce July 28, 1886   
PRATER, Wesley Aug 6, 1855 s/o Elias Prater and Zelphia Adam 
PRATT, Ambrose Sept 3, 1878 s/o William H. Pratt and Martha Osborn 
PRESTON, Lincoln May 26, 1878 s/o Calvin Preston and Susan Osborn 
PRIEST, John M.E. Dec 16, 1868 s/o John Priest and Mahala James 
Pruett, Florence B.  Dec. 8, 1877 d/o William & Amie/Anie Spradlin Pruett,


RAMEY, Robert, b. Apr 20, 1917

The births for these Ratliff’s were in Floyd County. These are the same as the Vital Statistics in Frankfork,Ky. The names are also spelled the same as the records are. Please bare in mind that there are several spellings for the same person. The order these are in are Child’s Birth Name  Date Born and Mother’s Maiden name.. Ratliff births contributed by Darrel Music

RATLIFF,  Ima J.  Oct.10 1934  Hattie Wallen 
RATLIFF, Alberta  Dec.22 1951  Betty Richer 
RATLIFF, Allen  May 03 1941  Mary Laferty 
RATLIFF, Alta  Dec.14 1938  Hazel Vanderpool 
RATLIFF, Alvin E.  Dec.27 1928  Exier Swiney 
RATLIFF, Amma  Jun.04 1918  Nellie Lawson 
RATLIFF, Andy R.  Feb.21 1921  Frona Spencer 
RATLIFF, Angela  Apr.10 1964  Geneva Slone 
RATLIFF, Annetta J. Nov.12 1949  Jane Collins 
RATLIFF, Anny Bell  Dec.12 1932  Ethel May 
RATLIFF, Arnold E. Aug.15 1924  Anna Frazier 
RATLIFF, Avinell  Mar.11 1935 Sue Griffith 
RATLIFF, Barbara A. Jul.25 1956  Berniece Patton 
RATLIFF, Barbara A. Jun. 20 1951  Mary Collins 
RATLIFF, Barbara A.  Nov.23 1938  Sadie Osborn 
RATLIFF, Bascom W.  Sep.29 1948  Golda Perry 
RATLIFF, Beatrice  Dec.17 1922  (twin) Apple Jackson 
RATLIFF, Bertha Oct.04 1923  Mary Ann Laferty 
RATLIFF, Betty J.  Jan.06 1940  Grace Sellards 
RATLIFF, Betty L.  Sep.30 1928  Thelma Crum 
RATLIFF, Beuley T.  Mar. 08 1955  Ellen Click 
RATLIFF, Billie R.  Aug.23 1947  Eulavene Conn 
RATLIFF, Billie Rondle  Jul.18 1931  Gracie Marshal 
RATLIFF, Billy J. Jul.24 1961  Bernice Patton 
RATLIFF, Billy M. Apr.07 1947  Phyllis Cobb 
RATLIFF, Bobby Joe May 03 1932  Thelma Crum 
RATLIFF, Bruce  Aug.31 1956  Dollie Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Burl  Dec.17 1922  (twin)  Apple Jackson 
RATLIFF, Cathy  Sep.30 1961  Geneva Slone 
RATLIFF, Cecilia H.  Oct.30 1962 Verlie Hamilton 
RATLIFF, Charles A.  Mar.10 1955  Ruby Jones 
RATLIFF, Charles Edward Jul.31 1922  Gracie Marshall 
RATLIFF, Charles F.  Oct.12 1946  Lucille Bowe 
RATLIFF, Charles R.  Apr.09 1948  Susie Griffey 
RATLIFF, Charley  Sep.15 1932  Dusella Hall 
RATLIFF, Claude B.  Aug.21 1953  Olive Wicker 
RATLIFF, Claude  Oct.01 1930  Mary Collins 
RATLIFF, Clembs  Nov.27 1933  Virgie Pratt 
RATLIFF, Clifford D.  Nov.10 1932  Opal Coburn 
RATLIFF, Cora  Nov.14 1919  Rachel Arms 
RATLIFF, Corbil  Apr. 13 1931  Darcus Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Daniel B.  Aug.02 1954  Lucille Bowe 
RATLIFF, Deborah A.  Apr.28 1962  Wanda Conn 
RATLIFF, Deborah D. Sep.04 1951  Lillian Hall 
RATLIFF, Deborah K. Jun.27 1964  Bertha Sexton 
RATLIFF, Debra A.  Oct.30 1956  Ruth Hall 
RATLIFF, Della  Sep.15 1917  Luelellen Stephens 
RATLIFF, Delores M. Jul. 21 1934  Edna Blair 
RATLIFF, Deloris  Mar.04 1936  Sadie M. Marcus 
RATLIFF, Denzie  Oct.15 1926  Lucy Walker 
RATLIFF, Denzil  Jul.07 1955  Mabel Smith 
RATLIFF, Donald E.  Sep.19 1933  Ethel Humble 
RATLIFF, Donald W.  Jul.04 1940  Maudie Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Donna S.  Feb.06 1947  Sada Marcum 
RATLIFF, Donna  Jun.28 1948  Ada M. Crispe 
RATLIFF, Donntte  Mar.09 1963  Grace Hall 
RATLIFF, Dorathy  Sep.04 1950 Sadie Slusher 
RATLIFF, Dovlon  Feb.03 1955  Dolly Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Edgar  Sep.08 1917  Annie Coleman 
RATLIFF, Edith Marie Sep.14 1924  Erma I. Evans 
RATLIFF, Edna  Nov.05 1922  Darcus Bingham 
RATLIFF, Edward E.  May 29 1952  Rosemary Harriss 
RATLIFF, Edward S. Sep.15 1927  Grace Dillion 
RATLIFF, Edward  Dec.16 1931 Lizzie Robinson 
RATLIFF, Effie A.  Aug.12 1948  Goldia Amburgy 
RATLIFF, Elba  Jul.12 1925  Duza Hall 
RATLIFF, Elizabeth Ann Sep.30 1931  Evelyn Christian 
RATLIFF, Elizabeth C. Sep.06 1952  Ellen Click 
RATLIFF, Elizabeth  Jun.30 1929  Hattie Wallen 
RATLIFF, Ellis  Feb.14 1935  Virgie Frasure 
RATLIFF, Ellis  Jan.20 1928  Elizabeth Bradley 
RATLIFF, Elmer  Jan.17 1953  Ruby Vicars 
RATLIFF, Elva J.  Jul. 23 1928  Lovellen Stephen 
RATLIFF, Elva J. Nov.19 1948  Martella Fraley 
RATLIFF, Elva  Oct.19 1926  Darcus Bingham 
RATLIFF, Emma L.  Jul.21 1963  Emma Moulke 
RATLIFF, Ernestn  Oct.25 1945  Sussie Griffith 
RATLIFF, Everett C.  Dec.29 1927  Lizzie Daniels 
RATLIFF, Evylin  Apr.17 1930  Lizzie Robinson 
RATLIFF, Flossie  Dec.04 1916  Mary Porter 
RATLIFF, Francis G.  Mar.31 1956  Alice Woods 
RATLIFF, Frank Sep.12 1936  Sady Slusher 
RATLIFF, Frankie Linon May 25 1929 Mollie May 
RATLIFF, Gannon  Jan.17 1945  Virgie Pratt 
RATLIFF, Geneva Oct.29 1921  Mary Ellen Frasure 
RATLIFF, Genoah May  Jan.25 1918  Rilda Cowley 
RATLIFF, George D.  Mar.21 1951  Alma Whitaker 
RATLIFF, George Dewey  Dec.31 1915  Lowellen Stephens 
RATLIFF, George William  Mar.16 1929  (twin) Cresie Spencer 
RATLIFF, Georgta A.  Aug.27 1948  Phyllis I Cobb 
RATLIFF, Gladdis M.  Mar.25 1928  Emma Spencer 
RATLIFF, Harry  Mar.01 1938  Lizzie Daniels 
RATLIFF, Helen  Oct.19 1933  Duzella Hall 
RATLIFF, Henry  Aug.20 1933  Fanny Barnett 
RATLIFF, Henry Sep.09 1934  Fanny Barnett 
RATLIFF, Henry  Feb.27 1931  Mary Ann Laferty 
RATLIFF, Herbert Hoover  Dec.06 1928  Lillian Stinson 
RATLIFF, Herbert  Aug.07 1919  Rilda Conley 
RATLIFF, Huston Jun.29 1935 Mary Collins 
RATLIFF, Ida J.  Jan.06 1941  Cora Ratliff 
RATLIFF, James, Apr 15, 1879   
RATLIFF, J.T.  Dec.18 1933  Lizzie Robinson 
RATLIFF, Jack  Oct.10 1928  Martha Spradlin 
RATLIFF, Jacquln  Nov.25 1960  Emma Mulkey 
RATLIFF, James B.  Jul. 22 1927  Hazel Turner 
RATLIFF, James G.  Aug.21 1951  Ellen Click 
RATLIFF, James G. May 19 1951  Ruby Jones 
RATLIFF, James H.  Nov.07 1963  Berniece Ratliff 
RATLIFF, James R. Aug.12 1937  Mattie Wallen 
RATLIFF, James Thomas  Oct.13 1912  Willie Lawson 
RATLIFF, James  Nov.09 1922  Lizzie Bradley 
RATLIFF, Jane E. F. Dec.28 1935  Velva Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Janice  Jun.01 1937  Sada Marcum 
RATLIFF, Jaunita  Aug.14 1949  Jennie Hatfield 
RATLIFF, Jeffrey G. Apr.13 1965  Charlotte Deboar 
RATLIFF, Jeraldn Oct.15 1940  Susie Griffiths 
RATLIFF, Jerry D. Jan.15 1949  Lula Hall 
RATLIFF, Jessie Jr.  Dec.19 1923  Pearly Castle 
RATLIFF, Jim infant of  Nov.29 1919  Elizabeth A. Taylor (dob) 
RATLIFF, Jim infant of  Nov.29 1919  Elizabeth A. Taylor (dob) 
RATLIFF, Jobie  Jun.01 1932  Lula Thompson 
RATLIFF, Jobie Mar.03 1935  Luly Thompson 
RATLIFF, Jockaline  Nov.19 1930  Massie Reece 
RATLIFF, Joe  Mar.15 1927  Pollie Shepherd 
RATLIFF, John B.  Jun. 01 1914  Lou Senda Ratliff 
RATLIFF, John C.  Jun.16 1951  Maxine Spurgeon 
RATLIFF, John C.  Nov.23 1933  Rubie Clifton 
RATLIFF, John D.  Nov.12 1964  Bernice Patton 
RATLIFF, John G. May 16 1927  Sophie Morison 
RATLIFF, John S.  Jan.18 1956  Bonnie Hunt 
RATLIFF, John W. Mar.21 1936  Susie Griffith 
RATLIFF, Joseph N.  Aug.02 1945  Sadie Slusher 
RATLIFF, Josephine  Feb.27 1915  Nellie Lawson 
RATLIFF, Josephine  Nov.27 1930  Ruba M. Clifton 
RATLIFF, Juanita  Jun.12 1962  Emma Moulke 
RATLIFF, Judith S.  May 07 1946  Mable Cole 
RATLIFF, Judy L.  Jun.03 1940  Nevolee Webb 
RATLIFF, Kenneth W. Dec.27 1950  Evlavene Conn 
RATLIFF, Kenneth W.  Sep.16 1950  Olive Wicker 
RATLIFF, Kennith R.  Jul.09 1946  Jane Collins 
RATLIFF, Kenny R.  Sep.06 1945  Lillian Hall 
RATLIFF, Lavonna  Jan.07 1940  Virgie Pratt 
RATLIFF, Lenngtn  May 19 1936  Elva L. Allen 
RATLIFF, Lillian  Aug.20 1913 Loweley Stephens 
RATLIFF, Linda S.  Jun. 05 1949  Ellen Click 
RATLIFF, Lois R. Oct.21 1931  Gysie Layne 
RATLIFF, Luther E.  Nov.27 1950  Rosemary Harriss 
RATLIFF, Luther Edward  Apr.24 1928  Darcus Bingham 
RATLIFF, Luther Jene  Feb.21 1933  Mary Ann Laferty 
RATLIFF, M.F.  May 15 1935  Hazel Turner 
RATLIFF, Mabel  J.  Jul.04 1964  Mabel Smith 
RATLIFF, Manuel  Jan.15 1927  Bessie Vanhoose 
RATLIFF, Marcum B.  Nov.15 1954  Dollie Vanderpool 
RATLIFF, Marie  Apr.30 1922  Lucy Walker 
RATLIFF, Marilyn  Nov.29 1953  Dolly Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Marlan  Apr.11 1923  Mary Ellen Frasure 
RATLIFF, Marsha  Dec.17 1965  Emma Moulke 
RATLIFF, Marty  Oct.10 1962  Dollie Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Mary Sept 12, 1878 d/o William Ratliff and Elizabeth McDonald 
RATLIFF, Mary Ann  Sep.29 1935   Alie Hatfield 
RATLIFF, Mary lou  Sep.13 1930  Duzella Click 
RATLIFF, Mary Lucy  Jan.17 1925  Alis Hatfield 
RATLIFF, Mary Oma  Sep.11 1927  Alice Hatfield 
RATLIFF, Mason  Nov.27 1921  Rilda Conley 
RATLIFF, Maud  Mar.29 1911  Louelen Stephens 
RATLIFF, Melanie C.  Oct.08 1962  Venda Hamilton 
RATLIFF, Melsie, Jan 24, 1924   
RATLIFF, Michael W.  Nov.26 1964  Geraldine Slone 
RATLIFF, Miles Dec.15 1936  Virgie Pratt 
RATLIFF, Minefeel  Dec.04 1946  Alma Whitaker 
RATLIFF, Minty  Feb.08 1924  Soph Morrison 
RATLIFF, Morgan Lawson  Jun.15 1927  Nellie lawson 
RATLIFF, Myrtle  Apr.13 1922  Mary Ann Laferty 
RATLIFF, Myrtle Oct.30 1922  Louellen Stephens 
RATLIFF, Nancy L.  Mar.13 1937  Pearl Castle 
RATLIFF, Nancy  Apr.15 1930  Alice Hatfield 
RATLIFF, Neal Gordon  Dec.06 1935  Gracie Marshall 
RATLIFF, Neil G.  Nov.13 1966  Wilma Varney 
RATLIFF, Nola  Dec.24 1918 Frona Spencer 
RATLIFF, Nsa  Jun.12 1920  Rebecca Johnson 
RATLIFF, Oliver  Mar.07 1917  Mary A. Laferty 
RATLIFF, Orthow  Jun.03 1937  Nevalee Webb 
RATLIFF, Pamala N.  Mar.06 1960  Wilma Varney 
RATLIFF, Pamela J. Apr.19 1956  Delta Wicker 
RATLIFF, Paul D.  Jul.17 1937  Ethel Humble 
RATLIFF, Paul D.  Sep.15 1941  Roxie Brown 
RATLIFF, Pauline  Sep.05 1932  Alice Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Pearlie H. Nov.09 1937  Hattie Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Pollie  Dec.13 1935  Mollie Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Rachel E. Mar.16 1929  (twin) Cresie Spincer 
RATLIFF, Rae A.  Oct.22 1966 Kathryn Luttrell 
RATLIFF, Ramonoa L.  Feb.21 1966  Janet Goble 
RATLIFF, Randal E.  Sep.17 1935 Evelyn Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Randall  Feb.16 1947  Lillian V. Hall 
RATLIFF, Ray O. Jan.15 1929  Hazel Turner 
RATLIFF, Reba L.  Jun.27 1952  Ruby Jones 
RATLIFF, Regan  Mar.17 1964  Anna Tackett 
RATLIFF, Reka J.   Jun.27 1952  Ruby Jones 
RATLIFF, Reta K.   Dec.12 1960  Ruby Jones 
RATLIFF, Richard B.   Nov.07 1966  Ruby Jones 
RATLIFF, Rita L.   Dec.16 1959  Eldree Handshoe 
RATLIFF, Rita M.   Aug.21 1941 Mildred Horn 
RATLIFF, Roger D.   Jan.01 1960  Goldie Perry 
RATLIFF, Roger L.   Mar.20 1940  Vernie Bowens 
RATLIFF, Ronald E  Aug.05 1960  Charlotte Deboar 
RATLIFF, Rondella  Mar.03 1939  Mary Laferty 
RATLIFF, Rosa L.   Aug.19 1951 Lucy Mature 
RATLIFF, Rose M.  Jul.28 1938  Thelma Crum 
RATLIFF, Ruby Marie  Mar.26 1916  Emma Ritchie 
RATLIFF, Sally A.   Apr.28 1937  Thelma Crum 
RATLIFF, Sandra D  Jan.30 1954  Patty Morgan 
RATLIFF, Sandra J.   Sep.27 1952  Ruby Skiles 
RATLIFF, Sandra K.   Sep.19 1963  Emma Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Sharon F.  Oct.27 1950  Ruby Vickers 
RATLIFF, Sharon F.  Oct.27 1950  Ruby Vickers 
RATLIFF, Shelia N.  Oct.31 1945  Roxie Brown 
RATLIFF, Sidney V.   Oct.26 1935  Marry A. Laferty 
RATLIFF, Teresa L.  Feb.02 1961  Joyce Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Teresa L.   Jun.21 1948  Alma Whitaker 
RATLIFF, Teresa M.   Feb.24 1960  Lillian Hall 
RATLIFF, Terry G.  Apr.28 1946  Helen Smith. 
RATLIFF, Thomas C.   Dec.18 1933  Belva I. Shepherd 
RATLIFF, Thomas R.   May 30 1938  Roxie Brown 
RATLIFF, Thomas S.  May 28 1935 Ocie Adkins 
RATLIFF, Thomas   Aug.07 1956  Susie Griffith 
RATLIFF, Tinny   Sep.21 1928  Marry Collins 
RATLIFF, Treva Christine  Mar.30 1926  Sadie Osborn 
RATLIFF, Vadie May  Aug.15 1925  Gracie Dillon 
RATLIFF, Valerie J.  Nov.12 1960  Venda Hamilton 
RATLIFF, Virgil  Jun.22 1941 Opal Hicks 
RATLIFF, Virginia A  Jul.06 1948  Dorthy Clark 
RATLIFF, Virginia Kirk  Dec.09 1914  Mary Allie Pack 
RATLIFF, Virginia   May 06 1941 Alice Hatfield 
RATLIFF, Vivian D.  Jul.20 1928 Sadie Osborn 
RATLIFF, Vivian L.   May 26 1929  Opal Coburn 
RATLIFF, Vurlie   Apr.12 1917  Saphronia Spencer 
RATLIFF, Wanda Lee  Oct.05 1930  Sadie Osborn 
RATLIFF, Warrel G. Jr.  Sep.13 1922  Fronie Spencer 
RATLIFF, Wayne W.  Feb.12 1936  Ethel May 
RATLIFF, Willard   Jul.13 1941  Lucille Bowe 
RATLIFF, William Jackson   Dec.20 1928  Lourena Robison 
RATLIFF, William K.  Oct.01 1961  Charlotte Deboar 
RATLIFF, William Martin   Apr.12 1919  Zoie Rice 
RATLIFF, Willie Henry   Jun.04 1927  Mary Callons 
RATLIFF, Willie James   Mar.21 1923  Mary E. Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Wilson Jr.  Aug.31 1935  Mayme Clark 
RATLIFF, Windell P.   Mar.06 1931  Mary E. Frasure 
RATLIFF, Zelma G.  Oct.02 1949  Virgie Pratt 
RATLIFF, Zoi Lee  Apr.14 1927  Fronie S. Ratliff 
RATLIFF, Unknown Nov 19, 1878 d/o Robert J. Ratliff and Margaret Click 
RATLIFF, William H Jan 9, 1902   
REED, Rueben Feb 7, 1907   
REYNOLDS, Doc  Nov 21, 1886   
REYNOLDS, Cordelia B.  May 9, 1875 d/o Lewis Reynolds & Margaret Hall 
REYNOLDS, Nancy R Feb 19, 1878 s/o William J. Reynolds & Rhoda J. Allen 
RICE, Andrew Jackson  Nov.14 1822  s/o John & Nancy Davis Rice 
RICE, Elizabeth  April 3, 1855 d/o William Rice & Elizabeth Meade 
RICE, Kit Sept 9, 1878 d/o Francis M. Rice and Hanna Meade 
RICE, Letty C.(sic) Dec 20, 1975 d/o Thomas Riley & Rebecca J. Mitchell 
RICE, Samuel M.  March 12, 1858 s/o Daniel Rice & Mary Jane Fairchild 
ROBINSON, Carl Edward  March 15, 1942 s/o John & Holly Robinson
ROBINSON, Garth Edward January 12, 1974 s/o Carl & Marsha Robinson
ROBINSON, Lavahishia Nashae December 15, 1996 d/o Garth & Mitzi Robinson
ROBINSON, Marsha Lynn Moore June 16, 1948 d/o Curly & Eva Moore
ROBERTSON, William Nov 15, 1878 s/o Lewis Robertson & Hulda Moore 
ROWLAND, William R May 3, 1858 s/o Daniel Rowland & Emily Lemaster 
RORER, George F. Dec 1858 s/o Abrham Rorer and Polina Smith 


SALESBERRY/SALISBURY, Sally Nov 22, 1878 d/o Morgan Salisbury and Prisa Carroll 
SALISBURY,  Robert Johns May 26, 1925   
SALMONS, Lesland Aldis  April 6, 1936 s/o Newton and Susan Salmons 
SALMONS, Lucinda B.  Sept 12, 1855 d/o Weeks Salmons and Harriet McGuire 
SALMONS, Weeks Oct 20, 1835 s/o Thomas Salmons and Amy Thornsberry 
SAMONS, Alfa July 14, 1904 s/o James B. Samons and Sarah Ellen Frazier 
SAMONS, Berta March 8, 1893 d/o James B. Samons and Sarah Ellen Frazier 
SAMONS, Columbia Oct 10, 1897 s/o James B. Samons and Sarah Ellen FRAZIER 
SAMONS, Elmo Clive July 20, 1917 s/o James B. Samons and Sarah Ellen Frazier 
SAMONS, Newton Aug 19, 1898 s/o Soloman Samons and Caroline Conn 
SAMONS, Susan March 8, 1894 d/o John B. Samons and Sarah Ellen Frazier 
SCALF, Mary Jane Oct 2, 1858 d/o Archibald Scalf and Sara Ann Sellards 
SELLARDS, William Mar 13, 1858 s/o Thomas A. Sellards and Mary Clark 
SEXTON, Christina Aug 2, 1878 d/o William Sexton and Mary Prater 
SEXTON, Cynthia Aug 11, 1875 d/o Hiram Sexton and Mary Gibson 
SHEPHERD, Evaline March 4, 1878 d/o Brice Shepherd and Louester Salyers 
SHEPHERD, Joesph March 15, 1878 s/o Benjamin Shepherd and Anna L. Hughes 
SHEPHERD, Kelsey April 13, 1878 s/o John C. Shepherd and Elizabeth Holbrook 
SHEPHERD, Male Sept 28, 1875 s/o Claborn Shepherd and Sarah Hicks 
SKEENS, Daniel W. May 7, 1877 Adam & Martha Dials Skeens
SLONE, Ellen Apr 21, 1875  d/o H.C. and Martha Slone 
SLONE, Henry C. April 11, 1878 s/o James B. Slone and Sarah Jacobs 
SLONE, Isabella Feb 20, 1875 d/o Hiram Slone and Susan VAUGHN 
SLONE, James A. May 15, 1875 s/o Andrew J. Slone and Louisa Smith 
SLONE, P. Jan 19, 1878 s/o James B. Slone and Mary Sammons 
SLONE, Perry Feb 17, 1875 s/o Isom Slone and Manda Sammons 
SLONE, Wiley G. May 6, 1878 s/o Allen Slone and Sally Bradley 
SMITH, Cata Dec 13, 1878 d/o Ben Smith and Jane Martin 
SMITH, John W Sept 20, 1878 s/o James H, Smith and Mary Johns 
SMITH, Malinda Jane Feb 25, 1858 s/o John Smith and Charolotte Williams 
SPARKS, William T. Dec 13, 1878 s/o William H. Sparks and Susan Adda 
SPEARS, Frank Goble May 05,1912 s/o Kenneth Spears & Luna Dials, d.  Sept. 21, 1991 buried Oakwood cem. Bucyrus, Ohio
SPEARS, Thomas M. Mar. 23 1877 s/o John W. & Junes Setster Spears
SPENCER, Aramina  Nov. 28, 1833   
SPENCER, Roswell April 2, 1874 d/o George W. Spencer and Emaline DUNCAN 
SPRADLIN, Frank Aug 14, 1884   
SPRADLIN, Green Feb 4, 1878 s/o Christopher Spradlin and Mary Prater 
SPRADLIN, Lon April 25, 1922   
SPRADLIN, Samuel Jan 11, 1861   
SPRADLIN, Thomas A. Sept 1, 1876   
SPRADLIN, Thomas J. Mar 24, 1838   
SPENCER, Rosewell April 2, 1875 d/o George W. Spencer and Emaline DUNKIN 
STANLEY, William L. April 17, 1878 s/o Harrison Stanley and Cintha C May 
STEPHENS, Elbert Sept 17, 1858 s/o William Stephens and Lucinda Stinson 
STEPHENS, Issac M. Nov 14, 1875 s/o William D. Stephens and Rebecca Bradley 
STEVENS, Cintha Sept 26, 1878 d/o David Stevens and Margaret Daniels 
STEVENS, Florence Oct 24, 1878 d/o Morgan Stevens and Malinda Hale 
STONE, George March 24, 1855 s/o Charley Stone and Zilphia Holbrook 
STRATTON, James W. April 14, 1858 s/o Hezekiah Stratton and Nancy E. Rose 
STRATTON, Louisa Carolyn June 1, 1855 d/o John L. Stratton and Malisa Burk 
STRATTON, Tandy May 14, 1858 s/o John J. Stratton and Catherine Gearheart 
STUMBO, Isom Oct 14, 1899   
STUMBO, Nancy  Sept 9, 1838 m. John Hall 
STUMBO, Rhoda J. May 12. 1878 d/o John Stumbo and Frankie Jane Sizemore 
STURGILL, Benny Aug 10, 1878 s/o Wilburn Sturgill and Elvira Stone 
STURGEL, Male Jan 31, 1875 s/o John W. Sturgel and Marinda J. Sword 
SWORD, Surrepta June 13, 1875 d/o Kena Sword and U. Hamilton 


TACKETT, Lizzie Jun 12, 1892 w/o Doc Osbone 
TACKETT, Louinda  June 5, 1862 d/o Able and Rebecca Tackett 
TACKETT, Male  Nov 4, 1878 s/o Matthew Tackett and Cindy Johnson 
THOMPSON, Este Dec 1, 1858 d/o Burl Thompson and Sussannah Hatfield 
TRIPLETT, Mary E. Feb 1, 1875 d/o Atcheson Triplettt and Mary 
TURNER, Beatrice Nov 20, 1909 6 days old 
TURNER, Bee Oct 28, 1885  
TURNER, Charlie July 25, 1888  
TURNER, Connie Gail Aug 30, 1938 d/o T.J. and Bertha Hall Turner, m. Robert Cressman 
TURNER, Helen Marie May 30, 1920 d/o T.J. and Bertha Hall Turner 
TURNER, Jamima Feb 23, 1856   
TURNER, John May 23, 1845 (not sure where, but died in Floyd Dec 11, 1972) 
TURNER, Lizzie April 16, 1893 m. Hall 
TURNER, Olive Rose Jan 26, 1922 d/o T.J. and Bertha Hall Turner 
TURNER, Ruby Jane Feb 20, 19  


Vaughan, Samuel T. Dec. 22, 1877 s/o Martin V. & Dorthaeley Cotton Vaughan


Ward, Hiram Dec. 26, 1877 s/o David & Sinda Sableton Ward
WARD, John M. Sept. 3, 1877 Solomon & Martha Porter Ward
Warrick, Josephine Oct. 30, 1877 d/o John F. & Louise Anderson Warrick
Webb, Lance Oct. 17, 1877 s/o Suredey & Tempry Napier Webb