Potter Cemetery

Potter Cemetery

(London direction) make a left onto 421.  Continue straight- making a left onto
Pennington Hill Road Continue straight, making a right onto Potter's Cemetary

Submitted to the KyGenWeb by: Renee Smith and Bev Hildreth

There are numerous other graves in this cemetary, with the tombstones/markers being
illegible and/or completely faded with time.Those transcribed here are the ones that
could be read.  Transcribed by Renee Smith and Mary White Phifer.
Birch Walter b.1928    
Bowling Edward C. 11/3/08 4/19/72 Kentucky SSgt Co A 368 Infantry
Fullwood Glasco A. 12/9/23 4/27/92  
Gipson Abraham 10/3/1893 11/29/52 Kentucky PFC CO C 25 Infantry
World War I
Harris Audrey D. 7/5/31 10/21/94 Wife of Joseph, Mother of Judy, Peggy,
Michael, Joe Jr., Jeannie, Fleather, Albert
Hughes Daisy P. 5/29/28 12/6/95  
Lyttle Roy 9/25/23 2/11/62 Kentucky PVT 941 DM Platoon World War II
Lyttle Daisy P. 9/30/1887 4/4/73  
McKee Georgie 9/10/13 8/11/93  
McKissic Fannie b. 1895    
Pennington Dan 6/28/1870 11/28/28  
Pennington Eleanor 5/9/12 5/30/91  
Pennington Florence 9/19/00 11/11/02 Stone hand etched
Pennington Gary Lynn b. 1959 d. 1998  
Pennington James  4/2/10 10/10/66  
Pennington Lenora b. 1888 d. 1980  
Pennington Nurcie 7/17/1872 12/27/45  
Potter Benjamin 1/25/1894 1/16/61 Kentucky Bugler 1 CL TRP D
9 CAV World War I
Potter Berry E. b. 1858 d. 1932  
Potter Clarice W. 8/6/00 4/9/77  
Potter Earl b. 1904 d. 1989  
Potter Gilbert W. 7/13/10 5/22/54 Kentucky PVT Army Air Force World War II
Potter Harriett     Stone reads "At Rest" along with name  (PHOTO PROVIDED)
Potter Harrison P. 10/4/1892 4/9/77 Married wife, Clarice W., 11/9/1924
Potter James P. 7/15/12 2/15/63 date of death is either 1963 or 1966 (illegible)
Potter Louise 5/20/1881   Stone mostly illegible
Potter Maud b. 1904 d. 1990  
Potter Roy b. 1940 d. 1996  
Walker Alexander 12/7/1873 3/7/55 PVT CO 1 48 REGT US VOL INF
Walker Veronica Lee 11/29/80 4/4/82  
Williams (nee Potter) Louise P. 5/20/1881   Stone mostly illegible
  "Daddy"     Stone mostly illegible
  "Fanny"     Stone mostly illegible (next to stone of Dan Pennington)
  "Lily"     Stone mostly illegible
  "William" 5/8/1870 11/21/28 Surname illegible - stone reads "At Rest"





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