Dayton City Directory

Dayton City Directory

1890 N-Z

Printed by the Williams Publishing Company of Cincinnati


Nagele John, lab. h 64 3d
Navaro Lillian, h. 79 Vine
Navaro Ralph, h. 79 Vine
Navaro Ralph jr. printer, h. 79 Vine
Nave Frank, cutter, h. 69 6th
Naylor Anna, h. 57 Fairfield Av
Naylor John M. marble cutter, h. 57 Fairfield Av
Naylor Letitia, h. 57 Fairfield Av
Neal Jas. R. lab. h. 53 2d
Neal Martishia, h. 53 2d
Neal Samuel T. driver, h Vine st
Neville Jas. R. carp. h 59 McKinney
NEWMAN JOHN P. City Attorney, Office 77 York, Newport; Residence, 119 Gardner
Niemeyer B. A. H. tailor, h. 21 3d
Niemeyer Catharine, seamstress, h. 105 2d
Niemeyer Elizabeth, seamstress, h. 105 2d
Niemeyer Jos. tailor, h 105 2d
Niemeyer Jos. jr. pressman, h 105 2d
Niemeyer Mary, seamstress, h. 105 2d
Nienaber Gesina, wid. John H. h 106 2d
Nienaber John, box mkr. h. 106 2d
Niles Elizabeth, wid. Jas. C. h. 158 Adams
Niles Everett D. carp. h. 158 Adams
Niles Jas. carp. h. 158 Adams
Nilling Jos. cigar mkr. h. 43 Clay
Nolte Chas. saloon 160 3d
Nolte Emilie, h. 160 3d
Nolte Geo. rope mkr. h 43 Clay
North Edward T. clk. h 88 Gardner
North Ida F. h. 88 Gardner
Northcutt B. A. driver, h. n.e.c. Monroe and Dayton Av
Northcutt K. W. driver, h. cor. Dayton Av and Monroe
Northcutt Wm. A. collector, h. 174 Adams
Noxsel Henry, mach. hand h. 116 2d
Nuhn Jacob, lab. h. 69 6th


Oakley Mrs. H. D. wid. C. P. h. Winston st
Oakley Mary C. h. Winston st
O'Connor John, grocer, 179 Fairfield Av
O'Connor Mary E. h. 179 Fairfield Av
O'Connor Wm. H. printer h. 30 Fulton
Odd Fellows' Hall, n.w.c. Fairfield Av and Berry
O'Dowd Martin, lather, h 107 ed
O'Dowd Thos. expressman, h. Thornton st
Oelker Henry, locksmith, h. cor. Walnut & C&O R. R.
Oliver Charlotte, wid. Joshua, h. 185 Gilmore Av
O'Mahoney Ellen, saleslady, h. 21 Fairfield Av
O'Mahoney John, boots and shoes, 21 Fairfield Av
O'Neal Jane, wid. Benj. h. s.e.c. 2d and Main
O'Neal Mattie, h. s.e.c. 2d and Main
O'Neill Sarah M. h. 21 Jefferson
Ortlieb Conrad, lab. h. east end 4th
Ortlieb Frank, mach. hand, h. 22 Fairfield Av
Osterhage Catharine, wid. John, h. 115 3d
Osterhage Henry C. button-hole mkr. h. 115 3d
Osterhage John, mattress mkr. h. 115 3d
O'Toole Mary E. h. 16 Monroe
Ott Bernard, watchman, h. n.e.c. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av
OTT FERDINAND, Dispensing Pharmacist; Dealer in Pure Drugs and Chemicals, Toilet Articles of Every Description, Imported and Domestic Cigars; also, Paints, Oils and Window Glass, n.e.c. Fairfield Av. and Dayton Av.; Residence, same
Ott Pauline, h. n.e.c. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av
Otten Frank H. trunk mkr. h. 191 3d
Otters Geo. lab. h. 107 2d
Otters Henry-, brick mkr. h. l25 4th
Owens Wm. G. lab. h. 35 2d


Pape Louis V. canvasser, h. 2d st
Parker Jas. A. peddler, h. 22 5th
Parnell Anna, wid. Patrick, h. 6 Jackson
Parnell Annie F. seamstress, h. 6 Jackson
Parnell Michael, engineer, h. 6 Jackson
Parrill Mrs. Ada E. h. 69 Dayton Av
Parrott Fannie, h. 66 Front
Parrott Jennie B. teacher, h. 66 Front
Parrott Mary Ann, wid. John, h. 66 Front
Parrott Wm. G. floor walker, h. 66 Front
Paul Carrie, h. 59 6th
Paul Jos. h. 59 6th
PAYNE E. D., Dealer in all kinds of Coal and Coke, Stone and all kinds of Building Material; also, Contractor for Streets, Excavating, &c.. Offices, n.w.c. Fairfield Ac. And McIiinney and n.w.c. Jackson and 3d; Residence, 22 3d
Payne Mrs. P. J. wid. Duvall, h. 22 3d
Payne Thos. H. teamster, h. n.e.c. Jefferson and O'Fallon Av
Peak Frank, bar k. h. 179 Jefferson
Peak Jasper, foreman, h. 179 Jefferson
Peak Newton, lab. h. 179 Jefferson
Pearl, Edward H. shoe mkr. h. 36 Front
Peck Chas. H. mach. hand, h. 20 2d
Peck Robert. teamster, h. 26 Front
Pell Jas. A. pilot, h. n.e.c. Walnut and Lindsay
Pell Jas. T. h. n.e.c. Walnut and Lindsay
Pell Walter, h. n.e.c. Walnut and Lindsay
Peter Adam, janitor, h. 102 2d
Peter Adam, jr. elevator conductor, h. 102 2d
Peter Mary, seamstress, h. 59 3d
Peters Chas. H. tinner, h. l06 Fairfield Av
Peters Chas. W. bklayer, h. Berry st
Peters Etta M. seamstress, h. 62 Front
Peters Grace E. seamstress, h. 62 Front
Peters Mrs. Henrietta, dress mkr. h. 62 Front
Peters Ida, wid. Arnd, h. l06 Fairfield Av
Peters Levi S. painter, h. 62 Front 
Peters Lizzie B. seamstress, h. 62 Front
Peters Wm. E. painter, h. 62 Front
Pfeflermann Anton, rope mkr. h. 178 3d
Pfisterer Henry, cutter, bds. 27 3d
Pierce Archibald E. clk. h. 9l 2d
Pille Frances, tailoress, h. s.e.c. 6th and Clay
Pille John F. boots and shoes, s.e.c. 6th and  Clay
Piper Anna, wid. Geo. h. 80 Gardner
Piper Wm. E. salesman, h. 80 Gardner
Pieimann Wm. tinner, h. 81 4th
Plochg Anton, salesman. h. 70 5th
Plochg Gustav, carp. h. 70 5th
Plochg Julius, cashier, h. 70 5th
Plunket Jos. painter, h. 25 Jefferson
Poinsett Margaret, wid. John, h. 94 Berry
Pullard Jas. I. engineer, h. Brooklyn st
Pollard John, plasterer, h. Brooklyn st
Pook Chas. asst. supt. h. Thornton st
Pooley Julia, wid. J. N. h. 24 Monroe
Poos John, tinner, 19 Fairfield Av
Poos John B. carp. h. 7th at
Poos Mathias, wagon mkr. h. 7th st
Possnett Hester A. bakery, 14 Fairfield Av
Possnett Margaret, wid. Wm. h. 14 Fairfield Av
Prabell Wm. (Klett & P) h. 18 Monroe
Prells Mrs. Lena, h. n.w.c. 2d and Main
Price Samuel, lab. h. n.w.c. 2d and Jackson
Pritchard Albert B. pilot, h. 63 McKinney
Pritchard Benj. F. carp. h. 15 3d
Pritchard, J. D. pilot, h. 88 Adams
Pritchard Roberta A. h. 63 McKinney
Pritchard Sarah C. wid. Douglas P. h. 63 McKinney
Pyles Jas. painter, bds. 20 6th


Quiggin Geo P. cashier h. 104 Fairfield Av
Quinby Anna L. wid. John B. h. 7th st
Quinby E. S. actor, h. 75 Jefferson
Quinby Miss Lizzie A. asst. principal Fairfield Avenue Public School, h. 7th st
Quinby W. C. printer, h. 75 Jefferson
Quinke Frank, tailor, 11. s.e.c. 4th and Clark
Quinke Lawrence, lab. h. s.e.c. 4th and Clark


Rackers Henry, h. 162 4th
Rackers Jos. salesman, h. 162 4th
Rackers Rosalia  h. 162 4th
Rader Harry, driver, h.. n.e.c. 4th and Benham
Rader Mary, wid. h. n.e.c. 4th and Benham
Rader Mary I. h. n.e.c. 4th and Benham
Ralls Eli, blksmith, h. 3 3d
Ralls Eli H. lab. h. 3 3d
Ralls Perry W. ship carp. 9 Dayton
Rand A1ice, wid. Henry W. res. Jas. M. McArthur's
Rawlings Clarence A. salesman, h. 80 Vine
Rawlings Peachie, h. 80 Vine
Rawlings Thos. C. carp. 80 Vine
Rawlings Wm. M. carp. h. 80 Vine
Rea Harry S. pilot, bds. 27 3d
Reckers Alois, cutter, h. 74 Main
Reckers Herman, tailor, h. 86 3d
Reed Elmer, paper hanger, h. 153 Fairfield Av 
Reed John, lab. h. head of Dayton Av
Reed Richard, lab. h. 153 Fairfield Av
Reed Sherman J. lather, h. 90 4th
Reed Wm. paper hanger, h. 153 Fairfield Av
Reed Wm. jr. paper hanger, h. 153 Fairfield Av
Reeder Samuel, carpet cutter, h. Monroe
Reekers Frank, cutter, h. 66 2d
Reekers Fred. lather, h. 66 2d
Reekers Rosa, tailoress, h. 66 2d
Reekers Theresa, wid. Hermann, h. 66 2d
Reichel Alice, domestic, 130 Fairfield Av
Reichel Julia, domestic, 175 Gilmore Av
Reichel Lena, domestic, s.e.c .2d and Benham
Reid Abbie, h. 76 Dayton Av
REID JOHN, Grocer, s.e.c. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av; also, Mayor, Office, n.w.c. Fairfield Av. and Berry; Residence 76 Dayton Av
Reid John H. jr. (Bluett & R) h. 76 Dayton Av
Reinke Geo. driver, h.98 Monroe
Reker Clemens, saloon, 109 3d
Reker Henry, h 105 4th
Reker John, saddler, h. 105 4th
Reker Jos. saloon, n.e.c. 4th and Clay
Reker Annie, tailoress, h. 116 3d
Rekers Bernard, saddler, h. 147 4th
Rekers Herman, lab. h. 92 2d
Rekers John, tailor, h. 92 2d
Rekers John A, tailor, h. 92 2d
Rekers Jos. tailor, h. 92 2d
Rekers Katie, tailoress, h. 116 3d
Rekers Mary, domestic, s.w.c. Front and Main
Rekers Mary, wid. Geo. h. 116 3d
Remme Henry W. h. 64 3d
Reno Geo. B. carp. h 18 Adams
Revell John T. driver, h. 162 Jefferson
Rewald Henry, furniture. 24 Fairfield Av
Rewald Lawrence, upholsterer, h. 24 Fairfield Av
Rhegenness Elizabeth, h. 77 Adams
Richards W. D. phys. 57 Dayton Av
Richmond Henry, h. Front st
Richmond Wm. H. tinner, h. Washington Av
Rickels Jas. W. driver, h. 74 Adams
Rickels Wm. rope mkr. h. 22 Fairfield Av
Riddle Fred. W.  brass finisher, h. n.e.c. Fairfield Av and O'Fallon Av
Riddle Genio, drill presser, h. n.e.c. Fairfield Av and O'Fallon Av
Riebel Amelia, domestic, 82 Fairfield Av
Riebel Ernst, tailor, h. 116 2d
Rieger Chris. watchman The Victoria Cordage Co
Rieger Fred. driver, h. 129 3d
Riley Henry W. carp. h. 76 Gardner
Risch Henry, lab. h. 12 Winston
Rising Alice, wid. Allen, h. 76 Adams
Rising Annie P. b. 76 Adams
Rising Effie J. seamstress, h. 76 Adams
Ritter M. Wm, harness mkr. h. 157 Fairfield Av
Ritter Wm. J. harness mkr. h. 157 Fairfield Av
Rockenfuss Augusta, tailoress, h. s.e.c. Dayton Av. and Monroe
Rockenfuss Catharine, wid. Christ. h. 83 3d
Rockenfuss Mary, wid. Huldreich h. n.e.c. Dayton Av and Monroe
Roesel John, lab. h. 85 Adams
Roesel Leonard, lab. h. 85 Adams
Roesel Mary, mach. hand, h. 85 Adams
Roesel Valentine, stone mason, rooms 85 4(h
Rogers Wm. H. rnach. h. 165 Jefferson
Rogg Albertina. tailoress h. 49 Monroe
Rogg Gottlieb, harness mkr. h. 49 Monroe
Rorer Florence B. saleslady, h. 9 Fairfield Av
Rorer Maria, wid. C. L. h. 9 Fairfield Av
Rorer Minnie F. h. 9 Fairfield Av
Rose Rotbt. shoe mkr. h. 168 3d
Roser John, boiler mkr. h. 87 2d
Ross Anna, wid. Geo. h. 89 Gardner
Ross Ida B. h. 67 Adams
Ross Jessie B. h. 89 Gardner
Ross Mary E. wid. Jos. h 67 Adams
Ross Mary L. h. 67 Adams
Rothenbuecher Catharine, seamstress, h. 126 3d
Rothenbuecher John, lab. h. 126 3d
Rothenbuecher Nicholaus, lab. h. 126 3d
Rudolph Herman. porter, h. 96 6th
Rusche Frank J. cigar mkr. h. 152 3d
Rusche John, clk. s.w.c. Fairfield Av. and Berry, h. 3d st
Rusche Lizzie, seamstress, bds. 31 Kenton

Rusche Mary, tailoress, h. 152 3d
Russell Edward, h. 6th nr. Kenton
Russell Susan,  wid. Jas. W. h. 163 Jefferson
Ruwe Louis, wood carver h. 11 6th
Ryall Thos. ice  h. foot of Todd


Sabie Ida M. h. n.e.c Walnut and Washington Av
Sabie Jas. M. lab. h. n.e.r. Walnut and Washington Av
Sailer John, boots and shoes. n.e.c. 6th and Main
St. Roman Catholic Church (German), n.e.c. 3d and Benham 
St. Francis Roman Catholic Parochial School, n. s. 3d b. Benham and Clark
Saint Isaac, molder, h. 152 2d
St. John Mrs. Alfred, wid. h. 124 Fairfield Av
St. John Huston, U. S. ganger, h. 30 6th
St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church, McKinney st
St. John Tillie M. h. 124 Fairfield Av
St. Paul's German Evangelical Protestant Church, 3d b. Main and Boone
Sarver Ann, wd. Philip h. 10 Winston
Sauer Martin B. presser, h. Thornton st
Saxton B. W. lab. rooms 150 Adams
Sayman Mrs. Clarinda A. h. 3 3d
Schaapveld Gerhard H. h. 147 4th
Schaeffer Fred. lather, h. 190 4th
Schaeffer Magdalena, wid. Geo. h. 91 3d
Schaffeld Albert, h. 181 3d
Schallig Wm. cab. mkr. h. 20 Fairfield Av
Schappel John, lab. h. 121 5th
Schappel Theresa, domestic, 107 Gardner
Scharold Wm. F. stone cutter, h. 99 4th
Schatzmann Chas. C. lab. h. Thornton st
Schatzmann Jacob, lab. h. Thornton st
Schatzmann Jas. L. polisher, h. Thornton at
Schatzmann Wm. A. gas engineer, h. Thornton st
Schiff John, h. s.w.c. 7th and Bentham
Schirakowski Jos. safe mkr. h. 169 Fairfield Av
Schirmer Jos. baker. h. 13 6th
Schirmer Robt. bakery. 13 6th
Schlelein Andrew, b. k. 14 6th, It. 72 Main st
Schlueter Bernard, grocery, 118 2ds w.s. Kenton
Schlueter Frank, molder, h. 342 3d
Schlueter John H. rope mkr. h. n.e.c. 5th and Clark
Schlueter John H. jr. reel mkr. h. n.e.c. 5th And Clark
Schlueter Katie, h. n.e.c. 5th and Clark
Schmid Crescentia, h. 173 ad
Schmid Rev. Stephen, pastor St. Francis Roman Catholic (German) Church, h. 173 3d
Schmidt Bernard, paper carrier, h. 69 Front
Schmidt F. K. carp. 179 Gilmore Av
Schmidt John, res. Peter Ketterer's
Schmidt, John, paper carrier, h. 15 Main
Schmidt John, jr. paper carrier, h. 15 Main
Schmidt John H. h. 69 Front
Schmidt Stephan, tailor, h. 153 4th
Schneider Conrad, bolt mkr. h. 50 7th
Schneider Frances, tailoress, h. 122 3d
Schneider Geo. watch case mkr. h. 122 3d
Schneider Henry, lab. h. 50 7th
Schneider John M. h. 92 Front
Schneider Lizzie, tailoress, h. 122 3d
Schneider Philip. plasterer, h. 122 3d
Schneider Philip R. printer, h. 122 3d
Schoolfield A. W. h. 7 Fairfield Av
Schoolfield C. B. phys.7 Fairfield Av
Schoolfield Miss E. P. h. 7 Fairfield Av
Schoolfield G. R. Clarence, medical student, h. 7 Fairfield Av
Schreiber Amelia h. 140 3d
Schreiber David E. porter, h. 140 3d
Schuessler Geo. shop cutter, h. 71 6th
Schuh Amelia, seamstress, h. s.w.c. 5th and Benham
Schuh Barbara, seamstress. h. .s.w.c. 5th and Benham
Schuh Barbara wid. Jos. h. s.w.c. 5th and Benham
Schuh Bros. (John & Jos) rope manufs. s.w.c. 5th and Benham
Schuh Frank, grocery, s.e.c. 2d and Benham
Schuh Henry, rope mkr. h. 106 2d
Schuh John, (S. Bros) h. s.w.c. 5th and Benham
Schuh Jos. (E. Bros) h. s.w.c. 5th and Benham
Schuh Philip, rope mkr. h. s.w.c.. 5th and Benham
Schulte Bernard, hostler, h. 30 3d
Schultheis Geo. butcher, h. 114 2d
Schumacher Alex. molder, h. 32 2d
Schwab Frank, rope mkr. h. Clark st
Schwab Frank J. barber 94 3d
Schwab Kate, mach. hand, h. Clark st
Schwab Mary, h. Clark st
Schwab Minnie, seamstress, h. Clark st
Schwab Nicholas, mach, hand, h, Clark st
Schwenn Mrs. Catharine, midwife, h. 91 3d
Schwenn John, h. 94 3d
Secrist Chas. W, cigar mkr. h. 46 Monroe
Secrist Emma, h. 20 Monroe
Secrist John W, mach. h. 2 Monroe
Secrist Lottie, h. 20 Monroe
Sedgwick Geo. lab. h, 170 Gilmore Av
Sedgwick John; lab. h, 170 Gilmore Av
Sedgwick Wm. lab. h. 170 Gilmore Av
Sedgwick Wm. jr. meat cutter, h. 170 Gilmore
Seifert. Catharine, tailoress, h. 64 6th
Seifert Maria, wid. Christian, h. 64 6th
Seifert Mary, h. 64 6th
Seifert Matilda A. tailoress, h. 64 6th
Seifried John, driver, h. 119 4th
Semmendinger Ferd. lab. h. 40 Front
Sesher Geo. ship carp. h. 7 3d
Sesher Isaac, ship carp. h. 7 3d
Sesher Levi, carp. h. Adams st
Sesher Stephen, ship carp. h. 7 3d
Sesher Wm.  carp. h. 20 3d
Sethmen Miss Blanche, clk. n. n.w.c. Fairfield Av and Walnut
Sethman Carrie, saleslady, h. n.w,c. Fairfield  Av and Walnut
Sewell Wm. lather, h. 163 Jefferson
Shackleton Margaret, wid. John, h, 151 2d
Shanks J. W. supt. Maddox, Hobart & Co. Cincinnati, h 38 6th
Sharp John, lab. bds. 179 Fairfield Av
Sharpless Benj. S. mach. h. 177 Fairfield Av
Sharples, Frances A. h. 177 Fairfield Av
Sharpless Mary A. seamstress, h. 177 Fairfield
Sheridan Catharine, wid. Jas. h. n.e.c. 3d and Clay
Shield A. F. lab. h. Walnut st
Shields Ida, h. Walnut st
Shields Minnie, h. Walnut st
Shuey Capt. H. M. salesman, h. 91 Fairfield Av
Siemer Barney, (Barney S. & Co.) res. Bellevue, Ky
Siemer Barney & Co. (Barney S. & Alfred R. Clark) brick manufs. foot of Walnut
Siemer Barney, jr. brick molder, wks. Barney Siemer & Co.'s
Siemer Fred. J. lab. wks. Barney Siemer & Co.
SINGER MANUFACTURING CO.,  605 Madison Av, Covington; Orrin A. Reynolds, Agent
Skees Mrs. Laura wid. Fred. dress mkr. h. 25 Fairfield Av
Skitbeck G. S. atty. n.w.c. 3d and Clay
Skinner Walter, printer, h. Berry st
Smith Anna E, wid. Chas. h. 25 3d
Smith Frank, res. Robt. Smith's
Smith Frank O. sign painter, h. 57 Jefferson
Smith Gardner, lab. h. n.e.c. Monroe and McKinney
Smith Geo. W. salesman, h. Adams st
Smith Ida, h. 16 Winston
Smith John T. lab. h. n.e.c. Monroe and McKinney
Smith Margaret, wid. Jas. P. h. 91 Clay
Smith Martha, wid. Moses. h. 57 Jefferson
Smith Richard, lab. h. 16 Winston
Smith Robert, carp. h. Walnut st
Smith Thos. H. chair mkr. h. 71 Jefferson
Smith Wm. lab. h. 16 Winston
Smith Wm. R. carp. h. 172 Adams
South Covington & Cincinnati Street Railway Co.'s Stable, 6th nr. Berry
Southall John C. driver, h. 51 Monroe
Sparka Adam, confec. 3d st
Sparka Geo. h. 3d st
Sparka Wm. molder h. n.w.c. 7th and Kenton
Sparke Annie E. tailoress, h. 3d st
Sparke Eva, domestic, 82 Adams
Sparke Fred. J. lab. h. 157 4th
Sparke Jacob, lab. h. 157 4th
Sparky Add. carp. h. 21 Main
SPEERS MRS. E. L., Widow Chas. C. Residence, s.w.c. Berry and Jefferson
Spellmeyer Bernardina, wid. Geo. H. h. 191 3d
Spellmeyer  J. Geo. tailor, h. 191 3d
Spence Mrs. Mary, h. 93 Clay
Spencer W. M. jr. fruit preserver, h. 82 Fairfield Av
Speth Frank, optician, h. 78 5th
Speth Frank, jr. optician, h. 97 5th
Sheth Hector G. optician, h. 81 6th
Sheth Mary, notions  95 2d
Spilman H. E. leaf tobacco, h. 82 Adams
Spilman Mrs. M. F. wid. H. E. h. s.e.c. 4th and Benham
Spilman Sue W. h. s.e.c. 4th and Benham
Sprahnle Oscar P. shoe mkr. h. 181 Fairfield Av
Sprahnle Philip, shoe mkr. h. 181 Fairfield Av
Sprenger Catherine, wid. Fred. h. 111 3d
Sprunk Eliza, mach. hand, h. 85 3d
Sprunk John, gardener, h. 101 4th
Sprunk John, jr. blksmith, h. 86 Dayton Av
Sprunk Wm.  core mkr. h. 85 3d
Stamper S. N. calker, h. Washington Av
Steckle  Remig lab. h. Front st.
Steele A. Lincoln. painter, h. 42 Jefferson
Steele Annie E. wid. Jas. M. h. 42 Jefferson
Steele Chas. F. carp. h 46 Monroe
Steele Frank S. salesman, h. 46 Jefferson
Steger Felix, porter, h. 11 3d
Steger Felix F. wood engraver, h. 11 3d
Steger Sophia, bk sewer h. 11 3d
Stenzel Frank, blksmith helper, h. 34 7th
Stenzel Frank, carp. h. 60 6th
Stevens Margaret J. wid. G. W. h. 82 Adams
Stevers Fannie, h. 26 5th
Stevers Fred. lab. h. 26 5th
Stevers Jacob O. spinner, h. 26 5th
Stevers Mary A. wid. Fred. h. 26 5th
Stevers Wm. stable boss, h. 26 5th
Steveson Jas. W. lab. h. 9 Main
Stewart Robt. F. clk. h, 111 Fairfield Av
Stockum Allison steamboat carp. h. 92 Jefferson
Stone John C. steamboat passenger agt. h. 83 Jefferson
Straub Laura, wid. Michael, h. 57 3d
Straub Sophia S. h. 57 3d
Stricker Elizabeth, wid. Jas. L. h. 22 Jefferson
Stricker Jas. h. 22 Jefferson
Stroop Olive, wid. John J. h. 190 3d
Stroube Wm. h. pilot, h. 59 Fairfield Av
Stubbers Clemens, boots and shoes, 96 3d
Swager E. M. boots and shoes, s.e.c. Fairfield Av. and Dayton Av. h. Jefferson st
Swift John, expressman h. 52 Dayton Av
Swing A. J. artist, s.w.c. Fairfield Av. and McKinney
Swing David, music teacher, h. s.w.c. Fairfield  Av and McKinney
Swing Jennie, teacher, h. s.w.c. Fairfield Av and McKinney


Tannahill Mabel, h. 13 Adams
Tannahill Wm. ship carp. 13 Adams
Tarvin Samuel K. T. rope mkr. h. 28 Front
Taylor Mrs. Ida, confec. also, music teacher, Berry st
Taylor John C. grocer, h. Berry st
Taylor Mrs. Mary G. phys. 76 Main
Tedrow Addie E. h. 5th nr. Benham
Tedrow Gertrude R. seamstress, h. 5th nr. Benham
Tedrow Wm. C. agt. h. 5th nr. Beham
TeKoppele Gerhard W. tailor, h. 90 Front
Thacker Lucretia, wid. Lewis, h. 29 Winston
Thiel John, paver, h. 59 2d
Thiel Jos. blksmith, h. 59 2d
Thiel Matilda, domestic 102 Fairfield Av
Thienemann Annie, h. n.w.c. 5th and Benham
Thienemann Frank, h. n.w.c. 5th and Benham
Thienemann Louise, h. n.w.c. 5th and Benham
Thiery Bernard J. tailor, h. 128 3d
Thiery John, tailor, h. 15.3 9th
Thomas Chas. I. tobacconist, h. Houston Av
Thomas Hattie R. seamstress, h. 81 Adams
Thomas John T. steamboat carp. h. 81 Adams
Thomaa Lyda B. copyist, h. 81 Adams
Thomas W. B ins. agt. h. n.w.c. Terrace Av and Houston Av
Thomas Wm. J. baggage master, h. 72 Adams
Thorp Jacob S. watchman, h. 57 Jefferson
THIESING ED. H., Druggist, n.w.c. York and Jefferson; Residence, 45 Overton, Newport
Tibbitts Henry C. marble, h. 76 Fairfield Av
Tieman B. Henry, ship carp. h. 45 Jefferson
Tieman Edward, b. k. h. n.e.c. 4th and Main
Tieman Louis F. clk. h. 45 Jefferson
T'ieman W. Bernard. polisher, h. 45 Jefferson
Tiemann Clifford, salesman, h. 34 6th
Tiemann Fred. lab. h. 44 3d
Tiemann Fred. salesman, h. 34 6th
Tiemann Lillian, h. 34 6th
Tiemann Louis J, salesman, 45 Main, h. 36 6th
Tiemann Louise, tailoress, h. 89 2d
Tiemann Wm. cigar mkr. h. 89 2d
Tiemann Wm. jr. grocery, 45 Main, h. 34 6th
Tietke Amelia, tailoress, h. 26 2d
Tieike John H. tailor, h. 26 2d
Totien Geo. H. salesman, h. s.w.c. Fairfield Av and Vine
Tower Chapel M. E. Church, s.s.  Jefferson b Dayton Av. and McKinney
Townley Eva, h. 132 Fairfield Av
Trapp John, coal, 14 6th; also, sheriff Campbell County h. s.w.c. Front and Clay,
Tresise Adelaide A. teacher, h. s.w.c. Terrace Av and Houston Av
Tresise Alice M. h. s.w.c. Terrace Av and Houston Av
Tresise Elizabeth, wid. Thos. h. s.w.c. Terrace Av and Houston Av
Tresise Fannie A. teacher, h. s.w.c.  Terrace Av and Houston Av
Tresise Victor E. pattern mkr. h. s.w.c. Terrace Av and Houston Av
Tresise Victoria E. teacher h. s.w.c. Terrace Av and Houston Av
Trindle Jas. mach. hand, h. 8 Jackson
Trindle John, weigher, h. 8 Jackson
Trindle Wm. store mounter, h. 8 Jackson
Tripleft Jas. C. porter, h. 159 Fairfield Av
Troy Chas. salesman, h. l10 3d
Troy Jas. B. capt. Dayton & Cincinnati River Transfer Co. res. Newport
Truesdell Chas. H. stone mason, h. 37 McKinney
Trump Margaret, wid. John L. h. 42 Adams
Turner J. L. fresco artist, h. Vine st
Turner Mary, wid. John L. h. 14 Monroe
Turner Robt. W. painter, h. 9 Adams
Twaddell Alex. L. packer, h. 172 3d
Twaddell, Jas. L. stock keeper, h. 50 Dayton Av
Twaddell Thos. porter h. 44 7th
Twehues Kate, domestic 45 Fairfield Av


Uetrecht Adolph, salesman h. 88 5th
Ullery David, carp. h. s.e.c. Todd and Adams
Ullery Edward E carp. h. 79 Jefferson
Ullery Eleonora, seamstress h. s.e.c. Todd and Adams
Ullery Wm S. carp. h. 33 Winston
Ulrich Adolph, trunk mkr. h. 113 3d
Ulrich Herman, driver, h. s.w.c 2d and Boone
Unnewehr cecilia, h. n.e.c. 6th and Berry
Unnewehr Frank, cigar mkr, h. n.e.c. 6th and Berry
Unnewehr Fred. cigars, n.e.c. 6th and Berry
Unnewehr Geo. shoe mkr h. n.e.c. 6th and Berry
Ursuline Sisters, 179 3d
Uth Frank, lab. h. 184 Adams


Vandine Eliza, wid. Samuel R. h. 25 Fulton
Vandine John W. hostler h. 24 Fulton
VanLeuven John P. stable boss, South Covington & Cincinnati Street Ry. Co.'s Stables; h. 75 Clay
VanSant Henry S. calker h. 2 Jackson
VanSant Higbee, h. 41 Jefferson
VanSant Joel, ship carp. h 50 Jefferson
VanSant Samuel, confec. 60 Fairfield
VanSant Sarah, wid. Geo. h 50 Jefferson
VanWickler John H. canvasser, h. n.w.c. Adams and Dayton Av
Vasche Elizabeth, wid. Henry h. 90 3d
Vasche Frank J. carp. h. 86 Adams
Vasche Henry, rope mkr. h. 109 4th
Vaughan J. T. confec. n.e.c. Fairfield Av and O'Fallon
Venables Virginia, teacher Fifth Street Public School, res. Newport
Vert, John, lather h. s.e.c. 3d and Clay
Vickers, Edward h. 100 5th
Vickers Lucinda, wid. Jos. h 100 5th
VICTORIA CORDAGE Co.  (THE) G. Weaver Loper, President; E E Miller, Secretary and Treasurer, Office, 49 W. 3d, Cincinnati; Factory, s.e.c. 4th and Clay; Thomas Folwer, Superintendent
Vogelbach Alice, G. teacher, h 20 Jefferson
Vogelbach Cornelia, h. 20 Jefferson
Vogelbach Frank C. b.k. h. 20 Jefferson
Vogelbach Frank X. car blksmith, h. 20 Jefferson
Volk Mrs. Allovezia h. 14 Winston
Volk Emma L. tailoress h. 14 Winston
Volk John M. rope mkr. h. 14 Winston
Volk Louis F. engineer h. 75 6th
Volk Susan, tailoress, h. 14 Winston
Volk Wm E. engineer h. 14 Winston
Volz Caroline, wid. Henry, h. 131 Jefferson
Volz Chas. salesman h. 117 4th
Volz Emma, h. 131 Jefferson
Volz Philip, section boss, h. 55 Monore
VonZuben Henry, lab. h 71 4th
Vormohr Henry, lab. h. 71 4th


Wade Frank, teamster, h. 38 Front
Wade Mrs. Louis, midwife, h. 38 Front
Wade Matthew, tailor, h. 38 Front
Wagner Milton A. civil engineer, h. 23 Fairfield Av
Wagner Peter H. engineer, h. 23 Fairfield Av
Wainwright Alice, wid. Chas. h. 15 6th
Walter Anthony, contractor, h. 65 6th
Walter Anthony jr. teamster h. 65 6th
Walter Carrie, seamstress, h. 65 6th
Walter Edward (W. & Kruchten) h. McKinney st
Walter Frank, lab. h. 65 6th
Walter Mary, seamstress h. 65 6th
Ware E L. stone mason h. Front st
Warner Wm H. wood carver, h. Front st
Watermann Sebastian, saloon, s.e.c. 3d and Clay
Waters, Nannie, wid. Wm H. h.27 ed
Weaver Anna, h. 18 6th
Weaver J. Sherman, h. 18 6th
Weaver, John, engineer Barney Siemer & Co.
Weaver, John T. teamster, h. 18 6th
Weber, Chas. teamster, h. 153 Adams
Weber Jacob, cigar mkr. h. 105 4th
Webster Arthur, driver h. 129 Jefferson
Webster Henry, driver h. 129 Jefferson
Webster Samuel, Dayton Bellevue & Cincinnati Express, 129 Jefferson
Weddell Kate F. h. 88 Terrace Av
Weitkamp Chas. F b. k. h. 113 Fairfield Av
Weitkamp Ernst, com. mer. h. 113 Fairfield Av
Wells Anthony, h. 39 2d
Wells Dennis B. salesman h. 69 Dayton Av
Wells Miss M J. h. 60 Dayton
Wells Mary, tailoress, h. 39 2d
Wells Michael, type dresser, h. 39 2d
Wells Samuel K. b. k. h. 60 Dayton Av
Welti Geo. molder, h. 73 6th
Welti Louise, h. 73 6th
Welti Robt. boots and shoe, 11 6th, h. 73 6th
Wempe Henry, mach. hand h. 118 3d
Wenert Jos. lab. h. 116 Gardner
Wern Peter N. rope manuf. east end of 3d
Wessel Edward, shoe mkr. h. 77 4th
Wessel Kate, seamstress h. 77 4th
Wessling Adolph W. rope mkr. h. s.w.c. 6th and Clay
Wessling Edward C. rope mkr. h. s.w.c. 6th and Clay
Wessling Harry, jr. wall paper and notions s.w.c. 6th and Clay, h. 25 Jefferson
Wessling Henry sr. h. s.w.c 6th and Clay
Wey Adam, lab. h. 151 4th
Whaley Ida M. domestic, Walter Skinner's
Whaley Margaret, wid. John. h 178 Adams
Wharton Frank L. molder, h. n.e.c. Vine and Gardner
Wharton Wm. G. janitor, h. 89 Gardner
White Belle, domestic, s.w.c. Fairfield Av and Berry
White Ida, domestic 13 Fairfield Av
White Jacob, lab. h 40 3d
Whiting Richard L. com. mer. h. 50 Fulton
Wiebe Henry, driver h. n.e.c. 2d and Clay
Wiechert Mamie, teacher, h. 64 5th
Wightman Phoebe, wid. A F. h. 8 Fairfield Av
Wilde Fred. W. medicines, h. s.e.c. McKinney and Adams
Wilkens Paul, cigar mkr. h. 116 3d
Wilkins Major, driver, h. 40 2d
Williams Geo. C. printer h. 28 Winston
Williams H. C. tailor, h. 82 Berry
Williams Jas. W. lab. h 35 2d
Williamson Rev C. H. pastor Tower Chapel, M. E. Church, h. 13 Jefferson
Williamson John, molder, h 16 Winston
WILLIAMSON & WILMER (Wm J. Wilmer) Dealer in all kinds of Rough and  Dressed Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Framing Timber, Doors, Blinds and Sash, 67 Fairfield Av. n.w.c. McKinney
Wilmer B. H. salesman, Willison & Wilmer's h. 15 Monroe
Wilmer Wm. J. (Willison & W.) h. 15 Monroe
Wilson Edward J. clk. h. 185 Gilmore Av
Wilson John H. stock cutter h. 185 Gilmore
Wilson Thos. H. carp. h 8 Front
Winkelmann Caroline, domestic, 149 Fairfield Av
Winston John L. grainer h. 84 Dayton Av
Winston Keturah L. seamstress, h 84 Dayton Av
Winston Lucretia W. wid. John L. h. 84 Dayton Av
Winter A. A. printer h. 71 Adams
Winter Chas. A. student, h. 71 Adams
Winter Louis C. salesman, h. 114 2d
Winterberger Alex. molder, h. 107 Fairfield Av
Winterer Chas. M. baker h. 40 Fairfield Av
Winterer Geo. watch case mkr. h. 49 Fairfield Av
Winterer Lizzie, h. 49 Fairfield Av
Winterer Mrs. Susan, confec. 49 Fairfield Av
Wirbel John, veneerer, h. 63 2d
Witte C.D. shoe dressing, rooms n.e.c. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av
Woehner Catharine B. wid. John h. 77 6th
Woehner Mary, wid. John h. 131 4th
Wolf, Geo. miller, h. 24 2d
Wolf Margaret G. W. wid. Samuel P. h. 16 Fultn
Wolff Bros. (Wm. C. & Louis A.) feed store and livery stable, Clay st
Wollf Chas. jr. grocery, n.w.c. 2d and Clay
Wolff Mrs. Emma, h. 26 2d
Wolff Louis A. (W. Bros.) h. 34 2d
Wolff Wm. C. (W. Bros.) h. 34 2d
Wolfington Robt. expresssman, h. Brooklyn st
Woodard Carrie L. h. 56 Dayton
Woodard Chas. F. bklayer h. 56 Dayton
Woodard Frank H. engineer h. McKinney st
Woodard J. Henry, engineer, h. Thornton st
Woodard Minnie G. h. 56 Dayton Av
Woodbury Baron H. mineral water manuf. h. 79 3d
Woodworth Albert, lab. h. 38 2d
Woodworth Wallace, lab. h. 38 2d
Wormald G. Wm. shoe mkr. h. 176 Adams
Worst Peter A. porter h. Washington Av
Worth Sylvester, boots and shoes, 61 3d
Wueller August, saloon, 20 6th
Wueller John, carp. h. 20 6th
Wuennemann Wm. J. lab. h. 25 2d


Yeats Wright, driver, h Adams st
Yeider Fred. blksmith, h 73 Jefferson
Yungblut Chas. W. law student, h. s.e.c. Gardner and Terrace Av
Yungblut J. R. druggist, h. s.e.c. Gardner and Terrace Av


Ziegler Annie, tailores, h 80 3d
Ziegler Barbara, wid. Jos. h 80 3d
Ziegler Rosa, tailoress, h 80 3d
Zier Mathias, carp. h. Terrace Av
Zimmerman Jas. D. salesman h. 33 6th
Zimmermann Rev John W h. 47 Adams
Zimmermann Fredericka, wid. Wm. h 175 Fairfield Av

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