Fayette County Kentucky 1860 Mortality schedules

Fayette County Kentucky
1860 Mortality Schedules
District No. 2  Page 3

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.

NAME Age Sex Color Free/
 Place of
 Month   of  Death  Profession
Occup.,       Trade
Cause of death Number
Days ill
District No. 2
Page 3
Mollie 1/12 f m s   KY Nov   unknown 2
Eliza Higgins 25 f   m   KY July   peritenotus 7
Martha Salyers 10 f       KY Jany   worms 5
Charles Heber 1/12 m       Germany Jany   unknown 10
Richmond 60 m b s   VA Dec field hand dropsy 2 years
James 4 m m s   KY Dec   diptheria 2
Joseph 1 m m s   KY Aug   unknown 1 year
Manuel A 1/12 m b s   KY Jan   unknown  
Samuel Haggin 77 m       KY Aug farmer jaundice 30
John 1/12 m b s   KY Jany   unknown 5
William Logan 78 m       Penn May farmer old age 2 weeks
Julia Logan 44 f       KY Oct housewife congestive chill 8
Amanda Logan 8/12 f b s   KY Dec   inflammation stomach 1 month
Henry Logan 55 m b s   KY Sept field hand unknown 1 year
Wm M Mann 7 m       KY Feby   scarlet fever 8
Milton Mayfield 25 m       KY August carpenter disease bladder 6 months
George James 22 m       KY Nov laborer typhoid fever 1 month
Lucy 5 f b s   KY Aug   consumption 1 year
Wm 1 m b s   KY Nov   unknown  
Fabius 9/12 m b s   KY Jany   burned to death  
Rachael Hougton 93 f       New Jersey Oct   old age 2 weeks
Sarah Fraeland 56 f       Maryland Nov   typhoid fever 2 weeks
Robert Russell 65 m b s   KY Dec farmhand disease of the heart 4 weeks
Millard Sutton 15 m         June   fever 8
Jane 2 f b s   KY Sept   scarlet fever 3
Lou A Tarlton 18 f       KY July   child birth  
Lounora Tarlton 1/12 f       KY July   inflammation bowels  
Charles 20 m b s   KY Sept fieldhand inflammation brain 3
Andrew 36 m b s   KY March fieldhand pneumonia 8
Jefferson 49 m b s   KY Feby fieldhand disease of the heart 2 ms
Louis 1/12 m b s   KY Jany   smothering  
Lucey 3/12 f b s   KY March   dropsy brain 2 ms
Nannie W  Parker 30 f       KY Nov   giving birth 4 ms
Wilson Parker 3/12 m       KY Aug   pneumonia 1 week
Richard Higgins 9/12 m       KY Aug   whooping cough 6 weeks

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