Farmer/Asher Cemetery
  Farmer / Asher Cemetery


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Submitted By: Lorra Walker
Date Recorded: August 3, 2000
Recorded by: Lorra Walker and Joe Farmer


Thomas J. Asher
B. Nov. 1, 1879
D. Nov. 29, 1945
J. H. Asher
B. May 25, 1853
D. Oct. 27, 1925

Nancy Asher
B. Dec. 17, 1843
D. Oct. 18, 1911

Chola Asher
B. May 18, 1881
D. Feb. 18, 1906

Nora Farmer
B. Sept. 2, 1898
D. June 28, 1901

Raymond York
B. April 15, 1907
D. May 14, 1912

James Morgan
B. Nov. 27, 1904
D. Nov. 27, 1904

Infant of J. C. and Docia Asher
B. Feb. 28, 1924
D. Feb. 28, 1924

Zackariah Morgan
Nancy Morgan
(No dates were listed)
Husband and Wife
Parents of Sarah Jane Morgan-Farmer

J. C. Farmer(John Crittendon Farmer)
B. Feb. 17, 1866
D. Dec. 25, 1902
Husband of Sarah Jane Morgan-Farmer, Father of William Oscar Farmer

William Oscar Farmer
B. Jan. 22, 1896
D. March 29, 1979
Son of John Crittendon Farmer, Husband to Ruby Melton-Farmer, Father of
Linda Jane Smallwood and John William Farmer

Ruby Melton-Farmer
B. April 5, 1929
D. Jan. 14, 1984
Wife of William Oscar Farmer, Mother of Linda Jane Smallwood and John
William Farmer

John William Farmer
B. April 23, 1953
D. Aug. 21, 1993
Son of William Oscar and Ruby-Melton Farmer, Brother to Linda Jane

Linda Jane Smallwood
B. Nov. 16, 1947
D. March 2, 1999
Mother of Oscar Dwayne Smallwood, Daughter of William Oscar and Ruby-
Melton Farmer, Sister of John William Farmer

Oscar Dwayne Smallwood
B. Aug. 1, 1966
D. Jan. 13, 1997
Son of Linda Jane Smallwood

Kenneth Asher
B. April 13, 1929
D. Aug. 15, 1930

Farmer Asher Cemetery at Goose Rock, Kentucky
(On HWY 421 about 5 to 6 miles outside of Manchester, Kentucky).

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