Corbin Family Graveyard California

Corbin Family Graveyard


This family cemetery is on the private property of William Corbin at 10318 Washington Trace Road in Carthage. You must have permission to see this cemetery and it is not easy to find.  We visited this cemetery 7 November 2011

Recorded by Ken Reis and Jeff Weimer in 1991

GPS Coordinates taken by Buck Seibert May 19, 2012

38 deg 55.011N
84 deg 16.970W


TPW-T P White Funeral Home Records


Condit (sic), Margaret T  b-20 Aug 1858-22 Oct 1897; wife of William Corbin

Corbin, Coleman L-31 Jan 1873-25 May 1894; son of Samuel T & Martha W Corbin

Corbin, Eddie d-20 Feb 1897; 8y; TPW

Corbin, Elizabeth b-1799; no death date;

Corbin, Jane Elizabeth (nee Daniels) "In Memory of" died 6 Feb 1886; age 62 yrs 11 mo 1 day; wife of J H Corbin
Photo of Jane E Corbin headstone

Corbin, Jasper-17 Mar 1852-13 Nov 1892

Corbin, John H-20 Apr 1825-2 Oct 1900

Corbin, Lucinda M-born 1797-1863;  wife of John Ducker Corbin

Corbin, Lutis (Lucy)-died 18 Sep 1885 age 23 yrs 4 mo 7 days d/of J H & J E Corbin

Corbin, Martha Washington-12 Aug 1852-25 May 1919 in Cincinnati

Corbin, Melissa Chalfant-1 Jan 1836-12 Aug 1906; d/o John Corbin and Lucinda M Nelson; Photo of Melissa Corbin headstone

Corbin, Samuel Duke-5 Sep 1880-8 Apr 1919 in Hamilton Co Oh; Photo of Samuel D Corbin headstone

Corbin, Samuel G/T  12 Dec 1828-8 June 1851

Corbin, Samuel Thaddeus-23 Oct 1849-22 Jan 1911 in Cincinnati

Corbin, Thaddeus-died 9 Oct 1862 age 22 yrs

Corbin, William Francis "Co D 4 KY CAV In Christ is our Trust" Shot at Johnson's Island 15 May 1863 age 30 yrs; buried 18 May 1863; son of Lucinda M and John Ducker Corbin; Photo of William F Corbin headstone; for a detailed history of this Confederate soldier see William Corbin History

Ducker, Elizabeth b-1799-no death date; "wife of John Ducker" Photo of Elizabeth Ducker headstone
Ducker, John born 24 Oct 1791; died 31 Oct 1847;  Photo of John Ducker headstone

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