Funeral Programs - Q-Ri

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Danville Boyle County
Historical Society

Funeral Programs - Q-Ri

The File

Contents of the File:

Quick, David Paul Quisenberry, Nellie V      
Railey, Samuel Lewis Raines, Betty Jean Current Raines, Charles Edward Raines, John William Sr "JW" Raines, Ronald Cornell
Raines, Thomas Leon Raines, William Thomas "Billy" Rall-Carter, Yvonne Redd, Estella M McBeath Redd, Stanford George
Redd, William Donald Reid, Edwin Logan Revely, Ann Maxine Faulkner Revely, Dora Evans Revely, Thomas Jr
Reynolds, Steven Lee Jr Rice, Alice Vernon Rice, Arthur Levi Jr Rice, Arthur Levin Sr Rice, Carl Henry
Rice, Mae Guest Rice, Pearl Arline Trumbo Rice, Wadke Lee Mayfield Richards, Jessie Elizabeth Frye Richards, Ramona E Leavell
Richardson, Bernice Richardson, Cleo L Richardson, Elise Taylor Caldwell Richardson, Keith R Richardson, Leon
Richardson, Orestes "Tiny" Riffe, Agnes Patton Riffe, James Vernon Riffe, Ray Riffe, William Phillip
    Riley, Joan Maria Jenkins    


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