Funeral Programs - La-Le

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Danville Boyle County
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Funeral Programs - La - Le

The File

Contents of the File:

Lackey, Eddie Lackey, Yvonne King Lancaster, Agnes Coulter Lancaster, Betty Bright Lancaster, Clifford Anthony
Lancaster, Everhart Lancaster, LaShaunda A Lancaster, LaToya Rene Lancaster, Laura Mae Lancaster, Mary Elizabeth Burton
Lancaster, Mattie Lee Ingram Lancaster, Rosa Mae Landrum, James Arthur Lane, William Thadas Langford, Bessie Owsley
Langford, Charles Joseph Langford, John Sr Langford, Lucille L Langston, F Bate Jr Lanham, Dorothy Faye
Lawson, Helena Lawson, Lena Walker Lay, Elwood "Woody" Lay, Ethel Louise Rankin Laye, Mary Helen Hunn
Laython, William Leavell, Anthony Scott Leavell, Elaine Marie Leavell, Georgetta Leavell, Mary Florence
Leavell, William Henry Leavell-Johnson, Cynthia Vernia Lee, Martha Estelle Letcher, Cornell Letcher, Mable
Letcher, Ruby Helen Letcher, William Howard "Buster" Levingston, Zula Lewis, Amelia Carol Lewis, Annie Mae
Lewis, Charles Jr Lewis, Frances Louise Lewis, George Robert Lewis, Helen Louise Lewis, Jeanetta
Lewis, John Thomas Lewis, Joseph Edward Lewis, Lindsey "Burt" Lewis, Mattie Lewis, Miller
Lewis, Richard Greg Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Virginia Kennedy


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