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Funeral Programs

Funeral Programs of Boyle County African American families and their relatives from 1930s to the present. As many newspapers would not print obituaries of African Americans, families and funeral homes developed programs for the funerals.  Contributors to this collection include:

Charles Grey, Linda Raines Warren, Marthetta Clark, Mack Cloud, Rosetta Ford, Charlotte Gray, Glen Grey, Mae Harris, Ella Johnson, James Hunn, Mary Joyce Kinley, Sharon & Alonzo McGuire, Billy Richardson, Emma Shannon, Sarah Riffe, Viola Singleton, Mary Sleet, Lyda Smalley and Flora Story.

Clicking on the letter below will bring up a page which will include the file.  All pages have, as well, a list of names in that file - the names are NOT links, so they are not "clickable."  These files are HUGE, and they contain in total well over 1,600 funeral programs, most of which are at least 2 pages, for a total of well over 3,200 pages.  This project is massive, and full credit goes to Charles DeRoy Grey and Linda Raines Warren who scanned almost all of them.

Open the files in Adobe Reader (available HERE), then click on "bookmarks" on the left margin.  By using the bookmarks, one may scroll easily through the file.

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