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This cemetery is located on a very steep hill across the street from the
Hubbard Missionary Baptist Church. Very visable after you get there. Land is
well kept. The land was donated by The Marvin Grubb family, the son of
Ruebin and Ellen Grubb. Some of the family still lives on the property all
around this large parcel of land donated by the Hubbards. The church was
donated and built by the Hubbards also. They have memorial services in the
Cemetery and hundreds of people come and sit on the ground in the cemetery
to hear singing and preaching. They have built a wood deck around this
clump of large oak trees for the choir and the preacher to stand on while
the service is going on. It is very unique. The families bring blankets to
sit on, There is no level ground for chairs. The memorial service is to
accomodate the many families who have their family reunions the second week
of August each year. They have separate reunions and then all get together
at this Cemetery Memorial on Sunday from 11 am to 1:00 pm. They then have
lunch together in the church members homes in the area.

These are the ones I have in my family tree.

Nasby Hubbard b. Dec 12, 1866 d. Mar 28,1945
Thena Jackson Hubbard b. June 10, 1866 d, Dec 28,1940

Flary Hubbard b. Aug 4, 1898 d. June 10, 1911

Fleming Hubbard b. May 8, 1883 d. April 20, 1948
Julie Grubb b. Qpril 20, 1887 d. April 22, 1971

Isaac Hubbard b. May 4, 1894 d. Mar 4, 1974

Lucinda Hubbard Mosley b. Jan 15, 1893 d. Feb 9 1934

Lucreasia Hubbard Smith b. Sept 23, 1886 d. Mar 1, 1972
Edward Smith b. Jan 10, 1886 d. Feb 8, 1977

Ruebin Grubb b. April 8 1884 d. Jan 18, 1961
Ellen Hubbard Grubb b. Mar 7, 1889 d. July 5, 1974

Mitchell Messer b. April 29, 1888 d. Dec 11, 1969
Amelia Faye Hubbard Messer b. June 6, 1891 d. April 30. 1973

David Hubbard b. May 20, 1924 d. June 16, 1969




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