Funeral Programs - Sp-Sw

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Danville Boyle County
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Funeral Programs - Sp-Sw

The File

Contents of the File:

Spalding, James A Spalding, Yvette Renee Bedinger Spaulding, Annie Bell Kennedy Spaulding, Benjamin Leon Sr Spaulding, Catherine Turner
Spaulding, Christine Napier Spaulding, Elwood Spaulding, Eugene B Spaulding, John Henry Spaulding, Mary Abigail Yocum
Spaulding, Mary Willie Patton Spaulding, Richard Jr Spaulding, Thomas H Spaulding, Verlena Spears, Christine Anderson Walker
Spencer, Minnie Mary Spoonamore, Victoria Caprice Stallworth, Bobbie lee Stallworth, James Lawrence "Stally" Stallworth, John "Johnny"
Stephens, Catherine Riffe Stephens, Lucy Jones Stephens, Sidney Stevenson, David L Stevenson, Hubert
Stevenson, John Robert Stevenson, Thelma Delphine Hayes Stevenson, William T Stevenson, Willie Belle Hayes Stewart, James Green
Stewart, Mary Catherine Green Stewart, Nancy E Stewart, Pearl Stewart, Willie Jr Stigall, Janice Ann
Stone, Margie Pauline Sallee Stout, Louis Strange, Ada Lee Strange, Elby R Strode, Elizabeth "June" Walker
Sullivan, Josephine Simpson Summers, Clyde J Summers, Madeline B Summers, William Conrad Swann, Alene Napier
    Swann, Eliza    


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