"Go Back And Get It"

Danville Boyle County
Historical Society

Buildings and Businesses

In and around South Second Street, Danville, KY

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1.  Dedication of restored McDowell House, 20 May 1939

2.  Doric Lodge #18 Hall

3.  Bailey Wilder's filling station, next to a restaurant

4.  Red Top - Duncan Hill - Mable Harlan and Mayme Davis.

5.  Row Houses on South First.  The building with the porch was Either One Richardson's house.

6.  Elite Pool Room, east side, South Second Street

UBF Hall

8.  Next to McDowell House

9. Goldsmith House, corner South Second and West Walnut

10.  Bailey Wilder's filling station, southeast corner South Second and West Main

11. William Baughman residence, MLK Blvd

12.  Masonic Lodge, restaurants, grocery

13.  Cream Station, Danville Poultry and Egg, Fisher Row

14.  House Fire corner MLK Blvd and South Second Street, 1971

15.  Second Street Renewal, 1974, Circus Poster

16.  Second Street Renewal, 1974, Circus Poster

17.  Ashland Service Station and cab stand, corner So 2nd and Walnut

18.  Business Card or Advertisement, Bunny's Service Station

19.  Row houses, South Second Street

20.  Row houses, South Second Street

21.  First Baptist Church, So Second and West Walnut, before fire in 1960s.



24.  Bate School, Second addition to original building

25.  412 South 4th St

26.  502 South 4th St, April 1991

27.  Coffee Cup Restaurant, 1984

28.  Owsley's, 518 South 3rd St

29.  Davistown, Ted's House and Store

30.  Dowell McCowan's Barber Chair --  Photo taken at Different Strokes Styling Salon, proprietor Stacy Bowman-Johnson.

31.  Wilsonville School, with Ella Marshall

32.  The White House, corner So Second and W Main

33.  Richard Frye in front of Drieser Auto, East Main


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