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Boyle and Lincoln County Marriages

Boyle County "Colored" marriages are in segregated volumes, up to about 1943, and in integrated volumes from Book 44 on.  Book 1C is the "Declarations of Marriage", and Books 2-22 and 44-54 are the legal "colored" marriages.  One volume, 19W, contains African-American records intermixed with white records.  This file includes Boyle County African-American marriages from 1865 up to about 1965.

Lincoln "Colored" marriages are in segregated volumes, but they are filed in an integrated manner.  Book 12 is the "Declarations of Marriage", and Books 6, 9, 17, 18, 22, 26 and 41 are the books of legal "colored" marriages.  This file combines all marriages in these books, and is arranged alphabetically by both bride and groom.

Both Boyle and Lincoln marriages are combined in this file's index, as many families were living in both counties over time.

Updated 26 April 2019


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