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Danville Boyle County African-American
Historical Society

108 No Second St, Danville, KY  40422
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President -- Michael Thomas Hughes
Vice President -- Charles D Grey
Secretary/Publicity -- Michael J Denis
Treasurer -- Betty White
Program Development Consultant -- Regina Brayboy
Administrative Assistant -- Debbie Prince
Events Coordinator -- Linda Warren
Research Coordinators -- Bill Stocker, Barry Sanborn
Military Consultant -- James Hunn

DBCAAHS Basic Information

The Danville Boyle County African American Historical Society is a non-profit charitable organization (501(c)(3) dedicated to preserving Black history in Boyle County, Kentucky.

The Danville-Boyle County African American Historical Society is committed to the collection, preservation, accessibility, promotion, and communication of the history of the Danville-Boyle County African American community.  

We believe our responsibility is to ensure that our presence, existence, and contributions provide the public knowledge that is essential for future generations to understand and appreciate the African American heritage in this community.

We welcome everyone to support our mission, use our resources, participate in our programs, and become a member. 

Amelia Sleet Burton Colored School

African Americans in Boyle County
-- publication in September 2022.

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Vital Records

We Were Here:  African American History in  Danville and Boyle County
History of communities, people, schools, churches, military,  anything having to do with African American history in Danville and Boyle County -- updated April 2022
African American Genealogies of  Boyle County, Kentucky
At nearly 1,150 pages, and over 1200 surnames, this is a comprehensive genealogy of Black families in Boyle County and other area counties.
Hilldale Cemetery Records
(As of June 2021) -- Over 1,800 MAPPED burials in all FIVE sections of this historic cemetery, plus another 1,600 burials for those who rest there, but have no markings. 
Cemetery Records 
(other than Hilldale)
Funeral Programs Census Records

Death Records


 Other Records

Bate School City Directories Military Records
Schools Free Blacks 1852 Wills Listing Slaves

Churches Organizations Settlements

Interviews of African Americans -- Centre College professor, Dr. Jeffrey Shenton, with whom we have been working for several months advises us that "The oral history site from ANT 389 is up and running! . . . This site represents the first draft of an ongoing project and this certainly can and should change according to your suggestions and future data collection."  https://creatingadiversecentre.omeka.net/exhibits/show/livedhistories

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