Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory




Eames E, tobacconist, h n s Bellevue b York and Monmouth
Eames Wm. bds E Eames'
Eaton J B, atty at law  bds 220 Madison
Eberhart Frederick, lab h n s Chestnut b Patterson and Isabella
Ebert Adam, brick yard, commons nr Williamson; h e c York and Harris
Ebert Henry, tailor, 208 Monmouth
Eccles James, rectifier, h e s York b Bellevue and Madison
Echols M. A. pilot, h 48 Monmouth
Eckstane Martin, finisher, h 129 Cabot
Edgar James, lab h 182 Bellevue
Edgar Jonathan, book-keeper, h w s Rickey b Mayo and Ringgold
Edgar Mrs. M, widow, h 182 Bellevue
Edgar Oscar, clk bds Jonathan Edgar's
Edmons Elizabeth, widow, h s s Bellevue b Isabella and Moss
Edmunds John, clk bds James Covalt's
Eggert Mary, widow, h 26 Madison
Ehorn Theodore, baker, h 43 Mayo
Eichelberger Joseph, h 62 Madison
Eicher John, huckster, h s s Williamson b York and Monmouth
Eifert Geo. clk res John Eifert's
EIFERT JOHN, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer and Dealer, 96 York; h s w c York and Madison
Eigan John, lab h n s Sandy Lane e from East Row
Eigner George, cigar mkr h 22 Todd
Eipert Andrew, lab h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Elden Wm, foundry, h 108 York
Ellis Perry, tobacconist, h s s Taylor b Columbia and York
Ellman Clements, boots and shoes, n w c Ringgold and Monmouth
Elpen Wm, shoe mkr h 132 Saratoga
Elwell Rev. Frederick, h 407 Columbia
Emerson George, h 130 Saratoga
Emerson Wm. trunk mkr h s s Locust b Patterson and Isabella
Engemann Bertha, widow, h 68 Walnut
Englert Joseph, h 156 Saratoga
English James, bellows mkr h 7 Monmouth
Enyart George Y carp h 116 Bellevue
Epman Louis, millwright, h 231 Front
Eppert Adam, lab h s s Locust b Isabella and Patterson
Erb C. P, porter, h e s Isabella b Bellevue and Taylor
Erbeck Christ. carpet weaver, h 86 Orchard
Ermert Frederick, salesman, h 403 Columbia
Ermert L. D. lab h 12 Rickey
Ernst Jacob, messenger, h s s McArthur b Cabot and German
Evans Ann, widow, h s s Goodman w of Lowell
Evans Chas. asst. manager Swift's Rolling Mill, bds n e c Columbia and Taylor
Evans Edward, roller, h n e c Brighton and Elm
Evans Edwin Jr. sheet roller, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Evans Jenkins, blksmith, h 224 York
Evans Joseph, boiler, h s s Goodman w of Lowell
Evans Thomas, manager Swift's Rolling Mill
Evans Wm. boiler, h n w c Elm and Brighton
Everhardy Jacob, tailor, bds Farmers Exchange
Ewan James, coal dealer, h n s Taylor b Columbia and York
Ewan James, clk h n s Taylor b York and Columbia
Ewerleng Joseph, h n w c Mayo and Richey
Exler, Henry carp h nec Robert and Mayo
Eyer, Henry, grocery 7 Rickey


Fagaley L. C. h n s Bellevue b Saratoga and East Row
Fagan Theodore, flour dealer, h 214 Madison
Fallis John, grocer, h 13 Monmouth
Farrar Joseph, h 242 York
Fanbenbis Fred, lab h 200 Front
Fannin James, helper, bds Ann Evans'
Fanthorp Chas. gardener, h s s Sandy Lane e of East Row
Farber Chas. clk h 99 Saratoga
Faring Wm. lab h 144 Ringgold
FARMERS' EXCHANGE, Herman Poenitz, n w c Monmouth and Harris
Farrell Catherine, widow, h 57 Rickey
Fausz Jacob, foreman John Taylor & Son's, h 44 Orchard
Fawcett Mrs. P, h s s Front b York and Monmouth
Fawcett S. P, pilot bds Mrs. P Fawcett's 
Fazzi James, plaster figure mkr h 30 Madison
Fearons Geo. R. atty n w c York and Southgate
Feeman Conrad, expressman, h 117 Monmouth
Feigrey Michael, lab h 205 Madison
Feine C M, music teacher, h 185 Madison
Feith Jacob, lab h s s Elm b Brighton and Patterson
Feldman Franz, cooper, wks Newport Brewery
Feller Mrs. B. h 147 Monmouth
Feller Catherine, widow, h 23 Richey
Feltman Christian, shoe mkr h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Fenelon Thos. porter, h s s Ringgold b Monmouth and Rickey
Fennell James, bar keeper, h 87 Jefferson
Fergen John, h w s Saratoga b Taylor and Bellevue
Feth Barbara, widow, h 160 Saratoga
Feth Joseph, clk, n e c York and Bellevue
Fetter Anthony, lab h w s Putnam b Tibbatts and Harris
Fichter Theodore, brewer, wks Jefferson Street Brewery
Fick John, carriage trimmer, h w s Robert b Jefferson and Mayo
Fighth Frederick, grocery, n w c Elm and Brighton
Filtson Joseph, painter, h 163 Front
Firth Mrs. E, h 65 Monmouth
Fischer Conrad, tailor, h e s Isabella b McArthur and Ringgold
Fischer John, lab h n s Madison b Isabella and Moss
Fischer Sylvester, lab b 32 Chestnut
Fisher Henry, grocer, h s e c Bellevue and Cabot
Fisher Henry, lab h 137 Cabot
Fisher Henry L. tailor, h 141 Ringgold
Fister Eliza, widow, h 247 York
Fitzer Albert, lab h 6 Rickey
Fitzgerald Michael, lab h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
Fitzgerald Pleasant, carp h 151 Columbia
Fitzgerald Wm. carp h e s Columbia b Harris and Tibbatts
Fitzsimmons Hugh, helper, bds Patrick Mahoney's
Fitzsimmons Robert A. engineer h 45 Mayo
Flanely Thos. marble cutter, h s s Eglantine b York and Columbia
Flannery Anthony; carp h s s Southgate b Cabot and Isabella
Flannery Manis, stone mason, h 96 Orchard
Flatley Michael, helper, h s s Goodman b Brighton and Lowell
Fleetwood C.V. lithographer, h 115 York
Fleming Miss Hester, h n e c Brighton and Elm
Flenmman James, lab h c s Hubbard b Bellevue and Madison
Flemmin Patrick, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Flicaman C, lab h w s Saratoga b Williamson and Tibbatts
Flinn Thos. lab h 17 Walnut
Flodders John B. h 76 Robert
Fogelsang- Geo. H. 87 Rickey
Fogelsang John H, lab h 118 Harris
Foges Geo. lab h s w c Locust and Brighton
Foll Andrew, lab h 158 Monmouth
Foll John, lab h 182 Saratoga
Forbes John, (Conner & Forbes) h n s Madison b York and Monmouth
Ford Louisa, widow, h 40 Cabot
Ford Oven, lab h w s Putnam b Tibbatts and Harris
Ford Sam'1, coal agent Swift's Rolling Mill, h w s Monmouth nr Williamson
Forester John, gunsmith, h 104 East Row
Forstner Ann, widow, h 5 Jefferson
Fouergerell Eliza, widow, h e s Isabella b Bellevue and Taylor
Foulerd James, lab h w s Columbia s of Williamson
Fowler Thos. city marshal, office at Mayor's office, h 225 Madison
Fog Martin, molder, h 157 Saratoga
Fox Wm, tailor, h 135 Ringgold
Fraas James, upholsterer, h 73 Rickey
Francis Michael, lab h e s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
Franklin J. E, teacher, h 193 Madison
Franklin Wm. carp h 193 Madison 
Franz George F, lab h 32 Columbia
Franzmann L. cigar mkr h 35 Columbia 
Fraser J W, photographer, h 62 Saratoga
French Henry, clk. bds 68 East Row
French John, engineer, h 90 Mayo
French Mary, widow, h 68 East Row
French Simon, painter, bds 68 East Row
Frescholz Joseph, tailor, h e s Ann n of Ringgold
Freson Joseph, molder, h s e c Ringgold and Saratoga
Frew Louis, mate, h 125 Front
Freyor Louis, carp h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Fritsch Nicholas, molder, h 124 Harris
Fritsche E. lab h 132 Monmouth
Fritz Louis, lab h w s Monmouth s of Liberty
Fritzsh Anthony, lab h n w c Ringgold and Robert
Fromm Henry, white-washer, h 22 Rickey
Frummel John, boiler mkr h n w c Moss and Bellevue
Fry D. h e s Monmouth b Tibhatts and Williamson
Fuchs Henry h. saddler, res Philip Biehl's
Fulner Henry, gas fitter, h 146 Madison
Fulton Geo. molder, h s s Tibbatts b York and Putnam
Furlong Michael, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Furneaux Geo. book-binder, h 100 Orchard
Fuss Rev. J. H. A. h c Orchard and Mayo

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