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This site is dedicated to the Coal Miners of Kentucky, who worked deep in the cold dark tunnels with only a carbide lamp to light the way.  Many lost their lives due to the neglect of operators who in some cases robbed the miner of his dignity, his honor and  his rights to earn a decent living for his family. I am a coal miners daughter. One of eight children who lived in a four room company house, in a company camp, traded at the company store, with company scrip. To get silver money a miner got 85 cents in silver for every dollar in scrip. My dad did owe his soul to the company store.  Proud to be a daughter of a Kentucky Coal Miner. Proud of my southern heritage.
Elva Nolan Morgan

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Please add your coal miners names, mine, photos, coal camps and stories. We can't afford to lose our past to progress. [email protected]

  Keep the memory of  the Coal Miner alive,
let us not let anyone forget the contributions he made for this Country
Harlan Ky, 1939
Nine Hundred National Guard was sent to Harlan County under the disguise of keeping the peace. The strike lasted nine months.Local miners viewed this action as strike breaking. Striking Miners referred to outside men as *Scabs* as they were escorted to and from the mines under heavy security, order given by Governor A.B “Happy”Chandler 
Photographer Unknown


Hazard Jellico Coal Miners

First Creek Company Store 

Ages Ridge Coal Miners Photo

Day Shift 1940

Bardo Coal Miners
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 Harlan Kentucky:  Coal Miners Deaths
Southeastern District



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Cathy Prothro
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Dept. of Mines and Minerals
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502-573-0146 ext. 248
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3. Ralph Nolan 

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Arban Earl Sigsbee and others Unidentified Coal Miners
Andrew J. Walker, b. 3 Mar 1865 Katherine Ferrels Coal Mining Family
Coal Camp Grammar School,  Lejunior, KY Black Mountain Mines 30-30#
Blue Diamond Mines Coal Camp Clover Gap Company Store
Lynch Ky Coal Camp School Two  Unknown Dixie  Darbie  Miners
Blue Diamond Mine Blue  Diamond Tennis Courts
Richard Tackett Jerry's Coal Mining Photos
James F.Burns and Cy Jones 
           Berse and Jane Combs Davis
Berse Davis Obit 

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