William J Woods Family Bible

David and Elizabeth Woods Family Bible

Contributed by Mrs. Stephen P Smith of Louisville, Kentucky

On the frontispiece of this bible is written:  "Holy Bible presented to William
J Woods by Mother in the year 1874."


David Woods-22 Feb 1809-born Ireland
Elizabeth Martin-his wife, 9 Apr 1817-born Martinsville Indiana

Children of David Woods and Elizabeth Martin

William Thomas-2 Feb 1834
Sarah Ann-18 Sep 1836
Mary Elizabeth-24 Feb 1838
Virginia Woods-7 Apr 1841
Anthony Martin-12 Jan 1843
James Knox Polk-6 Aug 1845
Amanda-10 Mar 1847
Annie-20 Jan 1850
William J-21 Jan 1854
Charles T-20 Mar 1856
Lloyd-3 Aug 1859
Note-the full name of Lloyd was John Lloyd Woods


Ollie E Woods-25 Dec 1881
Sallie Woods-29 Oct 1884
Mamie Woods-4 Dec 1886
Virgil Woods-24 Feb 1889
Lizzie G Woods-26 Dec 1891
James R Woods-17 Jan 1894
Angus A Woods-7 Feb 1898
Florence Lee Woods-5 Dec 1907


Mary Elizabeth Woods to William C Hoskins
Anthon Martin Woods to Rebecca Jane Stephens-18 Feb 1864
Amanda Woods to Richard Greenwell-2 Nov 1869
James K P Woods to Martha Goslin-18 Sep 1873
William J Woods to Jeneva Scott-13 Oct 1880
Lloyd Woods to Lizzie Scott-30 Dec 1885


William Thomas Woods-12 Oct 1836, 1y 8m 10d
Sarah Ann Woods-18 Feb 1848, 7y 6m
Virginia Woods-4 Dec 1855, 14y 8m
Charles T Woods-22 July 1860, 5y 4m 2d
Elizabeth Woods-wife of David, 16 July 1879
David Woods-23 Aug 1887
Sallie Woods-daughter of W J and Jennie-8 Dec 1886
Sarah E Woods-wife of Lloyd Woods, 24 Jan 1890
Angus Allmond Woods-son of W J and Jennie Woods, 8 Sep 1908
William J Woods-14 June 1911
Jeneva Ellen Woods-20 Sep 1915
John Lloyd Woods-27 Jan 1924
Cora Lucinda Scott Woods-wife of John Lloyd-31 May 1954

A newspaper clipping has been inserted in this Bible.  A partial date of Jan 28 is written at the bottom of the article and on the reverse side a date of Jan 29 is circled in ink.  The contributor knows the year of the article to have been 1924.

"John Lloyd Woods"

"John Lloyd Woods, 64 years old, a contractor, died 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon at his home 1233 Cypress Street.  He is survived by his widow,
Cora Woods; two daughters, Mrs. A C Baker and Mrs. William J Mansfield;
a sister, Annie Churchman, and a brother Anthony.  Funeral services will be
held at 2o'clock tomorrow afternoon at his residence.  The place of burial has
not been decided on."

Note: John Lloyd Woods and his wife, Cora Lucinda Scott Woods are buried
 in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville Kentucky.

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