Fayette County

Fayette County, Kentucky Data Excerpted from the
California Department of Insurance
Slavery Era Insurance Registry

On May 1, 2002, the California Department of Insurance made available on its Web site data submitted by insurance companies on slavery-era insurance policies. One hundred and twenty of the slaves named were insured in Fayette County, Kentucky. That information is presented on this page. For information on the California law leading to this disclosure, as well as the full report to the California Legislature and the entire Slavery Era Insurance Registry both by Name of Slave and by Name of Slaveholder, visit the Web site of the California Department of Insurance.

Name of Slave


Other Identifying 

Submitted by
A=American Intl. Group, Inc.
N=New York Life Ins. Co.
Abram Thompson, Charles R.   A
Agnes Kemp. J.L.   A
Alexander Hunter, John J.   A
Alexander Morgan, J.H. & C.C., owners   A
Alfred Grinstead, James A., owner   A
Alic Morgan, John H.   A
Allan Williams Hamilton, W.C., owner   A
Andrew Hunter, John J.   A
Ann Chiles, H.W.   A
Anthony Scott, P.   A
Armistead Morgan, John H.   A
Ben Montgomery, William   A
Ben Morgan, John H.   A
Ben Varnum Hamilton, W.C., owner   A
Breckinridge Childers, A.L. & J.J., owners   A
Burrell Thompson, Chas. R.   A
Caroline Morgan, John H., owner assigned   A
Caroline Newberry, W.H.   N
Charles Scott, P.   A
Chrisman Hamilton, W.C.   A
Clem McGowan, J.R. NOT LISTED Policy Number(s): 450 (1165) N
Clem Boone Todhunter, P.E. & W.G., owners   A
Daly Hunter & Bruce   A
David Hamilton, W.C.   A
David Morgan, John H.   A
David Scott, P.   A
Dean Scott, P.   A
Dick Cook Scott, P.   A
Dick Field Hamilton, Wesley C.   A
Elijah Hunter & Bruce, owners   A
Ellen Hunter, John J.   A
Enoch Grinstead, James A., owner   A
General Yarnell, Isaac M., owner   A
George Hamilton, W.C.  


George Thompson, Chas. R.   A
George Wilson, John L.   A
George Blackston Harper, Catharine Waiter on steamboat running bet. Louisville and N.O. Policy Number(s): 647 N
George Brents Brents, George   A
George Clark Morgan, John H.   A
George Peel Hunter & Bruce   A
George Vinegar Morgan, John H.   A
George Wallace Hamilton, W.C.   A
Georgiana Bruce, Ja? M.   A
Harriet, a slave Bush, James M.   A
Hayes Bodley, Charles L.  


Henderson Milton, W.E.  


Henry Castleman, Martha, owner   A
Henry Morgan, John H., owner   A
Henry Elrdige Morgan, J.H. & C.C., owners   A
Henry Jones Hamilton, W.C.   A
Horace Morgan John H.   A
Ira Morgan, John H., owner   A
Ishmael (Leave) Cummingway, Thomas (?)   A
Jacobs Webb, Louisa, owner   A
James or Jim Jackson Bush, James M., owner   A
Jem Scott, P.   A
Jerry Scott, P.   A
Jesse Hunter, John J.   A
Jim Hunter & Bruce  


Jim Clark Morgan, John H.   A
Jim Martin Morgan John, H.   A
John Bush, James M.   A
John Scott, P.   A
John Man Hunter, John J.   A
John Taylor Hunter & Bruce, owners   A
Jordan Hunter & Bruce   A
Joshua Scott, P.   A
Lena Hunter, John J., owner   A
Leonard Bruce, Ja? M.   A
Lewis Castleman, Martha, owner   A
Lewis Scott, P.   A
Lewis Webb Hunter & Bruce, owners, assigned to W.W. Bruce, Lexington   A
Logan Scott, P.   A
Lucy Morgan, John H.   A
Maria Hunter, John J.   A
Marshall Brang, George W.   A
Martha Parker, John, owner   A
Matilda Windell, Rich ?   A
Moses Spurr, Barbara   A
Nathan Scott, P.   A
Nathan Hunter & Bruce   A
Ned Morgan, John H.   A
Ned Blades Hamilton, W.C.   A
Nelson Lyle, Isabella   A
Nelson Lyle, John T., (Isabella Lyle)   A
Nelson Parker, John, owner   A
Nicholas Morgan, J.W. (owner Turner Ashley)  


Page Brown Hamilton, Wesley C.   A
Perry Brown Hamilton, W.C.   A
Peter Morgan, John H.   A
Rebecca Robards, Lewis C.   A
Richard Montgomery, William   A
Richard Scott, P.   A
Robert Parker, John, owner   A
Robert Johnson Walker Hamilton, W.C.   A
Reuben Morgan Scott, P., owner   A
Sam Morgan, John H.   A
Samuel Breckinridge Scott, P.   A
Samuel Hawkins Scott, P.   A
Samuel Shephard Hamilton, W.C.   A
Sarah Messick, Martha M., owner   A
Sinclair Hunter, John J.   A
Stephen Hart, Ann M., owner   A
Sterling Scott, P.   A
Susan Shaw, Hiram   A
Tarlton Hunter & Bruce   A
Theodore Bruce, John J.   A
Tom Hunter Hunter, John J.   A
Tom Wood Hunter & Bruce   A
Warren Morgan, John H.   A
Washington Castleman, C.W., owner   A
Wiatt Goodloe, D.J., owner   A
William Thompson, Chas. R.   A
William Harper, Catharine Cook on steamboat running bet. Louisville and N.O. Policy Number(s): 646 N
William Curd Hunter & Bruce   A
William Hunter Hunter, John J., owner   A
William Madison Morgan, John H.   A
William Phillips Morgan, John H.   A
Willis Lilly, Evan   A
Woodson Bush, Ja? M.   A

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