James D Woods Bible

James Lloyd and Sarah Elizabeth Woods Bible

Contributed by Mrs. Stephen Smith, 4012 Brownlee Road
Louisville Kentucky 40207

This bible was published in New York NY in the year 1893 by the American Bible Society.  On the inside front cover of this bible is written; James D Woods, 2308 Standard Av Louisville Kentucky.  On the family record pages between the Old and
New Testaments is recorded the following.


James Lloyd Woods and Sarah Elisabeth Scott-30 Dec 1885
James Lloyd Woods and Cora Lucinda Scott-24 June 1891
Fannie Bell Woods and William Johnston Mansfield Sr.
Edna G Woods and Rev Azra Curtis Baker


James Lloyd Woods-3 Aug 1859
Sarah Elisabeth-wife of J L-30 Aug 1865
Cora Lucinda-wife of J L-29 Nov 1867
James David-son of James Lloyd and Sarah Elisabeth Woods-8 Oct 1886
Elizabeth-d/o James Lloyd and Sarah Elisabeth Woods-16 Jan 1890
Fannie Bell-d/o James Lloyd and Cora Lucinda Woods-23 May 1892
Edna G Woods-7 June 1894


Sarah Elizabeth-wife of James Lloyd Woods-24 Jan 1890, 24y 4m 25d
Elizabeth-d/o James Lloyd and Sarah Elisabeth Woods-24 June 1890, 5m 8d
James D Woods-s/o James Lloyd and Sarah Elizabeth-22 Oct 1904, 18y 14d


On the inside back cover of this bible are pasted two newspaper clippings.  These are not dated nor is the name of the newspaper from which either of these was taken apparent.

"James D Woods was born October 8, 1886, fell asleep October 22, 1904. 
He gave his heart to Christ five years ago.  He was an obedient son, a loving
brother, an earnest Christian. As a member of my Sunday School class in
Parkland Church, he was an inspiration to me, a benediction to the class. 
We miss his bright face and earnest prayers, but remember the trusting faith
 which enabled him to say, 'Whatever comes to me, I am ready.'  May God
comfort and sustain his loved ones, enabling them through grace to meet
him in the better land."  Mrs. J W Slaughter

"John Lloyd Woods"

John Lloyd Woods, 64 years old, a contractor, died 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon at his home 1233 Cypress Street.  He is survived by his widow,
Cora Woods; two daughters, Mrs. A C Baker and Mrs. William J Mansfield;
 a sister, Annie Churchman, and a brother Anthony.  Funeral services will be
held at 2o'clock tomorrow afternoon at his residence.  The place of burial has
 not been decided on."

Note: John Lloyd Woods and his wife, Cora Lucinda Scott Woods are buried
in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville Kentucky.

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