Grants Lick 1890 Tax Delinquent List

Grants Lick 1890 Tax Delinquent List


Anderson, Samuel

Armacost, Elijah

Armacost, L

Baker, Walter

Baldwin, James

Barnhill, Ianfrat?

Botz, William

Boyd, A E

Boyd, H S

Boyd, J M

Boyd, William

Bray, Enoch J

Brown, John W

Buckler, August (lives in Cincinnati)

Burney, Charles (lives in Kenton Co)

Burris, Alfred (dead)

Byrd, Frank

Byrd, James R

Caldwell, James

Carney, Ed

Casson, William

Chalk, Jonathan

Chalk, P C

Clemens, Jonathan W

Clinkenbeard, Charles

Coleman, W J

Coler, Calvin

Coler, George

Collins, James

Conley, William

Danels, James

Daniels, Ben

Daniels, Jonathan W

Daniels, Pollard

Day, Jonathan W

Deane, Frank

Demoss, Fletcher (exonerated)

Demoss, Z T

Dosen, Daniel

Dosen, George

Dunken?, Jonathan

Dunn, Nelson

Ellum, Jonathan

Fisher, George Y

Gaff, Mildred (exonerated)

Gibson, W T (now lives in Covington)

Gobble, Fred (minor)

Gosney, Arthur

Gosney, Coleman

Gosney, Dan

Gosney, Daniel (twice assessed)

Gosney, Jeff

Gosney, Henry

Gosney, Robert (twice assessed)

Gosney, William

Grizzle, Charles

Harris, George H (twice assessed)

Harris, Jonathan

Hayfert?, Charles

Henry, James

Hodget, Edward

Hopkins, Dewitt (exonerated)

Hopkins, W

Hornbeck, Daniel

Hornbeck, George M

Hornbeck, J W

Hornbeck, Jonathan

Hornbeck, Silas

Hornbeck, William

Huey, Albert

Huey, Herman

Huffman, Albert

Huffman, Philip

Hull, T C

Hurd, Charles

Hurd, William

Iles, Hanford?

Koeler, Henry

Kook, James

Kook, William

Laink?, George

Losey, Edward

Losey, Washington

Losey, William

Luck, Jonathan

Luther, C

Maddox, L

Martin, James

Martin, James

Martin, Jonathan (twice assessed)

Martin, Jonathan

Martin, Milton

Martin, Sam (James?)

Maxfield, Samuel (gone to Missouri)

McNay, C

McNay, G W?

McNay, R F

Nelson/Yelson, R W

Newkirk, William (Pauper)

Palmer, Joe

Parker, Jonathan

Phillips, George W

Pierson, C G

Pierson, C T

Petit?, Sam?

Poe, H

Poe, W W

Pribble, Charles

Rardin, W F

Ray, January

Reagin, J

Reed, Albert

Reed, W S

Revit/Revil, J E?

Robinson, E M

Robinson, Henry

Robinson, Sam

Ruchee, Herman

Schrech, Jacob

Schrech, Jonathan

Shingshang?, S A

Shoemaker, Lafayette

Spolden, Tom

Sprower, Joseph

Smith, William (twice assessed)

Sulivan, Jonathan

Tarvin, George

Tarvin, James

Taylor, C

Thomas, William

Tibbatts, Jonathan W (gone to Missouri)

Tibbatts, Taylor

Tucker, Lewis

Vicking?, Frank

Wagner, John

Walhim?, William

Weaver, Miltair? (twice assessed)

Webb, Albert

Webster, Moby?

Wenn, Arthur

White, James?

Wise, Eugene (exonerated)

Wolf, Jonathan

Yelson/Nelson, R W

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