Newport 1840 City Directory

Newport 1840 City Directory

Published by C S Williams at the Cincinnati Directory Office
194 Walnut St. corner of Fifth, Cincinnati, Ohio


Air, Robert-Scot-coal-dealer, r on Monmouth street
Alexander, Thomas-Ire-turner, r on Jefferson street
Anderson, James D-Pa-laborer, r on Taylor street
Arnold, Thomas-NY-Cordage Manufactory, r Front street
Arrison, Philip-Pa-butcher, r Madison street
Arrison, Thomas-Pa-shoemaker, r Madison street
Arrison, Thomas S-Pa-chair maker, r Madison street
Atkinson, Mary Mrs.-Pa-seamstress, r Taylor street
Auckey, Bethia Mrs-____-r Saratoga street
Austin, Russell-NY-musician at the Barracks


Barber, Hiram-Eng-engineer on Newport Ferryboat, r Monmouth
Barber, James-Eng-engineer, r Front street
Barlow, John H-Pa-proprietor of Barlow's Hotel c York & Front
Bates, James L-Ky-laborer, r Madison street
Baxter, Wyatt-____-bds at Barlow's Hotel
Bloomer, Abraham-NY-bds at S Bloomer's
Bloomer, Stephen-NY-carpenter, r York street
Bowers, Edward E-Ky-clerk at the Barracks
Bowers, J W-NJ-deputy clerk and jailor, r Public Square
Boyd, Augustus-Ky-lawyer, r Columbia street
Boyd, John F-Va-teamster, r Madison street
Boyd, James M-Va-bricklayer, r Monmouth street
Brown, James-Ky-bricklayer, bds at Barlow's
Brown, William W-Ky-laborer, r near the Methodist Church
Bruner, George-Ger-laborer, r Factory Row
Burcaw, George W-Pa-Newport Exchange c Front & Yorke
Bus, Mary Mrs-Eng-seamstress, r Factory Row
Bush, Antoine-Bav-tailor, r Factory Row


Calahan, Amanda Mrs-Md-tailoress, r Madison street
Caldwell, John J-Ky-drayman, r Jefferson street
Carr, Thomas M-Pa-carpenter, bds at Barlow's
Carter, Samuel-Va-farmer, r Monmouth street
Cayton, Rachel Mrs-Me-washer woman, r Factory Row
Chipman, Stephen-Va-farmer, r Front street
Clark, John J-Ire-laborer, r Columbia street
Clark, Robert P-Pa-boat store, Cincinnati, r Front street
Cline, Martha Mrs-NJ-r Front street
Cooper, Thomas-Eng-machinist, r Factory Row
Couch, Eleanor Mrs-Pa-washer woman, r Factory Row
Craven, Henry-NJ-brick layer, r Madison street
Crawford, Brooks-Md-laborer, r Factory Row
Crouch, Polly Mrs-Ky-tailoress, r Monmouth street


Daniel, Charles-Ky-Marshall of Newport, r Taylor street
Davidson, Jacob-Va-tinner, r Yorke street
Dawson, Garret-Ky-clerk at General Taylor's
Dawson, James M-Ky-farmer, bds at P Dawson's
Dawson, Peter-Md-farmer, r Madison street
Dennicker, Jacob-Bav-rope maker, r Factory Row
Deutsch, Anthony-Bav-laborer, r Factory Row
Dommeier, David-Ger-laborer, r Columbia street
Donaldson, Andrew-Scot-wool spinner, r Madison street
Donaldson, William-Scot-engineer, bds c Monmouth and Bellevue
Doring, Daniel-Eng-cotton manufacturer, r Columbia street
Doughty, John-Pa-follows river, r b Taylor and Front
Doughty, Linton C-Pa-follows river, bds b Taylor and Front
Downard, John-Ky-fisherman, bds at c Moss and Bellevue
Downard, Thomas-Pa-r c Moss and Bellevue
Doxon, George W-Ky-Newport ferryman, r c Front and Columbia
Doxon, John-O-ferry-man and grocer, r c Saratoga and Market
Dye, James-Ky-wagon maker, r c Bellevue and Monmouth


Eckert, Leonard-Ky-plasterer, r Madison street
Ellison, William-Pa-laborer, r Factory Row
Eubank, Edmunt T-Ky (Southgate & Co) bds at Taliaferro's


Farmer, Samuel-Pa-blacksmith, r Bellevue street
Farrer, Joseph-Eng-farmer, r Cabot street
Fearons, George-Ire-tailor, r Yorke street
Fleming, Andrew-Va-river pilot, r Front near Monmouth
Ford, Alex-Md-r at Joseph Ford's
Ford, Bennett-Pa-river pilot, bds at A Ford's
Ford, Joseph-Pa-river trader, r Front b Columbia & Yorke
Fowler, John-Ky-ferryboat pilot, r Columbia street
Fowler, Mrs-Va-tailoress, r near the Barracks
Fowler, Thomas-Ky-bricklayer, bds at Mrs. Fowler's
Freiier, Faltin-Bav-laborer, r in Factory Row
Fritze, Peter H-Ger-bds at Platzer's
Fuller, George-Mass-tanner, bds at Mrs. McClain's


Gibson, Mark-Conn-carpenter, r Taylor street
Goddard, John F-DC-house and sign painter, r Front
Goddin, Patsey-Ky-r Madison street
Gosley, Nancy P Mrs-Ky-boarding house, c Taylor & Yorke
Greenleaf, Charles T-Me-grocer & baker, Front near Monmouth
Greenleaf, William T-Me-hat store No. 105 Main, Cincinnati, r Front
Gundacker, Abraham-Pa-saddler on Columbia street


Hadsall, George A-Pa-engineer, r c Taylor and Cabot
Hamlen, Joash-Mass-farmer, r S of the Barracks
Hammer, Francis-Bav-laborer, r Factory Row
Harris, Gabriel D-Ky-carpenter, bds at Thomas Harris'
Harris, Thomas-Md-r, Madison street
Harris, Thomas W-Ky-grocer, r Bellvue
Harrison, Richard-Md-farmer, r Bellvue
Hastings, Margaret Mrs-Pa-tailoress, r c Monmouth & Front
Hayman, Isaiah-Md-brick layer, r Madison street
Hayman, Robert-Md-brick layer, r Madison street
Hays, Thomas-Ire-shoemaker, r c Saratoga & Taylor
Hays, William-Ire-laborer, r c Saratoga & Taylor
Helm, Charles J-Ky-student at law, bds at F T Helm's
Helm, Francis T-Va-post master, r Front b Saratoga & East Row
Henthorn, William-O-follows the river
Hesson, Jane Mrs-Pa-seamstress, r Jefferson street
Hoffman, Charles-Ger-carpenter, r Factory Row
Howard, John-NY-rope maker, r Factory Row
Howell, William-Md-soldier at the Barracks
Hudelson, John-Pa-carpenter, r Front near Cabot street
Huffmaster, James-Tenn-carpenter, r Jefferson street
Hunter, Noble-Pa-stone mason, r Jefferson street
Hurst, James-Eng-carpenter, r Bellvue street
Huston, Isyphena-Pa-seamstress, r Factory Row


Jackson, John-Mass-bugler at the Barracks
James, William-Ky-engineer, r Factory Row
Jibb, William-Eng-blacksmith, r Madison street
Johnson, Henry-Ire-weaver, r Front street
Johnson, Julia A Mrs-Ky-tailoress, r Front near Monmouth
Jones, Alex-Tenn-fisherman, r c Saratoga & Taylor


Keen, Joseph-NJ-brick layer, r near Licking
Kees, Isaac-Ky-farmer, r 1 mile SE of Newport
Kees, Taylor-Ky-farmer, r 1 mile SE of Newport
Kelley, John-Ire-r Taylor street
Kenmuir, Robert-Scot-carpet weaver, r Bellvue street
Kennard, Thomas-Md-sign painter, r Factory Row
Keyes, John-Mass-teacher at the Academy, r Front Row
Kirkham, John-Eng-cotton carder, r Factory Row
Knight, John-Mass-silk grower, bds at Goddard's


Layman, Henry-Ger-laborer, r Factory Row
Lee, James-NJ-brick layer, r Jefferson street
Lee, John-NY-grocer, Yorke near the Court House
Leslie, John-NY-scene painter, at the National Theatre, r Monmouth
Lewis, Josiah-SWales-chandler, r Monmouth street
Lindsey, John B-Ire-Mayor of Newport, r c Front & Columbia
Lippincott, George B-O-follows ricer, bds at Mrs. Lippincott's
Lippincott, Mary B Mrs-NJ-tailoress, r Factory Row
Lockwood, William-Conn-Hatter, r Factory Row


Maddox, Hirma-Ky-laborer, r Saratoga street
Massey, Charles-Ky-Ky-r at Mrs M Massey's
Massey, Martha Mrs-Conn-r Front near Yorke
Marsh, Jeremiah-O-tobacconist, bds at Chipman's
Martin, John-Ky-carpenter, bds at J Winston's
May. Peter-Pa-carpenter, r Market street
Mayo, Daniel D-Ky-farmer, r Front near Cabot
Mayo, Henry H-Ky-dry goods merchant Yorke, r Taylor st
McArthur, James M-Ky-r c Monmouth and Madison
McCain, Nancy Mrs-Md-tailoress, r Yorke street
McClanahan, Nancy Mrs-Va-seamstress, r near Barlow's
McClure, Hester Mrs-Pa-r Front b Monmouth & Yorke
McClure, James H-Pa-r Front street
McCune, Aaron-O-carpenter, r Bellevue street
Mefford, David-Ky-bds at William G Mefford's
Mefford, Elliot-Ky-trader, bds at W G Mefford's
Mefford, Thompson-Ky-carpenter, r Factory Row
Mefford, William G-Ky-tailor, r Front near Yorke
Metheringham, Edward-Eng-blacksmith, bds at Jibb's
Miles, Peter-Ky-plasterer, bds at Eckert's
Miller, Elizabeth Mrs-Ky-seamstress, r Factory Row
Miller, Frederick S-Pa-confectioner & house painter, r Yorke st
Miller, Joseph-Va-carpenter, r Columbia b Front & Taylor
Miller, Mary Mrs-Pa-r near the Methodist Church
Milligan, Samuel-O-engineer, r at Mrs Crouch's
Montgomery, Rev W C-___-Sta Methodist Minister, bds J Walls'
Morien, Edward-Pa-farmer, r Factory Row
Morris, John-Ky-engineer, r Front street
Morse, Sarah Mrs-NH-tailoress, r Columbia street
Morton, Willis-Ky-grocer, c Madison and Yorke
Muckelhaney, Honor Mrs-Ky-r Front street
Muckelhaney, John-O-farmer, bds Front street


Nicholson, John-Mass-cotton manufacturer, r Taylor st
Nicholson, Samuel-Mass-cotton manufacturer, r Taylor st


O'Neel, William H-Del-clerk at Coffin's, r Front street
Oliver, Celia Mrs-Pa-seamstress, r Factory Row
Osborn, James-NY-follows ricer, bds at Mrs Osborn's
Osborn, Mary-Ire-r Columbia street
Oyston, John-Pa-rope maker, r Front street


Peak, Isiah-___-gardener, r Madison street
Peatross, Eliza Miss-Va-r c Cabot and Front
Peirce, John-Ky-river trader, r Madison street
Perry, Samuel-Ky-river trader, r Yorke b Taylor & Bellvue
Perry, Susan Mrs-Ky-bds at Barlow's
Pines, Dosier-Ky-plasterer, bds at Winton's
Pines, Larkin-Va-carpenter, r Bellvue


Ranslay, James-Pa-rope maker, r Madison street
Read, Robert-Eng-soldier at the Barracks
Reed, Mary Mrs-Ky-tailoress, r Factory Row
Reeves, Samuel-Ky-farmer, r Monmouth street
Rickels, Reuben-Ky-laborer, r Columbia street
Rickels, William-Va-r at John J Clark's
Ross, Joseph R-O-bds at William B Ross'
Ross, Philander-O-tailor at Fearon's
Ross, William B-O-r c Yorke and Taylor street
Root, Ira-Mass-lawyer, bds at Barlow's
Rugg, Leyman-Ver-r Yorke near the Mansion House


Scott, William-Pa-carpenter, r Taylor street
Seddens, William-NJ-pump and block maker, r Columbia
Sedisen, John-Ger-rope maker, r Factory Row
Selman, Joseph-Va-r Taylor street
Shaler, Nathaniel B-NY-physician, r c Monmouth & Front
Sheppard, Hezekiah-NJ-shoemaker, r Monmouth street
Shrom, Frederick-Pa-r Front b Monmouth & Yorke
Smith, Harrison W-Pa-drummer at the Barracks
Smith, Ward-O-r Front b Monmouth and Yorke
Snyder, Thomas-O-wagoner, r c Monmouth and Market
Southgate & Eubank Dry-goods Merchants-Taylor b Monmouth & Yorke
Southgate, Edward L-Ky (S & Eubank) r c Front & Monmouth
Southgate, James-Va-lawyer, r c Taylor and Yorke
Southgate, Richard-NY-bds at Talieferro's
Spear, David-Pa-shoe maker, r Columbia street
Starkey, Elizabeth Mrs-O-seamstress, r Factory Row
Steel, Rebecca Mrs-Md-seamstress, r Factory Row
Stein, Michael-Bav-Mansion House c Bellvue & Yorke
Stevons, Nancy Mrs-Va-seamstress, r Front street
Stowder, Elizabeth Mrs-Md-tailoress, r c Saratoga & Taylor
Stowder, Joseph-Va-laborer, r Front street
Striker, Charles-Pa-constable, r Madison street
Striker, Isaac-Pa-glue manufacturer, r Madison street 


Talieferro, John N-Va-clerk of the court, r Taylor st
Tanner, Charles-Md-clerk and school teacher, r Yorke
Tarvin, George C-brick layer, r Cabot street
Taylor, George C-Ky-brick layer, r Cabot street
Taylor, General James Sr-Va-r head of Bellvue street
Taylor, James Jr-Ky-lawyer, r head of Bellvue street
Thomas, Osborn-Va-tinner, r Yorke street
Tibbatts, John W-Ky-lawyer, r Monmouth street
Tibbatts, Leo-Ky-student at law, bds Monmouth street
Tindall, Alexander-Ire-blacksmith, r Madison street
Todd, Joseph-Va-farmer, r Madison street
Turner, George H-Md-carpenter, r Madison street


Underiner, Paul-Ger-hemp heckler, r Factory Row


Vance, A-O-clerk at Surveyor General's Office, r Front b Monmouth & Yorke
Vandusen, John-___-ship carpenter, r near Newport Exchange
Vetile, John-Fr-carpenter, r Bellvue street
Vickermann, Mr-Ger-r Factory Row


Wait, Jane Mrs-Md-tailoress, r Madison street
Walls, James Jr-NJ-r Front street
Warren, John N-Ver (R P Clark & Co) r Front b Yorke & Columbia
Washington, Samuel-Va-r Madison street
Washington, Thornton-Va-steam boat clerk, r Madison street
Waxstaff, Jane Mrs-Pa-bds at Gundacker's
Wells, Joel-Ky-laborer, r Columbia street
Whitton, William-Va-carpenter, bds at Mrs Fowler's
Wilson, George-Md-wagoner, r Columbia street
Wilson, Isaac-Md-carpenter, r Columbia street
Williamson, Mray Mrs-Pa-seamstress, r Monmouth street
Winer, Adam-Bav-blacksmith, r Factory Row
Winston, James H-Ky-r Yorke street
Winston, Samuel-Ky-magistrate,r Taylor street
Winton, Thomas-Ire-plaster, r Taylor street
Winton, Robert Jr-Ire-bds at Thomas Winton's
Winton, Robert Sr-Ire-plasterer, bds at Thomas Winton's
Woodward, Francis H-NY-engineer, r Front near Monmouth


Young, William-Ky-clerk at Southgate & Eubank's

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