Families and Genealogies

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Danville Boyle County
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Families and Genealogies

Danville and Boyle County, 
African-American Family Histories

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At nearly 1,100 pages, and over 1700 surnames, this is a 
comprehensive genealogy of African-American families in 
Boyle County and other area counties, notably 
Casey, Garrard, Lincoln an Mercer Counties.

This file makes extensive use of 

  1. Boyle County marriage records from 1866 to 1976

  2. Lincoln County marriages from 1866 to about 1918

  3. Clippings from Danville newspapers, 1820 to the present

  4. Kentucky death records from 1911 to 1965

  5. Kentucky birth records from 1911 to 1999

  6. Many out-of-state death and marriage records

  7. Civil War enlistment records at Camp Nelson

  8. World War I and World War II Draft registration and Enlistments.

Other than some minor revisions and additions, this file is nearly as complete as I can make it.  It will never be totally finished, but ...

PLEASE share this file freely, and submit additions and/or corrections to me at "mdenis46@gmail.com"

UPDATED  30 May 2019


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