Carter County Music

Carter County Music

Newspaper article on the Sturgill Music Store

"Up on the Ridge" by Steve Collins

Great Bluegrass from Darvin Stugill

"Going Back to Olive Hill" by Madonna Carter Short

"Jim Short for Mayor in 2006" (No official endorsement implied, but you gotta love it ;>)

"Sugargrove Bluegrass" Daryl Duncan's 3rd gr grandparents, Joseph & Jemima (Williams) Duncan settled in Greenup/Carter county in 1806.

Country music from Dwain Messer

Appalachian Clog Dancing Video

Appalachian Clog Dancing Video

Bonus Tracks

Carter County Bird Sounds ("close your eyes and you're there")

Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler #2

Kentucky Warbler... Kentucky Warbler facts

Grasshopper Sparrow

Grasshopper Sparrow... Grasshopper Sparrow facts

Downy Woodpecker

Common Merganser

Worm Eating Warbler (not a pretty picture)

Northern Cardinal... Northern Cardinal facts

Northern Bobwhite... Northern Bobwhite facts

Blue Jay... Blue Jay facts

Song Sparrow... Song Sparrow facts

House Finch... House Finch facts

Wild Turkey... Wild Turkey facts

Mourning Dove... Mourning Dove facts

Black-billed Cuckoo... Black-billed Cuckoo facts

Barn Owl... Barn Owl facts

Eastern Screech Owl... Eastern Screech Owl facts

Barred Owl... Barred Owl facts

Whip-poor-will... Whip-poor-will facts

Red-headed Woodpecker... Red-headed Woodpecker facts

Pileated Woodpecker... Pileated Woodpecker facts

American Crow... American Crow facts

Barn Swallow... Barn Swallow facts

House Wren... House Wren facts

Eastern Bluebird... Eastern Bluebird facts

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