Newport City Directory

Newport City Directory-D


Dahner Mrs. Caroline, grocery, n w c Walnut and Patterson
Dailey Michael, carriage smith, h 61 Bellevue
Dailey N. A, dyer, 14 York
Daily M V. liquors, h s s Madison b Cabot and Columbia
Daily Wm. blksmith, h 64 Bellevue
Dalby John N. salesman, bds Job Thompson's
Dale Wm. boiler, h 59 Walnut
Dalton R J. dry goods, h 66 Front
Danby Wm, teamster, 26 Robert
Darby James A. silver plater, h b Madison and Todd and Columbia and Cabot
Darby Thomas, tinner, bds James A. Darby's
Darche David, h 189 Madison
Darr Frank, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Dartmann Wm B. book keeper, h 134 York
Dartnell Wm B book keeper, h 134 York
Davidson John B. printer, h 10 Jefferson
Davidson W A, watch mkr h 14 Rickey
Davis E. B. clk h 115 Madison
Davis Franklin, bds Wm C. Davis'
Davis James, porter, h w s Columbia b Tibbatts and Williamson
Davis John, carp h w s Isabella b Bellevue and Madison
Davis Mary, widow, h 23 Locust
Davis T, machinist, bds 192 Madison
Davis Wm C. foundry, h s w c Columbia and Front
Davison B F, president Boatmen's Ins. Co h 140 Madison
Davison Benjamin, b. 140 Madison
Davison F. M, boat store, h 140 Madison
Day Ellen, widow, h 168 Front
Day Lambert, carpenter, h 130 Monmouth
Day Peter, lab h 242 Monmouth
Dean Daniel, shoe mkr h 85 Madison
Dearing A. (D & Lawson) res Covington
Dearing & Lawson, (A. D. & Wm. W. L.) mer tailors, 73 Monmouth
Debrie Henry, lab wks Wolf's Rolling Mill
DeFord A J. printer, h 157 Bellevue
DeFord Willie, clk bds 157 Bellevue
Dehl Frederick, h n e c Bellevue and Isabella
Deichmiller Fritz, lab h 7 Rickey
Deillman Christopher, tailor, h 26 Chestnut
Deimel Mrs. R. h 22 Robert
Deinzer Erhart, grocery, 119 Ringgold
Deiters Theodore, trunk mkr h 152 Monmouth
Deitmering Harman, lab h n w c Locust and Patterson
Dellahoussaye Edward, mach bds 172 Saratoga
DeMars Flavin, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Demler John, lab h 132 Cabot
Denenhower Mrs. P, h 50 McArthur
DENISON B, S., Dealer in Family Groceries, Provisions, &c., s e c York and Bellevue, h 152 Bellevue
Denk John, lab h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Denneman Lawrence, sawyer, h w s Rickey b Mayo and Ringgold
Dennis M J. jeweler, h s Columbia b Williamson and Liberty
Dennis George, bds 185 York
Deppry Henry, lab h s s Eglantine b Monmouth and Saratoga
Depretz Henry, lab h s s Eglantine b Monmouth and Saratoga
Derk Louis, lab h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Derrick John B, brick molder, h 120 Harris
Derrick Joseph, brick mkr h n s Elm b Isabella and Patterson
Devel Anton, lab h e s Moss b Bellevue and Southgate
Devereaux Lawrence, saloon, e s York b Southgate and Bellevue
Deviney Osborn, pilot, h 27 Monmouth
Dewald Ottilia, widow, h 116 Ringgold
Dibick Mrs. Catherine, saloon, s e c Goodman and Lowell
Dichart Martin, wagon maker wks 171 Monmouth
Dicken Benjamin, finisher, h 272 York
Dickers Geo. tailor, h 16 Cabot
Dickhaut Martin, wagon mkr h a s Elm b Brighton and Patterson
Diedermann Anthony, lab h 10 Robert
Dierdon John, h 61 Rickey
Dietz Adam C. shoe mkr h w s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Dietz J. M, cigars and tobacco, n e c Jefferson and Monmouth
Dilling Andrew, grocery, 144 Saratoga
Dilling John, grocer, s w c McArthur and Columbia
Dilzer Adam, harness mkr 145 Monmouth
Dinvel Chas. tobacconist, h 163 Monmouth
Dippe Catherine, widow, h e s Saratoga b Mayo and Ringgold
Dixon Miss J. dress mkr h 43 Jefferson
Dixon Thos. (D. & Townsend) h 96 Bellevue
Dixon & Townsend, (Thos. D & Robt. T) painters, 85 Taylor
Doerhing John, cooper, h w s Putnam b Williamson and Liberty
Doherty George, porter, h s e c Eglantine and Cabot
Dolan Timothy, lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Doller Christina, widow, h 106 Saratoga
Domain John, lab h n s Sandy e from East Row
Domhoff Frederick, carp h e s Ann nr Ringgold
Domhoff Victor, rope spinner, h n e c Bellevue and Moss
Dominick M. lab wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Dommer Michael, lab h s s Bellevue b Moss and Hubbard
Donahonwer L. P. fancy goods, h 169 Madison
Donaldson Wm. lithographer, h 16 Rickey
Donnelly G. lab h 121 Front
Donoghue Timothy, lab bds Madison House
Donoly Thos. filer, h n s Southgate b Saratoga and East Row
Doring John P, box mkr h s w c Saratoga and Ringgold
Dorne Nicholas, lab h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Doty Alex. teamster, h e s Monmouth b Tibbatts and Williamson
Dougherty Chas. lab h 126 Cabot
Dowd Bernard, mach h n s Taylor b Cabot and Isabella
DOWLING BERNARD, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Newspapers, Periodicals, Sheet Music, & c., 98 York
Downy Thos. tailor, h 35 Saratoga
Drahman John B. clothing, h 24 Robert
Dramer Andrew, trimmer, h n c c Southgate and Columbia
Dreier L. carp w s Patterson b Locust and Elm
Drennon Edward, blksmith, h 63 Saratoga
Dresing John F, trimmer, h 110 East Row
Drinis Jacob K, molder, h 192 Front
Droitcor Kate, servant, 130 York
Droege Chas. carp h w s Columbia b Tibbatts and Williamson
Droste Henry, vinegar manuf h 137 Front
Dryer Wm. heater, wks Swift's Rolling Mill
Dubo Nicholas, lab h 210 Monmouth
DUBOIS ISAAC W., Principal Hollingsworth's Business College, e s York b Bellevue and Madison ; h e s Rickey b Ringgold and Harris
Dubois Peter, cab mkr h 40 John
Duckweiller Philip, tailor, h 100 Patterson
Duddey John, blksmith, h 65 Walnut
Dudley F. H, Sec'y Licking Valley F & M Ins. Co., bds n e c Taylor and Monmouth
Dudley Wm, tobacconist, h n s Taylor b Saratoga and Monmouth
Dufsey Michael, lab h e s Cabot b Bellevue and Madison
Dumain Patrick, lab h 60 Robert
Duvoss Peter, clk bds Mrs. E. Duvoss'
Duvoss Mrs. E, h 92 Columbia
Duncau Thomas, painter, bds 273 York
Dunn Mrs. M A, h w s East Row b Southgate and Bellevue
Dunseath David, pilot, h 23 Jefferson
Dunwoodie Thos. millinery, 63 York
Durstock Henry, molder, h 168 Saratoga
Dwyer Dennis, clk h n e c Columbia and Taylor
Dye James, clk bds 48 Monmouth
Dye Wm. bricklayer, h 45 East Row

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