Campbell County Infirmary Records


These records come from the Campbell County Coroner's office in Newport.

Name/Interment Date/Place or Cause Death/Cemetery

CCI=Campbell County Infirmary became Lakeside Senior Citizens Apartments and in 2009 became Northern Kentucky University apartments for students.  Two blocks away is Potter's Field, behind the Kroger Store on Martha Lane Collins Lane, and where the county buried many people that had no other family to provide a place for them.  There are some markers, but the majority are without them.


Adams, ____-26 Sep 1934 in Dayton
Ahrman, Frank-18 Jan 1930; CCI
Anderson, ?-15 Dec 1965
Armstrong, Sallie-19 July 1915 at Speers Hospital
Arner, Harold-14 Apr 1931 in Dayton

Barker, William-29 May 1945; CCI
Baugh, Minnie-12 Mar 1923
Beech, Frances-20 May 1912; CCI
Bellgnon, ?-12 Sep 1921/Speers Hospital
Bevin, Hart-16 Oct 1928/Dayton
Boehmn, Amelia-3 Mar 1943; CCI br-Evergreen Cemetery
Bolling, Lula-24 Apr 1962
Braden, Susie-23 Sep 1952; CCI
Bragert, John-28 Jan 1916; CCI
Bolton, Frank-1 Aug 1917 of Gun Shot Wounds
Bowler, Robert-24 Feb 1950 in Newport
Bradley, Charles-27 Sep 1930 in Newport
Brawn, James-24 Sep 1948 at Speers Hospital
Brooks, Rozell-30 Oct 1930 in Dayton
Brown, George-21 Aug 1929 in Newport
Brown, James H-1 Jun 1939 in Dayton
Brown, Ollie-6 Dec 1933 in Dayton
Brown, Richard-10 Jan 1933 in Carter Springs
Brubacker, Henry-14 Apr 1947; CCI
Buck, Larry-28 Mar 1959
Buckner, Henry-27 May 1931; Dayton
Budell, Toney-3 Oct 1914; CCI
Burke, Charles-9 May 1938 in Dayton
Busch, Elizabeth-9 Jul 1914; CCI
Bush, Robert Louis-22 May 1942; CCI
Bushman, Fannie-7 Jan 1931 in Campbell County

Caldwell, Henry-3 Mar 1920/CCI
Callahan, William-9 Nov 1927/Dayton
Campbell, Mary-23 Jan 1917/CCI
Canary, Grant-21 Jan 1930/Dayton
Cannon, Ada-2 Oct 1928/Dayton
Carlin, George-4 Oct 1930/Dayton
Carson, Elmer-2 Aug 1929/Dayton
Carter, Willie-7 Sep 1960
Casper, John-23 Jun 1931/Cold Springs
Cassidy, Thomas-26 Jan 1916/CCI
Cathcart, George-16 Oct 1912/CCI
Cawens, William-2 Oct 1948/Speers Hospital
Christian, Infant-5 Feb 1930/Dayton
Christian, Robert-16 Oct 1948/Speers
Christopher, Infant-5 Feb 1957
Clephane, Walter-3 Mar 1939/Newport
Cody, Hattie Smith-16 Jul 1955
Collins, John Henry-17 Apr 1939/Alexandria
Combs, Infant-23 Dec 1929/CCI
Coral, Sherry Lynn-24 Sep 1960
Cortis, Henry-1 Dec 1917/Newport
Cowell, Lucy-14 Apr 1920
Cresley, Nellie-16 Jul 1912/Brent Kentucky

Davis, Alonza-27 Feb 1931/Dayton
Davis, James C-1 Mar 1911/CCI
Davis, Maggie-8 Apr 1946/Central State Hospital/Evergreen Cemetery
David, Samuel-25 Mar 1911/CCI
Day, Emma-26 Mar 1953/Speers/Evergreen
Death, Simon-13 Jul 1911/Speers
Dillon, John-29 Dec 1911/Brent Kentucky
Dilmer, Charles-24 Dec 1942/CCI
Dodson, Henry-3 Oct 1941/Cold Spring
Dodson, Oliver-28 Apr 1931/moved to Louisville Kentucky
Donahue, Owen-10 May 1917/Speers Hospital
Dornseif, Charles-30 May 1943/CCI
Droegge, Mary Frances-4 Nov 1940/Dayton
Dutroit, John-19 Aug 1912/Andrews Kentucky

Early, Nina Marie-28 Dec 1962
Edwards, Ethel Irene-29 Jan 1934/Dayton
Edwards, Lee-17 Mar 1960
Ehrinfeld, Ed b-26 Nov 1877-23 Dec 1954
Ellerhorst, Frank-1 Aug 1941/Cold Spring
Emrick, Joseph-5 Jul 1928/Dayton
England, John-21 Nov 1930/Dayton
Enzweiler, Anna-21 Oct 1913/Speers Hospital
Evens, William-4 Jan 1954/Newport

Fard, Louis-25 Aug 1932/Dayton
Farmer, Mary-1 May 1942/CCI
Faust, Jack-10 Oct 1941/California Kentucky
Feink, Theodore-24 Jan 1928/Newport
Ferguson, Mary-28 Jun 1938/Dayton
Fisher, Charles C-4 Mar 1945/Cold Springs
Flag, William-25 Jul 1949/Newport
Flynn, Mikel-26 Sep 1943/Speers/St Stephens Cemetery
Foor, Walter-20 Nov 1926/CCI
Forman, Tiney-13 Mar 1923
Fox, Harry [Mrs]-no date/California Kentucky
Fox, John-15 Nov 1937/Dayton
Franklin, Ben-7 Sep 1929/Dayton
Fredimand, Lizzie-17 Jul 1925/CCI
Freulicker, Henry-11 Jun 1928/CCI
Fug, William-20 Mar 1931/Dayton
Fuig, Victor-22 Oct 1924/Speers

Galloway, Clifford-9 Nov 1927/Dayton
Gattuso, Paul-15 Nov 1947/CCI
Geyer, Infant-26 Feb 1918/Dayton
Gilbert, Gus-6 Apr 1918/Dayton
Goren, Joseph-16 May 1927/Newport
Gozette, Mack Z /29 Dec 1911/Speers
Graving, John-6 May 1929/Dayton
Gray, John-28 Aug 1959
Grigsby, Thomas-18 Feb 1911/CCI
Grimie, Infant-6 Apr 1950/Newport
Guman, Laura-7 Sep 1918/CCI

Haggerty, Frank-18 Nov 1942/Dayton
Haley, Joseph-12 Nov 1930/Cold Springs
Hall, Amanda-23 Oct 1911/CCI
Hall, Artha May-3 Nov 1942/CCI
Hall, Frank-22 Mar 1945/Cold Springs
Hamill, George-10 Apr 1929/Dayton
Hamilton, George-26 Oct 1931/Dayton
Hardie, Mabel Jackson-25 May 1926/Speers
Hardin, William E-30 Jan 1920
Hardt, Infant-3 Nov 1947/Dayton
Harris, Lucretia-16 Apr 1945/CCI
Harrison, John Sherman-9 Jan 1946/CCI
Henderson, Elizabeth-25 Jan 1943/CCI
Hill, Henry-10 Nov 1942/CCI
Hilman, Margaret-22 Sep 1950/Newport
Hitchcock, William-23 Mar 1940/Newport
Hobson, John/21 Jun 1913/ Brent Kentucky
Hodges, Gene-1 Jul 1947
Hodgson, Ella-2 Nov 1942/Buried St Joseph’s Cemetery/Cincinnati
Hoop, William-5 Oct 1942/CCI
Horinek, Peter-30 Oct 1925/Speers Hospital
Hull, John-1 Apr 1950/Pool Creek
Huver, Fred-19 Feb 1925/Speers Hospital

Ison, Allie Fair-10 Jan 1962

Jacob, Agnes Seward-5 Nov 1957
Jackson, Edwards-4 Mar 1919-Brent Kentucky
Jackson, Henry Fred Culiar-5 Aug 1931/Campbell County
Jacobs, Robert-10 Jul 1934/Newport
Jalivin, Curley-25 Aug 1930/Newport
Jarnell, Albert-19 Jan 1940/Dayton
Johns, Richard-11 Mar 1942/Speers/Evergreen
Johnson, Aron-6 May 1959
Johnson, Earl-25 Apr 1911/CCI
Johnson, Ernest-28 Jul 1928/Dayton
Johnson, Jesse-12 Jan 1943/Silver Grove
Johnson, W-25 Nov 1916/Newport
Jones, William-14 May 1935/Dayton
Jordan, Margaret-7 Feb 1962

Kaufman, Fred-12 Feb 1949/Speers
Kennedy, Bart-3 Apr 1931/Dayton
Kennedy, Henry-31 Aug 1918/Newport
Kerr, Samuel D-28 Sep 1927/Newport
Kleinvogel, Fred-9Apr 1925/Speers
Krall, Frank-14 May 1951/Newport
Kramer, Emma-21 Jul 1959
Kramer, Mary-11 Oct 1926/Speers
Kruger, Clara-23 Jan 1945/Speers
Kuecht, Infant-29 Sep 1932/Newport

Landish, William-28 Nov 1911
Lang, Ray-15 Jul 1931/Newport
Langlage, Mary-23 Oct 1942/buried St Stephens
Lee, Robert E-21 Oct 1927/Dayton
Lehew, Carl-28 Jan 1966
Lehraftenberger, _____-1946/Maysville Kentucky
Leppert, William-14 Jun 1928/Dayton
Leroy, Mackin-12 Dec 1937/Newport
Levy, Arthur-1 Nov 1915/drowned accidentally
Lewis, Basile Jr-19 Jan 1931/Campbell County
Littlelan, Infant-9 Dec 1947/CCI
Lloppy, Manuel-17 Aug 1949/Newport
Lloyd, Earl-21 Oct 1929/Dayton
Logan, Charles Mrs-26 Jan 1957
Logan, Robert A- 8 Dec 1911/Brent Kentucky
Loug, Infant-20 Jan 1941/Dayton
Louis, Sue-12 Nov 1918/Speers
Lowrey, Anna-2 Apr 1919/Bellevue
Lyle, Robert-17 Feb 1932/Dayton
Mackey, Lena-18 Feb 1918/Cold Springs
Marksberry, Infant-17 May 1915/Speers
Marrine, Pauline-26 Apr 1916/Dayton
Marshall, Mary Alice-23 Nov 1957
Martin, Herman-7 Apr 1945/Three Mill Road Licking Pike
Mason, Homer Cerit-3 Jun 1931/Newport
Mathuse, Margaret-2 Feb 1915/Speers
McCleadon, Mike-14 Oct 1943/Wilder
McGaha, Lewis-28 Jun 1923/accidental drowning at Silver Grove
McKevun, ?-30 Nov 1913/Speers
McKinley, Alfred-11 Jul 1928/Dayton
McMary, James-25 Aug 1916/Dayton
Merrell, Ernest-20 Mar 1930/Dayton
Miler, Samuel-6 Feb 1934/Campbell County
Miller, Infant-9 Dec 1928/Dayton
Miller, William T-10 Dec 1914/CCI
Mitchell, Flora-11 Jan 1957
Mooney, Margaret-3 Feb 1914/Speers
Moore, Infant-12 Dec 1947/CCI
Morgan, Infant-6 Mar 1933/Newport
Morgan, Infant-5 Feb 1934/Dayton
Morgan, Mary-19 Dec 1923/CCI
Murray, Marie-26 Jul 1927

Negro-29 Dec 1911/Brent Kentucky
Negro-1 Oct 1920/Railroad Accident
Nickels, Cleney-8 Dec 1942/Speers/buried Evergreen Cemetery

Oberley, Jacob-21 Dec 1929/CCI
O'Hara, Gale-13 Feb 1938/Newport
Osborne, George-24 Oct 1943/CCI/buried Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati

Park, Traion-18 Feb 1933/Newport
Peck, Peter-27 Oct 1930/Cold Springs
Perrett, Elisabeth-7 May 1943/CCI/Evergreen
Person, Anna May-12 Apr 1923/CCI
Petrey, William-14 May 1935/Dayton
Petrutz, Joseph-19 Oct 1931/Dayton
Pfirman, Helen-9 Sep 1960
Price, Albert Rudolfe-17 Dec 1947/CCI
Poppa, William N-28 Nov 1914/gun shot wound/Silver Grove
Prewitt, Alice-16 Sep 1932/Newport
Price, Lee-26 Jun 1911/Licking River
Price, Mae-22 Aug 1961

Quickel, Sallie-10 Jul 1912/Speers

Rachford, ?-10 Jan 1966
Randall, Infant-27 Jun 1961
Ray, Infant-28 May 1940/Dayton
Raxlee, Kate-30 Jun 1930/Cold Spring
Reller, John-15 Jun 1943/Speers/buried Johns Hill
Renner, John-25 Oct 1940/Dayton
Richards, Jack-30 Aug 1951/Newport
Riley, Louise-30 Jun 1931/Newport
Ritter, Adam-8 Apr 1921/CCI
Roberson, Charles-13 Jan 1930/CCI
Robinson, Infant-31 May 1949/Speers
Robert, Charles-25 Sep 1951/Newport
Roll, Barbara-10 Aug 1917/Pneumonia
Root, Adam-11 Apr 1912/Brent Kentucky
Ross, John G-7 Sep 1927/Speers
Rothe, Charlie-31 Jan 1932/Cold Springs
Roumann, Unknown-28 Apr 1915/Fractured Skull
Russmusen, Clarence W-18 Oct 1962
Ryan, John-10 Dec 1937/Cold Springs

Salls, Johanan-13 Apr 1928/CCI
Schaefer, Adam-22 Jan 1913/CCI
Schaltz, Albert-20 Feb 1911/CCI
Schardt, Jake-29 Mar 1965
Schlichter, Mary-8 Mar 1944/CCI
Schmidt, John-28 Jul 1911/CCI
Schmidt, Kunehunda-31 Jan 1916/Speers
Schoultz, Jake-19 Feb 1920/CCI
Seals, Raymond-14 Jun 1911/CCI
Segmore, Leon Eugene-no date/Newport/CCI Cemetery
Seifert, Charles-11 Oct 1943/Speers
Seymous, William-3 May 1941/Cold Springs
Shields, Marcus-16 Mar 1931/Cold Springs
Shirley, Oney Ruth-26 Dec 1932/Dayton
Silver, Isadora-19 Aug 1935/Dayton
Smith, Charlie-24 Dec 1947/CCI
Smith, Clara-8 Jan 1960
Smith, Dena-9 Sep 1952/Dayton
Smith, Frank-3 Jan 1916/Speers
Smith, Howard F-12 Mar 1931/Dayton
Smith, William Henry-14 Apr 1948/407 Isabell
Sommers, Charles-3 May 1938/Dayton
Sopher, Abe-23 Apr 1928/Dayton
Spencer, William Davis-23 Jun 1925/CCI
Spick, Leonard-23 Aug 1937/CCI
Spitzelberger, George-27 Oct 1943/CCI/buried St Josephs Catholic Cemetery
Spoouse, William-19 Aug 1957
Stelk, William-320 Jan 1931/Campbell County
Sterling, Yardwood-8 Apr 1949/Speers
Stewart, John-7 Sep 1929/Dayton
Stillwell, Harry-2 Apr 1946/CCI
Stogdon, Bessie-6 Aug 1958
Stone, Bessie-9 Feb 1959
Storm, Elmer-5 Mar 1958
Stull, Harry Edward-20 Jan 1941/Alexandria
Sweitzer, Baby-4 Sep 1934/Dayton
Sweitzer, Edward-2 Jun 1962

Tacette, Joe-27 May 1911/CCI
Tarvin, Julia-6 Jul 1951/Newport
Terrell, Milles-19 Oct 1918/Speers
Thistail, Frank-7 Jan 1931/Campbell County
Thomas, George-11 Jan 1911/POD Speers
Thompson, Infant-12 Jul 1929/Dayton
Tribbe, Henry-24 Jan 1938/Dayton
Turner, Elsie May-11 Jul 1931/Newport
Tyree, J W-13 Feb 1942/CCI

Unknown-18 Sep 1915/drowned in river
Unknown-22 Mar 1918
Unknown-2 Sep 1918
Unknown-12 Sep 1921/at Meater on railroad tracks
Unknown-21 Nov 1923
Unknown-1 May 1924/Silver Grove
Unknown-15 May 1924/river victim
Unknown-24 Jun 1925/Oniontown Kentucky
Unknown-20 Aug 1925
Unknown-31 Jan 1927/killed C&O Railroad
Unknown-26 Apr 1927/Bullitt wound C&O
Unknown-13 Sep 1927/Newport
Unknown-3 Nov 1932/Newport
Unknown-8 Nov 1932/Newport
Unknown-8 Jun 1933/Newport
Unknown-19 Aug 1935/Ft Thomas
Unknown-16 Feb 1937/Bellevue
Unknown-17 Dec 1938/Ft Thomas
Unknown-9 May 1939/Newport
Unknown-12 Jan 1945/Tacoma Park Dayton
Unknown-16 Nov 1945/found in weeds Dayton
Unknown-31 Aug 1948/Newport/white male
Unknown-23 Mar 1951/Newport
Unknown-20 Nov 1959/river victim
Unknown, Infant-31 Jul 1920/Speers
Unknown, Infant-10 Mar 1922
Unknown, Infant-23 Oct 1922/Southgate
Unknown, Infant-8 Nov 1924
Unknown, Infant-15 Jan 1928/CCI
Unknown, Infant-17 Jan 1928/Dayton
Unknown, Infant-19 Apr 1928/CCI
Unknown, Infant-25 Aug 1930/Clifton
Unknown, Infant-21 Oct 1930/Southgate
Unknown, Infant-17 Nov 1930/Campbell County
Unknown, Infant-16 Apr 1942
Unknown, Infant-1 May 1942
Unknown, Infant-(white) 21 Oct 1947/found near Three Mile Bridge
Unknown, Twins-27 Apr 1941/Wilder
Unknown, Twins-3 Oct 1941/Sixth St. Fill

Vera, Clarence G-13 Dec 1934/Dayton
Volters, Charles-1 Jul 1947/Speers

Walbraun, Rachel-20 Feb 1917/CCI
Walker, Stella b-18 Apr 1885-23 Jan 1959
Walton, Frank-29 Jan 1932/Dayton
Walton, James Allen-18 Feb 1930/Dayton
Watson, Ben-6 Jun 1913/Speers
Watsor, Collar-13 Dec 1924/Speers
Weaver, Infant-28 Aug 1959
Weber, Charles-24 Jan 1929/Dayton
Webster, Ben-17 Jan 1941/Dayton
Weitheim, Martha-28 Feb 1934/Dayton
Wells, Herschell-4 Jan 1938/Bellevue
Wells, Julia-16 Oct 1939/Cold Springs
Welsch, Namie-bur St Joseph Catholic Cemetery
Westmeyer, William-19 Aug 1938/Cold Springs
Whitten, William-4 Nov 1919/CCI
Wilkim, Fred-30 Jul 1930/Dayton
William, Ella-7 Jan 1931/Campbell County
William, Jennie-22 Apr 1963
Williams, Alice-10 Jul 1915/Speers
Williams, Doneneck-21 Jul 1934/Dayton
Williams, Ike-10 Sep 1934/Cincinnati
Williams, Macey-13 Jun 1929/Ft Thomas
Wilson, Mary-9 Oct 1917/Dayton
Wimberty, Robert-28 Jun 1962
Winson, George-26 Feb 1916/Newport
Wordye, Henry-22 Jul 1920/Brent Kentucky

Young, Caroline-5 Nov 1930/Dayton

Zornfaller, Bertha-4 Aug 1938/Dayton

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