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Bate School History Files

Few places are as endearing to older African Americans in the Boyle County area than the Bate School.  Charles Grey and Linda Warren have been collecting everything and anything related to the history of Bate, its principals, teachers, students, student activities, commencement programs, funeral programs of alumni/ae, etc.

The files are somewhat logically named, but Bate alums will probably just enjoy browsing them.

Various photos of Bate Athletics are found HERE.

In the 2000 Reunion booklet, all faculty and students of Bate are listed.

Bate Alumni Association 2003 Bate Chatterbox 1942-1962 Bate Chatterbox 1945-1949
Bate Chatterbox 1949-1953 Bate Class of 1960 Reunion, 2010 Bate High School 1912 on
Bate High School 1952-1959 Bate High School 1959-1963 Bate School 1963-1977
Files about Prof. Bate Various Photos Bate Reunion 2000
Bate School, Various Items Bate Senior Class 1963 Bate Class of 1960, Reunion
Batesonian, 1946, 1955, 1962, 1964 Batesonian, 1946, 1955, Part 2 Batesonian, 1962, 1964, Part 2
Berea College Founders Day 2002, honoring Bate family descendants Berea College Founders Day 2002, part 2 "Citizen" Newspaper
"Journal", Kentucky Negro Education Association Kentucky Negro Education Association

Bate School Historical Marker Dedication

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