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                Joe Smith Cemetery


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Submitted to the KyGenWeb by: Cindy Smith Crane

Plank, Ky,  Carpenter Branch Road off route 2000, South 421 to Gooserock, east on
1524 to route 2000.  Left on Carpenters Branch Road. Cem  (?) mile on left just before
first house.
Original Map & Cemetery information form Richard C. & Betty A Turner in 1990.

Maggie Smith		Nov 4, 1883		Feb 12, 1897
			Dau. of  Joseph & Elizabeth Corem Smith

Frances A. Smith	Aug 26, 1815		April 14, 1908
Frances Anne Waggoner, wife of John Speed Smith (old Smith Cem.) dau of Rev. Thomas Wagoner

Loyd Smith		Jan 14, 1891		Aug 15, 1907
			Loyd & Alex sons of Joseph & Elizabeth Corem Smith

Bessie Wagers		Feb 3, 1919		Feb 3, 1919
			Dau of Oliver Wagers.

Charlie Smith		May 30, 1922		June 10, 1922
			Son of George & Louise Stewart Smith
			Joseph Smith’s grandson

Arlie Smith		Feb 7, 1905		Dec 29, 1923
			Son of Joseph & Elizabeth Corem Smith

Hazel Smith		Aug 8, 1920		Dec 3 or 8, 1924
Dau of Alex & Belle Smallwood Smith. Belle buried Memorial Cem., Manchester.

Alex Smith		Aug 4, 1894		Jan 4, 1936
			Son to Joseph  & Elizabeth Corem Smith

Stillborn Henson Twins.

Elmer Carpenter	Aug 8, 1931		Dec 10, 1936

Wm Henson		Oct 11, 1849		Sept 19, 1931
William Henson, son of Granvillw & Patsy Henson (new stone 1992	

Sarah Henson		March 1, 1859		April 24, 1930
(Smith)	Wife of William Henson, dau of John Speed Smith & Frances Anne Waggoner,
 sister of Joseph Smith 

Minnie H Elliott	Sept 17,  1914		May 12 1834
(Henson)		dau of Harve Henson, married George Elliott			
Billey Henson		June 20?, 1932	Nov 2, 1934
Sudie, Nennie, Billey and twins; children of Arry (Aurie) and Harvey Henson. Harvey,
Burnette Cem, R421 with 2nd wife.

Sudie H. Farmer		Dec 29, 1910?		Feb 5, 1937
(Henson) 		dau of Harve Henson, married Ernest Farmer

Arry (Foister)Henson		May 12, 1891		Jan 16, 1941

Tabitha Michelle Wagers
March 6, 1985			March 7, 1985

Joseph W. Smith	April 3, 1856			March 21, 1925
Son of John Speed Smith & Frances Ann Waggoner, brother to Thomas “Sweet” Smith
Elizabeth Smith	Nov 2, 1858			April 27, 1943
			Wife of Joe Smith.  Elizabeth Corem (new stones)

Vernon Jones		Jan 12, 1944			Jan 4, 19??




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