Newport 1869 Directory

Newport 1869 Directory


Published by C S Williams at the Cincinnati Directory Office
194 Walnut St. corner of Fifth, Cincinnati, Ohio


Lacey Edward, toll collector N. & C. Bridge, h west end of the Bridge
Lacey Michael, watchman, res Edward Lacey's
Lachle Gebhart, h 40 Madison
Lachle John, laborer, bds 40 Madison
Lachle Joseph, saloon, 40 Madison
Ladd Susan, widow, h 24 Jefferson
LADD WILLIS E. Dealer in Books, Stationery, Newspapers, Periodicals, &c., 132 York; h 26 Jefferson
Laffy Andy, laborer, h e s Moss n of Bellevue
Lahe John, laborer, h s s Harris b Cabot and Isabella
Laird John, steward, h 13 Todd
Lamb G. W. shoemaker, h 9 Saratoga
Lamb Henry, second-hand store, 62 Monmouth
Lamb John, meat store, 178 Front, h 174 Bellevue
Lamb John R. paper hanger, h 32 Robert
Lamb Samuel, h w s Monmouth b Madison and Jefferson
Lambe Jeremiah, h 187 York
Lampe Barney, porter, h 18 Madison
Lampe Catharine, widow, h 26 Robert
Lampe Frank, laborer, h 62 Walnut
Lampe Fred, carpenter, h n s James alley b Cabot and Isabella
Lampen Anton, laborer, h n s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Lander David, harness maker, h w s Cabot b Bellevue and Madison
Landers Geo. W. druggist, 142 Monmouth
Lang Albert, bricklayer, bds 8 Robert
Lang Fred. molder, h s w c Monmouth and Ringgold
Lang Geo. clerk, s w c Monmouth and Ringgold
Lang Geo. M. musician, h n s Madison opp Patterson
Lang Jacob, boiler maker, bds Frank Getz's
Lang Jacob, packer, h 210 Monmouth
Lang John, carpenter, h s e c Ann and Tibbatts
Lang Robert, plasterer, bds 8 Robert
Langbrake Ernst, furniture dealer, h n w c Williamson and John
Lange Henry, engineer, wks Swift's Iron and-Steel Works
Langelage Joseph, porter, h 84 East Row
Langen Henry, blacksmith, h 100 Cabot
Lanigan John, carpenter, h w s Ann s of Williamson
Lanigan Thos. laborer, h w s Ann s of Williamson
Lape Edward W, clerk, bds 171 York
Lape Wm. H. president United F. & M. Ins. Co., h 174 York
Larkins Ann, widow, h w s East Row b Taylor and Southgate

Laster Harriet T. widow, res Thos. U. Laster's
Laster Thos. U. book-keeper, h e s Saratoga b Taylor and Southgate
Lauer John, laborer, h e s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
Laughlin John F. stone cutter, h 131 Ringgold
Lavery Joseph, clerk, h n e c Taylor and Columbia
Law John, stock dealer, h 151 Eglantine
Lawson Wm. W. tailor, 72 Monmouth
Lazcar Joseph, clerk, h n w c York and Mayo
Lear Geo. saloon, s w c Saratoga and Harris
Lebbing Henry, laborer, h s s Southgate b Isabella and Moss
LeBlanc Geo. H clerk, h 90 1/2 Madison
Leburn Francis, carpenter, h 45 Eglantine
Lecquire, Frederick, clerk, h s s Harris b Cabot and Isabella
Ledyard James R. asst. supt. Kentucky Central R. R., h 172 York
Lee James, steward, bds 57 Rickey
Leiding Henry, (John Wessels & Co.) h 97 Bellevue
Leile Henry, finisher, h 52 Robert
Leising Henry, laborer, h 37 Chestnut
Leisle Geo. boot maker, h n s Todd b Cabot and Isabella
Leitze Samuel, huckster, h 119 Cabot
Lekamp Conrad, laborer, b 98 Mayo
Lemink John, plow maker, h n w c Jefferson and Saratoga
Lemmenk Geo. plow maker, h n s Tibbatts b Saratoga and East Row
LeMonde Thos. merchant, h e s Monmouth b Taylor and Southgate
Lenhart Joseph, tinner, h 45 Mayo
Lenneman Wm. baker, h n e c Cabot and Madison
Lennemann Wm. laborer, h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Lennox Wm. traveling agent, h 100 Monmouth
Lenz John, laborer, h 19 Walnut
Leonard Barney, laborer, h 21 Saratoga
Leonard John, laborer, h e s Ann s of Williamson
Leonard John, laborer, h s w c Powell and Brighton
Leonard Philip, music teacher, h 28 Todd
Lepper Adam, clerk, h w s East Row b Harris and Tibbatts
Lestermann Elizabeth, widow, b 242 Monmouth
Levett Johanna, widow, h 17 Walnut
Lewis David A. b 197 Madison
Lewis M H. liquor dealer, h n w c East Row and Jefferson
Liarup Chas. stove mounter, wks C. Wolff & Co's
Liekert Fritz, laborer, h n s McArthur b Columbia and Cabot
Lieberth Joseph, shoemaker, h 100 Patterson
Limrick Chas. stone mason, h n w c Columbia and Ringgold
Linahan D. J. clerk, h n w c East Row and Harris
Lindo W H, clerk, h e s Saratoga b Taylor and Southgate
LINDSEY JAMES, Civil Engineer and. Surveyor, also Claim Agent and Conveyancer, Office in City Building on Public Square; h 58 Front
Linfert Wm. tailor, h 133 Orchard
Link Chas. laborer, h n e c Elm and Lowell
Link John, engineer, h 34 Walnut
Link John, molder, bds Farmers Exchange
Linville Isaac, engineer, bds Fred. Tinker's
Linville Mary, widow, res 130 Saratoga
Linville Wm. painter, h 130 Saratoga
Listerman Theresa, widow, h s w c Saratoga and Harris
Listermann Wm. helper, h 113 Orchard
Little David, mate, h s s Madison b Patterson and Brighton
Litzendorf Henry, h l57 Bellevue
Livezey I. W. (I. W. L. & Co.) res Covington
LIVEZEY I. W. & CO., (Isaac W. L. F. A. Stine & E. Livezey) Saw Mill, n w c Walnut and Lowell
Livezey T. E. (I. W. Livezey & Co.) res Covington
Livingstone John, teamster, h 47 Jefferson
Livingstone Robert, engine driver, h n e c Columbia and Madison
Lloyd Henry, teamster, h n s Bellevue near Licking River
LOCK & CO., Druggist and Apothecaries, 142 Monmouth
Lock David R. plasterer, h 117 Madison
LOCK F. J., Physician and Surgeon, Office at Drug Store, 142 Monmouth
Lock & Horner, (J B. L. jr. & I. N. H.) groceries, 144 Monmouth
Lock J. B. insurance agent, 144 Monmouth, h 146 Monmouth
Lock J. B., jr. (L. & Horner) 144 Monmouth
Lock Wm. student, h 142 Monmouth
Loeb Daniel, laborer, h 26 Robert
Loehr Jacob, drayman, h w s Ann b Harris and Tibbatts
Loech John, tailor, h 116 Cabot
Loesch Jacob, clerk Clay F. & M. Ins. Co., h 116 Cabot
Logan John, laborer, h 170 Front
Lohmeyer John D. tinner, h 42 Jefferson
Lohstroh LouiSa, widow, h 94 Ringgold
Long Henry, bds 48 Madison
Long Jacob, machinist h 22 Walnut
Long John, conductor, h w s Moss n of Bellevue
Long John W. laborer, h 121 Eglantine
Long Magdalena, widow h 48 Madison
Long Peter, butcher, wks Joseph Morlidge's
Loos John, laborer, h rear 230 Front 
Loos John G. h 134 Cabot
Locos Martin, tailor, h w s Columbia b Harris and Tibbatts
Loudeman Jacob, laborer, h n w c Elm and Brighton
Lowrey Bridget, widow, h 97 Mayo
Lowry J. R. paper collar manuf. h 221 Madison
Luber Geo. laborer, h 32 Chestnut
Ludeger Mary, widow, h 29 Rickey
Ludwig Anton, tailor, h 24 Robert
Lueckert Jacob, stone mason, h s s Harris b Putnam and Columbia
Luegart Joseph, tinner, h e s Patterson b Walnut and Elm
Lueschle B. stone mason, h 70 Walnut
Luglage John, molder, h 194 Front
Lumkins Beverley, laborer, h 218 Bellevue
Lumkins Burre1l, h 218 Bellevue
Lumkins Wm. h 58 Saratoga
Lun Frank, laborer, h 57 Rickey
Lute J. N. photographer, h 2 Rickey
Lye Henry, clerk, h w s Columbia b Harris and Tibbatts
Lynam James, laborer, h 120 Taylor
Lynch James, laborer, h e s Ann s of Williamson
Lynch M. D. groceries, &c., 94 Columbia
Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 92 Bellevue
Lyon Hamilton, pattern maker, h w s Columbia b Ringgold and Harris
Lyons Catharine, widow, res Samuel Clemman's
Lyons Charlotte, h 79 Mayo
Lyons H S, attorney, h 5 Todd
Lyons Maria, widow h 5 Todd
Lyons Patrick, laborer, h s s Harris b Columbia and Ann
Lyons Wm. clerk, bds 79 Mayo
Lysle Wm. W. coal agent, h w s Columbia b Bellevue and Madison

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