Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory




Naber Barney, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Naber Henry, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Naber Henry, h 20 Madison
Naber Mary, widow, h 20 Madison
Nabor John, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Nahrup John, grocery, 28 Chestnut
Nash Bridget, widow, h 59 Walnut
Nash David, molder, h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Nau Geo. pattern mkr h 35 Isabella
Nead J. D. clk n e c York and Madison; bds John W. Tibbatts'
Nead John V. clk bds John N. Tibbatts'
Neale A. M. h s e c Bellevue and Monmouth
Nealean George W. printer, bds Wm. H. Nealean's
Nealean James, printer, bds Wm. H. Nealean's
Nealean John T. paper hanger, bds Wm. H. Nealean's
Nealean Wm. H. paper hanger, h n s Williamson b Cabot and Ann
Nealean AVm. II. printer, h 276 York
Neaman Henry, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Neidle John G. tailor, h 32 Walnut
Neilons Henry, steward, bds 66 Walnut
Neiser John, bakery, 110 Monmouth
Neisel Maddes, lab h s w c Chestnut and Patterson
Nelson Robert, saloon, h n s Madison b York and Monmouth
Nembach A. music teacher, h n e c Mayo and Columbia
Netherlan Sarah, widow, h 135 Ringgold
Netherland Chas. painter, h 46 Monmouth
Netz John, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Neu Henry, shoe mkr h n e c York and Jefferson
NEU JOSEPH A., Wine and Beer Saloon, n c c York and Jefferson
Newcamp John, lab h w s German h McArthur and Ringgold
Newell A. surveyor, bds Mrs. E. M. A. Newell's
Newell Mrs. E. M. A. h s s Bellevue b Monmouth and Saratoga
Newell Harvey, pilot, bds Mrs. E. M. A. Newell's
Newhouse John, druggist, h 108 Eglantine
NEWPORT BREWERY, Peter Constans, Proprietor, n w c Monmouth and Liberty
Newport Cemetery Company, office e s York b Bellevue and Madison
NEWPORT FERRY COMPANY, Air & Williamson, Proprietors, foot of York
NEWPORT IRON WORKS, D. Wolff, Proprietor, n s Front b Kilgour and River
Nichols Freeman, coal merchant, h 208 Madison
Nigman F. S. h 216 Madison
Nistler Geo. physician, h 63 Walnut
Ninning John, tailor, h 95 Orchard
NIXON JAMES S., Gas and Steam Pipe Fitter, Dealer in Gas Fixtures, Chandeliers, &c., 20 York; h n s Taylor b York and Columbia
Noeding Elizabeth, widow, h 210 Monmouth
Noeding Valentine, cigar mkr h 210 Monmouth
Nolan Edward, h 63 Saratoga
Nolloth Wm. tailor, h n s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Nordheim Adam, h 53 Rickey
Nordheim Andrew, messenger, h 53 Rickey
Nordheim John, collector, h 15 East Row
Nordheim John, lab h 158 Monmouth
Northup Geo. W. agent, bds 50 Front
Northup Nathaniel, agent, h 50 Front
Northup Perry, agent, bds 50 Front
Noterman Henry, packer, h e s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Norton Elizabeth, widow, h s s Southgate b Isabella and Moss
Nubbe Henry, h 106 Saratoga
Nutherman Henry, porter, h w s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty


Obdorf John, lab h e s Monmouth b Williamson and Liberty
Obernesser Jacob, finisher, h w s German b McArthur and Ringgold
O'Brien Anna, widow, h e s Cabot s of Ringgold
Occhier B. carp h w s Ann s of Ringgold
O'Connor Mrs. C. h 44 McArthur
Odd Fellows' Hall and Building, n w c York and Jefferson
O'Dowd Bridget, washerwoman, h e s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Offenbacher Adam, lab h 24 John
O'Hara Edward, grocer, s w c Eglantine and Columbia
O'Kane James V. pilot, h 189 York
O'Keefe Barth, cutter, h 185 Front
O'Keefe Margaret, widow, h 51 Madison
O'Kief Jerry, lab bds 280 Front
Oliver Thomas, merchant, h 78 Columbia
Olmeschlaeger Geo. 99 1/2 York
O'Neal Philip, boiler, h n s Chestnut w of Brighton
O'Neil Frank, lab h 48 McArthur
Onions James, roll turner, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Orr Alfred, stone mason, h 110 Saratoga
Orr Elijah, stone mason, h 110 Saratoga
Orr James, plasterer, h 110 Saratoga
Ortlieb Gottlieb, lab wks Newport Brewery
Ortmann John B. carp h w s Cabot b Madison and Todd
O'Shaughnessy Peter, teacher, h rear Church of Immaculate Conception
O'Shea Thos. P. printer, h s s Walnut b Isabella, and Patterson
Osler August, grocer, n w c Columbia and McArthur
Ott Barbara, widow, h 21 Walnut
Ott Bernard, grocer, s w c Columbia and Tibbatts 
Ott George, boots and shoes, w s Columbia nr Ringgold
Otte H, lab wks Livezey's Saw Mill
Otte Henry, lab h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Otting G. H. cigar mkr h 30 Robert
Owen Chas. jeweler, h s s Madison b Cabot and Columbia
Owens C. F. pilot, h 29 Monmouth
Owens Elizabeth, widow, h 41 Rickey
Owens John, boiler, h n s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell


PAGAN GEO, House and Sign Painter and Glazier, Shop n s Bellevue near York; h 128 Cabot
Pagan James, painter, h e s Cabot b Ringgold and Harris
Pancoast Joel, mate, h 131 York
Parker Adam, boiler mkr h 6 Rickey
Parker Mrs. C. h 136 Front
Parker Edward, book-keeper, h w s Columbia b Harris and Tibbatts
Parker Mrs. F. M. h s s Taylor b York and Monmouth
Parker J. G. painter, h 128 York
Parker Capt. James D. h 229 York
Parker John, h 18 Jefferson
Parker Lucretia, widow, h 58 Walnut
Patterson Capt. John, bds 11 Columbia
Paul Joseph, gunsmith, h 114 Monmouth
Payler Geo. W. agent, h n s Bellevue b Cabot and Isabella
Payne Mrs. E. widow, h 53 Madison
Payne Innis B. notary public, h s s Bellevue b Cabot and Isabella
Payne Wm. A. clk res Innis B. Payne's
Pearson John, lab h s s Goodman w of Lowell
Peatross Eliza, 203 Bellevue
Peck Margaret, widow, h s s Madison b Cabot and Isabella
Peck Solomon, shoe mkr h 17 Columbia
Pendleton Mrs. F. M. widow, h 145 Bellevue
Perry Mrs. M. widow, h s s Taylor b Columbia and York
Perry Mary, widow, h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
Perry Simon, lab h 94 Mayo
Pesenti Mrs. M. widow, h 145 Eglantine
Peter Edward, res Christian Schwerberg's
Peters Adam, teamster, bds Farmers' Exchange
Peters Samuel, tailor, h 86 Rickey
Petter H. lab h 54 Robert
Petzolt Fred. maltster, wks Jefferson Street Brewery
Pfenger John, cooper, h 176 Saratoga
Pferman Louis, lab h 285 York
Pfingstag Jacob, tailor, h e s Patterson b Chestnut and Walnut
Pfirrmann Louis, lab wks Newport Brewery
Pfirrmann Luke, tinner, 105 Monmouth
Pfisterer John, lab h e s Isabella b McArthur and Ringgold
Pflum John, bar keeper, h 164 Bellevue
Phillipps John, heater, h 26 Walnut
Phillips Mrs. C. bds 46 Monmouth
Phisterer John, carp h n w c Moss and Southgate
Pickelman George, safe mkr h 131 Cabot
Picket I. Anthony, painter, h 30 Chestnut
Pierce Daniel, clerk, h 250 York
Piket Anton, architect, h 52 Chestnut
Pines Charles, plasterer, res D. Pine's
Pines D, plasterer, h n e c Ringgold and Cabot
Pinney Geo. H. clerk, res W. H. Pinney's
Pinney W. H. insurance agent h e s York h Tibbatts and Williamson
Piper Henry, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Plain Wm. printer, bds B. Gassaway's
PLANITZ HENRY, Brick Yard, s s Tibbatts w of Cabot
Pleiman Bernard, porter, h n s Williamson b York and Monmouth
Poattker Barney, tailor, h w s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
POENITZ HERMAN, Proprietor Farmers' Exchange, n w c Monmouth and Harris
Pohnar Robert, tailor, h 47 Madison
Polsen Wm. clerk, h n w c Harris and Putnam
Poos Mathias, wagon mkr wks Schulte & Bro's, res, Jamestown
Porter D. J. farmer, h 97 Cabot
Poschen Frederick, lab h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
POST OFFICE, s s Bellevue near York
Poston Elizabeth, widow, h 22 Walnut
Potter Casper, lab h 117 Monmouth
Pottmaeir Anton, shoe mkr h 63 Walnut
Powell John A. h 18 Rickey
Powell Richard, brick layer, h 136 Madison
Prather J. O. bds Joseph Case's
Preuss John, boots and shoes, 55 Madison
Price Chas. shoe mkr h 50 Robert
Prout John, lab h n w c Goodman and Brighton
Proverbs Elijah, lab h 236 Front
Pruchard Geo. groceries, 160 Madison
Pruchard William, clerk George Pruchard's
Puff Andrew, carpenter, h 145 Front
Puff Frank, baker, h 58 Monmouth
Purcell Mrs. M. h e s Arm s of Williamson
PurcelI William, lab h n s Southgate b Saratoga and East Row
Purcer Thomas, lab h e s Saratoga b Taylor and Southgate
Purg John, h 56 Rickey
Purrer Joseph, machinist, h 172 Saratoga
Purser Miss H. teacher, h 107 Front
PURSER JOHN, General Blacksmith and Horse-Shoeing Shop, w s Monmouth b Jefferson and Mayo, h 107 Front
Purser William, blksmith, bds John Purser's


Quigly P, tailor, h 412 McArthur
Quilivan Patrick, boiler, h s s Elm b Patterson and Brighton
Quill James, lab h n s Southgate b Cabot and Columbia
Quill William, lab h n s Chestnut b Patterson and Isabella
Quinlin Frederick A. riverman, h s c c Locust and Brighton

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