W.I. Ferguson cemetery

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W. I.  Ferguson Cemetery

Located on a Point, Overlooking Pasture Creek,
off  Hwy. 172, near the community of
Crockett, Morgan County, Kentucky

Ferguson, W I 12/25/1855 10/16/1937 An honest man is the noblest work of God
Ferguson, Mary 3/11/1859 9/11/1941 She was the sunshine of her home….Wife of W I Ferguson
Ferguson, Isaac 2/2/1919 1/10/1999  
Ferguson, Edna Marie 1/29/1917 10/16/1989 Wife of Isaac Ferguson married 7/27/1937
Ferguson, Arnold 3/21/1925 1/18/1987  
Ferguson, Leaborn 11/11/1915 5/9/1957  
Ferguson, Newt 2/17/1922 12/24/1941 After graduation of high school, went to hunt work, but was killed by train in East Chicago, IN
Ferguson, Jim Ed 10/16/1913 3/27/1933 Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal
Ferguson, Myrtle 2/17/1888 7/8/1929 A tender mother and faithful friend
Ferguson, Leander 7/23/1878 6/29/1950 A friend to his country and a believer in Christ
Cox, Chloe Ferguson 5/27/1897 1/12/1921 Married May 17 1916, but doesn’t note to whom
Ferguson, James F 2/28/1862 8/14/1956 In the land where we’ll never grow old
Ferguson, Matilda 9/17/1867 4/1/1956 Where the flowers bloom forever….Wife of James Ferguson married 3/19/1886
Ferguson, William Isaac 12/1/1909 11/29/1964 The Star of Hope forever grows
Ferguson, Lexie Fyfee 2/23/1908 12/11/1993 Gone Home….Wife of William Isaac Ferguson married 5/27/1936
Ferguson, Henry Haden 1903 1975  
Ferguson, Annie Ellen 1903 1978 Wife of Henry Haden Ferguson
Ferguson, Elmo 12/14/1924   Death Date buried underground unreadable
Ison, Sarah Jane 8/24/1884 7/1/1958  
 Two  unmarked graves were
found there.