Carter County KY Marriages

Carter County KY Marriages

Marriage Bond Document Image Albums

These are images of the original documents. There are eight feet of file drawer space containing thousands of original documents, some 175 years old.
These documents are at great risk of loss or damage.

Ken Sluys reports that some of these docuents are on LDS microfilm. The catalog designation is:
"FHL US/CAN Film 344062 Loose papers 1838-1866 - Includes bonds, licenses, certificates and returns"

1838...1839...1840... 1841...1842...1843... 1844...1845... (1846-1850 missing, presumed lost)...1851...1852... 1853...1854...1855(missing)... 1856...1857...1858... 1859...1860...1861...1862...1864...1865

Marriage Document Images on the LDS site

Greenup County Marriage Index - 1803 to 1851

Transcribed Marriage Document Records

Marriage Record Image Album

(also Divorce Records)


John Albert Allen and Hele Jane Offill

George Applegate and Anna L. (Piatt) Thompson

William W. Applegate and Martha Jane Ross


Clinton Ballard and Sarah E. Defoe

Solomon Barker and Mary Wilson

Herbet S. Bellman and Frances Geneva Grace

Lycurgus Bellew and Mary Maddiah

Arthur Binion and Anabelle Barker

Delbert Binion and Dora Binion

Estill Binion and Dora Nolan

Isaac Binion and Abagail Barker

James Binion and Charlottie Yates

Roy H. Binion and Arminta Cox

William Binion and Eliza Thompson

George Bishop and Nancy Bowling

Noah Blankenbeckler and Nancy Virginia Armstrong

Elihu Boggs and Rhoda Smith

Ora S. Boggs and Bertha M. Cunningham

Arthur E. Borman and Camille Mae Grace

William Henry Bower and Marinda Grace

Tuner Branham and Annie Evans

Jesse Brothers and Altia H. Grace

Jeremy Allen Brown and Sheila Lynn Hillman

John Brown and Appolena Grace

Samuel H. Brown and Phoeba Roe

Talmade W. Brown and Yvonne Hillman

James Monroe Bryant and Stella Munia Lawhorn

Balsar B. "Boss" Burnett and Amanda Ross

Balsar B. "Boss" Burnett and Maude C. (Elliott) Clevenger

Leroy Burnett and Margaret Maddix


Delmer Campbell and Gracie Sparks

James Cain and Grace Defoe

Elne Carrol and Ida Binion

James Carter and Luticia Messer

James T. Cartwright and Elenden Stamper

Bert Castle and Mazie Messer

William Caudill and Elizabeth Boggs

William M. Cheeks and Anna Bell Clay

Henry Church and Elizabeth Stamper

Allen Clay and Sophie Shepard

James Clay and Eliza Jane Mullins

Sherman Cline and Agnes Johnson

Sherman Cline and Agnes Johnson

Joseph Cooper and Mary J. Stafford


Edward Dailey and Naomi Bocook

Daniel Oscar Davis and Mary Letian Stamper

Cas Davis and May Hall

David Davis and Mary Jane McGlone

Elihu Davis and Mary E. Littleton

Andrew J. Danver and Elizabeth Stallards

Daniel Oscar Davis and Mary Letian Stamper

Elbert Davis and Dovie Erwin

McClelland Davis and Mary Rhodes

McKinley Davis and Ruby C. Kiser

Arnold Dean and Bertha Binion

Elijah Defoe and Rena Crager

George Defoe and Liza Haney

Jack Defoe and Ella Casey

John M. Defoe and Ethel Twinam

Thomas Defoe and Mary J. Haney

William Denton and Katherine Barber

John Dillard Duncan and Martha Garvin

Joseph H. Duncan and Louisa Garvin

Raymond Roy Dyer and Helen Marie Kinnamon


Robert Gene Feisel and Virginia Sue Stamper

John Flein and Sarah Messer

Dennis Fraley and Ella Cains

Thomas A. Frizell and Lucy Gobel

H. J. Fults and Lucy Florence Conley

Thomas P. Fults and Rosa Gillam

William M. Fults and Emaline Wade

Chester Fultz and Katherine Yarnell

Elmer Fultz and Dixie Barker

Elwood Fultz and Thelma Fultz

Jefferson M. Fultz and Mabel M. Plummer

Millard Fultz and Ada B. Clark


Anderson Dudley Gee and Mettie Jane Abrams

J. C. Gifford and Millie Messer

Charles H. Glarvy(?) and Martha E. Gallion(?)

E. C. Gollihue and Clara Bell Kees

E. R. Gollihue and Nora Yates

Ellis Gollihue Jr. and Glemma Long

Frank Gollihue and Edna Adams

Lee Gollihue and Atta Adams

Thomas Gollihue and Elsie Adams

Coy Goodman and Audrey Sparks

Albert Grace and Delema Barnes

Adelbert D. Grace and Lenia Corbin

Ferdinand Lehr Grace and Amanda Jane Hart

Isaac Grace and Nelly McMahon

Ivan O. Grace and Leona Marie Pitts

Jacob Albert Grace and Eva May Haines

Jacob Albert Grace and Iola Perigo

Jacob Albert Grace and Martha Ellen Shade

John Jacob Grace and Betty Maude Ross

John Wesley Grace and Sarah Francis Spicer

John Wesley Grace (1943) and Meskerem Teferra

Oak Harry Grace and Katherine M. E. Strohshein

Lehr Grace and Sarah Jones

Stephen Grace and Catherine Sells

Marion GreenHill and Katie Chandler

Thomas Grills and Amanda Garvin


A. D. Hall and Mary Harris

Alfred Hall and Francis Elmira Hall (divorce docs)

Sanford Allen Ham and Mary Bell Ward

Nathan Harris and Carrie Kiser

John Preston Hart and Susannah Winegardner

Isom Haywood and Mary Birchfield

Robert Haywood and Cora Alice Simmons

Richard Hillman and Bertha Wallace

Chas Holbrook and Myrtle M. Holbrook

J. D. Holbrook and Meady Binion

William E. Holiday and Missy A. Cormarant

Harvay Howard and Minnie Stafford

Millard Hurley and Dona Cheeks


Conley Imes and Lucinda Messer


Sterling Johnson and Georgiana Walker

Thomas H. Jones and Martha Virgin


William A. Karshner and Climinia E. Grace

Joe Keaton and Sarah Binion

Harrison Kidd and Mary Lawson

Andrew J Kinibler and Jennie Leach

John Kinnamon and Missouri Anna Porter

Lawrence Edward Kinnamon (ca1918) and Carolyn Thompson Davis

Lawrence Edward Kinnamon (1946) and Rebecca Jeanne Jones

Carl Kiser and Nelle Stamper

George W. Kiser and Martha E. Erwin


John W. Lawhorn and Eleanor Fults

Jason Lawson and Olivia E. Rucker

Vasco Layne and Nannie Hurley

Charles Jackson Leap and Marilla Grace

Robert Leed and Mary McGuire

James Lore and Mary E. Arms

Jack Lore and Mirtie Parker

John W. Lore and Laura Staggs

William Lour and Wanda Williams

Emanuel Todd Lucas and Emiline Tyree

Willaim Henry Lucas and Rilda Stanley


John M. McBrayer and Hattie Womack

William McClelland and Catherine Grace (nee Sells?)

Thomas D. McCoy and Judy E. Scott

Harold McDaniel and Ruth Grace

Lansdale Wallace McDaniel and Stella May Grace

John McGarvey Martin and Daisy Averrella

Thomas McIntire and Elizabeth Dixon

Charles S. Meenach and Julia N. Burchett

Archa Messer and Rebecca Carrell

Benjamin P. Messer and Lucinda Hall

Burbridge Messer and Bessie Lyon

Cecil Messer and Beulah Mary Pettigrew

Charles Messer and Sally Herrin

Claude Messer and Faye Carter

Curtis Messer and Esther Knappenberger (nee Newsome)

Earl Messer and Mary Pruitt

Enoch Messer and Rachel Johnson

Gene Messer and Edna Lois Tackett

Grover Cleveland Messer and Laura Adkins

Henry Messer and Cintha Rice

Henry M. Messer and Maggie Coley

Jacob Messer and Mary Ellen McGuire

James Messer and Pheba Bond

John Messer and Rebecca Branham

John Messer and Annie Thomas

John Edward Messer and Ethel Tabor

Morton Messer and Pearlie Justice

Roy Messer and Cynthia Stewart

Thomas Jefferson Messer and Laura Mullins

William Messer and Ruth Golihue

William Messer and Laura Evans

William H. Messer and Nancy Edgington

Alexander Mitchel and Martha E. Roe

John H. Mobley and Clara W. Shumate

B. L. Montgomery and Belle Miles

Manuel D. Moreland to Tamara Vanlandingham

Thomas Henry Moss and Francis Mae Kinnamon

Ernest Mullins to Herma Louise (Adkins) Hignite


Henry Newman and Mary Stewart

Henry Newman and Lucy J. Wicker

William Newman and Atha Boggs

Henry E. Nolan and Mollie Duncan


James Matthew Offill and Sarah A. Bird

Bunyard Oney and Rachel Hampton


John Parrot and Madge Messer

Robert P. Patton and Iora Fults

Harry Paynter and Georgia Dale Ross

William George Pengelly and Elizabeth Banscher (d/o Susannah Winegarner)

Edward Pennington and Lorl Lurema(?) Stamper

Raymond Phillips and Mirilla Grace

James F. Pope and America J. Isom

Alexander Francis Porter and Lizzie (Stewart) Porter (divorce docs)


Duke Ratcliff and Lucy Moore

Larcan Ray and Mary Newman

Enoch Rayborn and Francis Herron

Joseph Alford Rayl and Lucy Olive Kitchen

John Reeder and Nettie Bowen

Frank Reeves and Nora Stamper

Anderson Elias Rice and Mary Williams

John M. Rice and Martha Messer

T. F. Rice and J. W. Thompson

J. W. Richards and Emma Alice Vincent

John B. Riffe and L. Demia Wilson

Albert Robinson and Minnie Kern

Austin F. Ross and Francis L. Armstrong

Bobby Karoll Ross and Phyllis Ann Black

Dempsey French Ross and Charlotte Grizzle

Emery Allen Ross and Barbara Kubacski

Jacob Ross and Elizabeth Denton

Richard Ross and Catherine McCleese

Scott Ross and Margaret Austin/Oister


Albert Sergent and Viola Stamper

Frank Sexton and Ethel Lee Prince

James Sexton and Samantha Alexander

James A. Sexton and Victoria Stamper

Joe Sexton and Anna Cains

Lonzo Sexton and Eliza Dowdy

Thomas Warren Sexton and Martha Lucas

William Shavers and Sallie Messer

Thomas J. Shepard and Emily Stewart

Benjamin Franklin Siegmund and Millicent Marion Ross

Thomas H. Skeens and Caroline Music

Ambrose Smith and Nancy Fults

Howard Roy Smith Sr. and Mary M. Grace

Jesse Smith and Flossie Binion

R. H. Smith and Allifair Pennington

Charles W. Spangler and Caroline Anglin

Ismael S. Stafford and Kendrick Hammond

Raymond B Spiggle and Olive M. Offill

Arthur Stamper and Sophia Season

Asa Junior Stamper and Mary Rose Holliday

Bert Stamper and Sarah Stewart

Brillian Stamper and Thelma Lewis

Cecil E. Stamper and Mary Moore

Charles Stamper and Lodema Oldfield

Ed Stamper and Mauda Holland

Everett Stamper and Ruby Tabor

G. W. Stamper and Bertha Gullet

G. W. Stamper and Lottie Hale

G. W. Stamper and Louisa Rose

G. T. Stamper and Julia Stamper

George Stamper and Eliza Morrison

George W. Stamper and Alice Gyam(?)

George W. Stamper and Arlena McMelan(?)

George W. Stamper and Francis N. Raborn

Grover Stamper and Daisy May Cartwright

Harlan Stamper and Wanda(?) Jesse

Harvey Eugene Stamper and Ellen Elizabeth Boggs

Herb Stamper and Kate Tomlin

Hiram Preston Stamper and Hannah Bell Gee

Jack Stamper and Lula Snyder

Jackson Stamper and Bertha Fannin

James Stamper and Isabel Bond

James Stamper and Mildred Buckner

James D. Stamper and Christine McDaniel

Jessee Stamper and Eliza Fossin

John Stamper and Bertha Bellew

John Stamper and Lillie Ratcliff

Kelly Stamper and Minnie Lewis

Luther Stamper and Artie Perry

Nathaniel Stamper and Martha Stuart

Oscar Stamper and Mary E. Dean

Ross Stamper and Mabel Adkins

Stephen M. Stamper and Mary C. Gee

Thomas E. Stamper and Christine Toy(?)

Tom Stamper and Bertha Ferguson

Troy Stamper and Maggie Elkins

Victor Stamper and Kate Reed

Wendell Stamper and Bernice Rose

William Stamper and Sallie Watson

Willie James Stamper and Ivy Strane

Jasper N. Stewart to E. B. Srother

Hobert Hertis Stone and Elizabeth Ann Stamper

Stirrel Stone and Hazel Messer

William Stone and Martha Fults

Darvin D. Sturgill and Alma McGinnis


Sherwood Tackett and Mary Lwellen Campbell

Sherwood Tackett and Sarah Zornes

Thomas J. W. Tackett and Polly Ann Hicks

Cecil Thompson and Sarah M. Gallihue

Cecil Thompson and Emma Galahu

John Thompson and Nancy Jane Stephens

William Thompson and Louisa Bailey

Henry Tulga (1847) and Matilda Strother

Millard E. Tulga and Esther (Keck) Barber

Millard E. Tulga and Hilda M. (Smith) Tulga

Millard E. Tulga and Pearl Mabel Boyd

Millard E. Tulga and Hilda M. (Smith) Schilling

Paul Leonard Tulga and Florence M. Robinson

Stephen Harmon Tulga (1866) and Sarah Markum

Stephen Harmon Tulga Jr. and Lucille Tinkler

Stephen Harmon Tulga Jr. and Sophia Kurnita

Stephen Harmon Tulga Jr. and Betty Dunning


Matthew Alan Vance and Rachel Marie Forsythe

Albert B. Vanlandingham and Pearlie Phillips

Alfred Vanlandingham and Susan Perkins (Fleming County)

George Viars and Nora Alice Gollihue


James Waddell ('Waddle') and Matilda Spradling (?)

Albert Wagner and Lacy Davis

David Wagoner and Nancy Fultz

Lloyd W. Wallen and Julia (Messer) Fain

Kenneth Wells and Nancy Fultz

Willard Franklin Wells and Stella Oins Wagoner

Willard White and Ida Binion

G. W. Wortron(?) and Mary Smith

Henry Wright and Sarah Wilcox

Misc. Individual Marriage-related Images

Frank Powers & Juliet Lansdowne marriage article

James Hannah Rice & Sarah Elizabeth King Rice marriage anniversary article

John Nelson Ross & Nancy Jane Kinnamon marriage bond document 1 of 2; document 2 of 2

Non-Carter County Marriage Records of Carter County-Related Family Lines

Bath County: Jacob Ross and Elizabeth Denton

Bath County: Richard D. Ross signed for Richard LeMaster and Polly Smith

Ross Marriages in Wilson County, Kansas

Bath County: Nancy Vanlandingham

Fleming County




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