Funeral Programs - Ph-Pu

"Go Back And Get It"

Danville Boyle County
Historical Society

Funeral Programs - Ph - Pu

The File

Contents of the File:

Peyton, Henderson, Charles should be Henderson, Charles Peyton

Phillips, Doris Elizabeth Weaver Phillips, Marvin Benedict Jr "Moe" Phillips, Marvin Benedict Sr, "Bennie" Pittman, Darnell Taylor Pittman, Flora Singleton
Pittman, Richard Pittman, Rosie Lee Pittman, Viola Langford Pittman, William J Jr "Bill" Pope, Frank Robert
Pope, John Howard III Pope, John Howard Jr Pope, Leo "Daddy" Pope, Mable Fish Pope, William E "Bill"
Porter, Christopher Porter, John Kenneth Porter, Larry Joseph Porter, Mary Christine Hazelwood Porter, Sarah Rosann Chenault
Powell, Adolphus William Prewitt, Colettie Prewitt, George Donald Pryor, Ella P Pryor, Houston
Pryor, Willie Christine Hartford Purdue, Andrew      


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