Funeral Programs - F

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Danville Boyle County
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Funeral Programs - F

The File

Contents of the File:

Farris, Leroy Faulkner, Cornelia Faulkner, Dorothy Mae Pope Faulkner, George Faulkner, Georgia B Helm
Faulkner, Lena Garr Faulkner, Lula Trumbo Faulkner, Mermon Allen Faulkner, Norman R "Lonnie" Faulkner, Viola Logan
Faulkner, Walter "Zeb" Faulkner, William "Billy" Faulkner, William Louis Fee, Viola Elizabeth Coffey Fields, Alberta
Fields, Edmund Lott Fields, George Gilbert "GG" Fields, Leona West Fischer, James Stewart Fish, Eugene Jr
Fisher, Bessie Bryant Fisher, Matthew Fisher, Mattie Mae Hunt Fitzgerald, Leonard Emanual "Moochie" Fitzgerald, Maggie Jae
Fitzgerald, Ogeby Fitzgerald, Willie Pat Floyd, David Ford, Chester Ford, Curtis Lee
Ford, James Allen Ford, Jewell "Gerald" Ford, Lawrence Ford, Lillie Mae Turner Ford, Lucille Cowherd
Ford, Luther Sr Ford, Martha Deloris Ford, Nancy Wray Taylor Ford, Odra "Audrey" Mae Ford, Otis "Slim"
Ford, Sharrona Norrita Ford, Walter Lee "Flick" Foye, Carnell Franklin, Ronnie Gene "Corky" Frye, George Washington "GW"
Frye, James Edward "Turnip" Frye, James Frye, John Goodwin Frye, William "Billy" Funderburk, Mary Elizabeth Doneghy
    Fykes, Charles Edward    


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