Carter County Bible Records

Carter County Bible Records

Bible Records

Armstrong Family Bible Thelma (Armstrong) Hillman
Boggs Family Bible
Brown Family Bible Linda Cheeks Pittano
Burchett Bible
Cline Family Bible Linda Cheeks Pittano
Bible records for the Robert D. Erwin family Mary Littleton
Bible of the John W. and Mary Elizabeth (Erwin) Evans family Mary Littleton
Samuel Mauk Bible Mike Barker
Bible birth entries for the children of William_Messer and Ruth Gollihue Randy Jackson
James H. Hatcher Family Bible Yvonne Waggoner
Howard Family Bible Bob Blankenship
The William and Rhoda Jacobs Bible Meredith Leischer
Bible record for the Archibald Messer family Randy Jackson
Montgomery Family Bible
Penland Family Bible Bruce Logan
Sloan Family Bible Paul D. Rosebery
Bible of the family of Daniel and Nancy (Spears) Steele Mary Littleton
Enterprise Church members .

Individual Records

Baptismal Certificate for Addie Ross Mike Barker
Baptismal Record for John Wesley Grace John W. Grace
Church Membership Record for John Wesley Grace John W. Grace
Baptismal Record for Edward Waldo Fitzpatrick John W. Grace
Baptismal Record for Susie Irene Fitzpatrick John W. Grace
Richard Mansfield Ross Roberta Hillman

Carter County Church Records


Carter County Church Histories

Lindsey Chapel United Methodist Church
Pleasant Valley Church
1973 Garvin Ridge Church Directory
1982 Garvin Ridge Church Directory

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