Street Scenes

"Go Back And Get It"

Danville Boyle County
Historical Society

Street Scenes

In and around South Second Street, Danville, KY

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1.  Taxi Stands on South Second Street, about 1947

2.  South First at West Walnut

3.  East side, South Second Street

4.  West side, South Second Street

5.  Henson Hotel and the bus station (now Burke's Bakery), northwest corner North Second and West Main Streets.

6.  East side, South Second Street

7.  East side, South Second Street

8.  Northwest corner of South Second and West Walnut Streets

9.  Near or in front of McDowell House

10.  State Theater, Henson Hotel and Greyhound bus station, north side West Main Street

11.  Tibb's Pool Room, South Second Street; upstairs Dr John Frye's office, small building was the Kelsey Building.

12.  Bowman Home, South Second Street

13.  Danville Colored Fair, c1895-1900

14.  Basketball -- In the days before the full court at the Salvation Army, there was a dirt half court on 3rd St behind the old laundromat, now Brothers Barbeque. The court was put in by William "Faulk" Faulkner for his son Melvin Faulkner about 1966 or 1967, and it became known as Melvin Faulkners. It was a dirt court with a wood backboard. Most of the games were three on three, and sometimes four on four. If your team lost then the chances of your playing again on that day were slim, because the court was always crowded with people calling next. A lot of guys would come down to the court because the competition was the best around. Players like Leonard Coulter, Ronald Raines, Larnell Harris, Michael "Pete" Cowherd, Billy Joe Coulter, Lawrence Hamilton, just to name a few, all kicked up dust on Melvin Faulkner's court. They had to learn the real skills of the game because no one dunked and there was no such thing as 3 point play, just hard nosed basketball on a court that was made available to neighborhood from a heck of a nice man. The court is grown up now but the memories come to life every time someone mentions playing basketball over at Melvin Faulkners.

15.  The "Chicken Shack".  It was located next door to the McDowell House. From 1957, Chamber of Commerce Scrapbook. It was torn down by 1960.

16.  Former "Colored" Presbyterian Church torn down.  This was an offshoot of the current Presbyterian Church near McDowell Park.  It's Twisted Sifter began, and Chocolates'n'More is now. It's shown on the earlier Sanborn maps.

17.  Constitution Square about 1940.  Doric Lodge and First Baptist Church in the background

18.  Fisher Row Houses demolition before restoration, with the Watts Bell House beside it.  This was the home of The Richardson Family. Also in front of the home is an automobile that we believe belonged to Mr. Leon Richardson.

19.  Goldsmith House prior to renovation, now the gift shop for Constitution Square

20.  Henson Hotel and Greyhound Depot (now Burke's Bakery)

21.  McDowell House before restoration

22.  McDowell House before restoration

23.  Rialto Shoppe, in McDowell House before restoration

24.  Duplex on Oak St prior to urban renewal

25.  Terrell Drive Swimming Pool, 1960

26.  Watts-Bell House, where Either One Richardson's family lived, 108 So First St


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