Hunter Cemetery
Hunter Cemetery


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Location and Directions:
It's located on Grassy Branch Road on Sexton's Creek. You have to 
go in a holler and then climb about a mile up a big hill on foot. but it's 
worth it. It's known as The HUNTER CEMETERY.

22 Readable headstones
 8 Unreadable headstones

Name Birth Death Comments
Nancy Caudill 8/26/1836 10/1/1884  
Martin Burch 9/10/1849 11/28/1916  
Ellen Burch 2/6/1853 1/10/1930  
Wiley Hunter no dates   just says, "Co. D 47th KY INF" this is James Wiley
Mary Hunter 5/6/1848 12/4/1933 w/o Wiley Hunter. Maiden name Sandlin
M.J. Hunter 1/8/1888   I believe this is Martha Jane who was married to
Thomas Hunter. Her maiden
name is Sandlin.
Thomas Brewer 1858 1900  
Rev. JP Metcalfe 5/1/1857 4/25/1930  
Malvery Metcalfe 3/12/1858 1/20/1928  
James Metcalfe ? 5/6/1928 51 years of age
Lottie Metcalfe 2/13/1876 2/15/1950  
Hurchel Neeley 1/7/1929 3/10/1930  
Charley Gross Jr. 1924 1970  
W.D. Neeley 8/3/1885 4/6/1930  
Emery L. Metcalfe 10/21/1940 2/6/1941  
Robert Blane Metcalfe 1/18/1949 8/1/1949  
Lanny Dale Metcalfe 8/9/1950 2/6/1951  
Ray Hunter 10/6/1941 10/6/1941 stillborn
Blevins Hudson 12/12/1882 8/28/1939  
Lincoln Hudson 3/1/1922 5/1/1935  
Claracum ? 3/20/1928 8/10/1928  
Lansford Banks 9/1/1846 4/8/1908 h/o Harriet D. Hunter


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