Fayette County Kentucky 1860 Mortality schedules

Fayette County Kentucky
1860 Mortality Schedules
District No. 2  Page 1

Federal Mortality Census Schedules, 1850-1880 (formerly in the custody of the Daughters of the American Revolution), and Related Indexes, 1850-1880;
United States National Archives and Records Administration micropublication T655, roll 28.

Notes from District No. 2 pages:
The only disease which has prevailed to any extent in County and City is Diptheria or putrid sore throat, generally fatal particularly among children. The water soil and rock are fairly limestone. The timber walnut and hackberry, white hickory and burr oak interspersed here and there with a thrifty growth of sugar trees, white ash  &c &c &c. Lime is the greatest natural for them, no other facts worth stating  under this head.
B.H. Watts
NAME Age Sex Color Free/
 Place of
 Month   of  Death  Profession
Occup.,       Trade
Cause of death Number
Days ill
District No. 2
Page 1
Celina Rice 32 f       KY Feby seamstress kidney disease 1 year
Jessie 10/12 m m s   KY Aug   white swelling 30
Sallie 3/12 f m s   KY Dec   smothering  
Matilda 22 f m s   KY Jany   typhoid fever 7
Frances 15 f m s   KY Jany   typhoid fever 14
Katherine 8 f m s   KY March   typhoid fever 14
Annie Elbert 13 f       KY Nov   scarlet fever 10
Eugene Elbert 3 f       KY Nov   scarlet fever 10
Richard 10 m b s   KY Nov   scarlet fever  
John 5 m b s   KY May   pneumonia  
William 4 m m s   KY May   pneumonia  
Nathan 2 m m s   KY May   pneumonia  
James Latham 6 m       KY Nov   putrid sore throat 7
Maggie Latham 9 f       KY Jany   putrid sore throat 7
Eliza 65 f b s   KY unknown   inflammation of stomach 1 year
Louisa 6/12 f m s   KY May   whooping cough 30
Ann McCullough 22 f     m Ireland May   consumption 90
Charles 6 m b s   KY Jany   unknown 2
Laban Headington 87 m       Maryland Jany   cancer on stomach 180
Phebe Headington 12 f       KY Oct   fever 1
James Webster 2 m       KY Nov   diptheria 7
Ben 45 m m s   VA Sept farmhand heart disease 90
Isaac 35 m b s   VA Feby farmhand dropsy 60
Maria 1 f b s   KY March   unknown 2
Aaron 67 m b s   KY Feby farmhand old age 100
Millie 65 f b s   KY Dec cook polio 1
William Cox 23 m     m Indiana Oct carpenter fever 18
Nancy Wheatley 1/12 f       KY March   unknown 5
Mary 2 f b s   KY Aug   fever  
Robert Roland 45 m w     KY March Baptist D.D. consumption 120
Lucy 21 f b s   KY March cook pneumonia 30
Millie 41 f b s   KY April   unknown 180
David 7/12 m b s   KY Sept   unknown 1
Margaret Sayres 30 f     m   Sept   consumption 30
George W. Vaughn 4           Dec   diptheria 7

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