Highland United Methodist Church History

Highland United Methodist Evangelical Church History

Fort Thomas

Information comes from Ft Thomas Genealogical Notes by Joseph L Donnelly 1963 in book #126 at the Campbell County Historical & Genealogical Society in Alexandria

The records for this church are incomplete.  They were not very good in the first place and they were mutilated a few years ago when many pages were cut out.  It seems by a razor blade.  The whole section which was devoted to colored people was included in the excised pages.

The first meetings of the church were held at "Mount Pleasant", the Taliaferro home on North Ft Thomas Avenue and Rossford.  Then according to Walt Lukens services were held in the first school house in the area on the site later occupied by the residence of Chief Cooks father.  Then the school and the church moved across the street into a cabin later occupied by Rube Walters and his adopted daughter Birdie.  The cabin covered by smooth boards is still standing (1963). Mr. Harry Southgate then donated a lot from the corner of his land to be used for church purposes and a frame church complete with steeple and bell was erected.  One of my earliest recollections is that of Henry Marks ringing the bell for evening services as my brothers drove me past the church in a 'spring wagon'.  This church was converted into a dwelling house which still stands; first occupied and owned by Mr. Sandifer, when the present stone church was built nearer the center of town.

1824-A granddaughter of James Taylor, Alice Berry, married William Richard Taylor Taliaferro, her first cousin, on April 21, 1824.

1830-The Taliaferro's built their home, not on the lush river banks, but in the "highland."  It still stands, preserved and refurbished, at 1810 North Ft. Thomas Ave.  The "community" who met regularly in their home, called Mount Pleasant, for church later became known as "Highland Methodist Church."

1832-The Taliaferro family donated the land and helped to build a log cabin at what is now 1418 North Fort Thomas. It served as both church and school.

1852-Needing more room, a frame church was built around the bend: Mt. Pleasant Methodist at East Southgate and Mt. Pleasant Ave. (now known as North Fort Thomas Ave. Preacher Joseph Rand

1854-55; Preacher Jonathan L Scott

1856-Preacher C P Hill

1857-Preacher W B Kavanaugh

1860-61; Preacher W H Winter

1861-62; The Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Vernon Kentucky Home Guard met at the church to conduct their business.  For a list of soldiers go to Mt. Pleasant Home Guard. Preacher Orson Long

1864-Preacher P H Hoffman

1865-66; Preacher T A Ralson

1867-The KY legislature passed the act forming the District of the Highlands.

1869-Preacher B F Sedwick

1870-Preacher J D A Vaught

1871-Preacher E L Southgate

1872-73; Preacher V C Cummings

1873-74; Preacher T N Ralston

1875-76; Preacher R Lancaster

1877-78; Preacher D A Beardsley

1881-Trustee Willard Guy

1882-83; Preacher J E Wright

1883-84; Preacher B J Bristow

1884-85 Sep-Trustees; Ed Taliaferro, William Southgate, Elzie Harris; Lou Ross, Harry Southgate; Stewards; L L Ross, John Ross, H A Schriver (father of O P Schriver) W W Southgate, Elzie Harris, Wm Byrd George (Bob George's grandfather) Chas Taliaferro. Preacher H G Henderson

1887-Congress appropriated money to build and move Newport Army Barracks to higher ground-the Highlands. It would be named Fort Thomas.

1889 Sep-Trustees; Richard Taliaferro, James Southgate, George Ross; Stewards; L L Ross, W W Southgate, Ed Taliaferro, Welburn Guy

1894 Sep-Trustees; James Southgate, H A Schriver, Geo T Ross; Stewards; L L Ross, W W Southgate, E M Taliaferro, H A Schriver, Samuel W Hills

1898-Steward; A H Burgtorf

1900 Sep-C W Evans was a steward, the father of Mrs. Williams.  The preacher J L Clark. The stone church with the magnificent stained-glass windows was built in the center of town: The Highland Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

1902 Sep-J P Strother, Preacher; Trustees, Geo T Ross, E K Taliaferro, M Matting; Stewards; L L Ross, W W Southgate, S W Hills, A H Burtorf, L C Eisenmith, Dr. L L Ross, J P Hillgartner

1904-Trustee, J S Kavanaugh

1905-Steward Jno E Opp

1907 Sep-B C Horton-Preacher; Trustees, Geo T Ross, M Matting, J S Kavanaugh; Stewards, L L Ross, W W Southgate, S W Hills, Jno Opp, L L Ross Jr. Charles Clark, David Davies, L C Eisensmith

1912-District of Highlands became a city, changing its name to Fort Thomas

1923-The church added the Education Building

1968-The United Brethren and the Methodist Church merged to form the United Methodist Church.

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