Old Smith-Henson Cemetery
      Old Smith - Henson Cemetery


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Submitted to the KyGenWeb by: Cindy Smith Crane
18 June 2002


Up 200 feet right at the corner of Route 2000 and Carpenter Branch, Plank, KY. 
Little dog trail up by utility pole.

Map and original information compiled by Richard & Betty Turner
2311 S. Canfield-Niles Rd., Youngstown, OH  44515.  Done in 1990

This cem is covered with small & large trees & bushes and may have other
“covered stones”. Cem. Is fenced & covers 1  acres.

T.J. Baker		April 11, 1881			May 3 188?
	Son of Jefferson & China Smith Baker (?)
Martha Smith (twin to Mary) daughters of John & Frances A. Smith	 
			March 6, 1852			Nov 16, 1852
Mary Smith (twin of Martha)
			March 6, 1852			Sept. 2, 1852
John Speed Smith	Dec 28, 1811			March 1858
			New stone 1992
	His wife Frances Anne Waggoner Smith is buried in the Joe Smith Cem.  
His parents, Jabel & Rhoda Jones Smith, are 2 of the illegible stones here.  
Following children of John & Frances in this cem. (illeg. Stones) who died of fever in 1858.
Elizabeth		1837				April 21, 1858
Rosannah		1837				March 26, 1858
Jabel			1841 (?)			May 1, 1858
Charles		1856-7				Dec 26, 1858

Harvey Henson (son of Paul & Margaret Smith Henson) (father of James Wagers (name changed).
His wife was Polly Wagers
			March 3, 1828			Dec 6, 1888

Maggie Smith		Oct. 15, 1880			Sept 4, 1884
Allie Smith		Dec 3, 1885			Aug 12, 1891
New stone put up in 1920’s, dau. Of Joseph & Elizabeth Smith (See Joe Smith Cem).		
Amanda Henson	Born----			Died----, 1884
Sally Henson	----				1908
Wm. Henson		1881
Elbert Hoskins	1928				1972





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