Newport 1869 Directory


Published by C S Williams at the Cincinnati Directory Office
194 Walnut St. corner of Fifth, Cincinnati, Ohio


Iliff James, clerk, h e s Columbia b Tibbatts and Williamson
Imbus Barney, porter, h 20 Robert
Imeson Francis, (I. & Moore) h 84 Orchard b Tibbatts and Harris
Imeson & Moore, (Francis I. & Benj. M) marble yard, e s York b Mayo and Jefferson
Immegart F J. grocery, s w c Monmouth and Bellevue
Inderstrodt Herman, laborer, h 18 Harris
Inderstrodt John, laborer, h. 55 Rickey
Ingram J. conductor, bds 78 Front
Ingram T. E. tobacconist, h n s Williamson b York and Orchard
Innes Perrott L. clerk, h 98 Cabot
ISHERWOOD GEORGE W, h n s Bellevue, first house east of Moss
Isherwood Mahala, widow, h n s Bellevue, first house east of Moss


Jaap George, wagon maker, w s Monmouth b Ringgold and Harris
Jackson Catharine, widow, h 163 York
Jackson J. P. attorney, b 200 York 40
Jackson J. P. constable, h n s Todd b Cabot and Isabella
Jacob John, carpenter, h 12 Rickey
James Charlotte, widow, h n s Southgate b Saratoga and East Row
James John, teamster, bds Lawrence Tolliver's
Jarvis John, scissors grinder, h 58 Saratoga
JARVIS & McGINETY, (R. O. J. & Wm A. McG.) Contractors, Carpenters and Builders, n s Mayo b York and Columbia
Jarvis R. O. (J. & McGinety) h e s German b McArthur and Walnut
Jatz Chas. porter, h 91 Mayo
Jeanson J. A. physician, h 188 Madison
Jeffries Rev. P. H. res 173 York
Jenert Emil, h 74 Jefferson
Jenert Julius, book-keeper, h n w c Cabot and Todd
Jenkens Green, laborer, h w s Monmouth south of Liberty
Jenkins Matthew, laborer, h s s Taylor b Columbia and Cabot
Jennings Geo. clerk, bds 13 Saratoga
Jennings Martha, widow, h 13 Saratoga
Johnson A. M. (J. & Hardy) h 140 Madison
Johnson B. A. pattern maker, h 71 Rickey
Johnson Catharine, widow, h n w c Columbia and Southgate
Johnson Chas. h 54 Rickey
Johnson E. F. (J. & Hardy) res New York
Johnson Jesse, laborer, h 56 Chestnut
Johnson John, h n s Elm b Isabella and Patterson
Johnson Wm hospital steward, at U. S. Barracks
JOHNSONS & HARDY, (E F J, A M J & M T H) Planing and Flooring Mill, and Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, &c., corner Isabella and Goodman
Johnston Arthur, bds 162 Monmouth
Johnston Geo. L. steamboat agent, h s s Madison b Columbia and Cabot
Johnston J. R. druggist, h 148 Saratoga
Johnston Nick M. contracting freight agent C. & I. C. R. R,., h 67 Columbia
Johnston Wm. h 49 Taylor
Johnston Wm. engineer, h 14 Todd
Jobnstone A. D. h 254 York
Jones Mrs. widow, h s e c Saratoga and Taylor
JONES CHARLES J., Florist, n e c Columbia and Ringgold
Jones David, heater, bds Henry Reese's
JONES GEORGE A., Publisher and Proprietor Newport News Office, w s York b Bellevue and Madison, over Post Office; h e s Monmouth, 3d door north of Williamson
Jones Geo. H. molder, h n w c East Row and Southgate
Jones H. A. spring bed bottom maker, h 88 Bellevue
Jones Harvey, painter, h 25 Rickey
Jones John L. engineer, h w s Patterson b Madison and Chestnut
Jones Joseph, blacksmith, h 129 York
Jones Wm. superintendent of Public Schools, office, in Seminary, n e c Bellevue and Monmouth; h s s Ringgold
Jones Wm. H painter, h 7 Monmouth
JONES WM. H., Dealer in Family Groceries, Provisions, Produce, &c; also, Saloon, 43 Cabot 
Jones Wm. V. laborer, h w s Isabella b Madison and Chestnut
Jordan Rev. A. L. h 76 Jefferson
Joshua Joseph, heater, h w s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
Joule Joseph, molder, h 4 Monmouth
Juensmann John, whitewasher, h 150 Ringgold
Justice Susan, widow, h 68 Front
Justice Wm H H book-keeper, h 68 Front
Justin W. C. grain inspector, h n s Forest b Saratoga and East Row


Kabuler Joseph, carpenter, h n w c Isabella and Harris
Kael Fred. molder, h rear 226 Front
Kahler John, cabinet maker, h 143 Front
Kalbflesch Henry, musician, h s s Chestnut b Isabella and Patterson
Kamping Mary, widow- h 80 Columbia
Kane James, merchant, h e s York b Ringgold and Harris
Kane Michael, laborer; h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamsion
Kassler August, laborer, h w s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kaster H. laborer, h 218 Monmouth
Kattring Jacob, laborer, h 116 Ringgold
Kauder Marcus, porter, h 16 Todd
Kaufman Adam, tinner, bds Andrew Nordheim's
Kavanaugh C. W, attorney and examiner, 86 York
Kearney Bridget, widow, h rear 200 Front
Kearney Edward, sawyer, h 119 Madison
Kearney Hettie, widow, h 47 Madison
Kearney James T. tinner, bds 126 Cabot
Kearney John, machinist, h n e c Madison and Moss
Kearns John, laborer, h 53 Saratoga
Kearns Lawrence, blacksmith, h s w c Eglantine and Saratoga
Keating Catharine, widow. res 287 York
Keen Margaret, widow, h w s York near Front
Keeney F. H. pattern maker, h 46 Robert
Kehoe Dennis, laborer, h n s Bellevue b Cabot and Isabella
Keiter Margaret, widow, h w s Monmouth south of Liberty
Keil Fred. molder, h rear 226 Front
Keim Elizabeth, widow, h 87 Rickey
Keim Geo. stone mason, h 23 Rickey
Keim Louisa, widow, h 93 Rickey
Keithorn Henry, trimmer, h 147 Saratoga
Keiser M J. deputy clerk Criminal and Circuit Courts, bds n e c Taylor and Monmouth
Keiser John, laborer, h 14 Robert
Keller John, clerk, h e s German b Ringgold and Harris
Keller Nicholas, laborer, h w s Columbia b McArthur and Ringgold
Kellmer Jacob, tailor, h 52 McArthur
Kelly Cisley, widow, h s w c Elm and Isabella
Kelly Dennis, harness maker, h s s Lewis b Cabot and Isabella
Kelly John, boiler, h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Kelly Michael, stone mason, h e s Columbia south of Williamson
Kelly Patrick H. blacksmith, h 43 Eglantine
Kelly Peter, carpenter, h 56 McArthur
Kelp John, b 19 Todd
Kemper Harvey H. grocery, 22 Columbia, bds 60 Monmouth
Kemper P. A. C., jr. bds 60 Monmouth
Kemper P. A. C., sen. justice of the peace, 51 Jefferson, h 60 Monmouth
Kenig John, cutter, h s s Chestnut b Patterson and Isabella
Keniston James, steamboat captain, h 43 Monmouth
Kennard Frank, engineer, n e c York, and Harris
Kennedy Chas. H. grocer, h 43 Cabot
Kennedy Emma B. widow, h n s Kennedy b Saratoga and East Row
Kennedy H. P. commission merchant, h 86 Bellevue
Kennedy Patrick, rectifier, h 18 Saratoga
Kennedy Wm, printer, h 236 Front
Kennen Thos. sheet iron worker, h 97 Saratoga
Kennett ____, h 97 Saratoga
Kenney Alex. grocery, s s Madison b Isabella and Patterson
Kennweg Christ. carpenter, h n s Forest b Saratoga and East Row
Kenton Iron Co. pig iron, Front east of East Row; Cyrus Mendenhall, president; Alfred J Wolf, secretary and treasurer
KENTUCKY MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. J C Beck, President; e s York opp Post Office
KEPPLER Chas. brewer, wks John Butcher & Co
Kernick Wm. H brick layer, h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kerwald Caroline, widow, h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Kerwald Chas. machinist, h n w c Powell and Brighton
Kesel Mary, widow, h 158 Monmouth
Kesman Henry, tailor, h c Licking Bridge and Hubbard
Kessner A. laborer, wks I W Livezey & Co
Kettenacker Michael, h e s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kettler Barney, tailor, h 27 Walnut
Keuper August, finisher, bds 72 Walnut
Keuper Joseph, tailor, h 72 Walnut
Kidwell James R. tobacconist, bds 5 Monmouth
Kiefer Philip, shoemaker, h e s Putnam b Harris and Tibbatts
Kiewitt Henry, carpenter, s s Walnut b Isabella and Patterson, h s s Walnut b Patterson and Brighton
Kilb John, cigar maker, bds 19 Todd
Killinger Anthony, groceries, s w c Jefferson and Saratoga
Killinger Wm. mate, h 4 Rickey
Kilp Wm. cigar maker, h 95 Monmouth
Kilty Elizabeth, widow, h s s Locust b Brighton and Lowell
Kimble Alonzo, h e s Columbia b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kimmel August, book-keeper, h 63 Columbia
Kimmer Margaret, h 20 Isabella
Kimmerle Jacob, tailor, h 72 John
King A J h n s Taylor b Saratoga and East Row
King E. mate, h e s Cabot b Tibbatts and Williamson
King John, laborer, h s s Taylor b Columbia and Cabot
King John, laborer, h s w c Elm and Isabella
King Kit, catcher, h n s Walnut b Isabella and Patterson
King M. J. merchant, h s w c Madison and Columbia
King Richard, laborer, h 168 Front
Kinney Patrick, laborer h w s Columbia b Bellevue and Southgate
Kinney Thos. pilot, h 59 Jefferson
Kinsley Elizabeth, widow, h n s Tibbatts b Cabot. and Isabella
Kinslow Edward, h w s Patterson b Locust and Elm
Kinslow John, laborer, h 57 1/2 Walnut
Kinsman Wm boiler, bds 23 Locust
Kipp Geo. W carriage ornamenter, h 21 Todd
Kipp Louis, tailor, h n s Locust b Isabella. and Patterson
Kirby Daniel, lumber dealer, h n w c Columbia and Taylor
Kirby John J. lumber dealer, h 127 Madison
Kirk Michael, boots and shoes, 64 Monmouth
Kirk Samuel, bds 64 Monmouth
Kirkland Harry, roller, h n s Walnut w of Lowell
Kirkner Jonathan, (Conn & K.) h 53 Ringgold
Kittels Bernard, h w s Moss n of Bellevue
Kittels Wm porter, h w s Moss n of Bellevue
Kittenacker John, fisherman, h 111 Front
Klaas Frank, tailor, h 124 Orchard
Klaser Wm. laborer, h 200 Front
Kleehammer Martin, brewer, wks John Butcher & Co's
KLEHAMMER B, Manufacturer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes, 149 Monmouth
Klein Geo. carpenter, 117 Orchard, h 120 Orchard
Kleybolte Leopold, clerk, h 9 Todd
Klick Jacob, (Schmidt & K.) h 57 Robert
KLIEN JOHN, Merchant Tailor, Clothier, And Dealer in Gents' Furnishings Goods, 91 York; h 147 Saratoga
Klikamp Henry, house mover, h w s Saratoga b Harris and Tibbatts
Kline Henry, butcher, 57 Mayo
Kline Henry, tailor, h 61 Walnut
Kline John, tailor, h 147 Saratoga
Kline Louis, laborer, h 56 Walnut
Klingner August, cabinet maker, h s s Lewis b Cabot and Isabella
Klotzbach Sebastian, carpenter, h e s Patterson b Walnut and Elm
Klotzbaugh Henry, stone mason, h w s John b Tibbstts and Williamson
Klostermann Joseph, confectionery, 14 Bellevue
Klotzbach Christian, meats, 163 Saratoga
Klump M. h 125 Front
Knapf Anthony, store cutter, h 200 Front
Knapp Margaret, widow, res 21 Jefferson
Knapp Nicholas, laborer, h 151 Front
Knarr Adam, laborer, h 23 Robert
Knarr Frederick, h n s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Knarr Geo. catcher, h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Knarr Mary, widow, h s s Elm b Brighton and Lowell
Knarr Peter, laborer, h 7 Rickey
Knaublauch Mary, widow, h 43 Rickey
Knight C. carpenter, h w s Isabella b Goodman and Harris
KNIGHT GEO. H., (Knight Bros.) Solicitors of Patents, 24 W 4th, Cincinnati, O. and 406 F st., Washington, D. C.; h 56 Front
Knight John C. pipe maker, bds Wm. Buden's
Knight Mary, widow, h 164 Front
Knobloch Nicholas, stone mason, h e s Ann b Tibbatts and Williamson
Knoop Peter, cabinet maker, h n s Ringgold b Columbia and Cabot
Knopp John H. painter, h 8 Monmouth
Knopp Joseph H carpenter, h 8 Monmouth
Knox Henry, riverman, h 136 Cabot
Knust Henry, laborer, h 43 McArthur
Knoch Jacob, molder, h 58 Robert
Koebele Joseph, carpenter, h n w c Isabella and Harris
Koeble John, laborer, h s s Main opp Wolf's Rolling Mill
Koehler Henry, cabinet ma.1-er, h e s Cabot s of Williamson
Koenig Geo. collar maker, h w s Putnam L Harris and Tibbatts
Kohlman Fritz, laborer, wks I. W. Livezey & Co's
Kohn Michael, laborer, h s e c Monmouth and Williamson
Kohrmann Jacob, tailor, h w s Saratoga b Tibbatts and Williamson
Kohsen Valentine, machinist, h w s Moss n of Bellevue
Koke Joseph, clothier, h 103 Saratoga
Kolbe Henry, pattern maker, h w s East Row b Harris and Tibbatts
Konigsberg G. second-band store, n e c York and Eglantine
Koolhofen John, tailor, h s w c Locust and Brighton
Koontz Caroline, widow, h 57 Columbia
Korrell Valentine, cooper, h w s Putnam b Harris and Tibbatts
Kousterman John, clerk, h 44 Eglantine
Kraedlar Max, blacksmith. wks 88 Monmouth
Kraft August, laborer, h 56 Madison
Kraft Geo. laborer, h 36 McArthur
Kramer Henry, tailor, h 138 Orchard
Kramer Wm. clerk, h s e c Harris and Orchard
Kratz Henry, musician, h 73 Madison
Kratz Leonard, turner, h 73 Madison
Kraus Mary, widow, h s e c Madison and Brighton
Kraus Wm. meats, 57 Mayo, res Finchtown
Krause Herman, tailor, h w s Cabot b Lewis and Todd
Kreiger Louisa, widow, h 48 Robert
Krieger Geo. cabinet maker, h w s Columbia b Harris and Tibbatts
Kroger ____, (Bathgate & K.) res Cincinnati
Kruer Henry, molder, h n s Williamson b Saratoga and East Row
Krug August, stair builder, h w s Columbia b Southgate and Taylor
Kruse H. groceries, 152 Monmouth
Kruse Henry, carriage trimmer, h e s Isabella b Todd and McArthur
Kruse Joseph, whitewasher, h 11 Jefferson
Kruse Rudolph, engineer, h 128 Saratoga
Kuehn John, laborer, h 249 York
Kuerzel Gustav, bar-keeper, Farmers Exchange
Kuglen Louis, tinner, h n w c Cabot and Southgate
Kuglen Magdalen, widow, h n w c Cabot and Southgate
Kuhlmann John F. laborer, h n e c Locust and Lowell
Kunk Geo. porter, h 85 Robert
Kunz Jacob, boiler maker, h s w c Patterson and Locust
Kunz John C. blacksmith, bds 121 Monmouth
Kunz Margaret, widow, bds 121 Monmouth
Kurre Martin, dry goods, 56 Columbia
Kutzlep Wm. machinist, h w s Monmouth b Williamson and Liberty
Kyd Robert, h s s Todd b Columbia and Cabot
Kyle J W (Roden & K) res Covington

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