fayette county ky 1870 mortality schedule dist 3, page 1
Fayette County Kentucky
1870 Mortality Schedules
District No. 3

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.
of Family
NAME Age Sex Color md/
Place of
* ** Month of Death Profession,
Occup. or
Disease or
Cause of Death
No. 3
* = Father of Foreign Birth
** = Mother of Foreign Birth
Warren George R. 6/12 m w   Kentucky 1 1 Feb   pneumonia
22 Morgan Margaret 7/12 f w   do     Nov   meningitis
25 Thornton John 33 m b w Tennessee     May farm hand scrofula
32 Blackburn Henry 8/12 m m   Kentucky     Sept   pertussis
43 Andrews Mary B 73 f w w Virginia     Sept   diabetes
43 Toliver Samuel 18 m m   Kentucky     Apr   heart disease
44 Metcalfe Drake 2/12 m w   do     July   cholera infantum
54 McMeekin Saml 33 m w m do     Nov butcher heart disease
58 Daugherty Hugh 40 m w   Ireland 1 1 Aug farm hand killed from fall
65 Fishback Charles 2/12 m w   Kentucky 1 1 Apr   inflammation brain
73 Hines Thomas 30 m m m Ohio     June farm hand phthisis
88 Combs Geo 24 m b m Kentucky     Sept do   do pneumonia
90 Sprake Edward G 6/12 m w   do     Apr   bronchitis
96 Wood nameless 1 f b   do     Apr   scrofula
129 Kinney Robt P 83 m w w Virginia     Nov   old age
149 Smith Kate 8 f b   Kentucky     Jan   overdose of whisky
168 Peters Permelia 80 f b w Virginia     May   old age
194 Montague Sarah 28 f w m Kentucky     March keeping house phthisis
194            Laura B. 9 f w   do     April   measles
194            William 7 m w   do     April   measles
194            Daniel 1/12 m w   do     April   phthisis
197 Ware William 8 m m   do     Oct   phthisis
218 Beadle Sarah 10 f b   do     Aug domestic svt spotted fever
232 Shier Geo W 25 m w   South Carolina     March   phthisis
247 Berry William 8/12 m b   Kentucky     March   smothered overlaid
257 Williams Adelphia 22 f b m do     Aug domestic worms
257 Nichols Emma 24 f b   do     Feb do phthisis
263 nameless 1/12 f m   do     Oct   unknown
283 Andrews Mary 32 f w m do     Apr keeping house phthisis