1808 Property Tax Delinquents

1808 Property Tax Delinquents

Copied by Margaret Strebel Hartman

A County Levy by Jonathan Huling

Allen, Benjamin-gon to Spain
Allen, Martin-gon below the falls
Brasher, Henry-gon to Boon
Cluments, Robert-insolvent
Coleman, James-gon to Sincinati
Craffort, Walter-gon to the falls
Crail, Absolom-insolvent*
Dowing, Andrew-gon to Spain
Dugan, James-insolvent*
Egnew, Samuel-not found
Golf, Daniel-insolvent
Hammond, Abijah-gon down the river
Havens, William-gon over the Ohigho
Helms, Merideath-gon to Mason
Lindsey, Marcus-gon to Boon
Mayall, Joseph-gon to Spain
McClure, James-insolvent
McGlaughlin, Charles-gon ove{r} the Ohigho
McGlaughlin, Cornelius-gon to Greenvill
Miller, David-not found
Mitchell, David-gon to Natchshees
Neel, Bernard-gon to Shebe County
Reynolds, John-insolvent
Roberts, Elias-gon to Pendleton
Roberts, John-gon ovewr the Ohigho
Scott, Moses-gon over the Ohigho
Stuart, Christopher P-gon to Spain
Temple, Jesse-gon to Orleans
Turpin, Philip-gon over the Ohigho
Weaver, John-gon to Orleens
Welsh, Edward-gon to the Opost?
Worrell, Levi-not found

*crossed out on original

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