Taylor Broughton Cemeter
 Taylor Broughton Cemetery


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Submitted to the KyGenWeb by:  Cassy Williams

Taylor Broughton  Cemetery it is located on Stinking Creek

Anyone interested in more information about this cemetery can contact myself, 
Joyce Collins at joycecollins@compuserve.com 
or David Gambrel at dgambrel@mail.searnet.com the one who takes care of the 
cemetery. I have to thank David publicly as well. He has cared for this 
cemetery for many years without any help. However he is now in need of some 
small contributions as he has started a family of his own and we hope to hire 
someone to take care of it ie. mowing. Please contact him on that end 

.1) Litha Messer (unmarked rock only) d. 1930s d/o Mossie Broughton Messer g 
d/o Susie Taylor Broughton.

2) Bessie B. Gambrel 10 March 1903 - 10 Aug 1944 d/o Susie Taylor Broughton, 
back of stone) Beloved mother of Otis, Custer, Mona, Lay, Geneva, 
Denver, Willard, Alene, Rita 

3) Susie T. Broughton 15 Mar 1870 - 24 Jan. 1954 d/o Harrison and Mary A. 
Hutchins Taylor

4) Millard Broughton Ap 1893 - 6 June 1947 s/o Susie T. Broughton

5) Gilbert Broughton (unmarked rock only) 1905 - 2 Aug 1903

6) Broughton (unmarked rock only) name not known, child of Gilbert Broughton

7) Infant (unmarked rock only) name not known

8) Infant (unmarked rock only) name not known

9) Infant (unmarked rock only) name not known

10) Believed to be wife of John Mills, according to Garrett Broughton at 
visit to cemetery in 1996

11) Infant (unmarked rock only) name not known

12) Infant (unmarked rock only) name not known

13) Infant (unmarked rock only) child of Maudie Broughton Sizemore Simpson

14) Maudie Broughton Sizemore Simpson (unmarked rock only) Ap 1894-?, 
indentified by Mona Gambrel Bryant d/o of Bessie on 1992 visit to 

15) Harrison Taylor 18 Mar 1836 - 13 Feb. 1904

16) Mary A. Hutchins Taylor 9 Mar 1844 - 1 Jan. 1895

17) (unmarked rock only) believed to be grave of U.S. Grant Taylor s/o 
Harrison and
Mary A. Taylor, according to Garrett Broughton at 1996 visit to cemetery

18) (unmarked rock only) Garrett Broughton wasn't sure if it was Grant Taylor 
wife, one of Harrison and Mary's daughters or Cornelius Taylor or his 
wife Sarah.

19) (unmarked rock only) Both Garrett Broughton and Mona G. Bryant indicated 
thought their grandmother had told them this was Cornelius Taylor's 

20) Jim Matt Broughton 1907 - 1961 father of Claude, Clyde and Cleveland, s/o 
Taylor Broughton, grave is diagonal.

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