Free Persons of Color 1838 Fayette County Ky

Free Persons of Color Named as 
Heads of Families / Engaged in Business 
in Fayette County, Kentucky, 1838

From the Directory of the City of Lexington and County of Fayette For 1838 & '39 by Julius P. Bolivar Mac Cabe, Lexington: Printed by J.C. Noble, Nos. 6&7, Hunt's Row 1838. 
Abbreviations used in the directory: St. for street, ab above, bw below, bn between, c corner, r residence, op opposite, r s right side, l s left side, E. East. W. West, N. North, S. South.

Austin Robt., cigar maker, 20 N Upper st.
Bell John W., livery stable keeper, 41 W. Water st.
Bell Jane, seamstress, l s W. Second st bn Jefferson st. and Georgetown rd.
Bell Thomas, gardner, S. Mulberry st bn High and Maxwell
Berresford Betty, laundress, 78 E. Main st.
Blue Rolley, r s S. Mulberry st bn High and Maxwell
Blueford Jerry, mason, r s Jefferson st bn Short and Second
Brackenridge Wilcher, porter, 76 W. Main st.
Brown John, hack driver, Back st c E. Short
Brown Seely, laundress, W. High st bn Mill and Main cross st or Broadway
Buckner Charles, cooper, S Upper st ab Col. Dunham's.
Campbell Susan, laundress, l s Second, near Jefferson st
Carter Felicia, laundress, l s W. Main st bn Jefferson st and Georgetown Road
Cass Abbee, laundress, S. Mulberry st bn High and Maxwell
Claiborn Edward, ropemaker, W. Short bn Mechanics' Alley and Jefferson st
Claiborn Solomon, blacksmith, W. Short bn Spring and Jefferson sts
Clark Hannah, laundress, S Upper st, bn High and Maxwell
Clark Martha F. seamstress, E. Short st bn N. Mulberry and Walnut
Cromwell Robert, Church st bn N Upper and Mulberry st
Goin John S., hairdresser, mediteranean baths, 24 E Main st.
Hawkins Lawson, grocer and confectioner, 17 E Main st
Holmes John, laborer, N Upper st st ab Fourth
Jackson Eliza, laundress, Church st. bn Mulberry & Market
Jackson Sally A., shoe binder, E Short st bn N Mulberry and Walnut
Jackson Willis, gardner, E Short bn Walnut and Back st.
Jackson Robt., white washer, rear of 6 Jordan's Row
Johnson Lizy, laundress, l s S Upper bn High & Maxwell st.
Jones John, painter, Fourth c N Upper st.
Keiser Betsy, laundress, E Second st near N Mulberry
Keiser Nathan, mason, W Second bn Mechanics'
Keller Lucy, laundress, W High st c Main-Cross st or Broadway alley and Jefferson st
Kenney Mary, weaver, 45 W Water st
Langham Phillis, laundress, S Mulberry bn High and Maxwell
Mason, Micajah, shoemaker, W. Water st bn N Mill and Broadway
Oldham Samuel, fashionable hairdresser, Caladonian Baths 18 E Main st r S Mulberry st., bn High and Maxwell sts.
Oliver Edward, boot and shoe maker, 4 E Water st.
Pee Parker, boot and shoe maker, 23 W Short st.
Perry George, grocer, 12 E Water st, r High near Upper
Ross Lucy, laundress, 49 W Water st.
Seal Dennis, livery stable, 14 E Water st., r 9 E High st.
Smith Harvey, barber, 17 E Water st., r S Mulberry
Steuban Barron, barber and hair dresser, 44 W Short st.
Tandy Mary, laundress, l s W Short st bw Spring st
Tanner William, shoemaker, E Short st bn Walnut and Bank sts
Taylor John, hack driver, 9 E Short st
Taylor William, painter, E Short st bn Walnut and Back
Tibbs & Scott, barbers, 19 Water st
Tibbs Benjamin, grocer and fruiter, 21 E Water st
Tucker Matthew, grocer, N Upper st. c Fourth
Tucker Hannah, confectioner and dealer in fancy goods,14 S Upper st.
Warfield Samuel, r s Mechanics alley near Short st.
Wells Preston, barber, 50 W Short st.
Wells Erasmus, joiner, 6 W High st.
Williams, Edward, joiner, 6 W High st.

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