Dayton City Directory

Dayton City Directory

1890 H-M

Printed by the Williams Publishing Company of Cincinnati


Haaf Agnes, domestic, 104 Fairfield Av
Haas Paul, lab. h. 87 4th
Haase Fred. daily market, 6 6th, h. 19 Monroe
Haase Fred. sr. h. 19 Monroe
Habel Emil, rammer, h. 60 3d
Haberkern Theresa, h. 142 2d
Hagerty Jas. lab. bds. 20 6th
Hagenbarth, Jessie, domestic, 77 5t
Hahn Christ. slone cutter, h. 110 5th
Hahn Emma, tailoress, h. 110 5th
Hahn Geo. stone cutter, h. 110 5th
Hall Albert O. gardener, h. Washington Av
Hall Arthur C. h. Washington Av
Hall Fannie B. h. Washington Av
Hall Geo. C. gardener, h. Washington Av
Hall John W. lab. h. Washington Av
Hall Stephen J. gardener, h. s.w.c. Vine and Gilmore Av
Hall Wm. H. pilot, h. 18 Dayton Av
Hallmeier Kate, seamstress, h. 20 7th
Hallmeier Peter, shoe cutter, h. 20 7th
Hallmeier Wendeline, stone mason, h. 20 7th
Hamilton Ada, wid. John W. h. 55 Fulton
Hamilton Jas. trav. salesman, h. 96 5th
Hamilton John W. b. k. h. 96 5th
Hamilton Mamie L. h. 96 5th
Hanes Wm. carp. h. s.w.c. Vine and Lindsay
Harris Frank, plasterer, h. 117 Jefferson
Harris Jas. & Bros. (Jas. jr. W. Henry & John) carps. 182 Gilmore Av
Harris, Jas. jr. (Jas. H. & Bros.) h. 182 Gilmore Av
Harris Jas. sr. carp. h. 182 Gilmore Av
Harris John, (Jas. H. & Bros.) h. 182 Gilmore Av
Harris Lewis, collector, h. n.e.c. 4th and Main
Harris Mary A. h. 181 Gilmore Av
Harris W. Henry, (Jas. H. & Bros.) h. 183 Gilmore Av
Harrison Capitola, seamstress, h. Washington Av
Harrison Harry, h. Washington Av
Harrison Llewellyn, lab. h. Washington Av
Harrison Wm. Henry, painter, h. Washington Av
Hart Fred. W, trav. salesman, h. 52 Dayton Av
Hartfiel Louis, lab. h. 104 3d
Hartfiel Paul, carp. h. 113 2d
Hartmann Barbara, h. 115 4th
Hartmann Jos. rope mkr. h. 115 4th
Hartmann Rosa, wid. Christ. h. 115 4th
Hasson C. B. clk. The Victoria Cordage Co. h. 5th st
Haason Wm. manager The Victoria Cordage Co. h. s.e.c. 5th and Clay
Hatfield Jesse C. driver, h. 154 2d
Hauger John, cigar mkr. h. 25 3d
Hauser Albert, paper hanger, h. 119 Gardner
Hauser Anna, wid. John, h. 34 2d
Hauser Matthew, h. 119 Gardner
HAUSNER JOSEPH, Wine and Beer Saloon and Boarding House, n.w.c. 4th and Clay; Residence, Same
Havlin Belle, seamstress h. n.e.c. Jefferson and Dayton Av
Havlin Edmund, h. 31 6th
Havlin Geo. W. h. n.e.c. Jefferson and Dayton Av
HAVLIN HENRY C. Chief of Police, Office, n.w.c. Fairfield Av and Berry; Residence, n.e.c. Jefferson and Dayton Av
Havlin Henry S. pattern mkr. h. 31 6th
Havlin Henry T. phys. n.e.c. Jefferson and Dayton Av
Havlin Jessie H. h. 31 6th
Havlin John N. h. 15 Fairfield Av
Hawkins Martha F. h. n.e.c. Walnut and Washington
Hawkins Sarah M. h. n.e.c. Walnut and Washington Av
Hays Allie E. seamstress, h. 52 Dayton Av
Hays John W. ship carp. h. 78 Berry
Hays Mrs. Margaret. h. 10 Adams
HAYWARD C. B., City Clerk; also, Real Estate Agent, Office, Odd Fellow' Hall Building n.w.c. Fairfield Av and Berry; Residence, 45 Fairfield Av
Hayward Susan, wid. P. B. h. 8 Fairfield Av
Heard Mrs. Dora, h. 38 2d
Hebel Albert, cigar mold mkr. h. 117 2d
Hebel Jos. finisher, h. 117 2d
Hebel Magdalena, wid. August, h. 117 2d
Heckmnn Belle, h. 88 Gardner
Hedger Carl D. clk. h. s.w.c. 2d and Clay
Hedger Cora, seamstress, h. s.w.c. Clay and 2d
Hedger Duke, h. s.w.c. 2d and Clay
Hedger Fulvie, 6. s.w.c. 2d and Clay
Hedger l.illian, h. s.w.c. 2d and Clay
Hedger Mamie, h. s.w.c. 2d and Clay
Hedger Nannie B. h. s.w.c. 2d and Clay
Hedger Zachary M. watchman, h. 94 Jefferson
Heeg Casper, deputy county clk. h. Gardner st
Heeg Geo. A. cutter, h. 110 2d
Heeg John B. pressman, h. 30 2d
Heeg John S. cutter, h. 112 2d
Heeg Lizzie, h. Gardner st
Heeg Susan A. tailoress, h. 110 2d
Hegenbarth Annie, seamstress, h. 81 6th
Hegenbarth Jessie, seamstress, h. 81 6th
Heldrich Chas. com. mer. h 81 Terrace Av
Heidrich Clara, music teacher, h. 81 Terrace Av
Heidrich J. C. cigar manuf. h. 112 Fairfield Av
Heimler Jos. tailor, h. east end 4th
Heimler Walburga, h. east end 4th
Heimler Xavier, tailor, h. east end 4th
Heinlein John, rope mkr. h. 116 2d
Helbing Lizzie, tailoress h. 84 3d
Helbing Mary, wid. Christ. h. 84 3d
Helm E. R. atty. h. 89 Adams
Henry Barnes Lodge No. 607, F&A M.
meets last Tuesday of each month, at odd Fellows Hall
Henry Chas. hostler, h. 29 Monroe
HERRMANN MARTIN, Proprietor Dayton Cornice Works; Manufacturer of Ornamental Galvanized Iron Cornices; Dea1er in Stoves, Hardware and Tinware, n.w.c. 6th and Clay
Hewetson D. J. clk. h. 126 Fairfield Av
Heweteon Wm. h. 126 Fairfield Av
Hildreth Wm. J. res. Chas. Pook's
Hill Albert M. sign painter, h. 110 Gardner
Hill Frank L. grainer, h. 114 Gardner
Hill Lizzie A. h. 110 Gardner
Hill Oliver P. carp. h. 110 Gardner
Hinchey Fred. M. core mkr. h. 157 Jefferson
Hoernemann J. Henry. tailor, h. 61 2d
Hoernemann John A. Carp. h. 6l 2d
Hoernemann Mary, tailoress, h. 61 2d
Hogreiver Frank, mach. op. h. Thornton st
Hollander Wm. carp. h. 131 4th
Holmes Benj. engineer, h. 47 Fairfield Av
Holste Wm. F. grate finisher, h. 163 Fairfield Av
Holstmann Catherine, wid. Francis H. h. 58 Main
Holstmann Geo. carp. h. 58 Main
HOLZHAUER GUSTAV, Apothecary; Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Drugs, Medicines Dye Stuffs, Paints, Oil, Glass, &c.; also, Dealer in Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purposes; Physicians Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Day and Night, s.e.c. Tibbatts and Monmouth; Residence, 217 Washington Av., Newport
Holzwarth Gottlieb, lab. h. Washington Av
Horst Rosa, (wid. Theo.) dry goods, l6 Fairfield Av
Horstmann J. Henry, rope mkr. h. 81 4th
Houghton Andrew J. shoe mkr. bds. 21 Fairfield Av
Hounshell Bettie, teacher, h. n.e.c. 4th and Main
Hounshell Lillie, h. n.e.c. 4th and Main
Hovel Anna, tailoress, h. 30 3d
Howard Margaret, wid. John, h. 49 Fulton
Hubbell Ada C. wid. Nathaniel S. h. 55 Fulton
Huber Sophia C. h. 64 Dayton Av
Huber Wm. H. saloon, n.w.e. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av  h. 64 Dayton Av
Hudson Chas. E. teamster, h. 149 Jefferson
Huesmann Herman, cab. mkr. h. 145 3d
Huesmann Theo. cab. mkr, h. 31 Kenton
Hughes Josephine, h. 115 6th
Hughes Julia, h. 115 6th
Hughes Mary, domestic, s.e.c. 4th and Benham
Hughes Stamper, lab. h. 115 6th
Humphreys John D. clk. h. 116 Gardner
Hunter Geo. C. saddler, h. 48 Fairfield Av
Hunter Hattie R. h. 48 Fairfield Av
Hunter Milton R. foreman saddler, h. 48 Fairfield Av
Hutchason Geo. lab. h. 4 Jackson
Hux Barbara, wid. Jacob, h. 41 Winston
Hux Mary, teacher, h. 41 Winston


Iffland John, bakery, 44 Fairfield Av
lngalls John J. driver, S. Covington & Cincinnati St. R. R. Co
Ingles Frances E. wid. John, h. Washington Av
Ingles Lafayette, driver, h. 25 Fairfield Av
Ingles Wm. ship carp. h. 20 5th
Inholt Henry J. brick molder, bds. 179 Fairfield Av
Irvine John, news depot, s.e.c. 6th and Berry
Irwin R. K. manufacturers' agent, h. 127 Fairfield Av


Jackson John W. h. foot of Dayton Av
James Wilbur C. printer, h. n.e.c. Gilmore Av and Walnut
Jenks Sarah H. wid. H. H. h. 111 Fairfield Av
Jennewein Peter, cigar mkr. h. 183 3d
Joe Hooker Post No. 16, G. A. R. meets last Saturday of each month at Odd Fellows' Hall
Joering Bernard, rope mkr. h. 83 2d
Joering Herman, jr. tailor  h. 150 2d
Joering Herman S. tailor. h. 142 3d
Joering Jos. cutter, h. 146 3d
Joering Kate, domestic, 78 5th
Joering Theresa,  tailoress, h. 146 3d
Johns Clarence J. printer, h. 86 Gardner
Johnson Andrew, lab. h. 34 Front
Johnson Anna, h. n.w.c. Vine and Adams
Johnson Bertha, seamstress, h. 29 2d
Johnson Elizabeth H. wid. Jos. h. 52 Fulton
Johnson Geo. M. molder, h. 29 2d
Johnson Geo. W. trav. salesman, h. 56 Front
Johnson Ida, seamstress. h.  29 2d
Johnson Mollie L. h. 56 Front
Johnson Nancy J. wid. Geo. W. b. 56 Front
Johnston Geo. L. painter, h. 173 Adams
Johnston Lewis W. chair mkr. h. 164 Adams
Johnston Luther C. carp. h. 173 Adams
Johnston Luther C. jr. stone mason, h. 173 Adams
Jolly Owen F. Mate, h. n.w.c. Jefferson and  McKinney
Jones Galen, carp. h. Thornton st
Jones Harry H. plasterer, h. 13 Adams
Jones Ida M. h. 26 3d
Jones John, coffin mkr. h. 8 Berry
Jones John W atty. h. 11 Jefferson
Jones Martha S. wid. Ross R. h. 73 Adams
Jones Minnie E. h. 26 3d
Jones Thos. county clerk, office, Court House, Newport  h. n.w.c. Fairfield Av and Walnut Jones Wm. H. painter, h. 26 3d
Jones Wm. H. jr. painter, h. 26 3d
Jordan Rev A. L. pastor First Baptist Church, n.w.c. 5th and Main, h. s.e.c. 5th and Main Jordan Edgar, lab. h. 72 Berry
Jordan Edgar O. salesman, h. s.e.c. Main and 5th
Joslyn Edward, carp h. 165 Fairfield Av
Joslyn Robt. h. 165 Fairfield Av
Joslyn Wm. H. engineer, h. 165 Fairfield Av
Junk Jos. boots and shoes, 84 4th
Junk Jos. jr. designer, h. 84 4th


Kachler John, grocery, n.e.c. 3d and Clay
Kaighn B. H. student, h. 31 3d
Kaighn P. T. salesman, h. 31 3d
Kalish Henry, trav. salesman, h. l36 Gilmore Av
Kamp John, carp. h. 57 2d
Kaster Emma domestic, Jas. M. McArthur's
Kattenhorn Frank C. model mkr. h. 122 Fairfield Av
Keitsch Bertha, mach. hand, h. 5th st
Keitsch Ida, mach. hand, h. 5t st
Keitsch Wm. whitewasher, h. 5th nr. Clark
Keller H. N. painter, h. 15 Dayton Av
Kelley Jas. molder, h. east end 6th
Kelley Jas. C. painter, h. 88 Front
Kelly John F. carp. h. 127 Jefferson
Kelly Thos  J. candy mkr. h. 151 Fairfield Av
KENTUCKY LAUNDRY, W. A. Paterson, Proprietor, Office, 156 Monmouth, Newport; Jerome F. Brown, Agent, Branch Office  31 Fairfield Av
Kerr Annie, dress mkr. h. 150 Adams
Kerr John, glass stainer, h. 150 Adams
Kerr John, mach. h. 51 3d
Kerr Patrick, shoe mkr. h. 150 Adams
Kerr Wm. glass stainer, h. 150 Adams
Keslar Bettie H. h. 45 Dayton Av
Keslar Frank M. carp. 45 Dayton Av
Kessler Christ. rope mkr. h. 4 Front
Kessler Lena, h. 4 Front
Ketterer Carrie, seamstress, h. 187 3d
Ketterer John A. cutter, h. 187 3d
Ketterer John B. engineer, h. 166 2d
Ketterer John B. tailor, h. 187 3d
Ketterer Jos. F. cutter, h. 2d nr. Clark
Ketterer Jos. F. tailor, h. 187 3d
Ketterer Louise, seamstress, h. 187 3d
Ketterer Peter, cutter, h. Gilmore Av
Ketterer Wm. cutter, h. east end 4th
Kidwell A. W. engineer, h. 35 3d
Kidwell Alice H. seamstress, h. 35 3d
Kidwell Emma F. dress mkr. h. 35 3d
Kidwell Mamie B. seamstress, h. 35 3d
Kidwell Nannie W. seamstress, h. 35 3d
Kieber Mary, wid. John. h. 142 2d
Kieber Mrs. Mary U. h. 88 4th
Kiefer Emily  tailoress, h. 111 4th
Kiefer Geo. W. watchman, h. 111 4th
Kiefer Jos. lab h. 111 4th
Kiefer Otto, lab. h. 111 4th
Killinger Anna J. h. 16 3d
Killinger Anthony, teamster, h. 16 3d
Killinger Mary E, seamstress, h. 16 3d
Killinger Nellie, h. 16 3d
Killingsworth John, lab. h. 72 Berry
Killingsworth W. Richard, lab, h. 136 2d 
Killingsworth Wm. W. lab. h. 136 2d
King Andrew J. lab. h. 9 Main
King Anna M, domestic. 42 Jefferson
King Gurwin, mach. hand, h. 162 Adams
Kingery H. H. ice cream freezers h. 13 Fairfield Av
Kinkel Daniel, carpet weaver, h. 66 3d
Kinney John, lab. bds. 115 6th
Kircher John, engineer, h. 44 Front
Kirschner Andrew, rope mkr. h. 90 3d
Kirshner Jacob, optician, h. 90 2d
Kistner Andrew, lab. h. 90 3d
Klable Fred. rope mkr. h. 72 3d
Klable Louis, h. 72 3d
Klein, Geo. A. cutter, h. 23 Jefferson
Kleinfelder Mamie, domestic, 136 Gilmore Av
Klett Chas. lab. h. 73 4th
Klett Geo. (K & Prabell) h. 77 4th
Klett Henry, cutter, h. 176 Gilmore Av
Klett Mary, (K. Sisters)  h. 73 4th
Klett & Prabell (Geo. K. & Wm P.) blksmiths Clay St
Klett Sisters, (Mary &  Sophie) notions, 73 4th
Klett Sophie, (K. Sisters) h. 73 4th
Klett Wm. K. tailor, h. 21 Main
Klinger Mamie. tailoress, h. 16 3d
Kloeble Louis, h. 87 3d
Kloeble Louis  Jr. rope mkr. h. 95 5th
Knabe Anthony, mach. bds. 49 6th
Knight Mark T. carp., Thornton st
Knights of St. George, meet every Wednesday evening at 109 3d
Koehler Henry, daily market, 17 6th
Kolb Annie, seamstress, h. 41 2d
Kolb Barbara, wid. Chas. h. 41 2d
Kolb Henry. driver, h. 41 2d
Kouns Mrs. Lyda 76 Adams
Kramer Conrad, teamster, h. 107 4th
Kramer John F. h. 81 Terrace Av
Kramer Minnie, seamstress, h. 107 4th
Krantz Alice B. h. s.e.c. Fairfield Av and Terrace Av
Krantz Ann L. wid. Jacob h. s.e.c. Fairfield Av and Terrace Av
Krantz, Geo. H. engineer, h, s.e.c.. Fairfield Av and Terrace Av
Krauss Ike, tailor, h. 134 3d
Kreidler Christ. carp. Vine nr. C&O R. R. h. Belmont Hill
Kreidler Walburga, wid.  Anton, h. Vine nr. C&O R. R
Kremer Christ, teamster, h. 26 Monroe
Kruchten Annie, seamstress, h 173 Gilmore Av
Kruchten, John (Walter & K) h. s.e.c. Boone and 5th
Kruchten Lena, seamstress, h. 173 Gilmore
Kruchten Maggie, seamstress, h. 173 Gilmore Av
Krutchen Mary, wid. Matthew, h. 173 Gilmore Av
Kuechler Chas. barber; also, justice of the peace, 15 6th
Kueven Edward. presser, h. 94 6th
Kueven Geo. J. lab. h. 80 2d
Kueven Ida E. tailoress, h. 80 2d
Kueven John, carp. h. 94 6th
Kueven Lewis, saloon, s.e.c. 2d and Main
Kueven Margaret, wid. Theo. h. 80 2d
Kueven Nicholas, lab. h. 84 2d
Kueven Theo. plasterer, h. 80 2d
Kuhl Gertrude, wid. Chas. h. s.e.c. Clay and 6th
Kuhl Jos. cigars, n.e.c. 6th and Clay
Kuhling Henry, cigar mkr. h. 26 Winston
Kuhling Josephine, wid. Jos. h. 26 Winston
Kuhlmann Annie, h. 8 6th
Kuhlmann Chas. saloon, 8 6th
Kuhlmann F. John. horse shoer, Main st b s.w.c. 6th and Clay
Kuhlmann Lizzie, h. 8 6th
Kuhlmann Louis. bar k. h. 8 6th
Kuhlmann Lucy, seamstress, h. 93 2d
Kuhlmann Mary, wid. Theo. h. 93 2d
Kuper Theresia, wid. Henry, h. 104 2d


Lacey W. G. carp. h. Adams st
Lamb J. Thos. butcher, h. 156 3d
Lamb John, daily market, 51 Fairfield Av
Lambe John, carp. h. 77 Vine
Lambe Mary, h. 77 Vine
Landrum Robt. H. driver, h. n.e.c. Monroe and Dayton Av
Lange Fred. tailor, h. 133 4th
Lange Henry, chair mkr. h. 109 2d
Lange John, rope mkr. h. 85 2d
Langebrake Adolph H. salesmann, h. 49 Winston
Langebrake Emma, seamstress, h. 64 5th
Langebrake Henry, glass cutter h. 64 5th
Langley S. T.  h. 28 Winston
Lape John A. shoe dies, h. Walnut st
Laudermann  Magdalena wid. Christian, h. 4th
Lauterwasser John. cigar mkr. h. Houston
Lavercombe Fred. A. salesman, h. 83 Vine
Laws Anna S. wid. Wm. F. h. 23 Jefferson
Laws Chas. F. clk. h. 23 Jefferson
Laws Jessie H. h. `23 Jefferson
Laws M. Kate, h. 23 Jefferson
Lay Wm. A. fresco painter, h. 134 Fairfield
Leek John, h. 22 Fulton
Leech Thos. rooms 28 Berry
Leflad Alois, h. s.e.c. 2d and Benham
Lehn Anton, tailor, h. east end of 4th
Lehn Fannie, h. east end of 4th
LeRoy Augustus H. mach. hand, h. 51 McKinney
LeRoy Augustus R. carp. 51 McKinney
LeRoy Cora R. book folder, h. 51 McKinney
LeRoy Harry H. clk. h. 81 Vine
LeRoy Lillie L. book folder, h. 51 McKinney
Leschnakowski Peter P. horse collar mkr. 171 Fairfield Av
Lett Allen W. com. mer. h. s.w.c. Front at Main
Lightfoot Edmund A. h. n.w.c. Vine and Lindsay
Lightfoot Geo. stone mason, h. 13 3d
Lightfoot J. Henry, stone mason, h. n.w.c. Vine and Lindsay
Lindle Harry A. driver, h. Thornfon st
Lindle Mary E. h. Thornton st
Lindle Willard J. hustler, h. Thornton st
Lindle Wm. lab. h. Thornton st
Lindsay Andrew J. salesman, h. 64 Front
Lindsay Etta B. h. 64 Front
Lindsay Nellie A. cashier, h. 64 Front
Link Alice B. seamstress, h. l25 3d
Link Anthony, rope mkr. h. 125 3d
Link Chas. W. driver, h. 17 Adams
Link Emma, h. 125 3d
Link Jos. A. grocery h. 17 Adams
Link, Jos. A. jr. rope mkr. h. 17 Adams
Linville Chas. painter, h. 28 3d
Linville Edward, painter, h. 28 3d
Linville Laura, h. 28 3d
Linville Wm. painter, h. 28 3d
Linville Wm. A. painter, h. 28 3d
Lippmeier Henry J. driver, h. 12 Berry
Little David, propr. Dayton & Cincinnati Skiff Ferry, foot of Berry, h. Front st
Little Jas. H. engineer, h. 8 Dayton Av
Little Minnie A. h. Front st
Littleford Frank, lumber dealer, h. 175 Gilmore Av
Lockhart M. R. atty. h. 142 Gilmore Av
Lockhart Reba M. h. 142 Gilmore Av
Longley H. W. com. mer. h 107 Gardner
Loper G. Weaver, pres. The Victoria Cordage Co. res. Cincinnati
Lory Wm. H. confec. 2 Berry
Lowe Elizabeth J. h. 30 Winston
Lowe Geo. W. plasterer, h. 30 Winston
Lowe Jesse, lab. h. 30 Winston
Lowe John, grocer; also, plasterer, n.e.c. Dayton Av. and Winston. h. 39 Winston
Lubbers Annie, tailoress, h. 78 Front
Lubbers Wm. shoe mkr. h. 78 Front
Lubbers Wm. jr. painter, h. 78 Front
Lucken Bernard, rope mkr. h. 119 4th
Lucken Henry, rope mkr. h. 119 4th
Lucken Jennie, tailoress, h. 119 4th
Lucken Lizzie, mach. hand, h. 119 4th
Lucken Mary, h. 119 4th
Ludwig Jos. P. h. 68 3d
Ludwrig Peter, tanner. h. 138 3d
Lukens Chas. H. lab. h. 94 Jefferson
Lukens Jos. E. lather, h. 80 Jefferson
Lund, Frank A. lab. h 170 Gilmore Av
Lund Frank H. lab. h. 170 Gilmore Av
Lund Harry W. bolt mkr. h. 170 Gilmore Av
Lund Louis H. lab. h. 170 Gilmore Av
Lusby J. R. photographer, h. 122 Fairfield Av
Lusk Geo. W. carp. h. 52 Fulton
Lusk Margaret, wid. Robert, h. 48 Fulton
Lusk Thos. A. ship carp. h. 48 Fulton
Lyon John R. mach. h. 90 Jefferson
Lyons Charlotte, wid. Mathew C. h. 58 Dayton Av
Lyons John, lab. h. s.w.c. Front and Kenton
Lyons Will. H. h. 121 Fairfield Av


Maddox Jas. ship carp. h. Adams st
Maddux L. O. (L. O. M. & Co.) res. Newport
Maddus L. O. & Co. distillers, east end 3d st
Mader Felix B. carp. h. 28 Dayton Av
Mader Josephine, watch ease tester, h. 28 Dayton Av
Mader Katie, polisher, h. 28 Dayton Av
Mader Lizzie, h. 28 Dayton Av
Mader Robt. carp. h. 15 3d
Mahaffey Mrs. Blanche, h. 22 Dayton Av
Mainster Elizabeth, domestic, 44 Jefferson
Mallon Jennie, h. 171 Gilmore Av
Mallon John M. clk. h. 171 Gilmore Av
Mallory L. Johnson, mach. h. 75 4th
Maloney M. J. stoves, s.w.c. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av
Manker Alex. messenger, bds. 128 Fairfield Av
Mann Jos. locksmith, bds. 138 3d
Markus Christina, wid. Wm. h. 106 2d
Marsh Jas. E. cooper, h. 102 3d
Marsh Wm. T. clk. h. 12 Monroe
Martin August L. engineer, h. 46 7th
Martin Eliza, wid. Julius A. h. 46 7th
Martin Geo. A. clk. h. 91 Clay
Martin Geo. W. watch case mkr. h. l63 Jefferson
Martin Henry E. engineer, h. 46 7th
Martin Jas. H. calker, h. s.e.c. Fairfield Av and Dayton Av
Martin Jos. lab. h. 74 Main
Martin Julius A. engineer, h. 46 7th
Martin O. T. grocer, h. s.w.c. Fairfield Av and McKinney
Martin Wm. W. rope mkr. wks. The Victoria Cordage
Marx Christina, wid. Gottfried, h. 138 2d
Marx Wm. safe mkr. h. l38 2d
Marzolf John H. ins. agt. h. 124 3d
Marzolf Jos. carp. h 124 3d
Marzolf Katie, seamstress, h 124
Maschinot Annie, tailoress, h. 183 3d
Maschinot Jos. cutter, h. l83 3d
Maschinot Mary, tailoress, h. 183 3d
Maschinot Mathias, tailor, h. 183 3d
Mason Geo. stone cutter, h. 32 Front
Mason Milo T. stair builder, h. 54 Front
Mason Sidney J. stone cutter, h. 54 Front
Mason Stanley N. bklayer, h. 54 Front
Maurer Geo. tailor, h. n.e.c. 4th and Benham
Maxwell, Ida A. h. 43 Adams
Maxwell John C. grate setter, h. 43 Adams
Maxwell John W. engineer, h. 20 Fairfield Av
Maxwell Mary, bakery and restaurant, 20 Fairfield Av
Maxwell Samuel H. carp. h. 43 Adams
Maxwell Samuel H. jr. carp.  h. 43 Adams
Mayer Frances, h. 79 4th
Mayer Leo, tailor, h. 79 4th
MAYOR'S OFFICE, n.w.c. Fairfield Av and Berry; John Reid, Mayor
McArthur, Jas. M. h Berry st
McArthur Mamie, h. 26 Fulton
McArthur Peter, h. 26 Fulton
McArthur Wm. M. clk. h. Berry st
McCammon Jas. belt mkr.  47 Fulton
McCammon Richard, h. 47 Fulton
McCance Essie M. h. 78 Terrace Av
McCance Jas. b. k. h. 78 Terrace Av
McCance Robert J. b. k. h. 78 Terrace Av
McCann McClellan, carp. h. s.e.c. 2d and Jackson
McClain C. B. b. k. W. C. McClain's, h. 30 5th
McClain Geo. H. engineer, Dayton & Cincinnati River Transfer Co
McCLAIN W. C.  Dealer in all kinds of Coal; also, Lime, Plaster, Cement and all kinds of Tiling And Chimney Tops, s.w.c. 5th and Clay; Residence, 30 5th
McClure Geo. ship carp. h. 26 Berry
McClure Jas. painter, h. 34 Front
McClure John T. calker, h. 26 Berry McClure Julia F. h. 26 Berry
McCollum Mrs. Anna, h. l06 2d
McConico Henry, lab. h. 70 6th
McDannell Elizabeth S. wid. Wm. H. h. 22 Dayton Av. n.w.c. Washington Av
McDowell Jas. tinner, h. 45 Monroe
McDowell John J. stock-keeper, h. 45 Monroe
McDowell Robt. J. harness mkr. h. 45 Monroe
McGill W. A. agt. Chesapeake & Ohio R. R. Depot
McGriff Mary, h. 43 Jefferson
McMahan Chas. watchman, h. 12 7th
McMahan Effie C. h 12 7th
McMahan Harvey B. pilot h 12 7th
McMahan Luella, h 12 7th
McMahan Ollie, milliner, h 12 7th
McMahan Susan M. dress mkr. h. 12 7th
McMullen, Robt. polisher, h 28 Berry
Meagher Thos. F. peddler, h. McKinney st
Meckstroth Henry, dry goods also; mer. tailor, 43 Clay
Meckstroth Wm. sawyer, h. Brooklyn st
Mehn Julia, domestic, 38 6th
Mehn Louise, domestic, 66 Berry
Meier Caroline, wid. John, res. Mathias Bary's
Meinking Henry, boots and shoes, 175 Fairfield Av
Menefee Benj. L. hostler, h. 24 5th
Messink Bernard, lab. h. 124 2d
Messink Fred. lab,. h. 159 3d
Messink Henry, car. painter, h. 109 2d
Messink John J. car trimmer h. 140 2
Messink Jos. saloon, n.w.c. 3d and Benham
Messink Theresa, tailoress, h. 159 3d
Messmann Geo. grocery 28 6th
Messmer Geo. foreman spinning room, The Victoria Cordage Co. rec. Newport
Messmer Jos. foreman preparing dept. The Victoria Cordage Co. rec. Newport
Me-Susan Frank, carp. h. 56 Monroe
Me-Susan Thos. carp. h. 56 Monro
Me-Suzein Frank, carp. h. Washington Av
Metz Anthony, lab, h. 6th nr. Benham
Metz Chas. W. mach. hand, h. 21 Dayton Av
Metz Lida B h. 21 Dayton Av
Metz Thos. J. h 21 Dayton Av
Metze Geo. ins. agt. h 68 2d
Metze John, brass finisher, h. 68 2d
Meyer August W. B. salesman, h. Edwards Av
Meyer Bernard, rope mkr. h. 141 4th
Meyer Chas. molder h. Jackson st
Meyer Henry, carp. h 108 5th
Meyer Margaret, wid. Fred H. h Edwards Av
Meyer Sophia dress maker, h Edwards Av
Miles E. L. pattern mkr. h. Thornton st
Miles H. H. teamster, h. 92 3d
Miles Zachary T. paver, h. 156 Adams
Miller Mrs. A J. wid. Luther G. h. 25 3d
Miller Daniel W. calker. h. 42 2d
Miller E. E. secy. The Victoria Cordage Co. res. Cincinnati
Miller H. C. tel. op. h 138 Fairfield Av
Miller J. C. tinner, bds. 20 6th
Miller John T. carp. h. Washington Av
Miller Leonard S. molder, h. 25 3d
Miller N. B. tel. op. C. & O. R. H. Depot. res. Covington
Miller Wm. H. mattress mkr. h. west end of 2d
Mitchell R. M. supt. Dayton Public Schools, h. 15 Jefferson
Moeller, Annie, h. 85 2d
Moeller Eva, mach. hand. h 100 5th
Moeller Henry, rope makr. h. 85 2d
Moeller John H. lab. h. 4th nr. Clark
Moeller Lizzie, h. 85 2d
Momberg Henry, h. 181 Fairfield Av
Moore Amy E. h 70 Jefferson
Moore Carrie B. saleslady h. 22 Adams
Moore David A. carp. h 158 3d
Moore Geo. A. calker h. 66 Adams
Moore Hannah, h. 158 3d
Moore Henry B. calker, h. 22 Adams
Moore Hugh, stove manuf. h. 70 Jefferson
Moore John S. h. 71 Dayton Av
Moore Maggie A. seamstress, h. 22 Adams
Moore Mary E. seamstress, h. 22 Adams
Moore R. B. b. k. h. 42 Adams
Moore Mrs. R. J .wid. R. B. h. 42 Adams
Moore Robt. coal dealer, h. Walnut nr. Lindsay
Moore Sadie E. h. 66 Adams
Moore Sarah S. wid. Alex. H h 22 Adams
Morris Jas. H. driver, h. 48 3d
Moss John A. b. k. h. 64 Berry
Motz, Andrew, barber 71 4th
Motz Annie, h. 16 6th
Motz John, lab. h. 142 2d
Motz Mary, wid. Jos. h. 142 2d
Motz Wm. books; also, postmaster, 16 6th
Mueller A. F. liquors, h 177 Adams
Mueller Geo. rope mkr. h. 104 5th
Mueller Marie E. wid. Ferd. h. 177 Adams
Mueller Wm. cigar mkr. h. 148 2d
Muellich Bernard, printer h. 99 Jefferson
Muellich Louis, tailor, h 99 Jefferson
Muldoon Mary, wid. Miles, h 9 3d
Muller Anna, wid. Geo. h 129 3d
Mumm J. Fred. A. janitor, Fifth Street Public School
Munster Wm J. expert accountant, h s.e.c. Front and Main
Murray Maria, h. Adams st
Murray Mary A. wid. Jas. h Adams st
Murray Mary M. h. 21 Fairfield Av
Murray Wilber H. car manuf. h. 38 6th
Murray Wm. H. carp. h Adams st
Mussmann E. F. printer h. 74 Garden
Myers Jonas, pilot, h. 51 Jefferson
Myers Michael, pilot, h Thornton st
Myers Robt. L. painter, h. Thornton st

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