St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Marriages 1865

St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church
Marriages 1865-1899

Melbourne, Tug Ford Road

Bachmann, Heinrich and Katharina Gehring were married 29 Sep 1892; witnesses-Michael Bachmann, Katharina Keppler

Bachmann, Michael and Sallie Whitaker were married 8 Nov 1893; witnesses-Henry Bachmann, Andrew and Kate Keppler

Barth, Charles to Emma Louise Weber, of Hamilton County; married 17 Sep 1891; witnesses-Peter Barth, Lizzie Barth

Barth, Frank and Anna Caroline Uhl were married 20 Sep 1892; witnesses David, Sophia, Wilhelm, Louise Uhl

Barth, Peter b-20 Jun 1866 at Tugfork and Sophia Rosina Uhl b-12 Nov 1873 at Cold Spring; married 29 Nov 1894; witnesses-John Uhl, Lisetta Barth

Bauer, Henry D and Carolina Jung/Young both from Campbell County were married 26 Apr 1893; witnesses-the congregation

Beierle, Frank 27 years old of Wurth, Germersheim in Rhein Pfalz, kingdom of Bavaria to Anna Getz 17 years old of Campbell County; married in the church 26 Oct 1871

Binkle, David-a native of Tug Fork to Margaretha Grabinger, a native of the kingdom of Bavaria; license from the Probate Court of Hamilton County #675 book 56; married in the church 26 Dec 1871

DeMoss, William and Kate Tritschler/Trutschel were married 17 Nov 1892; witnesses-Charles Trutschel, Kate DeMoss, George Raehm, Sophia Regh

Diehlmann, Johann Adam b-16 Apr 1843 in Unterschmidten, Nieda circuit, grand-duchy of Hesse; s/o Johannes and Catharine, nee Diehlmann to Maria Ochs b-9 Jan 1850 in Lanzenhein, Lauterbach circuit, grand-duchy of Hesse; d/o Johann Heinrich and Maria, nee Dahmer; witnesses-Georg Weidner and Johannes; license on 33 Aug 1866 from Pendleton County Court, married in Falmouth 2 Sep 1866

Dix, L T-52 years old, native of Bracken County, residing on Licking Pike to Malvina J Selienere, a native of Cold Spring; married 17 Nov 1879

Drott, Vallentin Martin-21 years old b-Storrs Township, Hamilton, Ohio to Christina Weinel 20 years old b-Campbell County; married 22 Aug 1871

Eads, Howard and Sophia Munzenmaier both of Ross, Campbell County; married 3 Jun 1896; no witnesses given

Eads, William-27 years old and Elisabeth Heiert both of Ross, Campbell County; married 1 Jul 1896; witnesses-J H Centner, Ella Eads, Anna Heiert, George Fullhardt

Ebert, Andreas-22 years old of Newport and Lulu Hieber of Melbourne; married 3 Nov 1897; no witnesses given

Ehrenfels, Wilhelm Gottieb Heinrich b-2 Mar 1842 in Stuttgart, kingdom of Wurttemberg, s/o Jacob Heinrich and Caroline Wilhelmine, nee Wittman to Christine Wilhelmine Caroline Rosine Reyher-b 8 Dec 1845 in Stuttgart, kingdom of Wurttemburg, d/o Johannes and Dorthea, nee Schuster; witnesses-Heinrich Wirthwein, Philipp Riesinger, Eginhardt Daum; marriage license #2339 from the Probate Court of Georgetown, Brown County, Ohio on 9 Jan 1864, married in rural Clermont County, Ohio 14 Feb 1865

Ellison, John S-residing on River Pike, Campbell County to Phoebe {Philippine} Schollenberger residing at the time on River Pike; witnesses-the parents

Enzweiler, Jacob Nicolaus b-Campbell County, age 25, s/o Peter {deceased} & Elizabeth to Anna Katharine Ziegler b-Alexandria Pike, age 24; s/o Postmaster Balthaser & Katharine; married 28 Feb 1889; witnesses-Fred Ziegler, Louise Ziegler, brother and cousin of the bride

Fillhardt, George-23 years old and Annie Heiert age 20, both of Melbourne; married 16 Mar 1898; no witnesses given

Frohleich, Peter b-4 Jul 1873 in Rheinpfalz, Germany and Emma Jung b-15 Feb 1872 at 4 Mile, Camp Springs married 29 Jan 1895; witnesses-the parents and brothers and sisters

Fullhardt, Jacob b-19 Jan 1836 in Gersbach, Pirmasens, Rhine-Bavaria; s/o Christian and Sophie, nee Bohrer, to Anna Elisabetha Schierenberg b-22 Apr 1850 in Cincinnati, d/o ----- {deceased} and Elisabetha, nee Crone {Friedrich Bars, stepfather}; witnesses-Christian Fullhardt, Heinrich Fullhardt; license from Alexandria Court House 6 Nov 1865, married 9 Nov 1865

Funck, William b-Berlin, kingdom of Prussia age 25 to Louise Linstaedt of Campbell County age 20; married in the church ----- 1872

Geier, Zacharias-21 years old b-Cincinnati to Katharina Fink 20 years old b-Cincinnati; license from County Court Alexandria, married 6 Jun 1870

Geyer, James-24 years old to Catharina Lauermann 23 years old, native of Campbell County; married 19 Apr 1874 at the home of Mr. Morscher; witnesses Jacob Lauermann, Johan Gunkel, Barbara Lauermann, Susanna Kuhn; license from Newport #244

Glahn, Paul and Emma Racke married 8 Jun 1892; witnesses-H Racke, G Racke, John Fillhadt, Louise Hieber

Hannah, J B Dr. and Louisa Bohardt were married 8 Jun 1893; witnesses-M H Hannah, Lena Hieber

Harding, C C of Newport to Louise Glahn of Tugfork; married 20 Aug 1891; witnesses-Anna Birch, Jakob Glahn

Haufler, Gottlieb b-10 Apr 1839 in Beinstein, Waiblingen district, kingdom of Wurttemberg; s/o Josua and Friederika, nee Benz to Anna Margaretha Heusel b-23 Dec 1842 in Rimmhorn, Neustadt circuit, grand-duchy of Hesse; d/o Johann Friedrich Heusel and Margaretha Elisabetha, nee Steiger; witnesses-Johann Eckert, Johann Dietrich Heusel; license from Falmouth County Court 3 Mar 1866, married in Stepston, Pendleton County 6 Mar 1866

Heiert, John and Kate Buchel married 28 Nov 1899; witnesses-August Uthe, Clara Reis

Heiert, William b-24 Feb 1874 at 8 Mile and Louise Munzenmaier b-16 Sep 1874 at 10 Mile; married 28 Apr 1896; no witnesses given

Helleiner, Georg Nicolaus b-5 Jul 1829 in Brunau, Pimbach pastorate, Gerolshofen county court, Lower Franconia, kingdom of Bavaria; s/o Nicolaus {deceased} and Elisabetha, nee Lapp {deceased} to Rosine Catharine Hartmann, widow, nee Munzenmeier, b-22 Apr 1830 in Almsbach, Backnamp district, kingdom of Wurttemberg; d/o Lorenz Friedrich Munzenmeier and Rosine, nee Klek, Witnesses-Johann Mattheus Spiegel, Lorenz Friedrich Munzenmeir; license #15 from Probate Court in Cincinnati 8 Jul 1865 and married in Sweet Wine, Hamilton, Ohio 9 Jul 1865

Hoerlein, Christoph b-30 Jul 1832 in Thalmessing, Bailingries district, kingdom of Bavaria; s/o Veit Ulrich and Marie Margarethe, nee Brodwolf to Marie Schiller b-27 Jul 1824 at same place; witnesses-Adam Bentel, Andreas Bentel; license #120 from Probate Court in Cincinnati on 29 Aug 1866, married 1 Sep 1866

Horner, John -23 year old b-Germany to Anna Barbara Leibrock 19 years old b-Clermont County Ohio; married 25 Feb 1871

Huxel, Peter of Osthofen, grand-duchy of Hesse to Rosina Earth d/o Jacob Wilhelm Earth; married on 25 Nov 1868

Huxel, Peter of Osthofen, grand-duchy of Hesse-Ddarmstadt and residing in Tug Fork to Theresia Schwab a native of the grand-duchy of Baden; license from Hamilton County Probate Court #847; married in the church 11 Jun 1872

Jung/Young, Edward L-29 years old of Tug Fork to Emma Loos of Ten Mile, age 21; married 8 Jan 1891; witnesses-Herman and Caroline Jung, Willie and Catharina Barth

Jung/Young, Gus and Kate Fillhardt were married 24 Jan 1894; witnesses-Herman Jung, Lizzie Fillhardt

Kiehm, John-30 years old, a native of Bliesmengen, Zweibrucken in Rhine-Bavaria and Kathy Bauscher age 22 a native of Owl Creek, Campbell County were married 11 Nov 1875; witnesses Jacob Bauscher, George Scheffing, Anna Linstaedt, Mary Bauscher; license from Newport page 162

Kiehm, John-a native of Bliermengea, Zweibrucken in Rhine-Bavaria to Elisabeth Wittmann, born in Cincinnati; married 18 Sep 1881; witnesses-Georg and Maria Scheffing

Kork, Matthias-20 years old, b-Wildingen, Prussia to Maria Rosenmeier 17 years old b-in Hannau?; married on 15 Apr 1866

Lauermann, Jacob-29 years old, native of Campbell County and a farmer, to Wilhelmine Wurth, age 19, a native of Campbell County; married 20 Feb 1879

Leopold, Edward L-b-Alexandria Pike, age 25, s/o Friedrich Theodor Leopold to Mary Uhl b-Owl Creek, age 21, d/o August Uhl; married 20 Nov 1888; witnesses-Wilhelm and Johanna Leopold, Wilhelm and Anna Uhl, brother and sister of the bridal couple

Leopold, Joseph Frederick-24 years old, native of Campbell County to Mary Knack, age 25 born in Campbell County; married 20 April 1880

Linstaedt, George-26 years old to Mary Ackley, age 24 a native of Monroe County, New York; married in the church 1 Jun 1876; witnesses-Wilhelm Funck, Ernst Linstaedt, Anna Linstaedt; license from Alexandria

Linstaedt, Herman-30 years old, a native of Tug Fork to Ange Mathilde Graden, age 18, a native of Alexandria; married 24 Jan 1876; license from Alexandria #185

Loos, John-of Campbell County and Carolina Schreier of Campbell County were married 21 Apr 1887; witnesses-Mrs. Loos, John Sauser, Emma Loos, Anna Sauser

Loos, John E-26 years old of Ten Mile to Anna Sauser age 25 of Tugfork; married 14 May 1891; witnesses-John Sauser, Anna Uhl, William Loos, Anna Wichhant

Loos, William-31 years old and Katie Jung/Young, age 22 both from Campbell County were married 26 Apr 1893; witnesses-the congregation {this was a double wedding with Henry Bauer}

Macht, Philipp-23 years old to Sophia Schollenberger, age 20, a native of Campbell County were married in the church 24 May 1874; witnesses-Benjamin and Maria Schollenberger; license from Alexandria

Mauser, Carl-of 10 Mile to Julia Yost of Kentucky; married 21 Apr 1885; license from Newport; witnesses-John Yost, Joseph Mauser, Kunigunda Mauser, Anna Yost

Mauser, George-and Katharina Bachmann were married 19 Oct 1891; witness-Jakob Fritz Bachmann

Mayer, Franz Haven-b-2 Sep 1832 in Reichenbach, district of Greislingen-on-the-Steig, kingdom of Wurttembrg, s/o Felix and Maria Eva,nee Sturmlinger to Augusta Louise Kinsbach nee Schaff b-23 Mar 1837 in Wargenfeld, Bersenbruck district, principality of Osnabrink, kingdomof Hanover, d/o Christian and Sophie, nee Meier; Witnesses Dr. Reinhold Bredull, Johann Karl Hartwig; license #287 form the Probate Court in Cincinnati 5 Apr 1865, married in Sweet Wine, Hamilton, Ohio 6 Apr 1865

Myers, Adam-25 years old a native of Tubingen district, kingdom of Wurttemberg to Helena Hack a native of Campbell County; license from Campbell County Court; married in the church 26 Mar 1872

Oxel, Conrad-and Elisabeth Wyend, formerly from here, recently of Cincinnati; married 12 Jul 1892; witnesses-Fritz Oxel, Elisabeth Oxel

Rehg, John -b-Hamilton County, Ohio, age 28, s/o Jakob & Katharine to Rose M Trutschel b-10 Mile, age 23; d/o Christoph Heinrich and Elisabeth of River Pike; married 4 Dec 1888; witnesses-Lizzie Rehg, Mary Meurer, Louis Trutschel, Adam Zeter, Jr.

Rice, Charles-eldest s/o Joseph of 4 Mile to Margaretha Heiert, eldest d/o Karl, farmer of 8 Mile; married 5 Oct 1876; witnesses-Jacob Lauermann, Karl Heiert, Jr.; license from Alexandria

Sachs, Heinrich-24 years old, native of Licking Pike, a farmer and butcher to Auguster Trutschler, age 20, a native of River Pike, Campbell County; married 2 Oct 1879

Schafer, Charles-24 years old, native of Campbell County to Sallie Owens, 28 years old, a native of Campbell County; license from Alexandria; married in the church 6 Nov 1873

Scheffing, George-25 years old, native of Tug Fork to Mary Bauscher, age 24 residing on Alexandria Pike; married 29 Mar 1880 at the home of the bride

Schneider, Balthaser-of Cincinnati, Ohio to Elisabeth Heiert of Camp Spring; married 14 Apr 1885; witnesess-Charles Heiert, Mrs. Schneider of Cincinnati

Schollenberger, George-and Carrie Weinel; married 14 Feb 1899

Sponsel, John-and Margaret Reis, nee Heiert were married 29 Nov 1893; witness-Mrs. Rev. Bohnen

Springer, Frank K-26 years old of New Richmond, Ohio and Lizzie D Fillhardt age 24 of Camp Springs; married 4 May 1898; no witnesses given

Thauwald, Friedrich-of Gefell, kingdom of Prussia to Elisabeth Reiss of 4 Mile; married on 21 Jul 1870; license from Probate Court of Hamilton County, Ohio

Trapp, Georg -23 years old b-kingdom of Bavaria to Catharina Schauer 18 years old b-Cincinnati; married on 16 Apr 1871

Treiber, Christian-40 years old, a native of Opperhausen, Erfurt circuit, kingdom of Prussia and residing on 4 Mile to Salome Weiss, a native of Hilst, Pirmasens, Rhine-Bavaria, age 23; license from Alexandria; married 20 May 1873

Tucker, Zacharias-25 years old, a native of Tug Fork to Wilhelmine Uthe, youngest d/o Wilhelm, farmer of 4 Mile Creek; married 6 Mar 1877; license from Newport #317

Uhl, William-b-25 Oct 1869 and Anna Barth b-13 Nov 1864, both of Campbell County; married 26 Feb 1895; witnesses-John Barth, Barbara Geier

Uthe, August-to Elisabetha Thuman married 22 May 1892; witnesses-Jakob Wittmann, Zacharias Tucker

Uthe, Wilhelm August-27 years old, b-Cincinnati, residing at 4 Mile Creek to Susanna Wittmann, 19 years old, a native of 4 Mile Creek; married in the church 18 Nov 1873

Uthe, William-and Lena Fillhardt; married 23 May 1899; witnesses-August Uthe, Miss Anna Fillhardt

Vetter, Johann-b-31 Mar 1838 in Lindenfels, grand-duchy of Hesse; s/o Georg and Gertrude, nee Riebel to Anna Linker b-28 Mar 1850 in Cincinnati; d/o Friedrich of Barmke, Helmstett district, duchy of Braunschweig and Sophie Friederika Elisabethe, nee Winterholter of Badbergen, Tecklenburg circuit, Prussia; witnesses-Philipp Rosman and Heinrich Riebel; license 17 Oct 1866 from Pendleton County Court, married in Stepston, Pendleton County 6 Nov 1866

Vogel, George-of Campbell County and Maria Schreier were united in marriage 18 Nov 1886 at the residence of John Sauser; witnesses-Heinrich Vogel, Mrs. Sauser, besides many others

Vogel, Phillip C-native of Campbell County to Maria Schollengerger of Campbell County; married 29 Nov 1880

Weber, Adolph-24 years old, native of Campbell County to Elisabetha Schollenberger, age 24 of Campbell County; married 16 Mar 1880 at the home of the bride

Weber, Adolph-b-13 Aug 1872 and Kate Ziegler b-29 Oct 1873 both of Campbell County; married 6 Nov 1895; witnesses-both fathers, John Weber and Mr. Ziegler

Weber, Charles H-eldest s/o Johann, resident of 4 Mile Creek, age 24 to Anna Weidinger of Tug Fork; married 31 Oct 1876 at the home of the bridegroom; witnesses-Heinrich and Anna Weber, Wilhelm Rau, Henriette Weber of Newport; license from Newport page 322

Weber, John-also on this date 31 Oct 1876 were John Weber and his wife, Auguste Rau, spiritually blessed by the celebration of their silver wedding; note by Pastor H. Linstaedt

Weidinger, Johan-b-Cincinnati, 24 years old to Catharina Loos 22 years of Campbell County; married 8 Jan 1873

Weidner, Georg-b-7 Apr 1821 in Lauterbach circuit, grand-duchy of Hesse; s/o Valentin and Catharine, nee Hoffman to Maria Ochs, nee Dahmer, widow of Johann Heinrich Ochs; b-7 Jul 1816 in Lanzenheim, Lauterbach circuit, gran-duchy of Hesse; d/o Georg and Elizabetha, nee Krimmelbein; witnesses-Johann Eckert, Johannes Kneisler, license from Pendleton County Court 4 Aug 1866; married at Falmouth 5 Aug 1866

Weinel, Christian-23 years old of Campbell County to Maria Weinel of Campbell County age 25; license #393 from Alexandria; married 18 Feb 1873

Weinel, John-b-19 Jan 1874 and Philippina Weber, b- 30 Jul 1877 both of Campbell County; married 20 Feb 1895; witnesses- George Schollenberger, Karoline Weinel

Weiss, Friedrich-a native of the Rhein-Pfalz, kingdom of Bavaria to Christina Bayerle a native of the Rhine-Pfalz, kingdom of Bavaria; license from Newport Courthouse #314; married 6 Jun 1872

Wewell, Joseph-22 years old, a native and resident of Cincinnati to Mary Lauenstein age 22, a native of Cincinnati were married at Oakland, 10 Mile, Campbell County 3 Jun 1875; witnesses-Christoph Fender of 10 Mile, Theodor Torline of Cincinnati, Mary Griffin of Cincinnati; license from Alexandria

Wilkins, George -of the Prussian Empire to Margaretha Frisch a native of Campbell County; married 14 Nov 1872

Wilkins, Heinrich-b-Prussia, 23 years old of Alexandria to Maria Schmidt, of Campbell County 25 years old; married 29 Jan 1873

Wittkamper, Edward-b-Cincinnati, age 23, s/o Wilhelm and Sophia of Bellevue and Carrie Richel/Reichel b-7 Jun 1867 in Campbell County, d/o Johann and Emilie, Eight Mile; married 13 Oct 1887; witnesses-Johann Heiert, Karl Heiert; license #272 Campbell County

Wittmann, George-and Josephina Clark were married 17 Oct 1893; witnesses-Zacharias Tucker, Mrs. Minna Tucker

Wittmann, Heinrich-and Katharina Barth were married 11 Oct 1892; both from Tug Fork; witnesses-William Barth, Anna Cameron, George Barth, Anna Wichhand

Wittmann, Jacob-23 years old, native of 4 Mile to Louisa Deuerlein, age 24, native of 10 Mile-Alexandria Pike; married 2 Mar 1880 at the home of the bridegroom

Wolff, Daniel -of 5 Mile? Campbell County and Barbara Wittmann of 4 Mile were married in accordance with a license from Newport #40 at the home of the bride’s mother, Barbara Wittmann 1 Mar 1887

Wurth, David-30 years old, a native of Campbell County and a farmer to Sophia Orr, age 22, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and reared on Pond Creek in Campbell County; married 15 Apr 1879

Wurth, George Leonhard-b-Alexandria Pike, 24 years old; s/o David & Catharina to Mary Mauser b-Alexandria Pike, 21 years old; d/o Leonhard & -----; married 25 Sep 1888; witnesses-George Mauser, Kunigunde Mauser, brother and sister of the bride

Wurth, Johann-b-24 Nov 1856 in Cold Spring, s/o David & Katharina {deceased}; machinist to Emilia Anna Barth, b-4 Feb 1860 d/o Friedrich and Anna, nee Deuerlein; married 31 Dec 1889; witnesses-Katharine Barth, Wilhelm Johann Barth, sister and brother of the bride

Wurth, William-24 years old, a native of Campbell County and a farmer to Barbara Lauermann, age 25, a native of Campbell County; married 20 Feb 1879

Ziegler, Louis Ulrich-of 10 Mile and Maria Anna Enzweiler of Tug Fork married 1887; witnesses Jakob Nicolaus Enzweiler, Anna Ziegler

Ziegler, William-of Ten Mile House and Caroline Geyer/Geier of Camp Springs; no date or witness given

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